baby cornell


I’m updating an old natural science illustration to make it more accurate, because I want to apply for a relevant illustration internship. (The old one is the bottom/2nd image) I figured if I want to apply to a science illustration internship I need to have relatively accurate anatomy on it first. 

So an American Robin nest at feeding time– I really like the style of the illustration overall, but the original was lacking a lot of detail due to my deadlines, and was mildly incorrect. I added hatchling down and corrected the pin feather formations– I’ve been correcting the adult robin plumage and details and building up more of the tree forms. I feel like the down on the hatchlings is a bit distracting but then again it’s realistic, so I’ll leave it be.

agentaislinnoconner-deactivated  asked:

☃ (cause baby Cornel)

My character has accidentally taken a potion turning them into a child, with no recollection of adulthood. send ☃ for them bumping into your character while in this state.

Rummaging through his parents things he saw a small vial. Frowning lightly and opening it up he brought it to his nose. It smelled like a normal water, shrugging lightly he took a sip tasting it. It tasted like white whine and he felt his body shrink.

Suddenly there was a pool of his normal sized clothes and he, as a four year old in them. Looking around widely he put on his old shirt not knowing it was his. Stumbling around the house and having little trouble at the stairs he bumped into some blonde woman. Looking up his eyes widened. Where was he? Where were his parents?