baby bump pictures

I’m so amused.  Months and months and months after the fact, they finally released a picture of Briana with a visible baby bump.  

Too bad it’s in black and white… and that it wasn’t posted naturally at the time and was rather posted at a random time way later… and that people have been pointing out for almost a year that the lack of baby bump pictures where you can see both skin and face is super suspicious.

Has someone been reading a babygate masterpost and retroactively trying to “resolve” all the points of evidence?  Seems like it.

anonymous asked:

There's a article on Perez Hilton showing supposedly new Cheryl baby bump pictures the pictures were posted on ig before Cheryl asked them to be taken down. Liam if that is your baby man you should've wrapped it up.

(x) her bump looks the same as it did the last time… and when is she supposed to have this kid anyway? It’s been months?? I’m so confused by this pregnancy. The fact Liam hasn’t said a word too, my dude…

I asked 5 pregnant women and moms if that’s how a 4 months baby bump should look and they all said that it’s only her belly and that this woman isn’t pregnant, they said that even on the full body photo there should be a small literally bump. That’s just her belly guys, get naked in front of your mirror and spot the differences…OH right there aren’t any of those. If that’s a baby bump then we are all pregnant, girls, congrats.