baby chen is so happy

170522 real__pcy: 리더형 생일파티는 함께해야지 사랑해 생일축하해 수호❤ 

Of course we must be gathered together for Leader Hyung’s birthday party. I love you. Happy birthday Suho ❤

Baekhyun’s comment: Suho who has a heart as wide as a lake (호수 hosu)! I hope you can be a person who is always needed like water. That’s all for today’s “Baekhyun’s Famous Words”.. Have a good night.. Let’s love today and tomorrow! We’ll say goodbye after listening to one last song. While listening to Suho-ssi’s Curtain, should we meet again next time?^^ #Happy birthday to EXO leader Suho who protects EXO

EXO Reaction when they feel a kick while holding their wife's baby bump

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*So happy* “Omg that felt so cute… our little one is so full of energy… wait I want to feel again”


*This made his day* “Our baby already recognizes my voice… I’m sure he or she will be a daddy’s kid”


*Can’t take his hand off your belly* “Already scored like five times… Our baby will be a winner baobei…”


“AWWW How cute! You felt that kick? His legs are already so strong… what if we’ll have another dancer in the family?”


*Utterly happy* “This is the first time I feel our baby’s kicks… are you okay though? Does it hurt? Do you need something?”


“Our baby is going to be like me… no no not a kicker… amazing!”


*Best thing that could happen to him* “Bet our baby is going to love soccer… I don’t doubt it! We’ll play together”


“Baby gets so happy when daddy is close. Baby knows when daddy is around. Baby is saying hi to dad” *Complete*


*The mos excited dad ever* “Oh he just kicked! Look what we’ve created jagi… a baby full of energy. I’ll never forget this day”


*Kisses your baby bump* “I love you too baby… I can’t wait to see you. I’ll be here waiting, okay?”


*So shy* “A kick… our baby kicked… ahh jagi.. what is this feeling… it’s so warm here in my chest…”

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Hello :) can you please do a reaction to the boys  finally being able to pick up the newborn that y'all had adopted? Please and thank you ^^ 💙💙💙💙💙

Awee this sounds adorable, lets do this! 

Xiumin: *Overwhelmed* I can’t believe we can finally pick up our little girl!! 

Luhan: *Picks him up right away* My baby! *kiss* 

Kris: Omg omg omg omg I’m going to be a dad! I’m going to be a dad! 

But then he calms down so that he can act cool in front of his child. 

Suho: *Starts crying right away because you have been waiting for this for so long* 

Lay: Oh my goodness *can’t even believe it he is so unbelievably happy* 

Baekhyun: We can finally pick up our baby!!?? *so happy he starts dancing*

Chen: Are you kidding!!!?? What are we doing here, lets go! lets go!! 

Chanyeol: AHHHHH!!! We can pick her up!? Come on!!

D.O: Omg omg I’m going to be a dad!!????

Tao: We need to go shopping!! If we are getting this kid they are going to have to look as good as their dad ;) 

Kai: *Can’t even believe it* 

Sehun: Wait, what? Girl I am a child???

Hey guys!! I know its been a while! Sorry about that ^_^ 

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed!!!! I plan on making more of these now!! See you guys soon!!! <3 (P.S. Omg how cute would exo be as dads!!)

EXO Reaction to Finding a Positive Pregnancy Test

This is the last reaction request then i’ll start working on my fanfics :)

(none of these gifs are mine)

XIUMIN: *goes up to you* is there something you want to tell me jagi?

TAO: i’m going to be a dad (he looks sad in this gif but he’s happy)

SUHO: jagi i know your little secret 


LUHAN: hi jagi did you wanna tell me something?

LAY: *walks up to you after he sees it* WHAT IS THIS!!!

KRIS: *so happy*

KAI: jagi i went and bought a toy for our new child

D.O: *happy dance in the bathroom*

CHEN: Are we really going to have a baby??

you: yes

chen: i’m so happy!!!

CHANYEOL: i’m a dad now

BAEKHYUN: its ok jagi i can handle two kids don’t worry

sugafrostedkookie  asked:

Hey, a while back I asked to do a reaction to Exo finding out you are a smoker, cause i was trying to quit....well, I have! So I was wondering if you could do an Exo reacts to finding out you/person they are dating has successfully quit smoking! please and thank you<33

Omo, congrats girl! You don’t even understand how happy I am for you right now. I’ve been smiling the whole time I’ve been doing this reaction. Hoped you liked it :)


Xiumin (feat. Chen & D.O): -comes up behind you and gives you a kiss on the cheek-

Luhan (feay. Xiumin & Chen): “That’s my girl *blows you a kiss*”

Kris: “Nuh uh, really? I knew you could do it. -feels really proud of you-“

Suho: “Come here and let oppa shower you with love.”

Lay: -so happy with/for you that he’s speechless-

Baekhyun: “WAHHHHH, YESSSSSS! Look at my baby! -runs towards you for a hug-“

Chen: “Yeah, that’s right, now that’s my babe.”

Chanyeol (feat. Luhan): “*claps* Yeah that’s right cigs, you ain’t controlling my baby doll anymore.”

D.O: -happiness overflowing- 

Tao (feat. Chen): -so proud of you that he starts crying too- 

Kai: “Now come here so that oppa can smuggle you with love.”

Sehun: “-celebrating with you like…- YEHET!”

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