baby boys pls


Harry Potter Art Challenge- Day Eight : Favorite Quote

This is a quote from Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit every character in the book so..

I’m sorry I’m rushing this so much but I have no time

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hi trans dad here

PLEASE DONT BIND FOR MORE THAN TWO HOURS WHEN YOU FIRST GET YOUR BINDER AND BUILD UP TO HAVING IT ON FOR LONGER AND PLEASE DO NOT FALL ASLEEP IN YOUR BINDER OR WEAR IT FOR OVER TEN HOURS PLEASE YOU W I L L DAMAGE YOUR RIBS AND BREASTS i am panic for my small baby boys and babby childs pls be careful listen to advice of older trans people and nonbinary ppl pls pls listen to your body

luv me some gay space robots………

me: the trophy or armys?

yoongi: woah that’s a toughie 

kiss, marry, kill BTS
  • Aries: kill Hoseok
  • Taurus: kiss Taehyung
  • Gemini: marry Jin
  • Cancer: marry Jungkook
  • Leo: kiss Yoongi
  • Virgo: kill Rap Mon
  • Libra: kill Jimin
  • Scorpio: kiss Hoseok
  • Sagittarius: kiss Jungkook
  • Capricorn: marry Jimin
  • Aquarius: marry Taehyung
  • Pisces: kill Yoongi