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Top 10 Animated Movies

6. Big Hero 6

This is a way better movie than Frozen. It was so underrated because it came out in the shadow of the Frozen craze that still plagues the nation (I’m sorry it wasn’t that good) This was a diverse, inventive movie. It defied stereotypes, large black dudes can be anxious science nerds, pretty blondes can be crazy intelligent. It confronted stereotypes, and most importantly, confronted trauma and depression in children in a refreshing way. It showed what loss can do to a person, and how surrounding yourself with people you care about can mentally heal you. Baymax was a loving, adorable, hilarious companion. That scene when he is low on air, cracks me up. I’m so ready for a Big Hero 7


Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Venus De Milo was an accident. Sort of.

Splinter, at a loss of what to do with his frightening mutation and four screaming turtle mutant babies to look after, he hastily writes a letter to a personal mentor, friend and retired chemist who he trusted the most with this case but resided in rural China. When the letter arrived at Chung I’s door, he read it with a growing concern for his distant friend…. but also with curiosity. Chung I advises Splinter to send samples of the radioactive material that changed the man and turtles into their disfigured forms stating that he will examine it. “Its possible that a few tests could show a way to counteract the effects of this ooze you speak of.”

Once the samples had arrived, Chung I set to work, testing as many reactions as he knew, to observe if any had an effect on this strange material. Not even his most potent chemicals did anything noteworthy except explode, which was obviously an unfavorable outcome. Frustrated, Chung I spots a group of turtle hatchlings swimming in the river outside his home. Just then, he was stung with a need to experiment. After picking up the closest of the newborns, Chung I used the samples on the turtle. A flash of light enveloped the creature, changing its shape from a small reptile into one that resembled a human baby. Confounded and bewildered, Chung I dotes on the creature with utmost fascination and decides to raise the youth. With this development, he sent a letter back to Splinter, expressing dismay over his failure to discover a cure but advised Splinter to make the best of his new life and raise the young turtles as best as he can. “One day a cure may be found but for now, my friend, stay centered and at peace.” He decides against speaking of his new daughter, whom he names “Mei Pieh Chi”.