baby cute bear love

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I shattered my phone last week but I finally got it fixed today💖🤙🏽


Aaron Dingle + his thick cute fluffy scruffy beard I’d die for to touch ;3

@lizzzzoo *winks*

Gracie loves to cuddle up under the covers as if she were a person, and I’m pretty sure she thinks that the other side of the bed is “her side” lmao. She’s also a friend to any and all ace and aro spec folks that need her. Just look into those beautiful, big, blue eyes and you’ll see what I mean. 💜

Random headcanon (clown baby edition)

Joker is in charge of the baby when Harley’s in the shower but she always tries to hurry because she knows if she leaves them alone too long they’re bound to get into trouble

This can include: 

- a makeup smudged baby because “he needs to learn to look presentable

- lessons on how to handle different firearms

- toys everywhere that would take her an hour or more to pick up because J and the baby fell asleep on the floor in a pile of blankets and pillows watching movies