As it appears more and more likely this could be my last bump post, I thought I’d try and make it worthwhile.

The last eight or so months have been a complete rollercoaster, and there have been plenty of occasions where I’ve questioned my sanity, my mental health and just general belief that I’m doing the right thing.

It still doesn’t feel real, quite is quite strange considering how bloody massive I am!

At this stage the first time round, I was young, naive and didn’t have a clue what was ahead of me. i think that is what is daunting me most.

While before I was a happy, healthy teenager - I’m now a tired, dishevelled and ‘technically’ single mum. The last part is the most difficult for me to deal with, but I know in my heart of hearts it is the right move.

He’s still heavily involved (we see each other every day almost), and the bond between us will never leave - but it’s the right decision.

So for now I’m bouncing on my ball, drinking way too much raspberry leaf tea and planning a walk - because I’m so over being pregnant and I’m so desperate to meet my little one.

Thanks to every single person I’ve spoken to on Tumblr over the past few months, you’ve probably helped me more than you know.