baby cavy


Baby Brynn is done with the antibiotics but, as suspected, his head tilt is permanent.

He now weighs 375gr. (weighed 236gr when we got him on the 24th of may) and hairs have grown back on that bald patch he had on his nose.

(The cause of the hair loss on his nose still baffles us though.)

His head tilt and the fact that he`s blind in his left eye make it quite hard for him to get around, he bumps into things and has a hard time to get to his food bowl.

It is sad to watch but he`s such an extremely lively and ridiculously funny little baby that it leads us to believe that we`re probably more bothered by his impairments than he is.

(oh and did I mention he wheeks like no other? His high pitched voice can be heard from miles away haha)


UPDATE: Ohmygawsh!!! 😁 The family I adopted out Edward and Alphonse (Albert now 💕) sent me an update and pigtures!!! I’m so over- joyed; they even built them an upstairs!!! It’s been over a year and I’m so glad they are doing well. I always wondered if I was doing the right thing, and now I don’t have a doubt in my mind. They are so happy and so loved.


Behold, the wild cavy-beast, who only emerges to eat and eye the world with intense skepticism.

Side note: hoping to switch Hubert to fleece bedding soon!