baby clothes for sale

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I work a store that sells baby items along with other things. Commonly our clothes are almost always on sale, so I nicely made a habit of checking sells on them from the register(it'd tell me if there was anything, ect.) One guest got an outfit with a Bogo so they could get one free. I nicely told her she could grab another and bring it back. She wouldn't even have to wait in line again. When she came back she threw the item at me, hitting me in face telling me how we 'should've had a sign up!'

Para 382 - Tiny Little Booties

Blaine smiled as he held Kurt’s hand whilst walking through the shopping mall. He was excited to just be gathering ideas for the new baby even though it would be best to know the gender before buying anything too big or costly. The two were headed towards a clothing store that was having a sale on infant and baby clothing. 

“I wish we had a name picked out,” Blaine smiled, “that way we might be able to find some clothes to go along with that name.”