Candice Swanepoel & Gigi Hadid by Russell James.

nomadrj “(LINK IN MY BIO)
Great to have these 2 super cool people, @angelcandices and @gigihadid in the same studio this week (actually 3 counting Candy ‘junior’). The moment reminded me of a great day back in 2014 when I had a couple of good buddies in the same studio, Candice and @lilyaldridge
We shot a a series of photographs for my #AngelsFineArt collection. Several of those photographs became some of the most iconic in my fine art collection.

Today we are releasing the third and final large collectors print of one the most sought after pieces in the collection. All proceeds from my fine art sales benefit Nomad Two Worlds, our socially conscious business that also provides funding to our Foundation,

You can view the “Lily & Candice” fine-art photograph via the link in my bio and learn more about the story behind the collection. ( #Angelsfineart

A great day to all!”

Feyre in Labor
  • Rhys: Are you in pain?
  • Feyre: I-
  • Rhys: Of course, you're in pain! What do you need?
  • Feyre: Noth-
  • Rhys: You need ice chips. Let me massage your back.
  • Feyre: Honest, I-
  • Rhys: Do you need to push?
  • Feyre: No-
  • Rhys: Doctor! The baby is coming!!!!!!!
  • *Doctor comes running*
  • Doctor: You're ready to push Feyre?
  • Feyre: Oh no, my mate is just excited for the baby.
  • Rhys: How about now, is the baby ready?