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CHAPTER 33 Part 2: Party and Bullshit


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‘Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry
Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry
When you’re soaked in tears for years, it never airs out
When you make pain look this good it never wears out
This dirty laundry, this dirty laundry’ The radio station played as I laid across my bed.

I hadn’t really moved from this spot since the party. All I wanted to do was drink my pain away. I lied to everyone and I ended with no one. No Trey,  No twins and especially no August.

“Fuck!” I cried out as the sun’s rays beamed through the blinds heightening the degree of my hangover. 

“What am I doing to myself? ” I questioned looking under my bed for another full bottle of Hennessey or ciroc or grey goose or whatever else I’d bought.


“Baby girl go take care of AJ and I’ll take care of the dishes and stuff.” Mama said attempting to pull the dish rag from my fingers.

“Mama I got it. Can you just go run him some water, please?’ I giggled taking off AJ’S chocolate stained Spider-Man costume.

"Mommy my tummy hurts!” AJ whined grabbing my leg.

“I know baby.  GiGi’s gonna give you a bath and ill be right up to put you to bed, okay?” I replied kissing his forehead.

“Here baby come on!” Mama cooed taking him from my arms. “You too girls lets get you all dressed for bed.”

“Is he gonna be okay?’ Ny asked eating the rest of her cake.

"Yeah … he just ate WAAAAAY to much! ” I giggled.

“Trey needs to hurry the fuck up or imma-”

“You gon do what?” He asked cutting his eyes at her.

I really hadn’t spoke to Trey after he called me asking about August.  I squashed the beef with Ny why not be squash it with Trey.

“What’s going on med school?” He asked reaching for a hug.

“Nun really! Why are you so late?” I chuckled cleaning the rest of the counter.

“Got caught up!” He shrugged.


“Mommy!  Mommy! Look!  Uncle friend I wanna tell bout!’ Seppie yelled running around the kitchen’s island pointing.

I was prepared to smile at this man who grabbed the twins attention every time they went to the studio with Trey.

"CoCo?” His face in full shock and disbelief.

I didn’t know what to say. ‘Run AirRen!  Run!” My mind thought.  My legs felt like jelly and I shaking uncontrollably.

“I know you hear me!” He growled balling up his fist.

I bent down reaching Seppie’s height. Look baby can you go upstairs for mommy?” I asked politely.

“Mommy you don’t like my friend?” She asked wiping a tear from my cheek.

“Yes baby. Mommy loves him!” I said looking towards August. “But mommy has to talk to the grown ups tell GiGi to come after she finishes, okay? ” she shook her head abd skipped up the stairs.

“I … I can explain.” I managed to get out.

“Im listening …”

The lump in my throat limited my talking ability.  I hadn’t felt this way since I found out i was gonna be a mother.

“Youn wanna talk ma? You hard of hearing?” He asked stepping into my face.

I still couldn’t let out any words. I was scared.

“Are they mine, AirRen?” He asked looking down into my eyes.

I looked around the kitchen. Going from face to face. I looked at Trey and cried.  His face read sorrow. I felt Aug’s hand grip my chin tightly forcing me to look at him.

“They not gon fuckin help you! TELL ME! ” He yelled into my face.

I was stuck. My teeth felt like they were shattering against his grip. I maneuvered myself out only to run a short distance before I felt my hair ripping from my scalp.

“August let het hair go!” Nyla called trying to loosen his grip.

“Nyla stay outta this shit!” He barked.

“Your …. your hurting me!” I cried out.

“FUCK YOU! Are they my kids AirRen!? And I want you to lie cuz I got sum fah you ma!”

“AirRen just tell him!” Trey yelled as he watched my squirm.

“YEEEES AUG-hhh!” Before I could finish I felt his strong hands wrap around my neck. My throat was caving in and I couldn’t catch any air. I tried to fight him off only to make him angrier and tighten his grip.

“Dude let her go!” Chris yelled attempting to pull him off.

“No fuck her! She wanna lie to me and she got MY kids calling another niggah dad!”

I could fell my body become weaker under his hands. My eyes fell close and I only heard the commotion faintly.

“Let GO of my mommy!” I heard AJ call pulling at my dress.

Within seconds I was on the floor gasping for air. I opened my eyes to see AJ and everyone staring at me.  “Mommy’s fine baby.  Go to Ny-Ny.” I whispered holding my bruised neck.

“August! ” I yelled as he walked out of the house.

I ran behind him in tears. ‘What had I done?’ I thought.

“August! PLEASE!” I cried out pulling at his hoodie.

“What!” He yelled backing me up against my truck.

“I’m … I’m sorry I lied.”

“No your not!  Your sorry yo ass got caught. Now my fuckin son thinks im a monster! Thank you!”

***Flashback Over***

'Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry
Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry’


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“Girl I don’t know why you keep jumpin’ fah that sorry ass niggah!” Lola said rolling here eyes.

“Because I love him. He’s mine regardless.”

I loved Aug a lot and I knew a little part of him loved me just as much. It had been two days since I seen him and he really wasn’t doing so good. He told me about how that bitch stuck him with two snot nose kids.

“You hear me ho!” Lola laughed sparking up her blunt.


“I SAID what about that ho that he got kids by?”

“What about her? She’s a trifling ass ho AND I doubt them kids even his!”

Truth was I wanted to have Aug’s kids. I would always try and seduce him into not using condoms but he said the only girl he fuck raw was bitches he loved and the ONLY bitch he loved was that AirRen ho.

“Well he pretty upset abou-”

My phone started to ring cutting her off.

“Hey baby. ” I cooed into the phone.

“Whea the fuck you at?” He barked in his slurred tone.

“August have you been drinking again? ”

I knew the answer but I just wanted to know. Ever since that bitch told him abouf those kids all he wanted to do was smoke, drink,  go out and fuck me.

“You … you know the answer to that shit. You still coming or what?”

“August I told you I’m hangin wit my girl to-”

“Fuck Lola ass … you FUCKIN ha?”

“Baby stop I’ll be over in a minute.” I said hanging up looking towards Lola roll her eyes and pack up her stuff.

“Im sorry.” I pouted.

“Save it.” She said walking out the door.


“So how do you wanna handle your baby mother and kids August?” One of the publicist from Def Jam asked.

I rolled my eyes towards the phone like he could see me, “I don’t know … ain’t that yall job? I ain’t tryna have this shit out. I don’t even know them.”

Ever since I found out about the twins being mine I wasn’t myself.  All I wanted to do was smoke and drink.  ‘I hate her. ’ I thought to myself as Mike kept talking.

“Look can yall handle it? I don’t want shit changing for them. I want them to live normal lives even if they dad famous, cool?” I asked getting a little emotional.

“We can’t make any promises August but we’ll do our best.”

“Thanks Mike. Ill see you up in New York tomorrow.”

I was looking forward to getting away from all this drama in Atlanta.  I hated AirRen and I deserved better. I loved her with everything in me and she kept my kids away from me.

“Selfish ass bitch!” I yelled opening up another bottle of ciroc.

“Stop thinking about her baby. Im here for you.” Nikkei walked in wrapping her arms around me.

I didn’t want Nikkei here but she was the closest thing to having a girl so I made her feel special.

“You late.”

“Aug it takes 30 minutes to get here from my new pla-”

“Shouldn’t have moved so far then ma.” I said taking a swig of the liquor.

“Shouldn’t have kicked me out for that bit-”

“Cut it the fuck out! Come hea.”

I watched her strip away each piece of clothing before she reached me. Nikkei knew I didn’t love her and she was just a good fuck.

“Take these off.” She said pulling at the zipper of my pants.

“Go ah head baby.” I said gripping her hair pushing her head towards my dick letting her mouth wrap around it.


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“You ready to see mama?” I asked the twins as I turned the key to Ren’s house.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Screamed running into her room.

'God I hope she’s descent. ’ I thought. After August left that night I decided to stay with her and help her take care of the twins. All she wanted to do was sleep and drink even on her birthday.

“Haaay babies.” She faintly said in between yawns.

“Mommy whats wrong?” AJ asked looking at AirRen’s  swollen face.

“Did Aug-g hurt you?” Seppie asked.

“No baby, DADDY didn’t hurt me.” She smiled kissing her forehead.

“He not my daddy mommy! He hurt you.” AJ pouted.

“Baby mommy told a lie to daddy and he was mad at me. Daddy loves you, okay?”

They shook their tiny heads.

“Seppie … AJ Lemme talk to mommy. Can you guys go play for a moment?” I asked pushing an empty bottle of Hennessey under the bed. They ran out laughing.

“How you feeling?” I asked looking at her.

“Mmmh… lets see! Im a horrible person,  my boyfriend left me because I didn’t want to have his kids,  I’ve downgraded to baby mama status AND lets not forget my kids are afraid of their father.” She sobbed taking a sip of the vodka from a flask.

“Look your gonna get out of this funky ass funk! So what if Burke left … FUCK HIM! Aug will come around and once the kids really get to know Aug they’ll love him just like you do!”

“I fucked up Ny! ” she cried holding the tear stained pillow.

“We all do sis but if he really loves you … yall will get back on good terms. Now lemme take you OUT since we’ve totally missed your birthday! ”

“Where are you tryna take me?” She slightly giggled.

“Trey and Chris are performing in New York … come with me pleeeeaase! ” I pouted.

“Uhh isn’t he gonna be there? I … I don’t want to see-”

“No Trey already let me know… so you down?”

She sat there for a moment in silence,  “sure im down.” She smiled.

“GOOD!” I hopped on her hugging her.

I pulled out my phone searching for his name:

Me: She agreed
Hubby: Good … they gon talk this shit out
Me: Exactly … see u 2mrrw ♡
Hubby: ♡

Annoying Siblings and Blue Balls (Niall Requested Imagine)

I made it a bit funny…I was in a happy mood xD

“Harry what’s wrong?” you hollered over to your brother, who was pacing back and forth. You didn’t bother taking your eyes off your laptop, for you were in the middle of a school assignment for an online class. 

When he didn’t answer however, that’s when you glanced up. He kept running his fingers through his hair and eventually plopped on the couch, but his foot was bouncing. You shut your laptop, pushed it aside and got up to sit next to your brother. “What’s up buttercup?” you asked him. His jaw was hitched and the veins in his hands bungling. 

“Nothing.” he said flatly. 

“Harry. I’m your twin sister. I know when you’re upset.”

He glanced over at me, his eyebrows furrowed. “Twin instinct.” I smirked. 

He shook his head and just rested his head on my shoulder. I rolled my eyes. “I can’t comfort you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” Then, he completely wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in your neck, his weight causing you to fall over on the couch, with him flopped on top of you. 

“HARRY.” you laughed. “If Niall comes in here hes gonna get jealous!” 

You and Niall have been dating for over a year, and while you were excited to visit your twin brother on tour, you were beyond thrilled to be able to finally be back with your amazing boyfriend. 

“I don’t care.” he mumbled. 

“What’s the matter with you?” you asked, patting his back. 

“I’m stressed, exhausted, and I missed my little sister.” he said, squeezing me harder. 

“Listen you I’m only two minutes younger than you.”

“sO YOU’RE STILL MY BABY SIS.” he yelled, a hint of a small smile in his voice. 

I hugged him back. “I missed my annoying twin too. But I also miss my boyfriend…” who I locked eyes with when he came in the room and stopped. 

“Harry I haven’t even gotten to hug or kiss my girlfriend since she got here yesterday no fair mate.” he laughed, but crossed his arms. 

Harry didn’t budge. 

I shrugged and looked up at Niall, giggling a little. Niall gave me a frown and I laughed some more. “Come on Haz.” I said patting his shoulder. “I need to go embrace my boyfriend.” 

Harry squeezed me tighter. I managed to wriggle out of his grasp by tickling his sides, laughing as Niall picked me up bridal style and ran off with me. We hid behind a wall and he put either hands on the wall next to my face and leaned in to kiss me. 

“I’ve missed you so much babe…” he murmrued against my skin. 

“I know…I’ve missed you too.” I blushed, resting my hands on his shoulders, our lips connecting once more. 

“I’m taking you someplace nice tonight. Just you and me. There’s a really nice resturant down the street I think you’d like.” he smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “And then afterwards…” he smirked, his hand sliding down my side and resting on the waistband of my leggins. 

I giggled and fanned his hand away. “Jesus Christ there tiger slow down a bit.” 

He laughed and kissed my neck. “Ive just missed you so much..every inch of you…”

I was suddenly pulled from Niall’s grasp, my douche bag brother throwing me over his shoulder and running off with me. I was yelling and laughing at the same time. “NIALL COME GET ME”

“SHE’S MIIIIIINNNNEEEEEEE” Harry yelled, ducking back into the room we were once in, leaving my poor boyfriend standing in the hallway, unsure of what just happened. 

Dream Love Ch. 2

Hey guys! I figured I’d go ahead and continue to Cameron Dallas imagine, due to to high requests. ♡ no, I need to come up with the name. So I figured if you guys wanted to go ahead an inbox me names for this imagine, I post every single one of them, and whichever one gets the most notes then that will be the name.(:

It has officially been 6 months since Cam I have confessed our love for each other, and an additional two weeks since I’ve seen him. Today and embarks a special day; he’s coming back. As I’m finishing my makeup, my little brother Nash softly knocks on the door. “Hey, sis.” I quickly run to him, giving him a loving, sisterly hug. “Nash, awe, I’ve missed you!” I mutter into his chest. He’s an astounding 6’ tall, and I’m only 5’4”. He likes to make fun of me for it, since I am the oldest. My nickname from him is munchkin. Brat. “Yeah, missed you, too, munchkin. Cam said he’s on his way.” And with that, he left.

Just as I’m putting on baby pink stilletos to go with my white maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline, I hear a knock at the front door. It seemed as if I couldn’t get there fast enough, but once I pulled that darn door wide open, I was immediately engulfed in a warm embrace, with the smell of Playboy’s Hollywood cologne lingering in the air. “Hey, princess.” He softly murmurs into the patiently made curls that is my hair. “Hey, poopyhead.” Asking if I’m ready to go, and commenting on my beauty, we head on our way.

Cameron wanted to keep this whole date a surprise to me. I didn’t mind; I loved surprises. He knows me so well. Its still shocking to me that such a perfect human being could look at me, or even touch me, the way Cam was. He’s the love of my life. I know I’m only 18, but this feels right with him. I feel as if he’s the one and only for me. I love him so much it hurts. Cameron awakens me from my reverie by kissing my cheek and announcing our arrival. That’s when I notice where we are.

The same place where he first told me he loved me. The shaggy building stood small, with blue wood paneling, and big open windows that let in the beautiful sunset light, firing up the golden walls on the inside. That’s when I notice the name of the place; the Sand Dollar. This place has quickly, and secretly, become my favorite place. He gracefully climbs out of the car, and opens my door (as usual). I’m still shocked by the beauty of the place, when I notice no one is inside.

“Babe, are you sure its opened?” I asked skeptically.
“Yeah. I called in last week to reserve it privately. I figured since today marks our six months, we needed something a little more intimate than what we’re used to.” Which usually consisted of Coke products, pizza and a comedy movie.
“Oh,” was my shocked reply. How exciting. He guides me to the double doors, and that’s when our relationship took a turn. After an hour of eating, talking and just plain looking at each other with love, Cameron gets down on one knee with a tiny velvet box.
“Babe, it’s not what you’re thinking. Its not time for that yet.” I nod, unable to speak.
“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I love you, with all my being. I do want to start my life with you, but slowly.” He opens the box, showing some kind of key and a small, delicate vintage ring. “This key is to a home a put a down payment on, and the ring is a promise ring. It symbolizes my love for you, and my complete loyalty to never hurt you. I know you get so much hate from my fans, and you deal with so many pictures of me and other girls being posted on Twitter. So this is why I’m asking you this. Y/N, will you move in with me, and accept my promise?”