baby cavy


We are looking for loving homes for two male Peruvian Guinea Pigs. They are a month old and ready to bond with their human families. Peruvian Guinea Pigs have long hair as adults so will need some weekly grooming. Very sweet little boys, who love their veggies. They do get along well with other male guinea pigs. They are at a perfect age to bond to an adult male.

Guinea Pigs have a lifespan of 5 - 8 years.They all have their own unique personalities:) Like us, guinea pigs do not make their own Vitamin C, so they need a diet rich in this. Guinea Pigs under six months also benefit from a little extra calcium in their diets. Bell Pepper is an excellent source of vitamin C. These little pigs enjoy carrot, lettuce, cilantro, celery, small slices of apple and melon. They are not shy about trying new veggies. All our guinea pigs are fed Timothy Hay and quality pellets. In the Spring and Summer, all guinea pigs enjoy some dandelions and clover, as long as they have not been sprayed with anything. Guinea pigs under six months can be fed some Alfalfa Hay with their Timothy Hay. This would give them a little extra calcium. A few sprigs of parsley or some spinach are also good sources.

We are asking for a re-homing fee of $35 each. They will go home with a baggy of their pellet food.

Located near Cedar Rapids Iowa. 💙💙


I will never understand why Hubert willingly decides to position himself in the absolute strangest ways #thatlegtho

Tales from a petstore, what the actual fuck edition

WHY have three guinea pigs been sitting in the sick room for over a week with no vet appointment and no treatment and rampant eye infections?? Who took down my notes on their cages saying they need a vet??

WHY am I the only one to notice that the anole in the sick room is dehydrated as shit and his cage is bone dry??

WHY has the sick beardie been in the sick room for over a week after finishing his meds with no vet recheck even though on Tuesday two managers agreed with me that he needed to go??

WHY is there no communication??


Baby Brynn is done with the antibiotics but, as suspected, his head tilt is permanent.

He now weighs 375gr. (weighed 236gr when we got him on the 24th of may) and hairs have grown back on that bald patch he had on his nose.

(The cause of the hair loss on his nose still baffles us though.)

His head tilt and the fact that he`s blind in his left eye make it quite hard for him to get around, he bumps into things and has a hard time to get to his food bowl.

It is sad to watch but he`s such an extremely lively and ridiculously funny little baby that it leads us to believe that we`re probably more bothered by his impairments than he is.

(oh and did I mention he wheeks like no other? His high pitched voice can be heard from miles away haha)