baby dancing groot

My Outlaw

Imagine tell Peter your feelings for him and him feeling the same way.

My life was never the same when I met Peter Quill, I never thought straight my heart never beat the same but I knew what he was about, I knew how he was and I wasn’t going to fall for that. After the whole saving the world from Ronan happened we all headed through the galaxy where we looked for adventure. Most of the time everyone spent time in their rooms, well except for me, I would play Peters taps and dance with baby Groot, who seemed to enjoy it. Today was no different, ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ started to play and me and Groot began to dance, the room filled with giggles that fell from my lips as the two of us danced. What changed was I felt a presence behind me, I turned my head and there stood Peter looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes; I faced him and continued to dance, 

“Can I help you?” I asked looking up at him as I continued to dance; a small smile formed on his lips causing my heart to skip a beat, 

“No I just thought I may join you.” he said taking my hand and spinning me into his arms, 

the song instantly changed to a slow one. Did he plan this? He puled me into his chest and gently put his arms on my waist as my arms wrapped around his neck. We slowly swayed to the song, my heart was racing, i didn’t know what to do. I gently laid my head on his chest and brought him closer to me, he seemed to stiffen a bit but we kept moving; breathing in I smelt his amazing cologne and a faint smell of mint, now I never wanted to let go. Even though the song changed we didn’t move, he held me close his arms around my waist and me hearing his angelic voice whisper the lyrics of the words in my ear. This was sending shivers down my spine but I never wanted it to end until he slowly pulled away and walked towards his room. What just happened? Was it something I did? I looked at baby Groot who was smiling like an idiot, it was then I headed to my room and planned to never come out…

1 Week Later 

My room was my home right now, all I wanted was to sleep all day. There was a gently knock on the door to my room, I climbed the small ladder and opened the door which technically was a floor panel. I looked at up and saw Peter, 

“Can I come down?” he asked looking down at me; I nodded and walked down the ladder and sat on my bed, I watched him climb down the ladder and he closed to door and looked at me, 

‘What’s wrong? You haven’t left your room in a week.” he said sitting beside me; I wanted to tell him what I was thinking. Ever since that day we danced together things seemed to be very awkward but I wasn’t going to say that so I just stayed silent; his sigh was loud when he looked at me, 

“You can tell me anything (Y/N).” He said gently; I turned to face him and saw his eyes filled with confusion, 

“Fine Peter, I like you alright!” I exclaim, “You happy now?” I say blushing heavily; I heard him chuckle and took my face in his hands before he brought my lips to his. My eyes widened in shock but slowly I closed my eyes and kissed him back, his hands found their way to my waist while mine went to his neck. I was shocked when I felt my back hit the bed gently but I let it happen, my fingers tangled in his hair and pulled his face closer to mine; he smiled into the kiss before he slowly pulled away and laid gentle kisses down my neck to my collarbone he left gentle nibbles there before he worked his way up again. I let out a gentle moan when his lips grazed my jaw bone, he smiled against my skin before his lips latched there and began to nip at the skin. I moaned gently again but let out a giggle, 

“Peter stop it.” I giggled out, he chuckled and pulled away, he looked at me and smiled, 

“You’re so beautiful, my Star Queen.” he said smiling,

“And you’re so handsome my sexy outlaw.” we shared one more kiss before we both got up and headed back upstairs.

I want Tony and Quill listening to music.  Rhodey and Rocket blowing things up.  Drax and Vision not understanding metaphors.  Gamora and Hulk sparring.  Peter and Baby Groot dancing.  

And I want Quill to look Cap up and down and then say, ‘And you are?  Captain America?  Yeah.  Awesome.  Whatever.  Now, Iron Man, how are we going to do this?’ 

I want the Rogue-Vengers to walk in and realize that they’re not the be-all end-all of hero-ing.