baby bump update

Highly qualified lawyer goes to the United Nations, accompanied by a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, to speak about Islamic State and urge investigations into genocide. Gets translated to…..showing off her baby bump.


New pregnancy update


hello! just popping in to share a baby bump update. (my husband has taken over my gaming pc for now, and i have been giving andromeda a try on my ps4 when i have the time…so sorry for no sims related posts!)

i am currently 25 weeks, and i have a super active baby girl. as you can see, it is getting harder to see my feet! ❤ i can’t get over her little face (looks like my nose)!

38 week bump update! Well officially I’m 37 weeks & 6 days but I took a photo now and I don’t think my belly will change much overnight. 😄

The amount of weight I’ve gained is not a pound too much according to my OB but this morning I passed a limit which I though I wouldn’t pass and I’ve been feeling like crap. I really need to remember right now that this is only temporary and that I should enjoy my last weeks (or days! Who knows) of pregnancy, I have all the time in the world to lose weight after baby is born. ❤🌸

I can’t believe I’m 10wks today 😭
My bump is definitely starting to show. I think I’m having a girl because instead of going “up”, it’s starting to go “out”. It seems to me like I’ll be carrying low, but who knows, some things can change just overnight. My veins are starting to come through more and some are even coming up as spider veins. I’m a veiny person so by the end of it all, my belly will probably be completely covered and they will all surface 🙄 (just a guess). My poor tattoo has already started stretching 😭 My linea nigra is already showing and getting darker as the days go by. My stomach is super tight all over, getting tighter by the days too. If you don’t know what that feels like, imagine feeling like you have abs, but looking like you don’t 😂 Lately, I’ve been craving pickles but ONLY in the middle of the night? I’m talking 3 am. I will run down to the Walmart grocery center and buy a whole jar. It’s only this one specific kind too, any other kind I usually eat tastes gross now. I’ve also been craving kiwis, gelato, coffee (that’s not new lol), Raisin Bran cereal, peppermint tea, granola bars, white cheddar popcorn, blueberry Greek yogurt, and chocolate sprinkle donuts at work.
Sleeping has became a chore. I used to get 8-10 hours a night, now I’m down to 5-7. That probably sounds normal to most, but for me, that’s not a lot. I go to bed early, toss and turn all night, wake up to pee 5 or so times, and end up waking up suuuuper early, around 6 am. If I sleep alone, it’s worse. With someone beside me, my sleep quality is better but I still do wake up a lot. I will just sleep for longer periods of time. I find it really hard for me to go back to sleep once I’ve waken up for anything. Before I got pregnant, I could fall back to sleep so fast 😭 I miss sleep, not going to lie lol

“What?” Westley smiles at her, his face lighting up with the same cocky, lopsided grin that never fails to leave Madeleine’s pulse racing.

“I was just wondering,” she begins with a nervous giggle. “I was just wondering what kind of father you would make.”

“I- What?”

“Surely you’ve thought about it by now?”

Westley laughs, apprehension mixing with curiosity in his dark hazel eyes. “And why would you assume that?” he asks.

“Because,” Maddie frowns. “Your girlfriend. Isn’t she…?”

“No?” He looks utterly perplexed. “Carmen’s not… We aren’t… No. Nope. No way. Not at all.”

“But I saw you two?” she presses. “At that baby boutique yesterday?”

“Oh, that!” West chuckles and shakes his head. “Carmen’s younger sister is registered there, and we went to pick up a present for her baby shower.”

Relief floods Madeleine’s face. “So she’s not pregnant?”

“No,” he smirks, amused by the unmistakable jealousy in her questions. “We’re not even really dating, Maddie. She’s not interested in that sort of relationship. At least not with me.”

“Well, her loss then.” And my gain, she thinks, smiling at him flirtatiously.

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