baby can i sleep there too

  • Baby: *whining* Daaaddyy
  • Daddy: Yes, baby?
  • Baby: I gots the sniffles and my tummy don't feel good.
  • Daddy: Aww my poor princess feels icky. Well baby girl, you're just gonna have to lay down and get a lot of rest. I want my baby to feel better. Cuddle all your stuffies since I can't be here all day and pop that binky in your little mouth so you can go to sleep. Remember to take your medicine and try to get something to eat. Don't push yourself too much and feel better for me, okay? I'll be back later to give you all the cuddles and kissies in the world.
  • Baby: But daddy then you'll get icky!
  • Daddy: Shh, daddy is gonna take care of you and if I get icky then that's even more reason to just cuddle with you all day. Got it?
  • Baby: Okay daddy. I love you.
  • Daddy: I love you too, baby girl.
Little Bird

Hey! I just starting a Harry writing blog too and I know the feeling about not knowing what to write so here’s a prompt/request to get you inspired: Can you just imagine how Harry would be like when his baby is just born? Like he’d be asking the nurse all these questions before you both leave the hospital, and he’d buy like the most expensive car seat to make sure that his little one is as comfortable as possible. And sometimes you’ll catch him just watching her sleep … and ugh it’d be so cute

Thank you @blamehim for the prompt!


Harry had always wanted a baby of his own, getting on with little families the best in his late-teen/early-twenties years. Something about being with another family suppressed his baby fever momentarily. He knew he wanted babies with you after bring able to spend your twenties completely immersed in each other and your careers. After a year of trying, you finally got a positive test and Harry immediately jumped into new daddy research. He read all the books, had a list of questions at every appointment, and called his mom whenever he needed advice. He was ready, that is until you were in full-blown labor, pushing your little one out. They say when you have a little one of your own, the love for your wife completely changes and the love you have for your baby is something that can’t be described. Now he understood what they meant. Hair in a bun, his softest shirt on, the world’s biggest smile, and a little teary-eyed, Harry Styles was now a dad.

“….6, 7, 8, 9, 10. She’s got all ten toes and fingers, love. You’re perfect aren’t you, little bird? Hmm?” Harry gave out a wet chuckle. She’s been in the world for all of about 20 minutes and he could not believe his eyes. He helped make her, she was in your belly, and now she was here. He couldn’t wait to hold her and now after cutting her cord, he could finally get his cuddle. You wanted your bonding moment and to give her immediately to Harry whenever you were ready. Now he was sitting on a recliner in the birthing center next your bed, feet placed on the bed next to your thigh staring at his new little bird, the name he gave her when he heard her first cry. “Love you did it! I’m so proud of you. Look at her and that little cry. More like a little chirp innit. Like a little swallow.” Now she was branded.

A little rasp on the door took the both of you out of your little family moment as a nurse peaked in. “Everything okay in here? We are ready to weigh her and get all the forms together.” She and lactation nurse walked in ready for the final assistance unto full parenthood.

“Harry, love, would you like to start signing the forms, please?” You asked still groggy from your long labor. He passed of your little girl to the nurse and picked up her birth certificate.

“She is a healthy 7lbs 2oz. A right little bird she is right, dad. Any questions for me before I leave you to nurse? Harry couldn’t help but smile at the new nickname that was now catching on.

“Yes, I have a few.” Harry stated, sitting up a little taller, ready to bombard the nurse with his metal list.

“Sweetheart, please, not all at once” You giggled. You knew how he got. He wanted to know all the answers to any questions he may have in the future.

“I want to be prepared, love” He gave you a cute smirk and turned to the nurse. “Right, first question. How long after will she be bleeding….. Okay, so what the best way to make her comfortable?…. So how do I elevate back pain when she’s nursing?…. How do we know if she’s hydrated?…. Is that normal???…. How are we sure if she is buckled correctly in her seat?… ” He went on and on. You felt bad for the poor nurse but it seems like she had many new daddy’s who were overwhelmed.

“Alright Harry, that’s enough for now!” You smiled. “You’re bound to find more questions later”

“But, Love!! I bought that fancy new seat! We gotta make sure the little bub is in there correctly! No matter how many times we practiced”

“We? You mean you! We’re fine, Harry” You yawned, now that you little girl had a full belly and paper signed for your departure tomorrow morning, you really started to feel the weight of the world behind your eyes.

“I’ll take her, rest baby.”

Now, well past midnight, you heard soft coos and a familiar melody. Still exhausted, you decided to keep your eyes closed but tune into the little conversation. 

“Strawberries taste how lips do, And it’s not complete yet, Mustn’t get our feet wet, ‘Cause that leads to regret, Diving in too soon, But I’ll owe it all to you, My little bird”

Finding the will to open your eyes softly, you saw Harry rocking an already sleeping baby in the corner. You had dreamt of this moment, you, Harry, and a baby. However, this was better, it was real and it blew your mind that you were already in this stage of your life. You’ve never seen Harry so content. This was it, this was your life now “I feel you staring at me, button. Can I join you for a cuddle?” Harry smiles.

You open your arms wide for Harry to join you with your baby until she waked up for her first night feeding. You were ready for the giggles, tears, spit-up, sleepless nights, and an all too content Harry.

“Thank you” Harry said with a kiss to the forehead, passing the baby who was now starting to give out her soft baby chirp. You pulled her towards your chest nervously as this was your first time feeding her without the consultant or a nurse.

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For her, for this life, for you, I never imagined my life would really be this way” You leaned up to kiss his lips. They were still salty from his previous tears

“It has been my pleasure”

You can’t stop me, I love them too much.

I’ve got way too many headcanons going on in my head for this family. They’re too beautiful and pure. Ughh I need more and sleep… It’s almost 5 am and I need to get up at 8. Crap…

Fake Chats #119
  • Jimin: hey, Kookie, remember when you were entering high school, how small and tiny and cute you were?
  • Jungkook: I'm pretty sure you've got two out of three wrong.
  • Jimin: and you were this lost, little baby and we went out to eat and we were just so proud and you couldn't stop smiling?
  • Jungkook: again, only partly true.
  • Jimin: and now you're a big adult but you're still so cute and I'm so proud of how well my little Kookie is turning out!
  • Jungkook: I'm proud of me too.
  • Jimin: stop growing up! *flings himself onto Jungkook*
  • Jungkook: um, hyung?
  • Jimin: you used to be my baby, what happened to you? *something that sounds suspiciously like a sob*
  • Jungkook: hyung I...I'm still your baby, don't worry.
  • Jimin: promise?
  • Jungkook: *rolls his yes* I promise.
  • Jimin: can I sleep with you?
  • Jungkook: way ahead of you, hyung.
Baby Lucille

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Prompt: Can I request a one shot? I was thinking of a Negan x Reader, where the Reader is pregnant from Negan but she’s way too afraid to tell him and one day he finds her totally sick or something and then he’s super protective and happy that he’s going to be a father?☺ - Nonnie

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,179
Warnings: Curses, Vomiting (???)
Category: Fluff

You had one arm wrapped around the toilet bowl as you puked repeatedly into it. You had just been ready to get some much needed sleep before a wave of nausea caused you too quickly dash to the bathroom so you could vomit up your lunch.

After another round of puking your slumped back against the wall, breathing heavily. You felt a small drip of vomit fall from your chin onto Negan’s large shirt that you had become accustomed to wearing.

The acidic smell of vomit was dwindling in the air and it almost set you off gagging again. You reached over toward the toilet and after a few attempts you pulled the handle. You stayed there for a long time; you weren’t completely sure how long it was, puking every once in a while. You couldn’t muster the strength to get up from your current position.

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Raoul/Christine Headcanons

Christine really likes the way Raoul looks in his Navy uniform

They move to a home on a lake and Raoul teaches her how to swim

Christine attempts to teach Raoul to sing in return but it quickly becomes clear he cannot carry a tune.

But secretly she thinks it’s adorable when she catches him singing badly to himself when he thinks he’s alone

Christine tries her very best to knit Raoul a scarf but it ends up three times too long. He wears it anyway though to please her and because he loves it

When the motorcar is available commercially Raoul hastens to buy one because he thinks it’s the coolest thing but Christine refuses to get into his “death machine”

Once she does though she decides she loves it too and insists on learning how to drive it

And then Raoul can’t get her to let him drive

When she gets pregnant Raoul is the type of expecting father who tells the baby stories when he thinks Christine is sleeping but really she is trying super hard not to smile

I have a lot of feelings about them. I could go on forever.

Yoosung's Lullaby
Mystic Messenger
Yoosung's Lullaby

I was thinking about you… You called just in time!
You must have felt it.

MC: I want to hear a lullaby.

Oh! A lullaby? Hm… My voice isn’t that good right now but I’ll try…

Go to sleep~ My baby~
The birds and baby lambs~
are all sleeping~
in the front yard~
and the mountains~

Oh! You can’t fall asleep for real though. I want to hear your voice longer.
Aren’t you tired and anxious with all that’s happening?

Cheer up. I’m here for you.

I heard that it helps when you think about the person you like.
And… you really boost me up just by relying on me. Hehe…
That’s when guys feel really proud! So use me as much as you want, okay?

MC: Thank you! I’ll cheer up. I can’t wait to see you too.

Me too~!
You know, let’s have our first date at the movie theater.
There’s a really good romance film I like and it’s a really good film.
But they’re screening it again soon.
Isn’t it such good timing?
I get to love again after meeting you and now my favorite movie about love is opening again!

I want to hold you hand tight in the dark, hehe.
Talking about it does make me feel better… but I want to do something to make sure the situation is safe…
You just stay there and stay safe…
If… if you have some time to spare, you have to spend all that time thinking about me. I can get greedy…

Oh… I should hang up before I start blabbering again… I’m sure you need some rest.

Uhm, you know Romeo and Juliet, right?
They met at the balcony to avoid everyone’s eyes.
Let’s meet in our dreams.
Then I’ll tell you I love you as much as I want and give you a huge hug.
Good night.


(The child is adopted or something.)
( Y/B/N is your baby’s name

“ You got her to be quiet.” You asked Elijah because you couldn’t hear your baby crying. “ For now.” Elijah said. “ Please let it be 20 minutes, just 20 minutes.” You said because you and Elijah hadn’t had a full night of sleep since you got the baby, not that Elijah needed it but you did. “ We can only hope.” Elijah said laying down on the bed beside you. “ I love you. ” You told Elijah. “ Are you just telling me that because I got Y/B/N to be quiet?” Elijah questioned you. “ Maybe.” You said closing your eyes to get some sleep. “ I love you too” Elijah said, but was interrupted by Y/B/N crying. “ Elijah Y/B/N is crying, do something.” You said not opening your eyes. “ Why can’t you do it?” Elijah asked you. “ Because I need sleep unlike somebody else. ” You said and Elijah got up without arguing.

EXO WOLF: Reaction to you wanting kids (Puppies)

Xiumin: “Then we should start practicing” 

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Luhan: “Do you really want puppies with me? You really want to spend an eternity with me?”

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Kris: “We should get the nursery ready and make sure our baby is in full comfort.”

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Suho: “I support your decision of wanting puppies. I want pups with you too, my love but please make sure that we are ready for this commitment”

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Lay: “Then come here babe, let’s start making our lovely baby right now” 

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Baekhyun: *You’re chanyeol* “Bedroom is the other way love.”

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You: “Babe, what are you doing?”
“I’m getting all of the sleep before the baby comes” 

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Chanyeol: “Baby! Let’s go Soeon and Seojun’s house! They can get us ready for our baby!” 

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D.O: “This is going to be really hard, but I will help you in every way possible. Hwaiting!” 

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Tao: “I got a lot of practice with Beibei, so I’ll be a good father!” 

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Kai: “And that room should be the baby’s room where we will decorate it yellow, blue or pink” 

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Sehun: “Let’s get started! I want to name our baby something fabulous” 

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Dating Spencer Reid Would Include;

~ him reading to you when you can’t sleep

~ doctor who marathons

~ him begging you to couple cosplay at comic con

~ him texting you every morning and night while away on a case

~ listening to him ramble off statistics and facts

~ exchanging your first “i love you"s after he gets hurt on a case and realises life’s too short

~ mind blowing sex

~ coffee-tasting kisses

~ comforting him whenever his migraines show up

~ him surprising you with thoughtful gifts to show how much he loves you

~ baby sitting henry

~ girl nights with jj and garcia

~ endless teasing from morgan and jj

~ hugging him tight after a tough case

~ random blowjobs and cunnilingus

~ playing with each other’s hair to relax

but baby, maybe i’m just tired. my eyes don’t stay open no more, not once it’s dark out and oh god, does it get dark out lately. the moon comes early, before the sun has really seen me. and baby, maybe you’re just sleeping. you don’t read me like you used to. my palms are open, ready to kiss your cheeks and you don’t hear me when i tell you i am crazy. i am crazy, don’t you get it? i say the same old things until they’re a song that can’t stop repeating, that won’t stop playing, that won’t ever cease. but they’re not pretty sounds no more, no they don’t remind you of daisies or nice dreams. no, they’re like nightmares and turning the lights off too soon. not pretty like you, or the coffee house we went to before it closed. and it don’t look the same, baby. no, everything has changed. don’t you see it? the world’s a broken bone. the world’s got a lot to learn. i want to teach it what i know.


Request:FLUFFY JAYBIRD REQUEST BECAUSE WE NEED MORE OF IT! Can you do one where the reader (female) has a lot of work and she’s really stressed but is really lowkey about it. She also cannot sleep at night, she has trouble and so one day Jason is like ‘okay enough of this’ and forces her to go to bed with him. In order to keep her in bed, he just cuddles her and is the big spoon and she cannot escape. PURE. FLUFF. by @maruthor

@whovianayesha @daisyboobear @jadedhillon @supernovares @too-many-fandoms666 @aenna-4

“Baby?” Jason whispered as he threw the sheets away from his form.

“Please give me a moment, I’m working on this article here” you whispered back at him. Your fingers rubbed circles around your temples and your concentration seemed to be anywhere but the open file at your computer screen.

“Let me see..” Jason spoke and came up behind you, sticking his chin to the crook of your neck. “Baby, this is perfect”

“I’m still editing it, Jason.” You sighed and fixed your pained and dry eyes on the screen once again.

“This is enough!” Jason said before he took you in his arms as if you were a bride and threw you on the bed. Butterfly kisses were poured into your being upon Jason’s landing on you. His fingers started tracing everywhere on your abdomen and under your shirt, dancing playfully on your skin. Laughter exited your mouth as your back arched. Jason continued tickling you while kissing your neck, occasionally blowing air against your skin to tickle you there too.

“Ah Jason please I need to finish” you screamed between your laughter.

“You cannot escape me!” He said and and threw the covers on the two of you. Soon, he was standing behind you, his body spooning yours, as his hands caged you.

“Oh no, I’m trapped.” You dramatically said and laughed again.

“Oh, but there’s no one to save you from my hands.” He said almost mischievously in your hair. You laughed once again as he spun you around, his arms still caging you. “Babe, do you think I don’t know you’re not sleep when I come back from patrol?”

Your smile fell and tour eyes dropped. You never knew he had noticed. You hadn’t even told him how the stress for your work was eating you up, or even more the stress for him. You were practically crying all the times he came home and into the bathroom and winced in pain as he stitched himself up.

“Look, Jason, I…”

His finger came to your lips and a shushing noise escaped his. “It’s fine, babe. You dont have to worry about anything” He whispered and pressed his lips to your forehead, slamming your body closer to his.

The moment his lips left your forehead, his chin came to take their place, and then his own forehead as he looked down upon you.

“Do you want to sleep?” He asked you in a low voice and in response you nodded.

“But I want sex in the morning. I’m telling you so you’ll be ready.”

“I’ll be sure to wake you up in the proper way.” He mumbled as he turned around, laying on his back, and you followed right ahead, with your head and hand against his chest. He was the best pillow nonetheless. Your hips smashed on the side of his own and your leg went onto his macular thighs.

Your eyes started closing slowly and peaceful as Jason run his fingers through your bangs, staring at you as if you were some piece of art. Once you nuzzled your head on his chest though, a half smile covering your tired face, he knew you were finally asleep. Wrapping his hand around yours to keep you more warm he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to get to him too.

Imagine Sam wanting to talk to your baby bump while you were trying to sleep

“Sam, what are you doing?” You asked as you woke up to Sam’s hand on your stomach.

“I was holding on to the baby, she was kicking a minute ago” Sam said happily with a big grin on his face.

“Well if you haven’t noticed it’s two a.m. And I’m tired and pregnant so can I please go back to sleep now?”

“Yeah sure I’m going to stay up a little longer though”


“Goodnight sweetheart”

He continued to hold onto your stomach and talked to the baby.

“How are you doing in there? I can’t wait to meet you”

“Sam go to sleep”

“Alright, goodnight I’ll talk to you tomorrow” He said as he was rubbing your stomach.

“Night Sam”

“Goodnight to you too, but I was talking to the baby, I love you, I’ll shut up now”

“I love you too” You said as you fell asleep with a huge smile on your face.

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I’m going to bed a happy lady. Today I had afternoon tea with none other than @sophiekinsellawriter. This is not a joke, it happened. I told her about the time I broke a chair in the same venue many years prior and she told me tales of reading proofs for one of her shopaholic books whilst bouncing her baby to sleep (proving you can have it all Mamas). We talked about character we love, how fun it is to mastermind your own book world and that feeling when you see the cover for the first time. I’ve been such an admirer of Sophie’s writing for SO many years that today felt like such a Wow Day. Also, hip hip hooray, she signed a copy of her brand new book for me, #MyNotSoPerfectLife ✨👌🏻🎉 Make sure you read it too so we can be this enthusiastic together!!

Make Me Yours

Sam is lying on his stomach, passed out cold.

Dean can hear his baby brother’s soft little breaths; can see the steady rise and fall of Sam’s chest, so peaceful and calm. He looks so innocent like this…too bad this is when Dean feels the most vile.

Every night Dean watches Sam sleep, his twisted mind thinking up all sorts of sick scenarios involving the sweet little teen slumbering peacefully beside him.

Dean’s fantasies are nothing short of disturbing…like the thought of what it would feel like to trace the tip of his combat knife down the long, tantalizing curve of Sam’s spine. Would it scare his little brother? Would he tremble at the feeling of cool steel sliding over warm, smooth flesh?

Or would it turn him on? The way the thought of a sharp blade tracing absent-minded patterns across Sam’s lower back turned Dean on. Would Sam cry or would he moan? Would he beg Dean to stop? Or would he egg him on, wanting Dean to keep going; to press harder.

Maybe he’d even let Dean cut him a little? Maybe he’d let Dean smear warm crimson blood across his pretty, seemingly flawless back while he took the hardest fuck of his life.

“Dean? What’s wrong?”

Sam’s voice, raspy and unsure, brought Dean back to reality, and it was only then that he realized he’d just said his little brother’s name aloud…or more accurately, moaned it.

“Nothing. Go back to sleep, little brother,” Dean whispered; his chest heavy with the weight of his shame and his pajama pants soaked through with pre-cum.

With a simple nod, Sam turned his face away from Dean, quickly settling back in.

“You can do it, ya know…I wanna know how it feels too,” Sam mumbled suddenly, his random statement taking Dean by surprise.

“…Do what?” Dean asked nervously, shaky fingers reaching out to touch Sam’s sun kissed skin.

This was dangerous. Dean was dangerous.

“You don’t have to play dumb, big brother,” Sam giggled softly as he leaned back into Dean’s touch. “You kinda talk in your sleep.”


“It’s okay, De…I want it. Please big brother?”

This was a bad situation, and Dean knew it.

Because if he was dangerous with a blade, Sam was downright deadly when he wanted something bad enough.

anonymous asked:

Can I have headcanons for Yuuri.K, Viktor, and Yuri.P when they hold their newborn baby for the first time? p.s. love your blog. <3


-Is so happy he’s almost crying 

-Takes a bit too many pictures than he should

-Is so proud of his wife for delivering the baby successfully


-Straight out bawling his eyes out

-Tries to say something to his wife, but can’t get the words out

-Just wants to sleep immediately after because he was panicking so badly he was exhausted


-This is the widest his wife’s ever seen him smile

-It’s kinda creepy

-But the tenderness with which he’s holding the baby almost makes his wife cry


Roy is confirmed for smash, I can’t deal with my feels <3

Hormones - Dean Ambrose Imagine

“There’s a difference between a crib and a bassinet, Dean.” You huff, shuffling inside your shared flat.

“(Y/N), Darlin’, either way the baby will be sleeping in one of the two. I don’t understand why you can’t just pick one.” He sighs, sliding his leather jacket off and placing it onto the hook.

His open response sends a slight nip in your flow causing your reply to come off strong. “Oh sure, why don’t I just pick one. Why don’t I just be concerned about what our child sleeps in.”

“(Y/N), I just had to sit through an hour car ride with you debating on damn bassinets and baby cribs. I think I’ve had enough time of consideration” He retorts.

The response hits you harder than it was intended too. Being 26 weeks pregnant wasn’t exactly amusing and with your hormones sprinting around all over the place didn’t exactly make it trouble-free either.

“Oh, I’m sorry you had to be attentive to my constant bitching about what our child should sleep in.” You reply.

“Jesus Christ, you’re more of a lunatic than I am.” He mumbles, brushing past your presence and making his way into the kitchen.

His statement pierces your patience resulting you to waddle your way behind him, being cautious with your pace. “Once again, I apologize for being the lunatic that seems to be the only one to care for anything involving our baby.” You counter harshly.

Dean lets out a breathy laugh, turning his figure towards yours. “So now this has turned into me not caring?” He questions before continuing on. “I’m the one going on food runs at 2 in the morning to satisfy your cravings, I’m the one helping you get your damn shoes off because you can’t reach your feet, I’m the one holding your hair back when you’re hurling over the toilet every damn morning. Don’t sit here and tell me I don’t care.” He states.

Frustration blankets your entire body as your only response is to cry causing Dean to perplex. His shoulders that were once tight begin to loosen up as he pulls you into his arms, gently rubbing your back.

“Baby, no..” He mumbles into your hair, embracing your petite frame.  "I’m sorry..“

Despite Dean’s comfort, your weeping continues on; more so of the fact that you felt bad. Sure, you had been snippy from the hormones but it was no excuse to hound him. He did tend to your every need and never questioned twice about it.

His hands soothingly trace down your back, as your tears subsided into heavy eyelids and quiet yawns. It was no secret that the hormones exhausted you, Dean knew it himself.

Cautiously sweeping you up bridal style, he carries you to the bedroom stamping a few kisses to your forehead. "I swear (Y/N), if I didn’t love you so much..” He begins only to be interrupted by your faint snores causing him to smirk and take in more of the love he has for you.