baby bulls

us, for three years: what baby?
antis: this babyphobic bullshit. i can’t believe you’re wishing death on a fictional child..? accept this is going to be the uncle sherlock show from now on, you monsters
martin freeman, 3 years later: what baby? whose baby? 

Hello reptileblr! This is my baby noodle Obara (Sonoran gopher snake, about 4-5 months old). I currently have her in a 5.5 gal. tank because I live in a dorm and we’re -technically- only allowed to have fish in that size or smaller. She’s a little thing even for a baby and she doesn’t seem to grow very fast (nor is she very active when I don’t have her out), but I was wondering if anyone with experience with the species would know how long I can get by (comfortably!) without upgrading the tank size. She gets a pinky every week and has shed twice.