baby dont do that thing

It’s not stupid. I promise. It’s not stupid to turn into your 5 year old self and get happy beyond measure for the little things. It’s not stupid to be proud of yourself for completing a load of laundry and washing the dishes. You aren’t lame for patting yourself on the back when you chose a salad over a burger. You’re taking care of yourself and each victory - no matter how small - is worth celebrating. 

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Evak 1

1.  “Come over here and make me.” (thank you💗)

“come over here and make me.”

it shouldnt sound this hot and daring, it shouldnt make isaks breath hitch and his mouth to go dry. but the way even is staring at him from across the room, back against the wall, his smirk paired with dark eyes, isak forgets to breath properly.

its not that the picture of isak sleeping is now out there for anyone to see. its that he was lying on even’s lap and even was the one who took it. who posted it. and who captioned it with good night baby. the words stabbed right into isaks heart, making him crave something he’s been so desperately trying to deny.

he rolls his eyes like its only frustration. “even, seriously.” he dares one step forward without meaning to. “delete it.”

even watches him silently, fidgeting with his phone in his hands. “why?”

and isak knows he sounds unfair, he knows even is thinking about jonas and magnus’ picture of isak sleeping that they’ve posted a couple of weeks ago. but they didnt call him baby. and they dont do things to isaks body and heart, not the way even does.

“because its me sleeping.” he says anyway.

even raises an eyebrow and he opens his mouth to say something, but then he closes it, pressing his lips together tight, his gaze falling to the floor.

isak hates when even averts his eyes from his defeated. he wants even to look at him, he wants him to see him, to see right through him.

there’s silence and isak is growing impatient, he wants to be done with this, he wants to stop having to look at even like this, like he’s the one with the aching heart.

so he does what he shouldnt, long steps to the other end of the room, heart racing like its telling him to stop, but like its whispering: go on. isak has never been good at doing what anyone told him to do, so he listens to the faint voice instead.

even looks up from under his eyelashes, quickly slipping his phone into his pocket before isak could reach him and he straigthens his body. isak goes to grab the phone, even only making it easier, but then there’s a hand around his forearm stopping him. its tight at first, his fingers leaving white marks on isaks skin that only lasts for a second. isak wishes they lasted longer. evens hold is gentle then, and isaks arm falls beside him. even holds on.

“just. delete it.” isak is staring at the outline of the phone.

he looks up just enough to see evens teeth biting down on his bottom lip and he looks back down quickly, swallowing hard.

then without warning, even turns them around, isaks back hitting the wall and his eyes grow wide, gaze glued to evens chest. he’s not sure he’s breathing and his knees are weak, his mouth falling open.

“why?” even asks again and isak has to think for a minute what he’s asking about. evens scent is making his head dizzy.

“because its me sleeping.” isak repeats, his voice weak, cracking in the middle.

it isnt loud, but evens word is strong enough to ring in isaks ears. “bullshit.”

isaks chest falls and he lets himself feel evens fingers burning around his arm. they arent standing that close yet even takes a step back and isak hopes he doesnt let go.

there’s a sigh, and then, “alright. i’ll delete it.”

isak looks up into his eyes for the first time since he’s walked over to even, and he suddenly doesnt want him to remove it. he secretly wishes he kept fighting and make isak lose, so that isak couldve looked at the post at night, wondering what it felt like. what being with even felt like.

and its like even reads him.

“if you still want me to?”

he looks down at evens collarbones and nods once, firmly, then looks back up. even shakes his head with a bitter laugh, and isak finds it hard to breathe again, his eyebrows furrowed.

“i dont understand it.” evens shoulders drop, “why others can post a picture of you like that and i cant.”

isak swallows. “its different.”

“different how?” evens voice is softer and his eyes are searching isaks face.

“you called me baby.”

“is that..” even places his weight on one leg, “do you not want me to call you that?”

“thats the thing, i do.” isak nearly lets out a sob, “but not the way you mean it.”

isak feels evens fingers press against his skin on his arm, “how do i mean it?”

it takes a few seconds, isaks mouth opening and closing two times, but then he sighs. “as a friend.”

even takes one step closer, “thats where you’re wrong, isak.”

isak frowns, his eyes jumping across evens face, looking for something, anything, he’s not sure. then his forehead smooths, his jaw clenches and his breathing becomes quick, his stomach in pleasant knots. they’re staring at each other in silence and isaks brain finally catches up, which, oh.

he brings his other arm up to evens chest, hooking his finger in the collar of his shirt, evens skin on fire against his cold fingers. evens grip on his arm loosens, then his hand makes its way down to isaks, folding it into a fist and burrying it inside his own palm. he looks down at evens lips,

“say it.”

there’s a smile on evens face, his free hand coming up to rest against isaks cheek, thumb pulling on his skin in a caress,



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How do you just…?

When I was 14/15 my mama would have looked at me angrily, side ways, probably smacked tf out of me and more (I know😢😭), prayed for me, cried, and im afraid to know what else for dating a 25 year old man. And she sure af would have went after dude. So….why are yall out here shipping Sh-dge like you really are down? I mean I’m not saying you really ARE down…🤔 But if you are 25+ and ship sh-dge would you date a 14/15 year old? Would you let your 14/15 year old child date anyone at your current age? Cause if you fr would I’m calling the authorities on ya ass! 🚔🚔🚔

And if you are 14/15 how are you not terrified of a 25+ year olds coming after you???? Bruh you haven’t even finished developing mentally or physically yet. You can be “mature for your age” all you want to but that doesn’t mean your brain is done developing. Why are you being rude to your frontal lobe when it’s not done growing? 😔😔

top 10 songs

to all the loves that tagged me in this :))))

1. what lovers do - maroon 5 ft. sza

2. hi bich - bhad bhadie (guys it’s a bop)

3. RIP - olivia o’brien 

4. beg - jack and jack (my babies)

5. M.I.A - why dont we

6. do my own thing - zach clayton

7. ordinary girl - hannah montana

8. bodak yellow - cardi b (idk about this one but i still vibe)

9. i miss the old u - blackbear (BLACKBEAR. IS. UNDERAPPRECIATED.)

10. skateboard - jacob sartorius (i dont like jacob but this song is so good. also zach and jacob)

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I decided to give a re-read to the court/banquets scenes to solve some doubts and I totally forgot how hilarious is Jon being Bitter McBitterness over a 8 years old fancing Robb

This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: Seunghyun gets you an audition, but the excitement has devastating effects. (Feat. a rain soaked Jiyong)

Chapter type: Excitement, Angst, Angst, Angst, and finished with fluff.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.
I’m sorry, its pretty angsty and a bit of a filler chapter, but we’re only 5 chapters till Chapter 25- a.k.a, when shits going down and so we were due a filler! ;)
*I am not insinuating that the real life Kwon Jiyong takes drugs, it is simply a detail of this fictional story*

Also, There’s a lot more too it than you think, kudos to you if you work it out before i reveal it! ;)

Enjoy! ;)

Chapter 20 (Coming soon)

Chapter 19

You were laid in bed with Jiyong around 50 minutes later, laughing as he nuzzled your neck, turning you on once again and you reach for him, your fingers digging into his back when your phone rings and you groan as you turn over to retrieve it from the bedside table.

‘Hello?’ you ask, a slightly annoyed tone to your voice.

'Y/N?’ you recognise Seunghyun’s voice quickly, sitting up and paying attention.


'So, I’ve been talking to my manager and he called round a few people, told them a bit about you, they’ve then rang me and asked what you were like…’


'And i’ve got you a meeting with the director of whats rumoured to be the 'next big kdrama’; 'Last year’ and he wants to meet with you tomorrow!’ he says, excitement clear in his voice and you cant help the squeal of excitement that comes out of your voice, pulling a confused Jiyong to you and hugging him tightly, smashing your lips against his quickly before you respond to Seunghyun who is calling your name down the phone.

'SEUNGHYUN, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!’ you squeal, hearing him laugh down the phone and Jiyong grins at you, nodding his head expectantly trying to work out whats going on, although there is already a bright smile on his face at how happy you look.

'You’re quite welcome, teeny! He said he’d like to talk to you over dinner, so you’ve got to meet him at the restaurant at 8pm.’ he explains and you choke on your breath.

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enjolras isn't really fond of children but one day at grantaire's sister's house, he sees a bunch of photos and videos of this curly haired, big blue-eyed boy with chubby cheeks and he's just the cutest thing he's ever seen(right after the grown-up version) and he ends up blurting something ridicuolus like "I KINDA WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES BUT I DONT EVEN LIKE THEM WHY ARE YOU DOING THINGS TO ME"

Grantaire freezes up at want to have your babies and doesn’t move until Enjolras touches his shoulder gently, and then he blurts out something dumb like, “Fuck, yes, shit, I want to have your babies too, let’s have babies.”

And then they just stand there beaming at each other like the idiots they are until Grantaire’s sister coughs and laughingly asks if they realise they can't actually bear each other’s children, and the way Enjolras’ face falls is ridiculous and so adorable that Grantaire just kisses him.

Can you imagine Skye just one day buying Ward a flannel shirt and he holds it up and raises his eyebrow at her, and Skye is just being a dork all like

‘Well Fitzsimmons always have this matchy thing going on, we both have the leather jackets so..’



And on the next mission Skye & Ward walk in look all matchy with their leather jackets and flannel shirt.