baby coraline


Phannimemay Day #7: Secret Trio CROSSOVER.

Because I haven’t actually watched Jake Long or Randy Cunninham, sorry. And this 4 butts needed more looove! <3 

Mabel and Coraline are BFFs and Mabel made matching sweaters for them. Dipper’s being a nerd and baby Norman is all confused. Danny’s so done with their shennanigans, so he turns human and freaks everybody out! 


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1. Photo from last night of tour. Lucy said her favorite part of tour was driving and looking out of the window 😄❤️ (She set up her toys to watch too).

2. How flipping sweet is this picture? 🙄 Gimme a break. I love how he loves us. I’m always so proud of this dude as a husb and father…
Even though I did just get mega annoyed with him because he was supposed to be putting Lucy to bed and she woke ME up to take her potty. #mombie 🤤