baby branco

I have gone back and forth for days about coming out with this on my blog. Of course my initial thoughts were ‘it’s too soon. you are only 5 weeks. Technically you’re supposed to wait to tell people until 12 weeks’. I get it. It’s early on and A LOT can happen in the coming weeks.

Then I said to myself…there are literally only a handful of people who read my blog that I actually know IRL and they basically already KNOW. And what is the harm in letting the tumblr world know? My blog is an outlet for me and I enjoy putting down my thoughts and feelings here. I cannot possibly keep this from EVERYONE without having an outlet for it SOMEWHERE (ie I am going crazy not being able to announce it on facebook haha - but for that I WILL wait the full 12 weeks). 

So without further ado ….

Joe and I are expecting our first baby!! 

We are shocked, excited, overwhelmed, scared, happy, optimistic, and AMAZED. We are amazed first of all because we literally only tried for ONE MONTH to get pregnant. I have been off of my birth control since December 14th. 

My period was late. I assumed it was on its way as my period hasn’t really been predictable lately. I took 2 pregnancy tests last week - both negative. On monday I was off from work - on my way home from the store I said 'ugh I should take another test!’ so I turned around and went back and bought one. I really was NOT expecting it to be positive, which is why I took it when I was home alone.

pee on stick.

place on counter.

look out window.

look back - see one line. get sad.

then notice that its just because the pee hasn’t made its way over to the second compartment yet.

watch second line turn BRIGHT BLUE

The feelings I had were indescribable - total shock mixed with excitement and fear. Instant tears. Staring at myself and my stomach in the mirror. Is this happening?? Pace the house. Back to the bathroom. Look at it again. Read directions again. Make sure I’m reading it right. Take another test. Instantly positive. OKAY IT’S REAL.

I literally ran out of the house and to the store. I knew how I wanted to tell Joe. I looked for the cutest little onsie I could find. And grabbed some super tiny little socks with basketballs on them (my husband has been a ball player his whole life). Rushed home. Set out onsie, socks and positives test on our bed. Set up camera on record.

Joe walked into the bedroom and stopped as soon as he saw my little presentation - he was speechless. He was confused. I can’t even remember what he said because I was so excited. Cue the hugging and tears and loving words and him saying 'unbelievable’ many times. It was awesome!!!

You guys. This is huge. I have so many thoughts. Am I ready? Can I do this? What kind of parents will we be? WHERRRRE am I going to put all my STUFF to make room for this tiny little being? So many thoughts. So many feelings. This is the biggest thing we will ever do! We just KNOW everything is going to be perfectly fine and KNOW this is meant to be because of how quickly this happened. We were both prepared for it to take 6 months to a year for us to get pregnant…ummm nope, just 1 month, yup. 

We LOVED calling each and every immediate family member and sharing our news. One of my favorites was Joes grandmom. We called her on speakerphone and after some chit chat Joe tells her you’re going to have to set another spot at the thanksgiving dinner table this year. She responds totally normally oh yea? oh ok….? With a booster seat, he says. Some confused sounds….then she bursts out, asking if I am pregnant. She starts laughing/giggling/crying when we say yes! It was hilarious!

It has been INCREDIBLY hard not to sing this from the rooftops. Especially at work since everyone has been asking me constantly when we are going to get pregnant! I had to tell a handful of people today though. They were able to squeeze me in at the OB at 10:30am hence I had to leave for for a bit (luckily it’s in the same building) - so I had to explain to my boss why I was urgently asking to step away for a little while. THEN later on in the day I was giving someone a dinner break, when the surgeon says Okay can we bring X-ray in? I was like - shit, I can’t be in here!! (can’t be around x-ray, radiation etc when pregnant)…soooo I had to explain to my chief WHY I couldn’t be in that room, haha. 

So. That’s that. Overall I feel GREAT. Hubs and I have had some friction over me continuing crossfit (he is highly against it). I spoke to both my trainer AND my OB in depth about this and I was reassured that not only is it safe but it is HIGHLY recommended to continue working out through pregnancy. OBVIOUSLY I will just have to scale some things down/not look to lose weight or PR/cut down my weights slightly/not work to total exhaustion/take breaks. Exercising throughout pregnancy is highly correlated to better outcomes for the pregnancy itself and the baby!! Lots more oxygen-rich blood pumped to baby B, yay! I was really happy to hear this because I couldn’t imagine leaving crossfit and my friends there for 9 whole months!! Tommy (my trainer) has been SO supportive already!! In class we already refer to baby B at 'quattro’ - that is because is baby B is a boy, he will be Joseph the 4th! 

Oh what a journey we are about to embark on…. :D