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Thank you, Anon! I’m so glad you liked it! :) And I did. I’m really horrible at taking care of myself, but I’m trying to eat at regular hours (your message prompted me to try harder, and it’s really helped me, so thank very much!)

I made a little jot with affection for you, and am here to deliver it. Hope you like it! <3

Cassandra was on the ground. It wasn’t an odd thing, really, to be on the ground. Bugs were on the ground. Plants were on the ground. Alfred told her that bacteria were on the ground so she couldn’t eat her food when she dropped it, but Tim told her that there was a “five second rule.” Cass wasn’t sure which was true. Did bacteria wait five seconds? Were bacteria governed by a moral code, like she was? Was Cass bacteria?

No, she decided as she stretched out her legs. She wasn’t.

And she was being silly. She scrunched her nose. It was the fever’s fault. The fever does things to people. It was like fear gas, a little. Made you see things that weren’t real.

However, she was quite positive that a baby with an unraveling diaper was painted on the ceiling.

How that was allowed in the Manor is beyond her.

It looked…stupid. Yeah. Stupid.

Titus yipped, ears drooping as he lowered himself near the young woman. His collar jingled. He groaned and looked at her with mournful eyes.

“Yeah,” Cassandra replied, placing an arm over her eyes. “Same.”

Titus flopped over, shielding her from the elements with his fur. She appreciated it, but truly desired to be closer to the cold floor.

The floor.

Where bugs were.

Cassandra tucked her knees to her chest and rolled over several times. She was a beetle now. A Cass-beetle. Maybe she would live off fallen cheese hors d'oeuvres and pinch people’s ankles for their crimes. She snipped her fingers. Pinch pinch pinch.


She quirked her head, looking over at the doorway. Tim “five second rule” stood gazing at her with a funny expression on his face. His body screamed curious, but concern remained in him as well. She lifted up a hand and waved. He walked over and settled down beside her, sidestepping Titus.

“What are you doing on the ballroom floor?” he murmured, crossing his knees beneath him.

“Being a bug,” Cassandra replied. She reached out and pinched him.

Tim tried not to jump, but her tiny fingers had a lot of pinching power. “What kind of bug?” he humored her, lying down beside her and resting his arms under his head.

“A Cass-beetle. You’re a Tim-beetle.”


“You’re welcome.”

They let the silence take the reigns, drawing comfort in the soothe of quiet.

After several minutes of shifting, Tim (her brother was too skinny for this kind of lifestyle, bugs needed non-knobby spines) turned to her and asked, “Why are you really on the ballroom floor?”

She patted it affectionately. “Cold.”

His eyebrows sprang up. “I thought you had a fever,” he mused, laying a cool hand over her forehead. She closed her eyes. Family was something she never had, never thought she’d have. She had seen it in action, seen the emotion, seen what it was. It was…different being in one. Felt better than being outside it. Tim removed his hand, and she opened her eyes to see him nodding analytically. “Yeah, a fever,” he concluded. “We have to tell Alfred.”

“Yes,” Cassandra agreed. “In a minute.”


“Minute. Tired.”

“All right.”

A beat passed, each young adult gazing up at the gold-leafed ceiling.

“Is that…a baby?”


A snort. “Stupid.”


Tim shifted his head, catching her brown eyes. He smiled. “Love ya, Cass.”

She smiled back, warmth exploding in her chest. This warmth wasn’t like the fever. It was a good warmth. “Love you, Tim.”

falling for the fallen {possible new fic???//teaser??}

To put it in a way for you to understand, i guess you would say i’m something like a ‘cupid’ type angel. but don’t bullshit me with that stupid winged baby creature cherub thing you have going in your head right now. i look just like you, just… with wings i guess.

Also the way we work doesn’t involve shooting people with heart shaped arrows, so put that typical stereotype to bed, thank you; the way we work is what you mortals call or refer to as ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ or sometimes ‘coincidence’. But my dears I tell you, almost everything happens for a reason, and that is controlled by the things you just simply can’t see.

my name is y/n and i’m an ένας άγγελος της αγάπης (or in your terms ‘an angel of love’ ).You see the most ironic, and i guess ‘tragic’ thing is, i’ll never be able to experience love for myself. As angels, we just can’t. we can’t feel the emotions you do. In order to save ourselves from the turmoils of human emotion such as sadness, depression, even death; centuries ago our ancestors made the decision to sacrifice ever feeling love or genuine happiness, in order to never feel all the bad things. 

The only way we could feel anything was to become an έκπτωτος άγγελος, a fallen angel.

so depending on how this turns out in about 24hrs decides whether i’ll continue ‘falling for the fallen’ enjoy :3


anonymous asked:

would you rather eat a spoonful of cinnamon with no water to save your soul or have someone throw paint on your hair

Would you rather … or …?

SOMEBODIES brother once convinced my dumbass baby self if I passed the cinnamon challenge Mabel would be so impressed she’d let me take her on a date again.

Well guess what? I fucking passed. I swallowed a fuckin’ TABLESPOON OF CINNAMON, no water, no tears, just straight PAIN FOR FOUR HOURS AFTERWARDS.  

If I did it once I could do it again.

And NO Mabel was not impressed, thanks for askin’

angel96exotic  asked:

What about true love ... isn't it stronger than anything in world ? I mean you can make two people like each other or there is real love between the one you shots? Because Cherub,Baby , I think Chen and JoonMyun hace true love in their hearts .

> [Cherub] “W-Well, the thing is, Valencia’s bullets work a little differently from my arrows. When I shoot a pair of people, it’s with the intention of awakening their true feelings for each other, the conditions being that they have those feelings to begin with. Val’s bullets have a little less constraint to use since they awaken a… different kind of feeling, with the initial effects only lasting for the rest of the day. Whether they truly have genuine feelings for each other is… less of a concern for Val. P-Please don’t be too harsh on her, she’s still learning like I am, and it’ll still be a long time until we’re as skilled as our parents, Cupid and Valentine.”