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DIRT official twitter 2017.07.06

DIRT 100% Dissolutive DirtyよりPEANUTSとのコラボレーション商品の販売が決定!!
7/10(月) 20時よりONLINE SHOPにて販売開始です。お楽しみに☆
Collaboration goods with PEANUTS coming from DIRT 100% Dissolutive Dirty!!
We will be selling a t-shirt and BIG size t-shirt, as well as kids t-shirt and baby clothes!!
Sale starts on July 10th from 8 in the evening.

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Jimin, junkook, V and suga reaction to you (their gf) being more experience in dating than them even though you're younger


“Experience as in… Sexual?” You say, scoffing slightly. If he was going to be a fuckboy, you were going to beat him with the nearest object. “Who the hell do you think you are, Jungkook? And that’s none of your business to even be wondering about since you’re-”

He puts up his arm to block you from hitting him with the pillow to interrupt you. “No, I don’t mean it in a curious way or a sexual way- I mean that you’ve just been in more long term… serious relationships than I ever have. I’m just… you know… like kind of concerned about the fact that I don’t know anything about what I’m doing. You’re allowed to live life, you’re allowed to do things that i can’t because I’m an idol.”

“So… does that make you envious or self conscious or something?“

“I love being an idol, but… you’re younger than me and you’re so experienced. It just makes me all scared, I guess.”

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“Wait, ex boyfriend?” He looks down at his shoes, slightly irritated by the call coming up on your phone. You were his girlfriend, he didn’t like the idea of ‘do you want your stuff back’ calls coming to you from exes.

“Don’t worry, he’s an irrelivant fuckboy-”

“Ex, though? This is the second one.”

“I’ll block him if it makes you feel better.”

His voice got higher as he reaches to hold your hand as you made your way down the street. “It’s not like I’m annoyed with it or anything-”

“Don’t lie, babe.” You interrupt.

“Okay, I like lowkey hate it. But, like why does he not leave you alone?”

you laugh bitterly, watching Jimin furrow his eyebrows. “He’s a guy. And that’s not justification or an excuse, it’s an explanation, by the way.”


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Of course. Of course he had to be in your guys’ class. The one class you had with Taehyung, one of the many classes you had with your ex. Will this bother Taehyung? You wonder to yourself.

“So… I know you saw me leaning all over him in class today. I was just trying to grab my pencil from his friend who stole it earlier.”

“I know.” He said coolly, making you nervous. Normally he’d be a little more open about how he felt with things like this. “I trust you, i just don’t like it.”

You smile. There it was, there’s the blunt, slightly annoyed Taehyung you love. “Wait- how’d you know-”

“I was totally watching you. I mean- you were wearing those jeans that I love-”


“And I can tell that he’s very aware you only think of him platonically. Or hatefully. Again, it doesn’t mean I like it. So just… You know… keep blatantly rejecting him. It makes me feel better.”

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Laying on his side, picking at his nails, Yoongi gave a bored sigh. “How long is it going to take you to put away your clothes, baby? Did you actually buy that much?”

“Victoria’s secret had a sale!”

Oh. He thought to himself, looking down at the bedsheets underneath him. He’d only seen you in your every day panties and the one black sports bra you always wore to dance practice.

right, he reminds himself, shaking his head. You’d only been together a short while, and you two hadn’t really gotten to do too much. He never really got to do too much since he was so busy. You were a trainee, so you had more free time. It’s normal. No reason to be bothered by that.

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Imagine Magnus and Alec shopping for Malec baby clothes. There’s a toddler running around dragging things off of displays, the sales assistant is giving them the stink eye and they’re both constantly arguing over what the hell to buy

“Magnus, our child is not going to wear a rhinestone bedazzled purple turban now put that down.”

“Alec, darling I love you, but you just put the five of the same grey shirts in the cart, why do you do this to me????”

“Think about it, they’re a lot more practical-”

“Yes, but at what cost?”


“Magnus, no.

In the end, they buy a bit of both but Alec trades the baby heels away for the best dressing room sex of Magnus’ life. (^_^)

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I work a store that sells baby items along with other things. Commonly our clothes are almost always on sale, so I nicely made a habit of checking sells on them from the register(it'd tell me if there was anything, ect.) One guest got an outfit with a Bogo so they could get one free. I nicely told her she could grab another and bring it back. She wouldn't even have to wait in line again. When she came back she threw the item at me, hitting me in face telling me how we 'should've had a sign up!'


It had somehow slipped Roy’s mind that he had an important breakfast meeting at 8.00 with his CEO and co-workers and several high-ranking Llamas executives. He remembers at 5.30 am, when he’s doing the last of the coke off Danni’s stomach, just because he can. He’s so goddamn alpha. Sonia would be speechless at the depths of his depravity, and no doubt secretly turned on. He tells Danni the mushroom story. Danni glances at Sophia.

Danni: We know, Roy, you’ve been talking about it all night.

He makes them mountains of scrambled eggs and French toast for breakfast but no one is actually hungry. He knocks on Joël’s door to see if he wants any but there’s no answer. He tries the door anyway but it’s locked. Arsehole. Anyway, who needs food when you can have cigarettes? Cigarettes taste like nectar for his lungs. The sun is coming up and the girls make their excuses to leave. It’s been one of the best nights of his life. The coke and the girls were spectacular, it must have been his reward for having to suffer being married to that bitch for so long. Sophia wants to do it all again this Saturday night. Because he’s a sex god, that’s why. DID YOU HEAR THAT, SONIA? A SEX GOD.

He gets to the meeting 5 minutes late, but only because of traffic. Not because the valiums that Sophia gave him might be starting to kick in and he can’t remember which floor he’s supposed to go to. 

The first person he sees when he enters the conference room is the Llama’s press secretary, Rhonda Langtry. They’ve always had a thing for each other. He fixes his most alluring smirk on his face.

Roy: Hey, baby. There’s a big sale in my bedroom right now. Clothes are 100% off!

Rhonda: Oh my God. Roy? Are you drunk?  

He winks at her and his boss, Gus Barber, gestures for him to sit down. He smiles at Gus’s PA,  Veronica, a brittle redhead. She simpers at him in return. She wants him, bad.  

Gus:… There’s something of a bidding war going on for certain players at the moment and word is that bids could go very high indeed. The Al Simhara Sentinels recently offered a huge amount of money… How much was it exactly? §60, 70 million? Can you confirm exactly how much, Roy? Excuse me, Roy? ROY!

Veronica: He’s passed out. I heard him say something about mushrooms and then he was like bang, out like a light.

Gus: Mushrooms, eh? Could be dangerous. Veronica, you’d better call an ambulance. He might need to get his stomach pumped.

Para 382 - Tiny Little Booties

Blaine smiled as he held Kurt’s hand whilst walking through the shopping mall. He was excited to just be gathering ideas for the new baby even though it would be best to know the gender before buying anything too big or costly. The two were headed towards a clothing store that was having a sale on infant and baby clothing. 

“I wish we had a name picked out,” Blaine smiled, “that way we might be able to find some clothes to go along with that name.” 

Baker Boy Part 10 (Tayvin AU)


“So…. I was thinking….um…” Taylor said as we finished getting everything ready to open for the day.

“Yes?” I asked, trying to figure out if her facial expression meant it was a good kid nog thinking or a bad one.

“I was thinking that I should probably start buying furniture and stuff for this little one here and I was wondering if you wanted to come?” Taylor said, rushing her words and not really looking at me.

I tried not to laugh. “Yeah, sure! When do you want to go?” I asked her. I had been expecting this for a few weeks. Taylor was now towards the end of her 7th month of pregnancy and the realities of actually having a baby were sinking in.

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