baby dancing groot


If someone who’s never seen the movies / read the comics asks you what Guardians of the Galaxy is, just show them these GIFs without any explanation

Everything that I love/broke me about GOTG2 SPOILER WARNING

Please add more to this. I would love to hear what y'all love/broke you.

Mantis innocence
Baby groot is either mad or dancing
The sound track
Drax nipples

That scene where Ego is using peter and Brandy starts playing and then he crushed the Walkman while peter is crying a tear, that scene is so well done and sad

Nebula still eats it ripe
Southern nights hummed by rocket
Rocket love for peter music shows more

Yondu telling rocket he’s the same as him from the og guardians and don’t be like him and love your friends

Rocket saying I’m not losing one more friend today

Father and son playing after yondu death, and then baby groot comes by peter and wants to listen

Yondu telling peter he may been your dad but he wasn’t your daddy

When peter finds everything he loves in his heart to control his new powers and that one seen where yondu teaches peter how to shoot

Every line that drax says
Baby groot dancing to blue sky while everyone is trying to destroy the monster


Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park opened their Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride on May 27th. Along with it, Disney Parks’ theme for 2017 is Summer of Heroes along with Marvel themed food/drinks and merchandise along with introducing new Meet-and-Greet with Black Widow alongside the longstanding Cap and Spidey, but also this giant Groot character! While Groot will is not currently a consistent Park character he looks brilliant! and I can not imagine being able to hug a Groot in person! WE ARE GROOT


For an instant pick me up to help get you over hump day, watch James Gunn and Baby Groot shake it.