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Got some muse for the Goddess!AU so I did a couple of doodles, featuring good ol’ Pinkie being a good big sister-like babysitter to these little tykes. For those of you who don’t know (or need a refresher), I’ve mentioned awhile ago that Pinkie is much older in this AU than the Mane 6 and such. And given how often she used to hang out with the Sparkle family and the Dash family when she was younger, she really took to the youngster to the point that she’d sometimes babysit them. Pinkie, despite her cheery personality, had a hard upbringing in this AU, and given the discrimination against Twily, Shiny, and Dashy because of them being half-bloods, she’s very protective of them. o3o

I think that’s all I have to say here, so if you have any questions feel more than free to ask! :3

#183.5, part 2. • Percy’s daughter knows ASL

• Her name is Saffi, which is a Greek variation of the name Sophia and means ‘wisdom.’

• Or Meri, which is a Finnish name that means water

• Annabeth is not one for subtle names

• They moved closer to Camp Jupiter, since they’ve got faster resources

• The don’t live at CJ though, they live further north

• In fact, they are the mid point in the journey of many roman demigods coming from Lupa.

• They live in Novato

• Annabeth liked the quieter life, and has even opted a no-speak household

• Percy shot it down.

• “The visitors need to hear us, we can’t teach everyone sign language”

• “Plus our daughter needs to speak, she doesn’t qualify for a deaf school.”

• Saffi/Meri is quad-lingual

• ASL (or, as she likes to call it, DSL demigod sign language), Greek, Latin, and English

• Piper teaches her French, though she never truly picks up on it because aunty Piper isn’t around enough

• It was sometime in 1st grade when she first signed at school

• Out of pure confusion, she forgot how to spell ‘apple’, so she spelled it in sign language.

• The teacher, for one, was so shocked.

• She’s never had a student do that before

• Saffi/Meri kept doing this for plenty of other words. She taught her friends how to sign their names out

• When they asked why she never signed her father’s name out as letters, she told them he was special like that

• Truth was, she never asked. It never bothered her.

• She asked him, but he just smiled and said ‘that’s a story for another time’

• Her aunt, Percy’s sister, knows ASL too

• She’s not much younger than her aunt, so they do play dates all the time

• Sleepovers are strictly ASL

• But, in 3rd grade, she met this boy

• He was in her class, the one with Miss Pykonne (pronounced like Pike-a-nin), and he was being followed by the lady in her 30’s

• Now, little Percabeth daughter hadn’t really been educated on the deaf culture. Percy hadn’t really gotten around to telling her

• He was too busy with his job

• He’s a self defense teacher, Annabeth is a Greco-Roman history teacher

• Saffi/Meri goes over to this boy and tries to ask him who the lady was while she was at the bathroom

• He frowned and shook his head, pointing to his ears

• Saffi/Meri was so confused.

• She tried again in Greek

• He did the same thing

• The same thing happened when she asked in Latin

• Finally, she signed ‘are you deaf?’

• And his face lit up

• He frantically signed ‘You know sign?’

• ‘Yes, my father taught me since birth’

• They instantly become friends in like 0.000000000001 seconds flat

• His name is Marleen. His interpreter is Amanda

• All the kids in her class were excited, all of them wanting to be friends with the boy who can recite the MLK speech with his hands

• Come Parent-Teacher conferences, she convinced her dad to get this particular time slot because Marleen’s was the time slot before. Mom was out of town that week

• They arrive at the school 10 minutes early, so her father and she played a game they called “What’s the word?”

• More on that game… maybe. You’ll have to tell us if you want that information. I might post it one day

• They played the game with only ASL that time

• Marleen and his father walked out of the classroom, Amanda translating what the teacher was saying to him

• Basically how his grades have improved dramatically since his arrival, that he shouldn’t be sent to a deaf school because he has so many friends and support, etc. etc.

• Something about the father seemed so familiar

• Then Percy sees Marleen’s father….

• Jacob sees Percy too

• And everyone went silent

• Jacob signed Percy’s name

• Percy signed Jacob’s name

• Then Jacob practically tackles Percy

• Percy, who was so stunned that his childhood friend’s son went to the same school he was sending his daughter, and that his daughter was his friend’s son.

• Marleen is confused because his dad didn’t like hearing people, but he just hugged one

• Saffi/Meri is so happy that she didn’t have to go through any awkward introductions

• Jacob is practically in tears

• Percy invites them over for dinner the week after, since that’s when Annabeth gets back in town

• Everything went so smoothly that Percy couldn’t believe it was that easy

• When he asked Jacob why he left, though, a brick wall went up and he signed ‘Long story, you wouldn’t understand’

• When Jacob asked why Percy had been wanted more than once, he got the same response he used

• Then Annabeth noticed something strange

• A marking

• On the inside of Jacobs forearm

• …

To be continued

Let's stop and think about the fact that if Jason's mom hadn't abandoned him to Hera, there is a very real possiblity that him and Piper would've met before the series even started.

Thalia ran away because of what happened with Jason, right? So let’s imagine for a second that all of that never happened.

Thalia, Jason, and Piper would all be raised in Hollywood…

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summary: in which team flash captures someone who is thought to be a metahuman, but is really a daughter of the goddess of love and beauty; aphrodite.

a/n: sorry if this was bad or anything lol i’m greek mythology trash so

Mastelist + Request here!

Charmspeak, that was your biggest defense.

You started to discover your talent when you were still 6 years old, noticing how people didn’t think twice before they complied to your request, no matter how crazy it sounded. After a few minutes, or maybe after they have done what you asked them to do, they would suddenly snap out of it and blame you.

“Darling, just a few dollars, that’s all I’m asking for.” You batted your eyelashes to the man behind the desk.

“O-Of course, ma’m. Please follow me.” he stuttered before turning around and leading you to the main vault of the bank.

You dramatically flipped your hair and followed him. The other staff did nothing to stop their coworker, for you had asked them to stay put for a while. Even the security guards couldn’t do a thing because of what you commanded them to do.

The man opened the vault, “Here you go, ma’m.” he moved sideways.

“Thanks, handsome.” you kissed his cheek.

Suddenly, a gust of wind made you halt and you rolled your eyes. As you twirled to look behind you, you saw the superhero that you might have had a little attraction to. He was in his red suit as usual, the only features you could see was his beautiful eyes and soft lips.

You grinned. “Ooh, just in time, Flash. I was just about to borrow some money from the bank.” you paused, “Well, maybe it’s not really counted as borrowing if I’m not planning to give it back.”

“Stop right there, Siren.”

You scoffed. “Siren? Really? That’s the best villain name you could think of?”

The Flash shrugged, “What do you prefer to be called?”

You dropped a bundle of cash inside your bag, “You can call me anything you like, Flash.” your tone was very flirtatious.

The Flash seemed to get flustered because of this.

It was one of the effects you had on people because of your obvious beauty. To those who looked closely, they would see how your eyes changed color from blue to green to gray, and no matter what you did to your hair, you still looked perfect in their eyes.

“Cat got your tongue?” You teased.

The Flash cleared his throat in embarrassment. “I’m done playing games.”

And the next thing you know, he has taken you and brought you to STAR Labs. You were very cool about the situation, expecting it to be honest.

You turned to him with an annoyed look, “Just couldn’t wait to take me somewhere alone.” you said.

“Actually, you aren’t alone.” A voice spoke from the side.

You saw a man who had a baby face and medium length hair smile at you. Beside him was a woman, and then a guy who was in a wheelchair.

You turn to the Flash. “Who are these people?” you asked him with a hint of charmspeak.

“Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Dr. Wells.” he replied without hesitation.

Cisco widened his eyes in disbelief. “What the hell?” he exclaimed.

The Flash realized what he had done. “I wasn’t supposed to say that.” he said, “Why did I say that?” he asked you.

“Because I asked you.” you told him. “And now for the next question, who are you?”

Dr. Wells spoke up, “No, don’t tell her.”

“Barry Allen.”

You grinned. “Very cute name, Barry.”

Dr. Wells sighed in frustration while Caitlin and Cisco just stared at you in shock of what you could do.

Cisco pointed an accusing finger at you, “You’re a metahuman who could command anyone to do anything.”

“Baby, I’m no metahuman. If my mother heard about this she would be extremely offended.” you responded.

Caitlin furrowed her eyebrows. “If you’re not a metahuman, then what are you?”

You leaned on a table, “Well, ever heard about how greek gods fall in love with mortals?”

Cisco nodded, “Of course.”

“Sometimes they have a little too much fun and create babies that are called demigods –”

“You’re a demigod?” Barry cut you off.

“That’s impossible.” Dr. Wells said.

You rolled your eyes. “Just as having super speed and powers are impossible?” you questioned.

Cisco frowned. “She does have a point guys.”

Caitlin sighed, “Who is your parent then?”

You smirked. “Who do you think?” you looked at Barry. “Any wild guesses, Flash?”

It didn’t take long for him to answer. “Aphrodite. Goddess of Love and Beauty.”

“Correct!” You jumped. “Man, that was fast.” you teased.

“That’s why you’re so beautiful.” Cisco said in awe.

You nodded, “Right, and that it also why the four of you are going to stay here and do nothing to stop me as I walk out of this lab.” you claimed.

The effect of your charmspeak hit them hard even though your tone was soft and gentle. Barry couldn’t move a muscle, and same goes for Cisco and Caitlin, even Dr. Wells.

You walked towards the exit then and before leaving, you turned to the Flash and gave him a flying kiss, making him grunt because he knew he couldn’t do anything about your escape.

“See you next time, Barry.”

Whatever you do, don’t think of a five year old Sally Jackson desperately wondering how her parents could leave her, not understanding why she was now all alone. 

Don’t think about a sixteen year old Sally Jackson having to drop out of high-school and take up several jobs to support her uncle, burying her dream of graduating and becoming a writer, because it was never going to happen now.

Don’t think about a seventeen year old Sally Jackson watching all her friends go on to college, slowly leaving her behind and forgetting about her. 

Don’t think about an eighteen year old Sally Jackson crying at her uncle’s funeral, because that was it, her family was fully gone, and she was all alone. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson lying on the beach, after she found out Poseidon, the man she had fallen in love with so deeply and quickly, was a god, realising that he too would leave her. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson finding out she was pregnant, and realising that her baby would be a demigod, and attract monsters… and then running into a man called Gabe at work that day.

Don’t think about a twenty-one year old Sally Jackson crying as she held her newborn baby, because if she was sure about one thing, it was that her baby was going to have a better life than she did, and she would never, ever leave him. 

Don’t think about her kissing her baby’s forehead, and, recalling all the myths her parents had told her when she was young of one particular hero, whispering, “I name you Perseus.”  


Thank you for the prompt! Ahh, I don’t think she has a cannon name yet, So I call her Penny to keep the P motif going for them. I hope this is good, I helped my cousin take care of her baby and always felt betrayed when she went to other people instead of me. Not as long as I would want it to be but here you go! More under the cut!

Prompt: Percy and Nico taking care of Percy’s little sister (she’s around 6 months) she LOVES Nico and always wants him to hold her. From @blue-gold-demigod-clouds

Percy was that type of big brother that wanted to show their sibling off. It hadn’t started with little Penelope Blofis, but with Tyson. Percy showed off his watch shield, talking about Tyson, the best little brother anyone could have.

Nico could relate. Whenever Hazel defeated a monster and kicked someones butt during a training exercise he wanted to force everyone to watch his little sister kick ass. But he reeled it in because that was embarrassing for Hazel (though she probably secretly loved it).

When Penelope came into the world he had a picture on his phone (Leo had customized an iPhone with a trident on the back and helped make it monster proof) and showed it to everyone who would stop to see. He pinned up pictures of Penny in his cabin and would proudly say he couldn’t play capture the flag because he was babysitting.

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fun fact about moana

the song that plays when Maui gets his tattoo of Moana + they hug is Toe Feiloa’i - which, when translated from Samoan, means see you later and that’s it i’m crying 

  • <p> <b>Kado Creator 1:</b> Let's make an anime where an alien invader and the Japanese government get along.<p/><b>Kado Creator 2:</b> We can focus on negotiation! I think it'll send a good message!<p/><b></b> (Later...)<p/><b>Kado Creator 1:</b> Magical girl! Yes! Okay, so like, let's have Saraka and Shindo make a demigod baby who grows up to kill zaShunina!<p/><b>Kado Creator 2:</b> Great! I have this weird feeling, though. Like we're forgetting something...<p/><b>Kado Creator 1:</b> It probably wasn't anything important. This is gonna be the best shounen anime of the season!<p/></p>

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"So, mon Ange, on the topic of 'daddy's," and here she leaned into them, arms lazily wrapped around their shoulders as she whispered into their ear, "how would you feel about becoming a parent~?" ((GDI JULES I WANT THIS BUT I'M TRYING TO SLEEP. I DEALT WITH MINA'S NONSENSE TODAY AND I'LL DEAL WITH YOUR PLOT TOMORROW))



That’s… Probably a yes?

Quick sketch before bed.

From the Medieval Fantasy AU

Jason thought that he could never fully repay his sister for everything she had done for him. For as long as he can remember. Thalia was always there by his side. Providing for him, defending him, protecting him. She practically raised him alone at such a young age. He was pretty sure that if he didn’t have her, he wouldn’t even have made it to adulthood. 

But in Thalia’s eyes it was Jason who saved her. 7 years of being alone. 7 years of not knowing what a family was. 7 years of being unwanted. When Jason was born Thalia’s whole world changed. Suddeny she was wanted. Suddenly someone needed her. Suddenly she had a reason to be there. She actually felt what it was like to have a family.

It didn’t matter if it was just the two of them. At least they had each other and that was all that mattered. 

“Just you and me against the world” 

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So I am a low key hoe for this Demigod!AU.. 😍 Could I possibly get some HC's for Oikawa and Kuroo with a Human!SO? - Shy Anon

Haha! I’m so happy that you like it so much! My apologies for such a long wait! :)

-Admin Lana

Oikawa Tooru:

  • When you first met him, you had mistaken him for a model or a celebrity. He was absolutely gorgeous.
  • He won’t tell you he’s a demigod until he can make sure he trusts you. The last time he told another human did not end very well.
  • Used his charmspeak on you to go on a date with him, but his powers didn’t work on you because you already had feelings for him.
  • Takes you on the most amazing dates with beautiful views. He wants to make sure that they are moments that you’ll never forget.
  • Sometimes his fans/admirers crash your dates because they can’t get enough of him. This truly angers this Demigod.

Kuroo Tetsurou:

  • The way that you find out that he’s a demigod is because a hydra decided to attack you. He was forced to tell you truth since you were now involved with him.
  • You met him in a library, but found it strange how he had an armful of books about ancient mythology and the Gods/Goddess. A project maybe?
  • During your first date he took you to the National Museum of Architecture. It was cute to see his face light up when he spoke of things he was interested in, even if you weren’t.
  • You were wondering why he had all kinds of weapons such as swords and arrows, but it all made sense since he was the son of Athena after all.
  • You were terrified of meeting his mother since she was a divine Goddess after all, but she was very nice. She even broke out the photo album and showed you pictures of Kuroo when he was a baby.
aftermath of tartarus - 1/3 [pjo headcanon]

part one [nico] || part two [annabeth] || part three [percy]

another headcanon. part one of three. c: on a side note, this mainly focuses on greek demigods. i’m currently working on the assumption that the roman demigods are in new rome rebuilding their own camp and such. also, i just realized that i spent so much time talking about nico’s bathing habits. no regrets though. 

tartarus changes people, instills fear into their very beings.

nico developed monophobia, the fear of solitude. back then he didn’t fear it, though he didn’t yearn for it despite what it seemed to people. but nico knew where he was unwanted, so he stayed away from people. (he was still learning what it’s like to be wanted.)

after entering tartarus and enduring its unspeakable horrors, he never wanted to go through that again. he never wanted to be alone again. so, he was almost relieved when he was captured by gaia’s lackeys because it meant that he he was out of tartarus.

but not many understood his fear, so he settled with lingering in the fringes while the camps were rebuilding. he knew he was still unwanted, but he couldn’t just leave them, not if it mean that he was going to be alone once more. percy was the first one to notice this, which was no surprise because their eyes carried the same fear brought about by tartarus. so percy never needed to ask on what nico needed, which was great for nico because he didn’t know what to ask in the first place. (other than please, don’t leave me behind. not ever. not again.)

yet somehow, it all worked out since percy made sure that nico was never alone. he always sat with nico during meal times and made sure that they slept in the same cabin. (that’s how they became the counselors of the hestia cabin, the cabin for the unclaimed demigods. [another headcanon]) he made sure that nico would wake before the nightmares started (and cause nightmares for these baby demigods who were under their care). he made sure nico ate, slept, and functioned like a normal person when he needed to. (he also made sure that nico didn’t have to pretend when he couldn’t force himself to act normal, well, as normal for nico.)

he even got will to help out because he was a good cousin. (and good cousins knew that a little humiliation from spending time with your crush can go a long way, so no nico, this is not a bad thing!)

will’s help was great because he’s a healer and understood that not all injuries and ailments were visible, but nonetheless, a good healers were determined to cure them all. so he tried, he tries, and sometimes it worked, other times it didn’t. (but that’s why there’s percy to help out, pick up the pieces and let will try again to make nico whole because he deserves it!)

since will was helping nico, and will was the main couselor of the apollo cabin, it only made sense that the rest of the cabin helped out when they can. they hung out with nico, played mythomagic cards with him, generally made sure that nico was never alone again, even though they didn’t know why. but that’s basically what happened.

the rest of the camp soon followed. and soon (but not soon enough in percy’s opinion and will agreed), the darkness in nico’s eyes lessened (but never truly disappeared) and his smiles were more honest. he was slowly getting better, and that was all that mattered.

*when i say nico will never be alone, i’m really serious about this. not even bath times are private for him, which is good for him because he really reacts terribly when he’s alone.

so when nico needed to go to the bathroom for business, he usually dragged someone (usually percy or will). he got teased for being such a girl since it’s usually girls who need company when they go to the bathroom, and nico almost listened to them but then will stood up for him and the whole apollo cabin was behind him, some of them even holding their bows. no one picked on nico again. (except for percy, but then he’s always been picking on nico. now it multiplied because look at your knight in shining armor, nico! like literally, he kind of shines, maybe it’s the apollo in him since he is the sun god and all.)

that’s the easy part though, bath times were the real problem. not because there was no privacy because there were several shower stalls so there’s still a modicum of that. no, it was because when an apollo kid joins him, it gets kind of awkward. (granted, it will always be awkward for nico to shower with will in the next stall because crush and all!) the apollo kid, who joined nico for the moment, would not stop gawking at nico and his scarred body. they stared in wonder because they were healers and before you can heal, you must be hurt first. that’s how things went. so then, they would contemplate on his wounds and wonder how did he get them? and then they would get scared because how did he survive? how was he still alive?

so even though percy passed on most of his duties of caring for nico to the apollo cabin (because they’re doing so much better than he ever could since they’re healers and percy was just percy), bathing duty was one of his responsibilities to nico. it was only percy who wouldn’t stare in horror at nico’s scars (why would he when his own scars were just as horribly extensive as nico’s?)

and because percy was sassy and an ass, he would complain on how nico picked will over his hot bod. look at it nico! a swimmer’s body is the best! and nico would first be embarrassed, but later he would snark back because they both know percy’s just jealous because percy’s loss that he doesn’t have a chance to tap this ass and will does!