baby cube


protect Kino at all cost


Sorry for such a long silence, not a lot to report. James has been off work so we’ve been enjoying a little family time and a lot of chores. Freddie seems to have clean health for the time being and he’s sleeping well with seizures few and far between (long may it continue!).
This morning I am doing sitting and side sitting physio with Freddie before Baby Sensory class. The cube (today’s toy of choice) reminded me of a photo I took first time around when we were encouraging him to sit - and he very nearly was - so I flicked through my phone. The first photo was taken early April 2016, and the second this morning. I remember the first photo so clearly as I was so excited he had nearly reached the sitting milestone (I think I whatsapp’d it to everyone!). Strange thinking that was 9 months ago, I wonder where we’ll be in another 9 months!