baby cow!

i mean all good for you if you’re vegan but. i’m so frustrated at all the misinformation being spread around dairy.
“cows have to be forcibly impregnated to produce milk” uh. no.
literally cattle doesn’t have the same rules of consent as we do?????? also a cow produces milk as long as we keep milking it! we’re not stealing from the baby child cow
“milk is one of the leading causes of osteoporosis” i’ve literally seen this one and it’s hilarious. do yäll really think every doctor would tell us to drink milk if that we’re the case?
“the mother is crying as her baby is ripped away from her so we can devour the child’s food” i’m. very confused. cows aren’t humans?? they don’t have families????? also the calf has to be separated from its mother at one point and this is where we keep milking so she just keeps producing milk and it genuinely hurts the cows if we stop milking

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i know things dont look good right now and tumblr is not the place to be right now if youre concerned about the elections. remember to take deep breaths and drink some water. i care about all of you, ok? 

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