baby chrom im going to cry

Even though it was tOTALLY EXPECTED I still get so genuinely upset that Morgan didn’t get a special conversation with Lucina as her brother in Future Past map 3.  I MEAN THERE’S GOOD REASON AS TO WHY since Morgan can be anyone’s brother/sister/child/wife/husband…

But since they didn’t get one I sit here and imagine Morgan running over to see that world’s Lucina and she sees him, runs over to him and hugs him and just starts sobbing because her and that world’s Morgan have probably been separated since they were children and god knows if Lucina would’ve known if Morgan was okay and was in icky face’s army or if she had no idea and thought he might’ve been killed when things went to shit and even if she did know she’d just be so happy to see him because she loves and has missed her brother so much and rAAAHAOIHGAOERIG breathes and cries into oblivion my children will be the death of me ((o(;△;)o))

I draw so many sunset scenes I blame FP tbh bUT I LOVE IT especially working with the colors which I must thank two of my friends for for helping me on this one ubububu I’m so so happy with how this came out cries (ノД`)・゜・。

full view pls