baby cosplayers!

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truck shepherd's episode is easily the funniest

uhhhhhm, excuse me??? i think we can all agree the wii sports resort episode of monster factory is the end all, be all of mcelroy content

  • “oh my god, dr. zaius??”
  • “it looks like they made a live action alvin and the chipmunks and everybody hated it”
  • “he looks like a pervert tennis star”
  • “a wild, sexy dick cheney”
  • “he’s not here to beat turbovicki in sports, of course he couldn’t he’s 500 years old”
  • “maybe he likes blue because maybe dick cheney’s like a big sonic the hedgehog cosplayer”
  • “baby it’s COLE outside”
  • “look at the dog shaking that festive little tuches”
  • “i miss my arm bones. i’m vice president rayman”
  • KOBE
  • KOBE
  • KOBE
  • KOBE
  • KOBE
  • KOBE
  • *golf ball goes into the ocean* “aw i fucked it all up…killed a whale”
  • “i don’t need to be told how to wake board i’m dick fucking cheney”
Otp urges

That moment when only shipping the otp is not enough so you put the characters on the Sims and let them have a wonderful live together and a baby, ship the cosplayers too, create an otp page in every social network possible, and even use the relationship between voice actors as justificative for the ship to be canon. 

Cosplay Challenge Day 16: When Cosplay goes DERP!

I’ve decided to participate in a 20-day Cosplay Challenge, where I answer approximately 20 questions about my cosplaying interests.

As a photographer, I think I tend to delete most of the ‘bad’ photos.  Also, I sometimes deliberately stage ‘awkward’ photos that I’m not sure qualify as ‘Derpy.’  I’ll post a few different kinds of awkward photos.

First is one of my favorites.  Sometimes my Samus wig doesn’t quite go on straight.

Next is must me getting caught behind the scenes, sitting on a railing to rest my feet.

Next is a little trouble with a baby cosplayer.

Next is a low squat in heels to match height with Scarlet Witch at Fred Con, but the lighting was bad and she got a little photo bombed.

Last is a little candid moment after a photo shoot where I’m trying to get my gun back into the holster and someone distracted me.