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Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 9

I’m actually very late for today’s post and I’m sure everyone is tired and sad about today already, so I’m gonna be straightforward with what I want to deliver to you guys today :3

1. 支える(ささえる|sa-sa-e-ru) to support

2. 応援(おうえん|ou-en) cheer, support (can be used with verb する(su-ru) as a verb

He said this in an interview back in 2015 (here at 6:51)

(bo-ku ka-ra shi-te mi-ta-ra, ou-en-shi-te ku-da-sa-ru ka-ta-ga-ta ga ka-mi-sa-ma to-iu-ka, mi-e-nai to-ko-ro ka-ra chi-ka-ra wo ku-da-satte-i-ru ka-ta-ga-ta na-no-de)
“From my point of view, people who support/cheer for me are like god, they are the people who, from places I cannot see, gives me strength.”

He’s going through much hardships, we’re also having a difficulty time, but let’s act as he said, let’s be those who support him, support his decision, cheer for him wholeheartedly and give him strength and I hope he will feel our prayers even when we’re thousand miles away.

Stay strong and keep believing in him! Our fighter will come back even stronger, I truly believe so :3