baby deltas

Imagine if when the raptors were little Owen would always yell encouragement at them whenever they first started chasing and eating their pigs.

“You almost got it Charlie! Just barely missed!”

“Alright Delta! Make sure to watch you step next time!”

“Way to go Blue! You caught it! Oh god- Blue- Blue baby not the- that’s gonna scare the interns.”

“Where’s the pig? Where’s Echo-”
Long moment of silence

“Are they cuddling?”

“It seems so. It seems so.”

Rock'a by Baby (Owen x reader x baby raptor)


Owen the tiny baby raptor in his arms, Claire had bought him to the little thing sitting inside of it’s cage crying in a corner apparently it’s parents didn’t want it and had abandoned it inside of the jungle leaving it to fend for itself all alone with no food. Luckily one of tye scientist had seen it come out from behind some leaves and brought it to the lab feeding it and giving it some water.

Owen sat inside of the pen that his girls were normally in but since they were in a different pen at the moment he decided on bringing the little raptor there, after all Owen was gonna add this little raptor to the pack when it got a bit bigger.

The sun was going down and his raptors where not back yet, he could tell the baby raptor was getting restless so he admit brought it into his large arms and started to walk around the pen back in forth bouncing it.

“Rock'a by raptor, from the tree top. When they pig runs the raptors drop and go after it as a game. After all this is the raptor way.” Owen continued singing the made up lullaby over and over again until it closed it scaled eyes.

“That’s cute.”

Owen turned around to see a very good friend of his (Y/n) with his raptors following behind her before they took off running into jungle part of their pen, not paying Owen or the baby raptor any attention.

“Rock'a raptor, huh.” smiled (Y/n). “Cute song.”

Imagine Owen sitting and watching TV with the baby raptors and Barney comes on. He’d quickly change the channel in disgust but the raptors would start whining and shrieking at him till he flipped it back on.
When they get older they use their different calls to hit the notes of the “I love you, you love me,” Barney song.

What if Owen had to give the baby raptors baths in the sink when they were first born, and he’d then dry them off with these big fluffy white towels before going to the next one.
And every time he knew which raptor liked or disliked certain aspects of it.

Blue didn’t like the peppermint scent- but Charlie did.

Charlie hated suds- it always makes her sneeze.

Delta didn’t like a lot of water being in there, she would panic even though she knew how to swim.

While Echo just hated baths. Owen couldn’t count how many times he’s had to chase her around as a baby to get her ready for her own washing.


He wouldn’t have it any other way

Will someone tell me if my sweet baby boy is a delta or halfmoon? His tail doesn’t make that full “D” shape and I got him being told he was a halfmoon but I’m not sure.

Either way, what a fancy Boi 😍 His name is Jermaine and he lives happily in his new 10 gallon home! He’s been a n g e r y and will flare at anything in his tank, which amuses my mother to no end