baby dingoes


Underground Town: Coober Pedy, Australia

The town of Coober Pedy still exists and is home to more than 1,600 residents. It is referred to as the opal capital of the world because it produces more opal than anywhere else on Earth. The town consists of homes called “dugouts,” which were built underground to combat the unbearable heat on the surface and to keep their babies safe from dingoes and Australians.


지코(ZICO) - She’s a baby Teaser Reaction

Kombat kids reactions to babalities.

Johnny Cage

Cassie: Oh my god! Is that how I got those baby sunglasses?!

Jacqui: *laughs* aww that is adorable!

Takeda: *snickers* I’m surprised he doesn’t have a sticker with his name on his chest.

Jin: Of course he’d be still signing autographs.

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my favorite SP au is the one where they’re all (semi) famous youtubers on the side of saving the world

the monster hunters are incredibly popular LPers. they started on youtube to promote their books and eventually ended up known as ‘those european dudes who cried playing Amnesia’

ghastly’s is a style channel

tanith’s has videos of her fighting/body building

fletcher’s is mostly devoted to his hair. while he and valkyrie dated they did a 'my boyfriend does my makeup’ video, it did not end well

valkyrie’s just a general (though very popular) channel where she talks about things (like baby dingoes) though occasionally she plays video games very badly.

skulduggery doesn’t have one, but he makes the occasional off screen appearance on valkyrie’s. sometimes a very smooth voice will ask her what on earth she is doing and the comments explode with speculation that valkyrie never replies to

i can not think of a single reason china would have a youtube, rip

Happy Valentine’s Day to the JECA crew

A little present for all of you. I had these Tumblr prompts from the exceptional @_anoMolly_ for some time and finally did something about it. Enjoy.



Chapter 1 : The Meet Ugly

Beca loved her friends.

She really did.

They had met in freshmen year at Barden University and through some odd hapstance, they all had ended up in the same organised nerd singing group. Somehow being underdogs in the cut throat world of collegiate acapella and suffering together under an iron-fisted leader with stress vomitting tendencies was a bonding thing and Beca found herself staying fast friends with this odd group of girls through college and well into her mid twenties.

The girls know her inside out. She forgave them for the many, many things they did and she knows her friends meant well. But right now, she is seriously thinking she has to draw a line somewhere.

Why the hell are they so interested in her love life? Why?

It was not as if she didn’t date.

She did. Many times.

Why do they always have to make a big deal of every date she goes on to?

“Ok, start from the beginning,” Chloe chirped as soon as they settled in their seats and had their drinks in front of them.

They are having their girls’ night out. Earlier this week, Aubrey had insisted they didn’t go to classy places enough and had booked a table in a rather swanky restaurant. They had been instructed to dress up nice. They all had been told to do their hair and have perfect makeup and despite the many years Aubrey had relinquished her captaincy, she still managed to scare the Bellas into obedience.

“No. Change this subject,” Beca scowled, snapping a breadstick into two and munching on one.

“I want deets!” Stacie spoke up, placing her drink on the table. “He was pretty hot, Beca. Don’t tell me your hunter didn’t sit up and beg.”

Beca made a face and shook her head quickly. “No.”

“Come on, Beca. He’s a personal trainer and models on the side,” Stacie cried out, waving her breadstick like a baton. “What’s not to like?”

“All muscles, no brain,” Beca replied before taking a gulp of her red wine.

“Amoebas don’t have brains,” Fat Amy spoke up. The blonde leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially. “It turns out you don’t need one.”

“Sorry. I want someone who at least can keep up a conversation with me, without getting distracted by his reflection,” Beca answered. “Aubrey, back me up here.”

Aubrey was primly sipping her Evian through a straw. She was abstaining from alcohol being heavily pregnant now with her second baby now.

“I agree,” Aubrey replied. “But what about that scientist you went out with two months ago? He’s brainy right? Didn’t you met him the park? He was doing some sort of experiment and purposely flew a kite into you. That was a….what does Chloe call them?…meet cute?”

“Don’t remind me. He was so boring,” Beca whispered, shutting her eyes at the memory of that particular date. “All that talk about quantum physics and string theory; I thought I slipped into a coma. And what the hell is a meet cute?”

“It’s when two people meet in totes adorbs way,” Chloe chimed in. “Like when you met that vet when you rescued that stray cat. He was nice. What happened to him?”

“Freaked out when I told him I don’t like puppies.”

“That video editor you met when you got lost?”

“Insisted on poking plot holes whenever we went to the movies,” Beca deadpanned. “Totally ruined it for me.” She was about to munch on another breadstick when she realised all her friends were exchanging knowing looks amongst themselves. “What?” What’s that look for?“

“Nothing, Beca. You’ve been through six guys in six months. We are all just thinking maybe it’s not the guys?” Aubrey spoke up. She leaned forward as much as her pregnant belly allowed and patted Beca"s hand. “Beca, Is there something you want to tell us?”

It took Beca all of three seconds to figure out what her friends were driving at.

“Dudes, no. I’m not gay.”

“You’re amongst friends, Beca,” Fat Amy joined in a grave voice. “Lesbi-honest.”

“Nu uh! No,” Beca declared emphatically. “Not when Chloe barged in naked into the shower in freshman year; which, by the way, is still totally creepy, Chloe! Not when I went all stupid hands in front of that amazon German woman, whatever her name was, back at the Worlds. And certainly not now. I’m all about the dicks.”

“Explain why you broke up with Luke then,” Chloe demanded. “He was perfect!”

“Yeah. Excellent bone structure. Awesome tattoos. Pant wetting hot accent,” Stacie agreed. “I totally play with his spotted dick.”

The girls were all snickering and Beca rubbed her temples.

“Spotted dick is some sort of sponge dessert, Stacie,” she groaned wearily. “But thank you for making me think of a diseased cock.”

“I agree with the girls on this one,” Aubrey spoke up. “Luke’s a nice guy. Why did you break up with him?”

Beca was glaring at all of them now.

Not that it helped. They just stared back at her.

“You think he’s perfect? He’s not.” Beca said.

“Bullshit!” Stacie called out cheerfully.

“He has the ugliest laugh.” Beca replied. “Honestly. Ugliest sound you can ever imagine.”

“Can’t be that bad!” Stacie said. “How bad can it be?’

"Trust me,” Beca replied. She scrunched up her face, thinking of how best to describe that awful sound. “It’s like…a cross between a cat choking on a hairball and a dull saw.”

“What? Like this?” Amy said. She proceed to bark out a series of yelps. “Dude, that sounds like dingoes making babies.”

Beca shook her head. “No. Worse.”

“You mean like this?” Chloe tried; except hers came out in teeny, high-pitched squeals.

“No. Lower. A lot lower.” Beca said, trying not to laugh. “And more guttural.”

“Let me try,” Stacie piped up.

By now, the girls already had tears in their eyes from stifling their laughs. It got worse as they tried to outdo each other. Chloe was leaning into Aubrey who was clutching her belly while Stacie was trying to breathe in between her laughs. Amy was wheezing almost painfully.

“You guys are nowhere near,” Beca laughed. She tossed a pretzel in the mouth, crunched and swallowed before saying., “It’s more like this.”

She took a deep breath and then started braying the most god awful sound ever. It was ugly enough to stun the other girls into silence. And then several things happened at once.

“Oh my god! She’s choking! Someone help! She’s choking!”

Beca didn’t register the yell coming from their nearest table. She was in the midst of demonstrating Luke’s ugly laugh and enjoying the speechless, horrified looks on the girls’ faces. Suddenly someone was rushing at her and the next thing she knew she was caught in this massive, most uncomfortable bear hug from the back. She was lifted off her feet and her assailant had his arms wrapped round her middle, his huge, hands in a fist. Beca was about to yell out loud when she felt those hands thrusting hard into her middle and that yell came out as an agonised choke.

Whoever was attacking her was trying to squeeze her to death.


Beca vaguely witnessed the commotion going around her. It was hard to concentrate when you were being killed. Her attacker was forcing air to come out of her midsection and it was freaking painful. All she could do was make these noisy, hoarse sounds. The girls were on their feet. Chloe looked terrified. Strangely Stacie looked calm, even strangely amused while Fat Amy was filming the scene? What was Amy doing filming this whole thing on her phone? Aubrey was the only one, trying to get to Beca, yelling “What are you doing to her? What are you doing to my friend?! ”

Her way was barred by someone who was trying his best to calm the mad, pregnant lady down. “Ma'am,” the guy with the curly hair was saying, his voice breaking a little with nerves. “Please stand clear. My colleague is a trained and qualified EMT. He knows what he’s doing.”

“It’s not clearing!” Beca heard her assailant speaking up. “Benji, the airway’s not clearing.”

She felt more thrusts into her midsection and Beca was painfully aware how she was basically flushed against this hard body behind her. She was limp like a rag doll with the arms pinioned to her sides and those horrible choking sounds she was making was more like agonised grunts.

“Damn! We may have to do a tracheotomy. Benji, get me a sharp knife.”

Wait. What? Tracheotomy? Sharp knife?

With all her dying moth strength, Beca kicked against her attacker’s shins, took a deep, deep breath and yelled out.

“Get the fuck off me!”

She was mad now. And as if by magic, the hold around her loosened and she was lowered down to the ground. Beca nearly fell over but she braced herself in time against the table in front of her. She also felt a pair of hands holding her steady.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Beca shouted, swatting those hands away. “Get away from me!” She whirled around, spitting mad and found a tall, dark haired man standing behind her. He had the most surprised look on his face.

“Ma'am, are you ok?” he gabbled out.

“I was! Until you attacked me!”

By now, Aubrey had broke free and both her and Chloe were by her side. Stacie and Fat Amy were there too. The girls were crowding round her, pushing that baffled man aside. Stacie was checking her over and Fat Amy was mainly taking a close up of Beca’s face with her phone.

“You ok, Bec?” Stacie asked.

Beca couldn’t quite understand that grin on Stacie’s face.

“I’m fine,” Beca hissed out. She gingerly touched her sore sides. She was so going to bruise right there. Beca turned to find that pervert who attacked her. “He only tried to break me into two!” She was pointing at the poor man who was genuinely looked like he was quaking in his shoes.

The restaurant manager appeared beside the group of girls, her face filled with concern. “Ma'am, are you ok?”

For the first time, Beca realised the shambles the place was in. The table was askew, her chair overturned, cutlery and broken plates on the floor. There was a ring of onlookers surrounding them and Beca was painfully aware what an unattractive mess she was in.

“Umm..yes. I’m fine.” Beca mumbled , trying to make sense of what had happened.

“Are you sure?” the manager questioned. “You were in trouble and that gentleman over there was trying to help you. Do you want a paramedic?”

Beca stammered out, “Errr…no..I just need to sit down.”

Almost as quickly, the staff cleared the mess and the girls were led to a different, more private table. People went back to their tables and service resumed to normal. Beca found herself sitting down, with a hot cup of tea in front of her with lots of sugar. The girls were eyeing her closely; not quite sure what to say. Chloe fussed over her and Aubrey was patting Beca’s hand absentmindedly, all the while muttering sadly, “This is why we don’t go to nice places.” Stacie and Amy were just trying to keep a straight face.

Beca was taking a sip of her hot tea when that man, Benji, materialised next to her. He patiently waited until Beca raised her eyes before haltingly saying, “Sorry to bother you, ma'am. Just wondering whether you feel any better?”

Seriously? He asked her that? How many times had she said she was fine? She was would so stab the next person who ask her whether she was ok.

“Ma'am?” Benji repeated hopefully.

Beca just nodded mutely, scowling a little.

“Umm…I also want to apologise -” he continued, nervously shifting on his feet. “ - for my friend over there.” He vaguely waved towards his left. Beca’s eyes landed on the dark-haired man who was sitting down a few tables away, looking a little pale and distressed.

“He thought you were choking -” Benji said. “- and..umm..we’re firefighters…. We heard someone shouting for help. It sounded like you were choking so he did the Heimlich manoeuvre on you.. And -”

“Hang on. Hold up,” Fat Amy piped up, putting up her hand. “You both thought our friend Beca here was choking?”

“Ermm… Yes, she was making those terrible noises?”

All it took was one look. One look amongst themselves and the girls fell about laughing so hard that Aubrey was snorting like a pig and Fat Amy was gasping for breath. And all the while, Beca Mitchell was cussing non-stop, singeing the air blue with her curses.


“What did she say?”

Jesse didn’t even wait for Benji to sit down before asking the question. Benji had taken it on himself to go over to apologise since he, Jesse Swanson, had made a monumental fool of himself and had completely froze with confusion. He had watched with trepidation as his best friend walked over. He couldn’t hear the conversation and now, Jesse was further confused when the group of girls fell about laughing.

Except for her.

Everyone was laughing except for that tiny girl whom he had manhandled just now. She was sitting there with a scowl on her face as her friends were hooting with laughter around here. She had the most put out expression on her face which Jesse was sure had something to do with him. Despite her tiny size, that lady looked fierce and Jesse was sure she could easily chewed him and Benji out, if she wanted to.

“Did she say anything?” Jesse repeated plaintively as Benji took his seat.

Benji just shook his head.

“Just a lot of swear words, bro. There’s a lot of anger there.”

Hearing Benji’s words, Jesse groaned out and clutched his head.

“I’ve messed it up, haven’t I?” he said.

“Big time, bro” Benji agreed. “Worse I’ve ever seen you do.”


“You should really accept his apology.” Stacie spoke up.


“Come on, Beca. He hadn’t stop glancing your way for the past half an hour..”

“No way. He’s a pervert. And dangerous,” Beca declared. “He nearly slit my throat so a knife. He should be arrested. Or institionalised. Or both.”

“He’s only trying to save your life,” Chloe reasoned. “You heard his friend, who is a total cutie by the way. He’s a fireman. They are both firemen.”

“Mmm,” Stacie hummed, stealing another glance at the two men. “Your hero’s kinda good looking. I wouldn’t mind sliding down his pole.”

“Please don’t say that,” Beca groaned.

“- or he can use his hose on me -”


“He can rescue my pussy up a tree anytime.”

“Stacie!” Beca hissed, colouring a little. “Stop that! And stop looking at him. It might give them ideas!”

“I’m going to go over and say hi.”

“Stacie,” Beca whisper yelled. “No!”

But the tall brunette was already on her feet and was sauntering over, her sexy hips swinging. Beca resolutely kept her eyes on her food but the other girls were giving a running commentary of what was happening. “Oh, they are talking now.” “Stacie’s leaning over! She’s showing off her boobs.” “Beca, you’ve got to see this! Your hero actually averted his eyes and offered her a seat. Like a gent!” “He has a nice smile.”“He’s looking your way again, Bec. He looks really scared.” “Shh! Stacie’s coming back.”

True enough in the next minute Stacie was back in her chair, calmly eating her chicken pasta. Beca didn’t quite know why but she was actually on the edge of her seat.

“Well?” she asked.

“Well what?” Stacie nonchalantly replied.

“What happened? What did he…umm..they say?”

Stacie’s mouth lifted into a smirk. “Wouldn’t you like to know. Why the sudden interest now, Beca?”

Beca felt her face getting hot; especially when the others were staring knowingly at her.

“I asked them to join us for drinks after this.” Stacie replied.

“What?” Beca nearly yelled out.

“Yes,” Stacie replied. She pointed her fork at Beca. “You should buy him a drink at the very least. He tried to save your life.”

Her smirk widened into a grin Beca knew too well. It meant trouble. Big trouble.

“I also gave him your number.”


This was aca-awkward.

Beca nursed her drink, trying not to engage with what was going on at the moment. They had finished dinner and went to a nearby club. Aubrey had cheerily waved them goodbye, saying “l’m out, ladies! Chloe, you’re in charge. Make sure Stacie keep it in her pants. Fat Amy, don’t flash anyone and somebody keep Beca from choking.”

Ha ha. Very funny.

Those two dickheads had came soon after and Stacie had made the round of introductions. Jesse. His name was Jesse. What kind of girl’s name is that? Beca had grunted in annoyance when she was introduced and straightaway ordered a drink. She was not going to interact with these people.

Somehow the girls had taken a shine to these two and they were having a good time, drinking and talking. They were all now on the dance floor, boogieing away. Benji was doing some sort of weird wiggle. Chloe was jumping about, her red curls bouncing wildly. Stacie and Amy were doing some sort of shimmy. Wait? There was only Benji? Where’s -

Ugh. No. He was standing next to her. Beca turned to look at him to find the guy grinning warmly down at her. How long had he’s been there?

“You don’t talk that much, huh?” he spoke up.

“Not to serial killers I don’t,” Beca muttered darkly.

“I’m harmless, really. I promise,” he persisted. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“I still have this one.” Beca said, gesturing at the nearly finished drink in front of her.

“Okay,” he replied slowly at her latest snub. The guy gazed down into his drink, and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. That look suit him - Beca thought - That slightly nervous look. He looked like a puppy caught doing something naughty. All cute eyes and adorable mouth.

Wait. What?

“I’m really sorry for what happened back there,” he apologised. “I heard all that choking noises. I really thought you were in trouble and my training just kicked in.”

“Choking noises?” Beca spoke up, sounding quite angry. “I was not making choking noises! I was laughing! Can’t you tell the difference?”

He looked like a deer, stunned with oncoming headlights.

“What?” Jesse said, trying to make sense of what Beca was saying. “You were… You were laughing?”

“Yes.” Beca confirmed crossly. “Yes, I was.”

“Oh. My. God,” Jesse stuttered out. “You were laughing? And I actually thought you were choking?”

Beca shrugged. She could actually see the look of horror sliding across his face.

He could not apologised enough. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry!” Then a look of utter shame and despair crossed his face. “Oh my god, I cannot believe what an idiot I’ve been!”

He looked so dejected and crestfallen that for some strange reason, Beca took pity on him.

“Hey, it’s ok. No harm done,” she said. “Except maybe I’m going to wake up with bruises down my sides. You gripped me really hard.”

“Bruises?” Jesse questioned, looking more horrified than ever. “You’re going to have bruises? Oh god. Just kill me now.”

“Dude, calm down.” Beca spoke up.

“No, I’m a first rate idiot,” Jesse continue to berate himself. “I swear I’m a trained fireman. I should know what I’m doing. You were just sitting at that table, looking all hot and pretty, talking to your friends. I was just about to pluck up the courage to say hello and then, this whole thing happened. I actually heimliched the hell out of you, thinking you’re in danger -”

“Dude -”

“- made a complete ass of myself. Benji said it totally looked like I was humping you from behind-”

“Dude, buy me a drink.”

“- now you’ve got bruises. Maybe I broke a rib? You’re so cute and tiny and…What?”

“Buy me a drink,” Beca said seriously, grabbing the side of his face so he would stop gabbling and look at her. “JD and Coke. And don’t call me cute. Like ever.”

Jesse gulped a breath or two before nodding his head.

“Ok. Let me get you a drink,” he said, looking a little frazzled. “And I think I need to get another. I don’t think I can look you straight in the eye without being a little drunk.”

She laughed.

Beca laughed.

And she laughed a little louder when Jesse had that stunned look on his face. He was gaping at her but that stunned look melted into relief and then his mouth quirked up into a smile.

“That’s a pretty laugh,” Jesse commented. “Do you…like, have different laughs for different occasions? Because just now, the one at the restaurant? That was a pretty ugly laugh.”

“Thank you!” Beca replied, her eyes sparkling. She felt vindicated somehow. “That was exactly what I was going for! The girls didn’t believe me when I said Luke had the ugliest laugh. I had to demonstrate.”

“Wow. That was why you were making that noise?” Jesse replied, raising his eyebrows in surprise. “So…Luke is…”

“Ex-boyfriend,” Beca answered. “I mean, dude, that laugh.”

“Fair enough,” Jesse smiled. “Let me get you that drink.”

He got her a drink and one of himself. Neither of them knew who started the next conversation but halfway through their drinks, they found themselves talking much more easily. The girls and Benji checked in once a while but either by coincidence or more likely by design, left them both alone propping the bar.

“So you’re a fireman.” Beca said.

“Yep,” Jesse answered, smiling that warm smile again. “Always wanted to be one.”

“Let me guess,” Beca said. “It’s the pole, right? You’ve always wanted to slide down that fireman pole when you were a kid.”

“You got me,” Jesse smiled.

“Don’t blame you, dude,” Beca replied. “I slide up and down that pole all day long.”

Suddenly, Stacie’s comment about sliding down his pole came to mind and Beca found her face flaming. She quickly down her drink, which was the wrong move. The alcohol burned on the way down and she started coughing.

“Are you alright?” Jesse asked, sounding genuinely concerned. He had his hand on her lower back and peered into her face to check whether she was ok. His breath was tickling her cheek and Beca was suddenly super aware on how nice he smelled.

“Ermm..yes, I’m fine,” she quickly replied, her voice a little shrill. “Please don’t give me CPR.”

His laugh was like velvet.

“No, I don’t think you need CPR right now,” Jesse answered. He was staring at her a little funnily and Beca cleared her throat.

“So what do firemen do? Besides fighting fires,” she started. “I mean you are firemen. So you’ll put out fires. That is in the job description. But..umm..when you’re not fire fighting -”

Oh my god, am I gabbling? Why the hell am I gabbling so much? - Beca thought. - And I’m using my hands. Shit. Too much hands. Now he’s looking at me like I’m a weirdo. Which I am. God, stop this, Becaaaa!

“Many things,” Jesse replied, unaware of Beca’s inner monologue. “We don’t get a 911 every hour. Sometimes it’s smaller emergencies like cutting stuck people out of weird places. I could tell you some stories about that. Most of the time, we do lots of drills and maintenance. You know that fire hose on the fire engine? That thing always need drying. And we save cats out of trees. That happens like all the time.”

Fire hose? Cats in trees? Damn Stacie and her dirty talk!

“We do community outreach. Like talking to kids about fire safety and installing free fire alarms,” Jesse continued, oblivious to Beca’s flushed face. He then looked down at his drink. “We also do charity work…like…mfmganshder”

Beca didn’t picked up the last few words because he was mumbling now. It was dim at the bar but she could see he was blushing.

“What was that? The last bit?” Beca asked, intrigued now.

“Charity work?” Jesse replied. “We do charity work.”

“Like…?” Beca prompted. But he kept schtum, blushing redder than ever. “Hang on…which precinct did you say your station was?”


Then it hit her what he was embarrassed about.

“Holy shit! You posed for a calendar!” Beca yelled out. “A naked calendar!”

“Ssshh! Not too loud,” Jesse shushed her, putting a hand over Beca’s mouth. She had a fit of giggles and nearly fell off her stool. Luckily Jesse was close enough to catch her and she leaned into him for support.

“Ok!” Jesse admitted. “I did pose for the calendar but I wasn’t entirely naked. There was a strategically placed fire hydrant. And it’s for charity!”

“Dude, you were naked,” Beca hiccuped, still laughing. She whipped out her phone and started to google furiously. “Which month were you? June? July? My friend has the calendar in her office but I didn’t exactly look…”

Jesse was trying to take her phone out of her hands but Beca can be really wriggly when she wanted to. She tapped the images that came out and…well, hello Mr. September. The calendar had been tastefully shot in black and white. There was a group photo of five hot firemen, striding towards the camera and Jesse was one of them. Ok, it was just not fair how hot they looked topless like this, with their face and chest smeared with dirt. And how those trousers were slung low around their hips? Beca quickly thumbed thought to September, to a full page photo of Jesse and the strategically placed fire hydrant. Her eyes nearly popped out. That’s how he look under all that clothes? Okaaaay, she might have to save this image for later. For…ermm research purposes.

Beca tore her eyes away from those distracting images to find fully clothed Jesse standing beside her, looking a little embarrassed.

“I think it’s sweet of you to do this,” Beca pronounced, waving her phone at Jesse.

“Really?” Jesse asked, looking a little hopeful.

“Yeah.” Beca nodded. “I mean you could have caught a cold. Being naked and all.”

“Ok, let’s not talk about this,” Jesse answered swiftly.

“Why are you embarrassed about this?” Beca said. “You’re doing a good thing. Don’t get big headed but you looked kinda hot and your butt’s quite cute.”

Jesse raised his brows.

“Don’t want to brag,” he said in a mock humble tone. “But I got fan mail.”

“You didn’t!” Beca exclaimed in surprise.

“Yep, I did.” Jesse said and then he frowned. “Actually, come to think of it, my butt got fan mail. Does this mean I’ve got butt mail?”

She couldn’t help that peal of laughter coming out from her and when her laughter petered off, Beca found him staring at her again.

“Dude, what’s with the staring? It’s creeping me out.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Jesse replied. He then shook his head slowly. “I just can’t believe I’ve made a complete fool of myself in front of you.”

Beca was just about to answer when they both heard a loud whoop and Stacie was staggering towards them, propping Chloe one one side. Chloe was clearly drunk by the way she was warbling incoherently and trying to get back to the dance floor, saying she had to look for Benji, who had somehow disappeared in the crowd of dancers.

“Beca, Red’s drunk,” Stacie called out. “I think we need to call it a night. I’ll go find Amy.”

“Becaaaaaa,” Chloe hailed her drunkenly. The ginger staggered over, wrapping her arms around the tiny brunette. Beca nearly fell over if Jesse had not quickly steady her. “Beca, I had too mush jiggle jooooss. Dose fie yer men hot. Can I bring Ben.. Ben gee home?”

“We need to use our ‘inside’ voice, Chlo.” Beca said calmly as she tried to untangle Chloe’s squidgy arms from around her neck. “Please keep your hands to yourself. We are going home now.”

“But Ben-gee….”

“Ben-gee…I mean, Benji will be going home with his friend here, Jesse.” Beca said firmly. “Now, sit down here and don’t wander off. You have to tell me if you want to go somewhere, OK? And yes, boobies are great but please don’t touch them.”

Once Chloe settled down on the nearest bar stool, Beca turned to Jesse, smiling apologetically.

“You handled that pretty well,” Jesse commented, looking impressed.

“I’m a school teacher,” Beca replied. “Most of the time talking to a drunk friend is like talking to a toddler.”

They were interrupted again when Stacie and Fat Amy turned up, with the blondie looked a little worse for wear. Beca knew she and Stacie will have a fun time settling these two into bed.

“We gotta go,” Beca said reluctantly.

“Alright,” Jesse said, sounding equally reluctant. “I’ve gotta find Benji. He’s going to have such a hangover tomorrow.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“It was great meeting you.”

“Yeah. You too. Thanks for the drink.”

“Becaaaaaa….” Another wail came up from Chloe. “I need to pee! Now. Now. Now. I really need to pee now.”

“I need to pee too!” Amy groaned, holding on to herself and jumping from foot to foot.

Beca flashed Jesse a quick smile before propping the ginger on one shoulder. He stood by the bar, watching her intently, that smile still on his face. Beca waved a distracted goodbye towards his direction as she walked/limped towards the bathroom as fast as possible with Chloe clinging to her side. Both Staice and her managed to get the two drunk girls into Stacie’s car and Beca slid into the shotgun seat.

Great. Just great.

Beca never would have believed that Chloe would be the one to cock-block her. She didn’t even have chance even to buy him a drink, let alone ask him out for dinner. To thank him, of course. She was a well brought up girl and he did try to save her life, after all. She should him dinner at least. Well, no chance of that now. Thank you Chloe.

She nearly missed that buzz coming from her phone.

Beca read the incoming message and her scowl immediately turned into a smile. Stacie glanced over to her just before she started the car.

“What’s that smile for?” she asked Beca innocently.

“Oh nothing,” Beca replied. “I’ve got a date.”

Stacie merely hummed back, carefully pulling the car into gear and driving off. It was when they were nearly home and the two drunks were peacefully snoring at the back that Stacie spoke up,“You owe me lunch.”

“What for?” Beca asked in surprise.

“For hooking you up with the hot Mr. September,” Stacie remarked. At Beca’s surprised grunt, Stacie laughed. “You think I didn’t know? I recognised him the moment he was dryhumping you over that table and you were ‘choking’.” The taller girl turned her head towards Beca and gave her a wink. “Now aren’t you glad I gave him your number?”