baby coraline

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Can I just say I really like that Coraline hasn't been played off as a joke like you didn't make any mpreg jokes or anything which leaves her conception and birth and being raised by Cecil and Carlos open for interpretation and also leaves it Trans friendly. Thank you.

you’re very welcome, friend!! <3

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Piles of laundry everywhere as we try and get the man packed up for tour. Bus leaves tonight and thankfully I have an amazing family that is going to pick the girls and I up after the New Orleans show so we can tag along to these first 4 shows and not have to say goodbye tonight! 🎶🎶🎶🎶 @sayanything @maxbemis


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1. Listening to pre-show tunes (some Kanye, some Katy 😂) in Dallas.

2. I’ll see you in one month! 💕

3. Sick as a dog daddy (these two finally ended up with the Summer cold that Lucy and I had last week) and sweet Coraliner (so many nicknames she already has thanks to so many family members).