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Jake and his s/o moving in together after college and/or him as a father

jakey d my dude yes good 

getting a small apartment with jake was probably the best choice the two of you ever made. being that stereotypical high school sweethearts couple that no one expected to last past the first year of college, it was surprising to everyone from your high school class to see the pictures of yall still on their feeds. needless to say, jake’s drunk confession about wanting kids never left your mind, and jake vowed to be a better father than the one he had. and when you two had your first child–a baby boy–jake has never been happier. your heart melts when you find him asleep on the couch in front of the tv with your little boy on his chest (yes just like that picture of lin and seb because omg so heckin cute). and when you feel the cool of the empty bed and find a tired jake with messy hair and darkened circles under his eyes watching the sun rise while swaying with the nugget, you knew that there was no one in the world you wanted to be with more than him. 

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Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 

OKAY but Lance has always been seen as someone who could be replaced or not needed.

-In the beginning he was told that the only reason he’s made it to fighter class was because Keith “had a discipline issue and dropped out”.
-He let the team down in training because was the reason Keith was taken down then himself and Shiro was left to defend himself.
-Lance lead Hunk to the mermaids after Hunk said it wasn’t a good idea and they had a tough time there (it was also a good thing though since they could help them)
-Everyone has their special thing and Lance was talking to the Yupper about how he’s a fifth wheel “seven if you count Allura and Coran”.
-He couldn’t fly the black lion but because he let Keith lead and believed in him, blue rejected him. Blue moved on to Allura.
-Red let him in since he put his pride aside so he could be Keith’s right hand man but Keith probably still has his connection to Red.
-that means the whole team (once they get the REAL shiro back) is already made now and they don’t need Lance.

Not to mention he’s a younger sibling. He has been living in others shadows since birth.

He’s just a boy from Cuba.