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Baby And Me

Postnatal yoga is a compliment to the new life as a mom because it helps not only to get back in shape but to bond with your child both physically and spiritually. 

Are babies practicing yoga? No. In post-natal Baby & Me Yoga classes, moms do yoga poses next to their children. But sometimes guided meditations can include baby on the mat with Mom in Downward Dog above, making eye contact, or Mom in Boat Pose, holding the baby on her legs.

In my yoga studio, Baby & Me Yoga classes accommodate crawling babies and the atmosphere is more free-form. It is a great open space for Max to crawl. As he slowly crawls among the newborns, he moves into poses that benefit his mobility and rapidly evolving nervous system. Yogis can learn from him. Baby & Me Yoga is definitely an Intro To Crawling, guided by the baby.

The benefits of yoga are quite obvious. Postnatal yoga though has a lot of emphasis on pelvic health and core strength, which is important to post-natal health. Baby & Me Yoga has a double effect: on you and on your baby. It promotes a better sleep and a more ‘settled’ behavior with less extreme ups and downs. First, getting out for yoga classes was a challenge for us. Eventually, it increased Max’s ability to cope positively with new situations.


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miles hollingsworth appreciation post.

miles is absolutely such an amazing brother to his siblings. after he got slapped by his father and hunter got smashed by a mug, he IMMEDIATELY went over to be sure that he was okay. he tried his hardest to get his abusive father out of his house to protect them. he wanted to leave his home to ensure that they were safe, because he thought he was the problem. he looked through smoke and through the school to find his sister. he made sure to protect them. he found hunter WITH a fully loaded gun, and calmed him down and comforted him. he told his mom about hunter’s mental health, and saved him from himself. he constantly visited his brother in the mental hospital. when frankie ran away and when she came back, he comforted her, and gave her advice. when hunter felt like he was unworthy to be loved, he told him all about his experience and problems with himself. he told him to be the best he could be, because couldn’t choose the way he was built.

this cinnamon roll deserves the WORLD. he has developed immensely since his first appearance in s13. he is a selfless caring individual who has made plenty of mistakes and won’t say that he hasn’t made them. he is just a teenager that deserves all the love and support possible.


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