baby bump!!@

Still waiting on Cheryl’s baby. The
first “baby bump” story we found was
in the Daily Star, 9 May 2016. Which
would make her gestation longer than
a llama’s – nearing a sperm whale.
—  Popbitch, 23 March 2017
Sidemen as babysitters

harry: tries some of the baby food the mom left for the baby to eat, then ends up accidentally eating all 5 of the jars. the baby is living on cheerios until the mom returns

tobi: takes a nap on the couch with the baby lying on his chest- the baby’s head cradled in neck the entire duration of the babysitting session

simon: puts the baby on his shoulders and jogs around the living room. it was livid up until the baby bumped into the light on the ceiling and started wailing for 30 minutes straight

vik: brings his childhood building blocks for the baby to play with. instant regret when the baby won’t give back the blocks

josh: attempts to solve a puzzle with the baby. quickly shoves the pieces back into the box after the baby swallows one of the pieces, and pretends nothing happened. the mom is perplexed when she changes the baby’s diaper 8 hours later

ethan: intently watches his favorite episodes of teletubbies with the baby in his lap. the baby is very amused with his laughter

jide: tries to get the baby to dance to his mixtape, but has to turn it off after the baby starts to cry 6 seconds into his first track. is also banned from being their babysitter after the baby starts saying “fuck” and “titties” after his session

*feel free to add on what else you think they’d do lmao

'Walking Dead' Star Steven Yeun and Wife Joana Pak Welcome First Child

Steven Yeun is officially a dad.

The Walking Dead star and his wife Joana Pak welcomed a son together on March 17, E! News reports. Leading up to the big news, the pair announced Pak’s pregnancy by sharing photos of her growing baby bump on social media.

The longtime couple began dating in 2009, one year before Yeun landed his career-defining role as Glenn on the AMC zombie drama. He was working with the Second City comedy theater in Chicago then, and Pak was a student at Columbia College.

“She walked into the bar where I was a really shitty bartender, and it was kismet,” Yeun told Martha Stewart Weddings. “After that I saw her every day for six months.”

The new parents tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony at the Paramour in Los Angeles on Dec. 3, 2016, with Yeun's Walking Dead co-stars Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Emma Bell, among others, in attendance.

Congrats to the couple!

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This week’s #naturalbornbabymaker winner is the beautifully transitioned @fertilekelsey

Look at how wide those hips have gotten and how beautifully big her belly has swollen.

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This week’s winner is an anonymous submission. Enjoy the curves of this week’s #naturalbornbabymaker

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my wonderful thousands of followers. You keep me motivated to keep posting pictures of beautiful pregnant and breedable women. So today I love you all for sharing in my enthusiasm for admiring the fantastically womanly pregnant form.

Happy valentines from the wolf.