baby calliope


Some of my favorites from the Homestuck snap (i’ll probably redraw a few later)



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Calling Calliope

Baby’s breath in my angel’s hair
Kiss her fingers while the Devil stares
And he may laugh maniacally
Doesn’t know I’m calling Calliope
Sound seven trumpets of triumph defiantly
Inspiration revered
Trap stars in a canopy
Wishing wells and revelations
Invitation to a melody
We share
Songs in a lion’s mare
Piss on propriety
My only piety
Is keeping the other deities scared
Solutions in the sacrilegious
Alternative of being altruistic
Beauty and sin
Saviors with razor thin skin
Prayers on my tongue
Love is a rib
More than a heart
Look at the work of art
I’ve slipped in
The serenade of the sun
The melancholy of the moon
We used to swoon
Now we howl
Like wolves in the woods
Hide our smiles and scowls
Its been awhile since I showered
Bathed in the bay by the sea
Where the oceans all meet
When the only reflection I see is me
My hands hold wounds
Yesterday so far away
And tomorrow gone too soon
I wrote poems
Hate the new and now
I threw away all the old ones
In a way, I don’t know how
I’ve survived this long without you
The pain is not in these bones
But in this moment we both chose to hold on to
Seven trumpets of triumph sound defiantly
It all goes quiet as I’m writing to Calliope