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Praise Kink

In which Harry is incredibly nervous and y/n knows just how to calm him down.

A/N: WELL I did it. Barely.  I managed to get this finished before Harry’s single dropped so that I’ll be able to freak out in peace tonight.  I hope you enjoy because this is… kinda filthy.  LOVE YA BUY SIGN OF THE TIMES ON ITUNES!

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How would things turn out if Fushimi and Yata were turned into 4 year olds during their homra days together? Totsuka and Kusanagi having to act as their caretakers and struggling to get them to drink milk and eat veggies respectively(I see Fushimi picking out all the vegetables in his omurice while Yata makes faces at his milk) and seeing their differences when interacting with Mikoto with awe and fear. How will they keep up with these very different kids each with their very different needs?

Aw they would be so cute, tiny Sarumi babies being taken care of by their Homra daddies. Like Kamamoto comes back from a mission taking care of some gang that was moving in on Homra’s territory, he was supposed to be accompanying Fushimi and Yata but instead he’s got one kid on each arm. Tiny Yata is trying to squirm out of Kamamoto’s grip because he’s energetic and wants to escape while tiny Fushimi sits there quietly sucking his thumb and staring at everyone with wide scared eyes. Totsuka would be so charmed by the two kids, like he wants to take a million pictures and have the kids come and play hobbies with him. Kusanagi’s a little more cautious about it, like the kids are cute but he’s not sure about taking care of them in the bar, he can already see all the glasses that tiny Yata is going to break. Mikoto just shrugs and says it’s fine, they can handle the kids, and Kusanagi kinda sighs and notes that Mikoto’s helping too, like he’s not letting Mikoto go take a nap and dump all this on him. Mikoto walks over to take a look at the kids and Yata thinks he’s cool, like you’re so tall and you have cool hair while poor Fushimi is scared and goes to hide behind the couch.

So the Homra trio try to keep an eye on the kids for the rest of the day, tiny Yata totally latches on to tiny Fushimi and starts dragging him places and wanting to play with him. Fushimi’s a lot shyer of course and at first he tries to get Yata to leave him alone because he doesn’t know how to deal with having someone pay him all this attention. Totsuka thinks it would be good for the kids to get along and tries to play little games for them, imagine him showing them his flame butterflies as like a magic trick and they’re both amazed, Yata tries to chase them and even little Fushimi is reaching for them (since this is pre-anthill Fushimi he’s not afraid of the fire and is more enthralled by the shiny). Kusanagi tries to corral the kids for lunch, he has them both sit on stools at the bar and brings them their food. Yata’s very excited for lunch and is using his fork to make little shapes in the rice while Fushimi makes a face and probably picks at his food and refuses to eat anything. Kusanagi gives this tight smile and is like I thought this one would be a difficult one. He tries to convince Fushimi to eat a couple vegetables and Fushimi keeps refusing, it becomes a battle of wills between the two of them before Yata’s just like ‘I’ll eat them for Saruhiko!’ and thus earns Fushimi’s undying affection. Fushimi also returns the favor later when Kusanagi’s trying to convince Yata to drink some milk (maybe Kusanagi attempts the ‘it’ll make you grow big, you know?’ line and in the background Totsuka just covers his mouth to hide a laugh).

Mikoto isn’t so sure how to handle the kids and probably tries to keep out of the way but imagine him ending up being so good with them too, like he’s all gentle and awkward the way he sometimes is with Anna. Yata of course thinks Mikoto’s super cool but Yata’s also a little ball of energy and it’s hard for Mikoto to keep up, he’s trying to sleep and Yata’s just climbing all over the couch wanting to play lion tamer. Unexpectedly Mikoto and Fushimi end up getting along well, at first tiny Fushimi is totally terrified of Mikoto and keeps hiding from him. Mikoto just lets him be, figuring no point in scaring the poor kid, but at some point maybe he ends up having to take charge of Fushimi for a bit. Like Totsuka takes Fushimi and Yata out for a trip down to the store or something and Fushimi gets distracted by a line of ants marching by. When he looks up Yata and Totsuka are gone and Fushimi doesn’t know what to do, like he can’t bring himself to yell for them and he’s just sitting there looking around everywhere and getting increasingly more upset, thinking he’s been abandoned. Then Mikoto just appears from around the corner, having been contacted by a worried Totsuka (who’s probably accompanied by a crying Yata). He just holds out a hand to Fushimi and Fushimi nervously takes it, not sure what to do. Mikoto just puts a gentle hand on his head and tells him not to worry, taking him back to the bar. By the time Totsuka and Yata come back Mikoto’s asleep on the couch with Fushimi curled up beside him like a contented kitten.

Bts dirty talking
  1. Mommy. Please make bts reaction to finding out you love when they dirty talk, or just making them talk dirty, please, I need this, mommy
  2. Anonymous said:Mommy please make bts reactions to you whispering dirty things you want to do to them while we are out with the other boys, please please mommy

A/n: I will basically do Bts and them talking dirty or doing something that turns you on


*at dinner with the boys* Jin is eating ribs. You whisper in his ear. “I wish you would eat me like you eat the meat of this bone.” Jin raises his eyebrow, picks a bone with no meat on it, bring it to his teeth and snaps it in half. “So, you were saying princess?”

*I read this once somewhere but it just suits him so much*


Laying on the couch. Yoongi looks at you, bends down to whisper, in order for the others not to hear. “I want to take naps with you after I’ve destroyed your body. How about it baby girl?”


Namjoon ees you playing ang huging the maknae line. Namjoon pulls you to the side. “Well,welll,well your body just asks me to pull your hair and slap your ass, does it princess?”


You were getting on his nerves the whole day. Doin smal things that made him go mad. “Wanna hear a joke baby? Tonight daddy will let you lead the parade and even cum once or twice. That was the joke. Now, on all fours.” 


The boys were all in the same room. You got up to do something and your short short shorts were showing a curve they shouldn’t. Jimin got angry and jealous. “Come back. Right now.” you couldn’t say no. You went back. Only then he whisperd in your ear. “Just wait little girl. If you wanted that threesome so bad, Jungkookie will help. Tomorrow you’ll have to clean you shedule.”


Sitting on the couch with all the boys around. Taehyung ultra chill and casually says. “Y/N, baby, come here. The couch is not your throne, My lap is. Fast, fast,fast.” And the baby was fast, unlike the other observers with a wtf look on thei faces.


Hugging in the dorm after a long night of fun. The boys ahve come back and noticed both of you sleeping. The thing is you weren’t. You were trying to cope with Jungkooks hand between your legs. “Stapppp.” Jungkook whispered. “You were using you big girl words yesterday. What happend?”


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You Love It (Hoseok/Reader)

Originally posted by kths

Genre: Smut - Drabble

Words: 1,566

Author: Admin JP

Summary: You love the attention. 

Tags: Public sex, stranger sex, toy use, oral sex, exhibitionism, etc. 

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Like it’s real (1.2k)

Neil looked at Andrew, who mouthed “don’t”, and then back at Nicky. He seemed rather desperate. Every fibre of his body told him this was a bad idea, but then again Neil wasn’t known for making wise decisions. “Okay. I’ll do it,” he said. Neil could feel Andrew’s heavy gaze on him. “I’ll be Andrew’s fake boyfriend.”

(Fake dating, fluff)

Shut up, baby (

“Can you not call me Josten when we are about to have sex?” Neil protests, tugging the hem of his shirt up and over his head.

“What do you want me to call you, then? Asshole?” Andrew says with a smirk on his face, already taking his boxers off.

“Fuck, no. Just–” The advances they’ve made so far have been amazing, Neil thinks, engraving the sight of his naked lover in his head. He can’t help biting his lower lip at the vision in front of him. They’ve come this far, which is more than Neil could have ever hoped for. He guesses it won’t hurt to try for a tinsy little bit more. Locking his eyes with Andrew’s, he says, “Call me baby.”

(NSFW, PWP, couch sex)

Wild (1k)

Sometimes home didn’t mean a place. Sometimes home was a person, or a feeling. And for Neil, a wild creature, home would always be the wild feelings that Andrew evoked on him.

(Road trip, fluff, mild nsfw)


Délicieux (tu es) (1.4k)

Anything involving baking, Christmas sweaters and a particular exy captain, would have striked Jean as far-fetched just a short time ago. Yet here they are. And Jean hasn’t been this happy in his life.

(or how to fuck up the easiest recipe ever in seven simple steps)


{ five’s company // ch. 19 }

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t/w: none!

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It felt like divine intervention–like God was smiling down on your little relationship. 

Your boys gradually became themselves once again. There were very few nights where they couldn’t sleep, there were fewer days when they couldn’t seem to get out of bed, and there were very few days where silence filled the house. 

One afternoon, Alex danced in the kitchen with John. Another evening, John couldn’t stop laughing. One morning, you caught Laf singing as he made coffee. 

Little by little, your boys came back to you and you were so glad to have them again.

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Twenty-two year old Alexandra Tobias was said to be a devoted mother to her three-month-old son Dylan, whom she cared for by herself in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Though Tobias struggled financially to care for Dylan, nobody around her ever imagined she would hurt him, and so it came as a complete shock to the community when Alexandra confessed to murdering her baby son because his crying distracted her from playing the popular Facebook game, FarmVille.

On January 21, 2010, Tobias claimed she woke up and fed Dylan like normal. When he settled down to sleep she decided to log in to Farmville and tend to her virtual farm, but Dylan abruptly woke up and began to cry. Tobias tried to continue playing, but Dylan’s crying tipped her over the edge; she snatched the baby off the couch and shook him furiously. She also admitted to hitting his head on the computer table and throwing him onto the sofa from a height. When Dylan stopped crying, Tobias continued her game. Its only when the baby went blue and wouldnt wake up that Tobias rang an ambulance and the police.

In her police interview Tobias claimed her pet dog knocked Dylan out of his crib and walked all over him. But when the officer interviewing her said Dylan showed clear signs of having been abused, Tobias broke down and admitted to shaking her baby because his crying kept interrupting her game of FarmVille.

A medical team atrempted to revive Dylan at the scene, but it was too late; the tiny three month old had brain injuries and a fractured neck caused by his mother’s vigorous shaking.

Alexandra Tobias was charged with the second-degree murder of her son and put on trial in December; the presiding judge imposed the maximum sentence of 50 years on her, saying in his closing argument “You chose an online game over your own precious son. This was a senseless killing, and you deserve the maximum punishment”. Tobias cried as the sentence was read out.

Surprise (Rap Monster)

Originally posted by baebsaes

Type: Fluff

Request: Hey can i have a scenario of you really wanting a baby with Rap Monster and you finally get pregnant and want to suprise him

After dating for a number of years Namjoon you two finally married and decided to start a family….last year. But after many times trying you two could say you weren’t having luck. Namjoon always gave you a smile that you could tell was sad but promised “that it will happen when it will happen” and you were losing hope after only one year of trying. 

But all your worried disappeared when the screen of the pregnancy test read pregnant, your eyes lit up in amazement. You two decided to call it quits for a bit and just enjoy your sex lives. You jumped up and down excited before you tucked the test into your pants pocket as you headed out into the living room. 

“What’s got you all smiley?” Namjoon asked as you sat down beside him. “Oh um we went through a whole box of condoms already” you tell him as he chuckles. “Really?” he asks as you nod “yes sir” you say as he wraps his arm around you “it’s because I’m super needy” he jokes as you lean over and kiss him. 


“Babe something came in the mail for you” Namjoon calls as you peak over the couch “oh. Can you open it for me please?” you ask him as he nods “yeah sure” he said as he headed to the kitchen. After a few minutes Namjoon’s heavy footsteps came rushing into the living room. “This is a onesie” he said as you nodded “this is a baby onesie” he then tells you as you nod again. “This is a BTS onesie. Where do you even get one of these?” he asks as he sits down. 

“See it matches this” you say pulling out the pregnancy test. “What?” he asked breathlessly “this is for our baby” he said as he threw himself back on the couch. “Our baby” he repeats as he smiles. “I guess you like your surprise” you say as he continues to space off as he holds the onesie up and continuing to talk to it.

In Dreams 19

Chapter 1...Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9...Chapter10… Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18



“I can’t believe you’re even considering this,” she says, arms crossed defensively.

“I can’t believe you’re not,” he says as arranges the slides into a case.

“Mulder, wait,” she says firmly. “Are we even going to talk about this?” she asks.

“What’s there to talk about, Scully?” he says as he slips a lid over the top.

“What’s there to talk about?” she echoes, incredulous that she would even have to ask. “He’s lying Mulder, saying whatever he has to to get what he wants.”

He stops, looking at her head on for the first time since they got back to his apartment. His eyes dart, gray green flashes searching her face.

“None of this matters if I don’t have you. Do you understand that?”

“If you do this and what Diana said is true…” she draws in a long, shaky breath, tears brimming. “We can’t let the whole world die for a little temporary bliss.”

He sees her internal struggle, the way she has taken up his mantle and carried it just as steadfastly as he. He reaches out and pulls her into his arms, pressing her flush against the strong planes of his chest. His heart feels like a bass drum against her cheek.

“We’ll find another way, you and I. But right now, you, you and this baby are the only ones I care about.”

His words vibrate through her. 

Another way. Another way. Another way.

“Promise me, Mulder,” she whispers against his heather gray t-shirt. “We talk before anything is done.”

“Okay,” he says as he palms the back of her head, her hair slipping through his fingers. “Okay, I promise. I promise you.”

Weeks pass without a word from Old Smokey, but the silence is anything but easy. The tension and Scully’s belly both seem to grow exponentially. He is a satellite, circling her at all times, following, trailing, sending silent signals through the air and hoping they are not lost.

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anonymous asked:

do you take writing prompts? would you write future married sanvers running into maggie's parents? please and thank you :)

I sure do anon :) I hope this is the kind of thing you wanted, enjoy! 

Maggie holds her wife’s hand, running her thumb lightly over the soft skin of Alex’s hands, smiling when Alex squeezes her hand back, smiling because she’s happy. Finally happy. She’s in love and she’s lost in the vortex that is Alex Danvers; in the way that, even now, when she kisses her she feels electricity shoot through her entire body, in the way that a single look from her wife can  set her world on its axis again, in the way her touch can soothe her in all the ways she’s ever needed to be soothed, in the way that she can be who she is, who she’s always been around Alex.

She thinks back and thanks her lucky stars that she finally plucked up the courage to kiss Alex, to tell her she felt the same, god she felt the same and she’d never looked back since, and now three years down the line here they were: married, happy, happy, happy. And Maggie could see it in Alex’s eyes too, could see the way the weight of the world that she carried on her shoulders lifted every time Maggie listened to her, every time Maggie told her it was ok, baby it’s ok, I’m here. She could see it in the way Alex smiled a little brighter, blamed herself for everything a little less, and she was honoured to be even a small part of Alex Danvers realising who she was and how she could be happy.

So Maggie stops them in the street and gently tugs on her wife’s hand bringing her to a standstill, earning her a look from Alex that’s laced with confusion and quiet concern, but then Maggie pulls Alex into her and places a soft kiss on her lips. Alex sighs softly, smiling into the kiss, her hands lacing round Maggie’s back, mumbling.

“What was that Danvers?” Maggie asks as she pulls back from the kiss, smiling.

“I said what was that for?”

“I need an excuse to kiss my wife do I?” Maggie teases and Alex laughs, pulling Maggie in for another kiss.

“No, never,” Alex answers with such sincerity, with such desire in her eyes that Maggie falls in love all over again.

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Birthday Sex

Prompt: You and Roman have been an item for a while. You plan a surprise party for his birthday. Dean helps you and Roman sees you spending time with him and gets jealous, thinking you are cheating. Just as he is about to confront you he walks in on his surprise. Followed by smut about you being his and only his. Anon. I added Daddy!Kink to this. It’s pretty damn smutty.

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