baby daddy right here

  • Daddy: Okay baby, the queen is more powerful but the king is more important.
  • Baby, thinking of where to move: Okay daddy. Hmmmm. Right here!
  • Daddy: No baby, try again. That'll automatically put you in check so you can't do that.
  • Baby: Yes I can.
  • Daddy: No because then your important king will be captured and it'll be game over.
  • Baby: But daddy the -princess- is more important.
  • Daddy: The princess?
  • Baby: Mhm. I'm the princess and I say it doesn't matter if my king gets captured, as long as I don't.
  • Daddy: That's cute honey, but you're not a piece on the board.
  • Baby: Yep! So I win by default! Thank you for teaching me chess, daddy. *muah*
  • Daddy: Silly little girl, what am I ever gonna do with you?
Block B Reaction: You sarcastically call them Daddy when they’re being bossy

anon asked: Big bang and block b reaction to you sarcastically call them daddy when they are being a little bossy.

I hope you enjoy anon! ~Em

Zico: *legit Daddy mode activated*

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P.O: *is awkward AF trying to erase what you said from his memory*

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Taeil: “Did…I just hear you right…orrrr???”

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B-Bomb: “I am anything you want me to be princess”

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U-Kwon: “Ooh, am I getting lucky tonight babe?”

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Jaehyo: *at a complete loss for words* (but at least he stopped bossing you around while he’s sputtering lol)

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Kyung: *greasy* “That’s right baby girl, Daddy’s here, at your service”

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It’s ok, baby. Daddy’s right here. I’ll keep you safe. Shhhh, I know baby boy. I know you’re scared. I got you. Close your eyes and breathe. That’s a good boy. My little man. I love you so much.

seeing wonders

  • ~This was something that actually happened when Daddy and I went to a fun zone during my most recent visit and were waiting in line for our turn on the go-karts.~
  • Daddy: *chuckling heartily to himself*
  • me: What so funny?
  • Daddy: The announcement at the end of the kart runs.
  • me: What announcement?
  • Daddy: The one that just played, baby. It is telling me to "Please secure your property before exiting the kart."
  • me: *blinks, a bit confused* Why...?
  • Daddy: *wraps arms around me and pulls me close, leaning in to whisper in my ear* See, baby, I have my property right here, nice and secure. Daddy would never leave you behind.
  • me: *blushes and giggles, hugging Daddy tight*
  • ~After the go-kart turn, Daddy comes by to help me from my kart~
  • Daddy with a huge grin: Just here collecting my property before exiting the kart area.

singledad!luke hadn’t even considered it when he had picked up his razor that morning, expertly ridding himself of the beard that had adorned his face for 6 months, hadn’t remembered why he had been too lazy to shave for nearly half a year until he sneaks into little hemmo’s nursery and picks up his sleeping angel. she blinks open her ocean eyes, looking up at her daddy without her usual grin and luke barely has time to be concerned before loud cries are filling the room. luke frantically rocks her back and forth whispering soothing words into her blonde wisps of hair, “i’m here baby, daddy’s right here..” he tries adjusting his grip so she can properly see his face, desperate to see some recognition in her eyes. the familiarity of his voice calms her cries, but her eyebrows pinch together as her chubby hands clumsily reaches out to touch his face, lightly tapping where only yesterday there was a scruffy beard. “it’s daddy” he encourages, holding her hand against his cheek, “it’s your daddy” thankfully she eventually seems convinced, offering the gummy smile and the excited “dada!” he is greeted with every morning, before leaning forward to hug his smooth neck tightly. pressing a gentle kiss to her soft hair, thinking to himself “i am never shaving ever again if that the reaction”

Ni ni skype with Daddy
  • Me: *Falling asleep, making little sleepy noises, trying to open my eyes a little once in a while to see Daddy but too tired*
  • Daddy: *Hears little sleepy noises/sees me startle from an outside noise* Shhh baby it's okay, close your eyes, Daddy's right here. I've got you don't worry. I'm right here Princess, I'm not going anywhere.
Just ten minutes

Me:Shit there’s so much I have to do!
Me:Thomas no I don’t have time to be little right now!
Daddy:Baby come here.
Me:I said not right now! *breathing and heart rate accelerates, body begins to tremble, head starts to spin* I have too much to do!
Daddy:*holds up sippy, blankie, stuffie, and binkie* Come here.
Me:*sniffles and walks into his open arms*
Daddy:You’ve been a big girl all day and daddy is so proud of you for getting so much done all by yourself but your mental health matters too and daddy doesn’t want his precious little princess overworking herself.
Me:*whimpers and clings to daddy, letting him stick the binkie in my mouth*
Daddy:Just relax for ten minutes and let daddy take care of you.
Me:I’m sorry I yelled at you….
Daddy:It’s okay kitten. Daddy knows you were just upset.


Sleepy time, nappy time ⏰
Dry bum bum for bed 😴
Have Daddy’s chest 👨
For your little head 🙆

Snuggle up, baby 🍼
Hold teddy tight 🐻
Daddy’s right here 💏
All through the night 🌒

Suck your dummy 👶
Your lil eyes so groggy 😩
Sweet dreams till tomorrow 🌄
When that nappy’s all soggy 💧