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Kabby Week Day 3: young kabby 

A ficlet for kabby week! It actually works for both Day 3 (young kabby) and Day 4 (parenting), but I might be posting something tomorrow, too, so here.

Now and Then

“What’s that?” Calliope asks, hunched over the open book in her father’s lap.

“Those are trees. They grow very tall, and they make oxygen for us to breathe. And lots of animals make their homes in the branches. You’ll see them one day.”



“What are you two doing?” Abby comes over to the corner of the infirmary where father and daughter are ensconced together on a spare bed, waiting for her to finish with her duties for the day.

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I’m warning you in advance that this will be quite long. Like incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably long. And also, I hope you enjoy AU - I do, probably way too much, AU fics are my favourites - because there’ll be a lot of those in here.

Anyway, without further ado:


  • The life and times - I’m pretty sure you’ve already read it, but still.
  • Say when - University AU - I need this to be updated right now!!! It’s absolutely amazing. There are just 6 chapters -I think- so far, but oh my goodness, it’s glorious!
  • Fighting fate - Pirate AU - okay, I absolutely love this, okay? pirate!AU’s are my weakness.
  • Every other midnight - Professor AU - if you’re into professor!Potter and student!Lily AU’s then this one is perfect for you. It’s super long -close to 1million words, 82 chapters- but it’s so worth it. The relationship development is wonderful, and it’s incredibly good because not only does it focus on James and Lily’s relationship, but Lily and Sirius’ and Lily and Remus’, even Lily and Hagrid’s, as well. And it’s just beautiful!
  • Petal in the rain - WWII AU- I’m in a love-hate relationship with this one because sometimes I think it’s really good, but then others I feel very disappointed in the characterisations…but well, it’s quite enjoyable. I have to say I still need to catch up with it hehe.
  • Starstruck - Band AU - this one is quite entertaining, you’ll like it (there’s a lot of Lily and Petunia in this one).
  • The curtain call - this is the latest completed, multi-chap I’ve read and I absolutely loved it. Lily’s characterisation wasn’t my favourite but, well, it was adorable, anyways.
  • Summer magic - I read this a long time ago, but I remember I liked it very much, so I thought I should recommend it, as well. Might re-read it with you, too, if you decide to give it a chance.
  • Before the fawn - hmmm I don’t know what to say about this. I like it but I don’t (?). It’s weird. But yeah, read and see.
  • Wind and waves - Pirate!AU - yup, another about pirates for you.
  • If we only die onceLily gets flak for dating James from the blood purists (while still at Hogwarts) and even though she never thought it would bother her, it does, and she gets kinda sucked into the belief that James’ life would be harder with her in it and considers ending things quickly so as to save everyone pain but James finds out and becomes furious - only chapters 1 and 2 so far. You’ll still cry a river, but you’ll love it, so go READ IT NOW!!!


There are quite a few because I’ve basically been reading only drabbles/one-shots lately instead of multi-chaps.

“She use to be my Queen.” Part 11 A Bellamy Blake/Roan imagine series

You guess you could count yourself lucky. You were after all still alive after everything that has happened. Others…not so much. You were alive and breathing and had the greatest joy of all time laying in your arms. You looked down at Calliope as she looked up at you with ice blue eyes. She got that from her father. She looked at you with curious eyes. Only two days old and she was already like her father. You sighed tiredly as Bellamy looked at you. Bellamy knew it was time for Calliope to be fed. He had the schedule down to a ‘T’.

“Pull over.”
“Again?” You heard someone complain. Bellamy growled as he gave them a staredown. Niylah handed you the cloth to drape over yourself as you nodded. The rest of them left the rover as you and Bellamy sat inside. You had your head rested on his shoulder with your eyes closed.

“Sorry to be slowing everyone down.” You muttered as he kissed your forehead.

“You’re not…don’t worry about them. Calliope needs to keep her strength up if she wants to grow big and strong like her momma.” He smiled at you as red spread across your cheeks. You went to talk again but heard Calliope cry. She must have been done as you cooed. Bellamy watched as you handed her to him. He couldn’t get past the stunningly cold blue eyes. Everything else was fine…he just felt like he was looking into Roan’s eyes. He thought Calliope was adorable and has so far treated Calliope as his own. In some way Calliope was his own. Roan was gone…Bellamy’s thoughts were stopped when Kane got in the rover.

“May I hold my granddaughter.”
“I will when you stop gushing over the fact that you can say that.” You chuckled as he took the cloth and took Calliope to burp her. Your eyes fluttered shut uncontrollably as you fell asleep. The first sleep you’ve had in what felt like years.

Meanwhile Kane looked at Bellamy.
“Thank you…” Kane said as Calliope finally burped. Bellamy’s brows furrowed as he carefully placed you on his lap.

“For what?”

“Being there. If you weren’t there I don’t think (Y/n) would have made it…” Kane sniffed. Bellamy nodded sadly as he looked down at you. His hands running through your hair as he glanced to the small scar under your ear. His brows furrowed in confusion as he remembered you didn’t have that when you were dating. The rover came to a slow stop as you shot up. You eyes immediately fell onto Callie, and you immediately relaxed. You carefully took the sleeping baby from your father as you ran a finger down her plump cheeks. You smiled down as her and rover doors opened. The sunlight was gone that you had back at Arkadia. It was bleak now, the sky was an unpleasant looking gray. You shivered at the coldness around you as you looked up to the tower. You sighed as you covered Calliope’s face carefully.

Roan wasn’t happy about Clarke’s ‘betrayal’. He stood on the balcony as he heard Echo drone on about how he should prepare to  fight. But he saw a familiar figure step out of the rover and his heart nearly stopped. He couldn’t see the face but he knew for a fact who it was. He stood frozen until he heard the doors open.

“Your highness… you have someone here to see you.” Roan spun to see you walking through the threshold. But what had him more shocked was the squirming bundle in your arms. He didn’t say anything as he carefully walked to you. He saw a glimmer of pride in your eyes as he removed the cloth from over the baby’s head. He lost his breath as a small cry racked his body. Eyes that were identical to his stared up at him as the child ceased her crying. He chuckled airily.

“I remember when you said to me that we were expecting…” He started as a tear rolled down his face. “Never did I think we’d have such a beautiful baby…” He took Calliope in his arms as you hesitantly handed her to him.

“A little girl yes?” Roan knew Calliope was a girl. “What have we named her?” He was genuinely curious, knowing you had a few names in your head.

“The goddess of epic poetry…you always loved that name.” He chuckled as he sat on his throne.
“I trust that Bellamy has been taking care of you? Kane too?”

“Yes…” You said dryly. You knew Roan was touchy about Bellamy. You were too tired to fight.

“My love I have no idea if anybody has told you but I’m fighting in that battle…I’m going to win the bunker for us…so you and Calliope have a better life. Even if I don’t win…I will make sure you get in that bunker.”
“Ro don’t talk like that…please…” You begged with tears in your eyes. You did have feelings for Roan. But your feelings for Bellamy were so much stronger. Roan knew it deep down from the moment he found out that you and Bellamy use to be together. He always felt like he came second. He shook his head.

“I want you to live happily my dear (Y/n) and if that means I must fight for it then I must. You both deserve so much more.” Calliope started to stir as you instinctively took her.
“She’s probably hungry…I-I’ll be right back.”

Roan nodded as he watched you walk away. The doors closed and he called for Echo.

“Get me Bellamy. No questions asked.” He barked. Ever since he knew there would be a final Conclave he had a bad feeling about it. He looked up from the ground when the doors opened and Bellamy was pushed in. Bellamy went to shout to get their hands off of him when his eyes fell to the sullen king.

“And what the hell do you want!?” Bellamy was still bitter at Roan for leaving (Y/n) just weeks before giving birth.

“If I am to die in battle tomorrow…get (Y/n) and Calliope in that bunker.” Bellamy flinched at Roan’s straightforward statement. Roan looked up at Bellamy with teary eyes. Bellamy looked dumbfounded.

“You care for her do you not Bellamy!?”


“Then you keep her safe if I am to die tomorrow.” He growled angrily as he shot up from his throne. Roan was growing impatient and knew he wouldn’t fight until he received a guarantee that you were safe in that bunker during Praimfaya. He wanted you to live a long and happy life….even if it didn’t include him. Bellamy nodded.

“You swear?”
“I swear.” Bellamy stated strongly as you came back into the room slowly. You were suspicious as to what was happening. Being in a room with Bellamy AND Roan with feelings for Bellamy, whilst holding Roan’s child…it was too much. Roan waved Bellamy away as Roan walked to you.

“Stay with me for one more night. If something were to happen to me, I do not want my last memory to be of me walking away from you…my queen.” He whispered as Calliope gurgled happily as she reached up to grab his long hair. You nodded. He leaned in as your lips connected slowly. It was a loving kiss…but not passionate like it once was. Before you knew it Calliope was slipped from you and into Roan’s arms.

“My beautiful princess…You look just like your mother. Well…it would appear you have my eyes little one. You will grow up strong…you are meant to move mountains and make people bow. You have already made me so proud just by being born little Calliope.” Tears sprung to your eyes as you settled into bed after putting on much comfier clothes. Roan was laying the baby down in the makeshift crib some people in Polis had made as a gift. Calliope had fallen asleep listening to Roan’s steady heartbeat.

A heartbeat that he wasn’t sure would be beating tomorrow.

That morning you woke up to crying from Callie. Your fingers drifted to where Roan once laid, only to find the spot where he once rested was now empty. Your eyes shot open as you heard a knock on the door. You cooed to little Calliope as you gave her breakfast before you heard a knock on the door.
“(Y/n)! It’s me!” You heard a feminine voice call.

“Come in.” You said, not even bothering to look up at the person.

“Oh my god.” One voice whispered. You looked up to see Clarke and Abby. Clarke looked at you with tears in her eyes and a wide grin. “When?” Abby asked quietly in shock. The last time she had seen you, you were still carrying the little one in your belly.

“Three….four days ago.” You whispered as they huddled over you and Calliope. “Calliope.” You said as she sucked on your finger. Clarke went to speak but was cut off when Echo walked in.

“My Queen. You must be getting dressed soon. The conclave will be starting shortly. You two need to be gone.” She glared as Abby and Clarke gave you a hesitant glance.
“They stay.” You stated with finality in your voice. They nodded as Echo huffed before stomping out. Clarke held Calliope as Abby helped you get dressed.

“This wasn’t the only way you know.” You whispered, a bad feeling in your stomach. You don’t know what for…it was just there.

“(Y/n).” Abby sighed. Clarke sighed as well as you took Calliope from her. “If something happens to my child’s father….I will never talk to you or you ever again.” You whispered emptily. You didn’t mean it. You were just upset. You left the room as Bellamy creeped up to your side.

“Are you ready, Queen.” He asked with a raised brow as he looked down at you.

“Let the conclave begin.” You whispered sadly.
You were scared of what was to come.