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Political Animals-Part 14

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I was eating breakfast one morning while Sam was out for a run when my cell rang.  It was Meg.  “Your gonna want to turn on Channel 6, Y/N.  It’s about you.”

“Hi to you too, Meg,” I said, amused. “Thanks for the heads up.”

I turned on Channel 6 and my good mood instantly evaporated.  They were airing highlights of a press conference of my mother’s.

“Dr. Novak, are you aware that your daughter is rumored to have married Sam Winchester, John Winchester’s son?”

My mother sighed dramatically.  “My daughter has a history of letting men take advantage of her.  This is just the latest in a long line of poor choices.”

“Is it true you and Y/N are estranged?”

“My daughter chose Sam Winchester over her own family.  Now she’s living with the consequences of that choice.” My mom replied stiffly.

“Can you confirm the rumors that Y/N is pregnant?” The reporter asked. Mom blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting this question.

“I can’t comment on that, I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t listen anymore. I snapped the TV off in annoyance. When Sam got back, I was watching the whole press conference online and muttering under my breath angrily. “Twists the truth……”  “Makes everything about her.”

“So I don’t need to ask if you’ve seen it, then?” He said with a smirk.

I turned to him. “How would you feel about me doing an interview of my own to set the record straight about us and our relationship?”

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EXO Reaction when you buy adorable/fashionable clothes for your upcoming child

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Jagi why do you have so many baby clothes? … Wait… am  I going to be a father?!”


*Shopping with you* “Why can’t we buy him this galaxy pants! He’s going to love them! Or maybe this galaxy shirt!” *Can’t believe you don’t share his sense of fashion*


“Wait wait wait… are these for me?! Oh they are baby clothes?! But this would look so good on me!”*He’s a baby*


“No no no! Get that thing out of my sight! We’re buying her this little panda dress!” *Fashion expert here xD*


“Jagi… you don’t even know if it will be a girl! What if it’s a boy! I want to buy Jongin Jr some cute little pants!” *Having this conversation for the 100th time*


“Let’s make a deal.. you buy the clothes and I buy the toys!” *Having so much fun*


*He follows you everywhere* “Look at her… taking pictures of the clothes… This girl…”


*Having so much fun shopping with you* “No no baobei.. our baby needs manly shoes!”


*When you ask him to come with you shopping* “ I don’t know jagi, sounds suspicious to me… You want me to carry the bags don’t you…“


*Always with you* “It was a successful day jagi… We bought so many clothes today… Our baby is so lucky to have a mom like you” *Hubby material here*


*Decides to do some shopping too* “I bet our baby will love this hand soap… What do you think Lay 2?”


*He just can’t with the fact that he’s going to be a father* “Can I come next time with you? Pretty please?”

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Uncle Renzou:

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  • At first he’s just casual about it
  • He loves his new baby niece/nephew 
  • He totally uses the baby’s cuteness as a way to pick up girls
  • Mamushi is pissed at him for it
  • Juzo too but less so then his wife
  • He constantly fights with Kinzou and Gouzou about who will be a better uncle
  • He loves squidging the baby’s cheeks
  • Snapchatting the baby
  • Because it’s so cute and because girls will pop up
  • Once the baby is older he has fun taking it out
  • Pushing he/she on the swings at the park
  • Having the toddler on his knee and going down the slide
  • Teaching it curse words behind their parents back
  • Being kicked to shit by Mamushi and Juzo after they find out
  • If it were a boy, teaching him how to pick up girls at an early age, if it were a girl, warning her about boys 
  • Then realising they could be gay
  • Then he decided too show the baby two different pictures and see which it prefers
  • Probably not the best way
  • Spoiling the kid constantly 
  • Like on birthdays or christmas’
  • Or when he’s been at school for a while so he hasn’t seen his niece/nephew in a while
  • Always bringing sweets for them
  • He gives them piggy back rides everywhere
  • Although he moans he secretly loves playing Horsey 
  • He gives the best hugs
  • Sticking his middle finger up at Kinzou when the kid immediately goes to his arms instead of his older brothers 

Question: I can’t wait to see baby Shima!! Do you think Mmaushi and Juzo will have a boy or a girl?

Boyfriend Mino

i was so glad to get get this one! winner are so under appreciated 💔

  • surprise dates
  • I can just imagine him randomly showing up to your house/apartment/whatever at 3am and waking you up like “wth aren’t you ready for our date?” but before you can properly wake up or put clothes on, he’s carrying you bridal style to his car and driving to a meadow where winner did a photo shoot before
  • “It was so pretty taking pictures here and it made me think you might like it here too”
  • “Oh, Minho, I do. It’s really beautiful. BUT NOT AT 3AM!”
  • this boy is such a womanizer imo like have you seen his teaser for “baby baby?” the script was supposed to be him just kissing the girl but he was like “uh no let’s makeout” and he fucking ravished her against a wall
  • so expect to deal with that and the pros and cons that come with it
  • pro: his kisses literally take your breath away. and he knows how to please a woman, making sure you’re very satisfied by the end of the night
  • con: he prob has some ex’s that you’ll randomly bump into and they’re grinding and dropping it low and are super hot and depending on your level of self-confidence that could really suck. then there’s times where his long term friends will accidentally mention some kinky shit he did with one of the ex’s and he’s uncomfortable and ready to kill while you’re reminding yourself to take deep breaths and not cry
  • despite the player persona he has, he is so committed to you and even talks about the future sometimes. Half Moon Friends really made him think about settling down and i mean “diamond ring, three kids, pet dog” kinda settling down
  • but then he’s also v immature like nights out with him are a pain because you’re either babysitting him and picking him up off the floor or he coaxes you into letting loose and you have no memory of the night whatsoever but you wake up wearing a pink feather boa in the park ??
  • taking care of drunk Minho isn’t too bad tho
  • like usually he just blurts out random but cute shit like “wow you’re so pretty” or “damn that ass” that shows he loves you in a weird way because he’s wasted and slurring but still thinking of you
  • hungover Minho is a pain though. he’s just a big baby who needs constant attention so you spend the whole day cuddling him or getting him water
  • also loves sending &  receiving nudes
  • Taehyun went through your phone one day and has never recovered
  • but that doesn’t stop Minho telling the boys pretty much everything since they’re like his family and he’s hella proud
  • drunk phone calls at inhuman hours when he’s on tour because “I miss you so much and then I fell so my knee hurts but you can’t kiss it better and –”
  • Cute couple pictures
  • And matching bracelets so he can look at it when he’s on tour and think of you

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RFA + saerans reaction to you being pregnant (jahees can be that your clear for adoption)

CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!~Madre Mod (You can tell who I spent the most time on)


  • He was pretty shocked tbh
  • You were standing in front of him, crying tears of joy, your hand grasping a positive pregnancy test.
  • He was confused what the stick was, until you shoved it right in his face
  • He gasp
  • Totally doesn’t send “Player 3 is joining the game.” to the messenger
  • jumin doesn’t get it poor h i m
  • yoosung runs around the neighbor hood screaming he is going to be a father
  • “Yoosung your pants!!!”


  • How do you tell the actor he is going to be a father?
  • Give him a scrpit, but put in one of the stage cue (___ enters stage left holding a baby) 
  • Let him read said script and let him come to you.
  • 8/10 he’s going to understand the meaning of the stage cue, and he will start crying.
  • He takes a picture of you and he WILL put it on his social media, get ready for praises and small haters. And many baby gifts from his fans.
  • Puts the pregnancy test on the messenger
  • Jahee is happy for you both, soft scolding about zen’s reputation, but still happy.
  • “Babe is it a boy or girl, I need to be prepared to fight for our child.” “Zen I found out I was pregnant today. Give me a month or two.”


  • Your not ready….for his reaction tbh.
  • You know he is going to be happy, but there is two sides to this.
  • Either he hugs you and refuses to let you go, or he immediately makes plans to redecorate a room for the baby, makes you get checked by his doctors every week and makes you go on a healthy diet.
  • You take your chances and go to jumin with the pregnancy test.
  • He smiles.
  • I mean like a REAL GENUINE SMILE.
  • He also goes to hug you to hide his tears he is really fucking happy
  • he promises to not be like his father, he will be there for his child
  • “I can’t wait to see our child MC.”
  • he does is planing in secret so you don’t get mad at him


  • You leave cute little baby sized glasses on his desk with a note “I’m going to be just as adorable as you when I grow up!”
  • You calmly sit in the living room and wait for him.
  • “MC ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!” he is just screaming
  • You have to walk to him cause Seven is not going to move from his spot
  • this is a dream to him
  • He’s crying
  • He seems sad but he is pretty freaking happy
  • You tell him that you are pregnant and it’s not a dream/prank
  • gentle hugs and soft murmurs of how good of a parent he is going to be


  • You straight up tell him
  • no little gifts, no leaving the pregnancy tests where he can see them.
  • you just tell him.
  • You are not prepared when he stands up and locks himself in his room.
  • well you were kinda prepared considering his…..childhood
  • When you found out you were pregnant you knew saeran was going to need a few minutes to himself to get himself together
  • You put a tub of his favorite ice cream in front of his room, knocked, and sat in the living room to wait.
  • an hour later saeran comes out his room and to the living room to give you a hug
  • “I’m happy. But i’m afraid i’ll be just like my mom.” “I’ll make sure that won’t happen, you’re getting better, you’ll be a good parent.”
  • You both cuddle on the couch

Last but not least, Jaehee

  • You were casually going through the mail, seeing what bills you both had to pay when you saw it, a small envelope from the city(?) 
  • you quickly ran into the house to open it, and when you did all you saw was a huge red stamp with the word ‘Approved’ on your and Jahee’s adoption request.
  • To say you are happy is an understatment, you were ELATED!
  • You literally ran to the Cafe you and jaehee own(she let you have a day off) screaming
  • you scared a few people on the way, and the people in the cafe when you threw the door open and screamed for Jaehee.
  • Who was actually ten feet from where you stood.
  • You held up the adoption papers, making sure the ‘Approved’ stamp was facing her
  • Jaehee nearly dropped the latte she was holding. She couldn’t believe it. You both were approved to adopt a kid.
  • *Internal screaming*
  • She gave the latte to the customer before she ran into your arms and swung you around.
  • “We can adopt! We can adopt!” “I can’t believe it!”
  • The customers were clapping. Jaehee nearly dropped you. You both forgot yOU WERE IN PUBLIC.
  • Blushy faces.

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I love your head cannons! I'd really like to request one, but if you've already done it please link me to it? How would the RFA and Saeran be with pregnant MC? Coming from a pregnant mother of two, I think this would be so cute to read! Thank you!

This is so cute anon!! It hasn’t really been done (there was one about MC and RFA having kids (go here to see it ‘cause peony did such a good job on it and it is so cute), but not exactly this ^^) so I’m going for it!!

I am also referencing (most of) their initial reactions from Peony, hehe


  • You revealed it to him in such a cute way honestly. On Christmas you got him a new gaming console and put a ribbon around each remote
  • One said “Yoosung’s remote”, one said “MC’s remote”, and the last said “baby’s remote”
  • He didn’t notice for the longest time?? He only noticed when he was taking the ribbon off. “MC, what’s this?”
  • “It’s for the baby Yoosung”
  • “……….”
  • “…..what? Wait wHAT??!!?”
  • Yes, yes he did almost pass out. Yes it was from joy and shock
  • But he became so excited??
  • He’s constantly worrying over you, “did you eat enough?” “MC don’t push yourself” “be careful, don’t trip on the steps!!”
  • He’s also constantly kissing your tummy, he thinks it’s so cute and precious, he’s constantly talking to it about how you’re the best mom and that the baby’s so lucky to be with you two
  • He pampers you as much as he can, given funds being kind of tight. It’s his inspiration to go back to college and work harder, he wants to be able to support you and the little baby
  • The two of you are constantly fantasizing about what you want for the baby, a month after you revealed it Yoosung was ready to go baby shopping “it’s too early Yoosung” “it’s never too early for our baby”
  • He doesn’t want to leave you at all through the whole thing
  • When the baby’s born, his whole face lights up
  • He knew it before, but this makes him so sure that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life and to raise your start of a family together


  • (Assuming you wanted your own kids instead of adoption, and you chose to be the one to carry ^^)
  • You two made the decision one night. It just kind of happened, “I want kids.”
  • “Let’s do it, then”
  • “I want to carry”
  • She grins and kisses you, “we’ll have the cutest little kid then”
  • Jaehee is really calm and comforting from start to finish
  • She seems be more understanding over the pains of pregnancy, and is constantly there comforting you whenever you get morning sickness
  • But she’s also so loving, constantly there for you and cuddling, always making sure you have a warm cup of cocoa or food
  • She’s constantly kissing your forehead and telling you how wonderful it’s going to be, the baby’s gonna have two loving mothers who will be so supportive
  • As soon as you find out the gender (a little girl), Jaehee and you go shopping. She’s the best shopper ever honestly, you two agree on everything and she finds the most adorable clothes to dress your little girl in
  • You find the cutest stuffed animals though
  • You know the baby will love them when she comes
  • And the two of you already love your little baby girl


  • You decided to reveal it to him at a photoshoot of the two of you. You each had a little chalkboard to write each other a message, and while he wrote something he loved about you, you wrote “guess what, we’re expecting <3″
  •  His face just lit up the moment he saw it, and then he rushed over and picked you up, spinning you in a circle
  • The moment was caught on camera, and as soon as you guys got the pictures, he framed it and hung it in your guys’ room
  • He is so happy oh my goodness
  • Every day he wakes you up kissing you and getting you breakfast full of good food
  • He’s constantly talking to the baby too. He loves singing to the baby, especially the cutie pie song okay actually you request that one all the time cause when he does it he’s so cute
  • Zen doesn’t ever want to leave you alone, he feels torn whenever he has to go to work, but he makes up for it by constantly spending his free time with you, constantly comforting and cuddling and loving you
  • He loves touching your tummy too, he constantly takes pictures as you progress through your pregnancy, and he kisses your tummy so much he might kiss it more than he kisses you on the lips
  • He’s so excited for the baby and is so gentle with you the whole time
  • “Zen we don’t know if the baby is a girl or a boy yet”
  • Whoops


  • Could he be any more in love with you?
  • Yes. Apparently.
  • You revealed it to him at dinner, on his napkin you wrote you + me = 3 
  • When he first saw it he kind of stared at it confused at first, but then it dawned on him
  • And he was so excited. He has you, and you are going to have a family with him, and he’ll have an heir
  • “MC, this will be so perfect. We will be so happy together”
  • He isn’t home often from work, but he’s constantly checking up on you, texting and calling all the time and making sure you’re okay, that you’ve eaten
  • He makes sure you don’t have any way to overexert yourself, he wants you to be totally comfortable
  • He’s so sweet whenever he’s actually with you, talks about what you two want for you baby when they’re born, how you want to raise them, the whole bit
  • He wants to be ready when the baby comes
  • He gets the baby’s room renovated and when you guys learn the baby’s gender you get clothes to dress your little boy
  • You secretly sneak a little dog stuffed animal you had as a kid into the cradle
  • Jumin doesn’t notice before it’s to late
  • The dog is the baby’s favorite stuffed animal


  • He was psyched when he found out, like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement
  • You surprised him with it on your anniversary when you gave him a box with two little shirts in it
  • “Daddy’s little twins”
  • TWINS???
  • He is so excited
  • And he keeps kissing you and your tummy
  • But he freezes for a moment where he seems really vulnerable, and worried, and sad
  • “Seven, are you okay?”
  • “I… I don’t want to end up like my parents”
  • You hug him and promise, “We won’t be anything like them– we will be so much better”
  • “Promise?”
  • “I promise”
  • He lightens up the rest of the time. And he doesn’t stop making jokes about it, all the time
  • Whenever people ask what they will be, Seven always says, “babies, hopefully!”
  • Seven they wanna know the gender
  • He also loves telling stories to the babies about the adventures of Agent Seven O Seven, the defender of justice!
  • Whenever one of the babies kick, he’s ecstatic
  • He is so precious but omg you’re positive that twins are a hassle to carry
  • You love them all though


  • Saeran, when you first tell him, goes into shock
  • But then he goes into super-protective-new-dad mode
  • Just like Peony said, if someone so much as looks at you the wrong way he’s ready to fight them then and there
  • And he acts so tough in public but then at home he’s a worried mess
  • He’s more of a mess than you when you’re acting up
  • He’s so worried he won’t be good enough or that he’ll do something wrong
  • You often both end up curled up on the couch with a bunch of pillows and blankets eating ice cream with chocolate syrup (you with shrimp or something weird) and him curled up whispering to your tummy
  • It comforts him to just curl up like that and its comforting to you to just cuddle and relax with him and know that he loves you and the baby
  • Other times he holds you whenever you feel insecure and crappy from being pregnant and rests his head on yours and you feel so safe and so much better
  • The first time the baby kicks his eyes well up with tears
  • He’s actually gonna have a family
  • And be happy
  • Oh goodness
  • This boy is so happy and he loves you and he loves the baby
  • So so much

~Sunflower (:

Solangelo Head Canons

• Nico said I love you first and Will didn’t stop crying for two hours straight because he knew how scared Nico was to get attached to someone
• Will is always the big spoon. Always.
• When Will is sick it takes Nico all of his will power to keep him home, the son of Apollo is just so stubborn and will not admit he doesn’t feel well, even if his temperature is 104
• However, if Nico so much as sneezes or sniffles Will quarantines him to their bedroom, passing him soup and tissues through a barely open crack in the door
• When Nico has nightmares, Will hums an Apollo hymn that instantly makes him fall back asleep
• Will hates telling Nico when he has nightmares, but Nico always notices, so he’ll get out of bed, get honey and warm milk for Will to drink and rub Wills back until he falls back asleep
• Nico is actually a morning person just as much as Will so the two together at 6:30 am are enough to give anyone a headache
• Nico always complains about the amount of selfies Will takes of them (he’s Instagram addicted) but really he loves all the memories because he doesn’t have any pictures with Bianca or his mother
• Wills mother thinks Nico is the best thing to ever happen to her son
• Will proposes to Nico and Nico cries like a big baby and then Will starts to cry like a big baby
• They both wear flower crowns at the wedding. Nicos white baby’s breath and Wills are sunflowers (obviously)
• They love children and adopt three, two girls and a boy
• Nico is such a sucker for those kids so Will is definitely seen as the stricter parent

• Nico didn’t like Christmas until he met Will, but now the two go all out
• They love bathes
• Nico almost can’t shadow travel around Will because he shines so brightly around Nico
• And Will is okay getting in the way of that
• Their kids call Will Daddy (Dad as they get older) and Nico is Papá
• Nico teaches their kids Italian and talks about how much he loves their dad in it to them and how beautiful and wonderful they are
• Will thinks he’s shit talking
• They love each other more than anyone has ever loved anyone because the two compliment each other perfectly

Title: Pregnant
Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Request: butterflypikachu asked: Crowley’s reaction to reader being pregnant
Word Count: 900
Note: This one is so short! And I’m sorry. I still hope that you enjoy it though! Thank you for taking your time to request J

The clock seemed to be moving slower than the usual. When you really want to know something, it takes forever for you to find out. Biting down on your nails, you continued to stare at the clock. A nervous sigh left your lips as you walked to the bathroom. As soon as you came into view of the small stick lying on the counter, you stopped walking. Your stomach flipped, making you swallow hard. “Oh lord..” You whisper slightly.

“Positive.” You mutter to yourself, you vision getting blurry as you pick up the pregnancy test. You dropped the stick on the trash and inhaled. “Positive.” You repeated. A tear slid down your cheek. This was good news to you, but to the father.. Maybe not so great. You weren’t even sure of what you meant to Crowley, yet. You loved him, that’s for sure. How did he feel about you, though? Only he knew. How on earth would he feel about a baby?

You didn’t quite know how to tell him. Your hand slid down to your stomach, a small smile played on your lips. One thing for sure, you would love this little baby with all your being and heart. Sure, this wasn’t planned but that didn’t change the fact that you still had a little human being growing inside of you. It didn’t change the fact that you were going to love that child more than anything else and you were going to give him/her whatever they needed.

Excitement started taking over you, feeling anxious and happy for the months to fly by just so you can find out what you were having. You kind of hoped for a girl because that’s what you wanted first, but then again, whatever God decided to give you was fine. Boy or girl, it didn’t matter. You could already picture yourself holding a baby around the house or chasing after the baby when he/she starts to walk and run. The moment the baby calls you mommy. The first smile and laugh.

You had to tell Crowley though. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. But, what if he didn’t want the baby or you anymore? Then, it would just be you and the baby, but you’ve gotten through tougher situations before.

“Darlin’,” Crowley appeared in the center of the room, with a small smile plastered on his face.

You jumped apart and almost screamed. You were certainly not expecting him yet. “Crowley. Jesus, what are you doing here?”

Crowley shot you a funny look, “What do you mean? You asked me to be here at this time, yesterday.”

You nod. “Right. Right.. I did.” You let out a nervous giggle.

“Everything alright, sweetheart?” Crowley asks, concerned. “What’s the matter?”

“Do you ever think about having children, Crowley?” You bite your lip, looking away from him.

“No.” Crowley answers. “Why?”

You shake your head. “Just curious I guess.”

“Just curious. What is it?” Crowley steps forward, not believing the ‘Just curious’ excuse you gave him.

You close your eyes as his hand reaches your cheek and his lips reach yours. “You can tell me anything, remember?” Ultimately, he was very sweet with you and caring which was weird because he’s the king of hell.

“I know, I know.” You sigh quietly and bite your lip again. “I just don’t know how to tell you, yet. I mean, I already knew it but today it was made official..”

Crowley pulls back a little and looks at you. “Come on, Darlin’. Get to the point.”

“I’m pregnant, Crowley.”  You exhale softly.


“I’m pregnant.” You repeated.

For the look on his face, you weren’t able to tell if he was happy or angry about this. He just stared at you without saying a word, which was making you nervous and you were starting to regret telling him about this. You should’ve just kept it yourself and walked away from him.

“That’s amazing..” Crowley finally spoke, his voice was soft and very quiet, but still it made you smile. “I’m going to be a father.” This was his chance to be a good father and not be like his mother. He would give everything he could to this child. He would love the child and protect it from whatever he needed to. “I’m going to be a father.” Crowley repeated, a small smile creeping onto his lips.

“We’re going to be parents.” You giggle at his reaction. Already, you could began to imagine his thoughts.

“We’re going to be parents, Y/N.” Crowley picked you up and some what spun you around. “I love you, Y/N.” He had never told you he loved you because not even him, wanted to admit that he was starting to feel again. He feared that it would make him seem weak, but these kind of news just made him forget about his fear. He wanted to tell you he loved you, so you would know. He wanted you to know that he was going to be by your side no matter and would stay, love and care for that baby as well as for you. This was a life changing event.

Your eyes went wide as his words left his lips. Did he just say that? “I love you too, Crowley.” You say without even having to think about it twice to say it.

EXO react to holding their newborn baby for the first time

Thanks for your request bby. Sorry for the long wait. TT

*Gifs as always do not belong to me. 

Xiumin: He would feel much less tense and agitated now that his newborn baby boy is finally born. Minseok kept especially quiet during the birthing process itself, but once his baby’s cries resonate stridently throughout the room, he would be all smiles and especially effervescent, like normal. While holding his tiny son, he would do cute faces and plenty of aeygo to calm the newborn down and entertain him. “See jagi? He likes it when I do the gwiyomi rhyme for him. It calms him down.” 

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Luhan: Instantly, Luhan would feel an overwhelming tidal wave of pride and satisfaction once his baby son is born. The feeling of parenthood would truly sink into him once his newborn son is within his arms, thus resulting in a prideful disposition. All his baby boy did was merely intake a breath of air, and already Luhan feels proud of him; it would be somewhat emotional for him, however, not overwhelmingly. “Incredible, isn’t he baobei?” he would ask to his nearly soporific wife, while rocking his son gently. What would really make him proud is the fact that his son bares analogous doe-like eyes just like his; a striking resemblance. 

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Kris: He would get emotional, no doubt. Yifan would do his best to maintain his aloof disposition, while holding back his “cool guy” tears, at the sound of his newborn daughter’s first cries. I can acquiesce in seeing Kris being able to keep himself from crying outrightly, but nonetheless, he would still be heavily poignant over the whole ordeal. Cradling his baby girl carefully, he would just constantly smile, unable to draw his attention away from his newborn daughter. Kris would just softly coo to her, relishing in each little expression she makes, while attending to his exhausted, yet relived wife. 

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Suho: Suho may end up tearing up upon the baby’s arrival, however, he would still maintain a mirthful smile though. He would be sure to praise his wife for her efforts and endurance. Once his baby girl is within his arms, he would constantly comment on how cute she looks. “Look how cute she is jagi! I’m so proud,” he would comment rather sentimentally. I can see Joonmyun also going on tangents on how their little baby will adore the various embellishments made to her nursery as well as how she’ll love all the cute toys and pretty dresses bought for her. “She’ll love her room, I just know it jagi! We worked so hard on it after all.” 

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Lay: His attention deviates from his newborn son to his wife consistently. Yixing  would be overwhelmed with a placid contentment, praising and tending to his recovering wife from the intense sensations of childbirth; soft, yet resounding words of plaudit would be sound from Yixing towards his wife. “You’re incredible baobei. So strong,” he would murmur with a benign smile. While cradling his son, he would be enchanted with, and somewhat poignant, as thoughts of his son’s impending growth cloud his mind, rendering Yixing to relish each fleeting second with his newborn baby boy. “See, you’ll be just as strong as your mother my prince.” 

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Baekhyun: Immensely jubilant and twice as effervescent as usual is how Baekhyun would be upon holding his newborn son for the first time. He would be most anticipant to hold the baby for the first time, waiting in the wings eagerly, with a small pouting expression. “Do I get to hold him soon jagi? He’s so cute, I wanna see him up close!” Eventually giving into his amusing wishes, he would be in an elated trance upon cradling his son for the first time. Baek would make silly faces and sounds at his son, in an attempt to amuse the newborn. “I think he likes it babe! He stopped crying and he’s only looking at me. See how funny daddy is baby? I’ll show you more!” 

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Chen: He’s still recovering from his emotional stupor, so once Jongdae holds his baby girl for the first time, it is adorably awkward. I have mentioned on my main blog how I don’t see Chen as an emotional person, however, this is one of those scenarios I see him producing sentimentality towards. Still attempting to conceal his teary disposition, Jongdae would chuckle delicately while swaying his baby daughter slightly. It all just doesn’t seem real, when it actually is. “She’s here…she really is,” he’d murmur softly in a doleful trance, his expressions consisting of warm smiles and mild sobs. 

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Chanyeol: Incredibly smiley and vivacious, as usual. Like Xiumin, Chanyeol had done his best to keep quiet during the actual birth, and was relatively stiff, but since laying gaze on his newborn daughter for the first time, the uneasiness just dissipate into nothingness and his usual lively disposition materializes once more. Chanyeol would be most enthralled by every minuet detail on his baby daughter. “Babe look! Our baby’s so cool! She has your eyes! And my ears! She’s so cool jagi.” He would be most anticipant to send myriads of pictures to the other members. 

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D.O: Somewhat similar to Jongdae, Kyungsoo would be in a trance of questioning whether this is all real or merely his detachment from reality. I have mentioned before that I think Kyungsoo would be the one member to slip into the mindset of parenthood easily, of all the members. While holding his baby son for the first time, he would feel that sense of responsibility and obligation almost immediately. He would quietly admire his baby boy, while occasionally praising his wife for her remarkable endurance. Kyungsoo would also sing soft lullabies to the baby, all melodic and soothing to the ears. 

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Tao: Of all the members, Tao would get the most emotional upon holding his son for the first time. He would allow himself to cry profusely, while allowing this reality to embed itself. He’ll try to get out of this stupor, so not to perturb his newborn son and his tranquil state. Tao would also continuously thank/praise his wife, now viewing her in a different light. “I’ll always be by your side baobei…always,” he would promise her, balancing his baby boy while wrapping a hand around hers, affectionately. Eventually, Tao will be relieved of his emotional disposition, only to commence in taking ample amounts of photos of himself with his baby son, posting the pictures to his various SNS accounts with pride. 

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Kai: Jongin would be most charmed by his newborn daughter, finding every little things she does while in his arms to be fascinating. “Woah. She’s so calm when I hold her…she was just crying a second ago and now…woah,” he would exclaim quietly while observing his baby girl longer. “She’s so tiny too. It’s cute, isn’t it jagi?” he would continue on, nearly in a musing state. Interlacing two digits with her much smaller one, Jongin would keep exclaiming how unbelievably tiny she is to his wife, while keeping close watch over his baby daughter’s activity. 

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Sehun: Most relaxed and easy going is how I see Sehun during this scenario. “She’s really soft babe. It’s pretty cute. But she does cry a lot. Which is fine…even though she’ll be keeping us up all night…um, it’s fine though. Really,” he would stammer, somewhat dreading the impending sleepless nights, upon noticing how animated his baby daughter is even hours after being born. Nonetheless, Sehun would still maintain a composed disposition while talking to his baby girl as if she can respond back to him. “You’re really cute, you know that? That’s what happens when you have two parents that are really cute too. Yes, we’ll send you to the best schools in the city, and you’ll be the prettiest of all, and no dating boys until you’re about 60.” His wife would then shoot him a look while he eyes her with mischief. “Okay fine. How about 40 then?” 

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Baby Starters
  • "She/he spit up on my best shirt!"
  • "It's your turn. I rocked him/her earlier."
  • "We need to baby proof the house."
  • "Did you hear that? That was a cough"
  • "Do we need to go to the hospital?"
  • "Sweetheart, it's just a little cold. Nothing to worry about."
  • "Momma's little baby, yes you are."
  • "Daddy's little baby, yes you are."
  • "Don't baby talk her/him. It's bad for development."
  • "Did you read Dr. Spock?"
  • "I'm a horrible mother."
  • "I'm a horrible father."
  • "She/he won't stop crying!"
  • "I need to feed the baby."
  • "Are you going to breast feed?"
  • "How old is she/he?"
  • "I could just eat those little feet."
  • "Can you say Mommy?"
  • "Can you say Daddy?"
  • "We're finally a family."
  • "We're going to be parents again."
  • "We're going to be parents."
  • "We need more batteries for the baby monitor."
  • "Can you pick up some butt cream?"
  • "We need more diapers."
  • "How is it that we run out of wipes before diapers?!"
  • "Use the no tear shampoo."
  • "Watch the soft spot."
  • "Babies smell so sweet."
  • "I want another one."
  • "I think we make good parents."
  • "How is it that you can make the baby hush and I can't?"
  • "Should we baptize her/him?"
  • "You're going to spoil the kid."
  • "My child deserves the best in the world and I'm going to give it to them."
  • "Does the babysitter know what she's doing?"
  • "I have to take the baby to get shots tomorrow."
  • "The cord finally broke off. Our baby is the proud owner of an innie belly button."
  • "Was that a word?"
  • "Finally she/he rolls over."
  • "God damned terrible twos."
  • "Remember when we couldn't wait for her/him to talk?"
  • "She/he's getting a tooth."
  • "Make sure you warm the bottle up before you give it to the baby."
  • "My parents want to take the baby for the weekend so we can have time together."
  • "I am one of those parents that take pictures of everything my child does."
  • "Is it a boy or a girl?"
  • "Does it have all ten fingers and toes?"
  • "Welcome to the world, little one."
Preference #11 : He's dominant 4/4

Requested : Yes

  • Can you do a visual about him being super dominant?

Rating :R; NSFW (Please don’t click ‘Read more’ if you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of pictures)

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little-miss-imperfect135  asked:

can you pls pls pls pls do number 52. THANK YOU LOVE YOUR WRITING

Thank you love!   Prompt was “I think you might be pregnant.”  Enjoy!!

“I think you might be pregnant.”

“That’s not funny.”

“I’m not trying to be funny.”

“I’m not pregnant.”

“You’ve woken up every morning this week and ended up in the bathroom.”

“I was…”  You racked your brain trying to come up with a reason for why you’d made a bee-line for the bathroom each time you’d woken up (and a few times in the middle of the night, but Harry didn’t need to know about that).  You shook your head, giving up on trying to come up with an explanation, “It’s unchivalrous to tell a lady you heard her puking.”

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Pregnancy Series- Part 7- What’s in a Name?

A/N: Finally! Omg I thought I was never gonna post this, thanks so much for being patient with me! What do you think Baby Styles should be called? Always open to suggestions!! xx

Part One
Part Two

Part Three
Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

*19 weeks*

 It was horrible, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from your twitter newsfeed. Two weeks, that’s how long you haven’t stepped foot out of your apartment and how long your eyes have been glued to the screen of your phone.

“Stop,” Harry’s stern voice growls from across the room, “I know what you’re doing and I told you not to.”

“I can’t help it,” You moan, annoyed by your own stubbornness, “Everyone is being so fucking mean, but I can’t look away.”

“I know you like to play tough and pretend what people are saying about us isn’t hurting you,” He sighs, jumping up from his chair and coming to sit next to you on the couch, “But I know it’s hurting you, and whatever hurts you, hurts me, so please stop.”

“It’s been two weeks, Harry,” You say, finally putting your phone away, “I just don’t understand why everyone’s still talking about it, I mean released a statement and everything, why are we still being talked about?”

“I know, love, it fucking sucks, but everything will be okay, I promise,” He whispers reassuringly, taking your hand in his and lovingly placing a kiss on your fingers, “Now I think we should do something to take your mind off everything,” He smiles down at your pouting face.

“Like what,” You ask him sceptically, your fingers twitching to reach for your phone again, “We have to leave for the ultrasound appointment soon, what can we do in an hour?”

“Oh love, we can do a lot in an hour,” He smirks suggestively, chuckling under his breath when you playfully shove him away, “Well I was thinking, since we might find out the sex of the baby today maybe it’s time we start talking about names,” He suggests excitedly, his eyes already shinning with ideas.

“Okay,” You nod in agreement, tucking your legs under you and turning your body until you’re fully facing him, “I’ve been playing around with a few names, have you?”

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Daddy Husband ! Namjoon

• he’s rich af 

 • he’s a CEO of this book authorizing company or whatever 

 • he’s father set him up on a lot of arranged marriages 

 • fighting he’s father all that time like actually squaring up 

 • fancy thing fancy that 

 • but he lives he’s whole life online 

 • he’s a lonely son of a bitch 

•you two met on a website 


 • you where being a hoe on the website because ur booty fat and you cute or whatever 

 • but then you came across his little nerdy picture that he took two years ago and you needed a new side side side side side man 

 •"pussicwater: hey big egg roll zaddy”

 •"richmoneyboii: excuse me, that’s very inappropriate young lady.“ 

•"pussicwater: wtf are you? You sounded like my history teacher.“ 

•"richmoneyboii: sounded??" 

 •"pussicwater: I maybe sucked some dick and ruined his life and maybe I can ruin yours big eggy." 


 • and he never went on that site again 

 • he went to to this old café that was near his house 

 • he saw this fat ass in skirt bend over a table while cleaning, long curly hair that was above that ass seemed to smell like fruits. 

 • he went over there and tapped you on the shoulder 

 •He saw your cute ass 

 •he freaked out.

• but then you smiled that big open mouth toothy smile his heart freaked out

• him asking you out without him really asking you out

• regret took over his body that night

• he dressed really crappy to to the date

• he tried acting like a total asshole 

• but that didn’t seem to work on you

• on your second date it was magic

• so much love in the air

• you two went ice skating 

• he really didn’t know how to skate so you taught him

• he held onto you like a baby to it mother

• he fell and pulled you down with him and he leaded on top of you

• boner

• that night sex went down against the wall of the empty ice rink 

• he would have you naked against the glass wall face first while he lifts your leg and thrusts into you

• you would still have your ice skates on

• you two would have sex everywhere in that ice rink

• you not knowing he’s rich 

• innocent little soul you

• your next date was at an amusement park 

• you two when went on every ride there

• wore matching head bands

• you two fucked in Ferris wheel chart

• and carved your name in that chart

• but you two forgot a condom 

• the next day you were puking 

• pregnancy tests everywhere

• screaming

• going on dates and you seem less passion about them

• namjoon knowing right away 

• you telling him 

• him freezing for a good 10 minutes before taking deep breathes and being a bigger man being a dad

• calming you down and telling you that he wont leave you and shit

• telling you that he’s rich

• going two the ultrasounds and you and nurse making fun of him 

• finding out you’re having triplets

• crying cause no sleep

• six mouths later

• namjoom making fun of you when you waddle 

• he calls you mama bear because you growl like a bear and eat a lot

• you shoving your feet up his ass when he bugs during sleep

• him staying up with you at night to makes sure you don’t feel lonely

•he gets stomach like you in the middle of the night

• he fixs your messy buns 

• loves putting his arms around you and placing his hands onto your big belly

• a lot belly kisses

• moving into a nice well sized house together 

• 3 more months later

• here comes these mixed crying babies

• two girls one boy

• naming your first girl that came out Zowie Xiu Kim, 2nd girl: Apollo Viviana Kim and the last one which is a boy : Xzander Agnese Kim

• taking thousands of pictures of them

• having 20 photo albums

• you finding him sleeping with them in his arms when you come back from work

 •breaks the baby bottles all that time 

 • thank god he’s rich 

 • would switch your babies with someone else’s babies at times when he went to the park 

 • coming home with the wrong babies 

 • him returning them faster then sonic 

• you finding out and fighting him

• hiring a babysitter aka Jimin

• you two taking the babies to the park and showing them a whole new world

• making them and namjoon wear monkey outfits 

• you taking them to the company 

• everyone loving them

• when they turned 7 you two soon realized they grow up and started crying

• namjoon crying when he hears his daughter was fighting some girl at school

• you and daughter tag teaming him when wrestling and winning

• taking them to the same  amusement park 

• you two laughing when you went on the same chart and saw the carving 

• you all taking a picture by it

• you two being so blessed and happy 

• kissing and grossing out your kids

• namjoon not knowing what he would do if he haven’t met you

• “ i love you mama bear,”

• “i love you egg roll zaddy.”

• “eww, you two are gross.”

Nette~ this one hit me in some how places like namjoon as a dad wow

Daddy 5SOS: Paternal Instinct (Calum)

“Can you write one where the wives get mobbed by fans or paparazzi when they’re pregnant and the boys get really overprotective? Thanks!”

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one! I didn’t make this one explicitly in the Daddy 5SOS Universe, but you can read it either in the ‘verse or not. Totally up to you. Let me know what you think!

It was the season of awards shows and red carpet events, which meant Calum had a lot of public appearances to make. And since you were his wife, that meant you had a lot of public appearances to make. Usually you loved shopping for dresses for each award show, taking such an opportunity to shop in each of the big cities that offered great stores and designers.

But now you were just too tired to do things like that. Seeing as you were seven months pregnant, you didn’t walk anywhere, you waddled. And waddling seemed to take much more effort than walking did. So instead of shopping, you would just chill on the bus or in the hotel room and read or talk with Calum.

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anonymous asked:

i loved your Starbucks headcanons! could you do ones for the rfa finding out that mc is having a baby?

aaaa okay let me take a whirl at this!

- you and yoosung go to a party but have a little too much to drink
- y'all did the deed but oops you forgot to use protection
- a few weeks later this you’re constantly throwing up
- you’re so sick that you have to stay home from classes
- you’re so weak that yoosung has to stay home with you
- he’s freaking out
- why are you so sick
- why do you keep throwing up you haven’t eaten anything in three days
- he drives you to the hospital and is panicking so badly
- “please be okay”
- meanwhile on the inside he’s so worried for you
- you get to the hospital and the nurses run their tests
- the doctor comes in with your chart and says, “well alright, everything looks good. it’s normal at the beginning to be so sick but it’ll disappear as you progress farther in. eat very plain and drink a lot of fluids until you get your strength back.”
- you and yoosung both stare at each other like what the fuck
- “excuse me doctor what do you mean?”
- “ma'am, you’re four weeks pregnant.”
- yoosung’s mouth drops to the floor and as the doctor leaves he squeals so loud
- he kisses your head, cheeks, tummy, everywhere
- “we’re having a baby!”

- you and jaehee have wanted a baby forever but it wasn’t visit logically possible
- she stays up late one night researching all possible ways for same-sex couples to have children and ends yo spending the whole night reading about artificial insemination
- she runs the idea by you and has literally everything planned out
- wow jaehee i didn’t realize how serious you were
- you two finally decide to try it
- during the five days before the appointment jaehee literally spends all day shopping for baby clothes
- “what? i want to be prepared!”
- during the procedure jaehee can’t stop smiling
- the procedure goes well and you set up the follow-up
- a week or so later, what do you know! you’re late for your period!
- you also have the urge to eat honey buddha chips and peanut butter!
- this makes jaehee so excited that she can’t wait to find out from the doctor
- she literally runs to the drug store and buys you a pregnancy test
- “it’s…positive…”
- jaehee picks your ass up and spins you around so fast
- “i’m going to go online shopping for cribs!”

- you and him had been married about a year and had no serious plan to have children as of yet
- however, you saw that zen was becoming more fond of babies wherever you guys went
- he constantly asked to hold and play with them
- “zen they might think you’re strange and call the police on you” “but their baby is so cute!”
- you both talked about it and decided to try for a baby
- that night y'all did the deed….more than once ;)
- zen couldn’t go to sleep that night because he was so excited
- about three weeks later, you notice you’re constantly feeling sick to your stomach and wanting to eat weird foods
- you’ve literally asked zen to go out and buy you ketchup and pie crust
- while he’s out at rehearsal, you decide to take a test
- it’s positive!
- you decide to make the reveal exciting so you put the test in an envelope with a “congratulations” card from the supermarket
- when he gets home you tell him something came in the mail
- i wonder what it could be??????
- he opens up the envelope and reads the card, a confused but excited look plastered upon his face. he takes the test out, looks at it, and starts whooping and hollering
- he picks you up by your waist and spins you around, kissing you as hard as he can
- “we made a baby, holy shit!”

- you and jumin never really discussed trying to have kids
- you both kinda just knew
- you both did the deed about every night because, you know, gotta make sure!
- jumin woke up every morning at roughly 5 and pretended to rock s watermelon baby
- he took this whole thing very seriously
- you didn’t realize that until you saw him awake every morning rocking a fruit to sleep
- when you’re routine physical came around, you were disappointed
- you expected to feel a noticeable change in your body, so you prepared to bring a list of questions
- the doctor checked your blood, urine, height, and weight before returning with the results
- “mr. and ms. han, i just did her tests and they came back unusual so i looked closer. ms. han, i’m happy to say that you’re pregnant. congratulations!
- jumin was frozen into place
- literally, he wasn’t moving
- did he turn to stone in .2 seconds?
- suddenly he cups your cheeks in his hands and kisses you
- luckily the doctor is gone, because he starts running his hands down your back to your butt
- “i can’t wait to celebrate this new baby with you tonight”
- although you thought you would be getting lucky later, it turns out that all jumin had in mind was online shopping for baby clothes and looking into Lamaze classes
- “in this one, you get to learn about breathing techniques and in this one, you get to try leaning over yoga balls!” “jumin, they’re all the same!” “okay but listen
- honestly, the smile on his face made it so much better

- surprisingly, luciel was the one who approached you about the baby topic first
- as he put it, he "wanted a small human to take care of”
- you agreed, and he became super excited
- the whole night he researched “how to produce a baby in the quickest amount of time
- he literally typed "how to produce a baby” into google
- “babe, you need to wait until day 14 of your cycle!” “….why?” “that’s when you’re most fertile!”
- dear god help him
- you reluctantly agree and on day fourteen, you try for a baby
- “no silicon for this baby!” “luciel, condoms are made of latex.” “oh. right.”
- what are we going to do with him?
- a few weeks later at a routine checkup, you find out you’re pregnant
- lets surprise luciel because why not!
- you hang up balloons saying “it’s a boy” and “it’s a girl,” fill baby bottles with honey buddha chips and scatter them around the house, and take pictures of baby toys to the walls
- luciel comes home from work later that day and is confused at all the decorations
- but when he realizes, his eyes are beaming with excitement
- “we made a human!”
- he picks you up and places you on the counter, kidding your ears, nose, neck, stomach, anywhere he can get his lips that make you blush
- “i can’t wait to be a parent with you. i promise to be the best father i can. we’ll be a good team.”
*****not surprisingly, he buys you guys matching baseball shirts with real numbers and a “team choi” logo. he even buys one for the baby “because the baby is a part of the family now too, so ‘we all need to match’”

My friends found these two cats a white boy and a Siamese girl (two cats I have always wanted to match my black cat) and we found the white boy a home and I decided to keep the girl Siamese baby :) I will post a picture of her next I can’t remember if I have yet or not on here, I haven’t been logging on too much but I am so happy with her my cat Theo loves her so much 😻this photo is on the way to take the boy kitty to his new permanent home where he was later named “marshmallow” 💞

Parent headcanons?

- If Oikawa had a daughter, he’d spoil her rotten. She would be his little princess and he couldn’t deny a single wish. When she looked up at him with her big eyes, reminding him so much of his s/o, and in her frilly dress and asked if she could paint his nails pink, who was he to say no?

- Oikawa also keeps a picture of his daughter in his wallet, so he can just whip out the picture anytime, anywhere and start gushing over his baby girl. His team mates would know every little story, if they wanted or not. Oikawa is the most embarrassing dad, telling everyone (including their boy/girlfriends) all awkward baby stories.

- Tsukishima is more reserved with his affections, but he’d never miss any event his child participates. No matter whether sports, theater, concerts or anything else. His child takes part? He’ll be there. Tsukki not one for loud cheering, however he always makes sure to bring some snack for them and ask if they were alright.

- The first time he held his new born child, Aone cried. Not full blown bawling, rather silent tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks. The child almost fit in only one of his big and calloused hands. He still couldn’t believe that he had a small family now.

- Aone is the best in calming his baby down when they’re crying. He slowly walks around the apartment, cradling the baby against his broad chest and humming a soft tune.

- Although he would never admit it, Hinata is sometimes jealous that he can’t breastfeed the baby like his wife does. It sounds weird, but he thinks it’s a very intimate act and is sad that he can’t share a moment like this with his child. But as soon as his baby smiles up at him with bright brown eyes, these thoughts are quickly forgotten.

- Everyone in his circle of friends uses Kuroo as a babysitter, because he’s surprisingly good with children. As an answer to the question why they always chose him as babysitter, Kuroo got the answer that the children love him and he’d be a good father one day. That’s the day he seriously started thinking about having a baby himself

I Don’t Know What to Think - Nate Maloley (Part 1)

Read Part 2 Here | Read Part 3 Here

All of the sudden, your notifications were blowing up like crazy from both Twitter and Instagram. You decided to check what the fuss was about, therefore, unlocking your phone and opening Twitter first. You were being tagged in the same picture that has been showing after each refreshed swiped, and with each second, at least 9 new notifications popped up consecutively. That was a new record for you. Then a text message appears above. It was from Nate.

Nate: (Y/N), it’s not what it looks like. Trust me, please don’t listen to what everyone’s saying. I swear, she came on to me first.

You didn’t know how to reply. All you could do was stand in shock by your bed, utterly awed at that one image that was constantly popping up. You went back to Twitter, just in case, to make sure you were seeing things right. Your worst thoughts stayed true as you saw the same image you had encountered just minutes before. Then your phone rings, receiving a call from none other than Nate. You hesitated to slide right, but proceeded to do so anyways.

Hearing a slight shuffle in the background, he started rambling on. “(Y/N), (Y/N). Listen to me, baby! I was not cheating on you, I promise. I was out with the boys and I had to take a leak, but the restrooms were packed so I had to go outside in the back. But some drunk girl comes from behind me and just kissed me! Her friend took a picture, but I SWEAR, baby, that I did not kiss her. It’s not what it looks like. Please, (Y/N), you have to believe me. I didn’-”

Feeling absolutely overwhelmed, you quickly hung up and threw your phone across the room. You didn’t know what to think. Even though he sounded honest, there was still that voice in the back of your head telling you otherwise. You slowly crawled upon your bed, completely dazed. You sat up with your knees bent towards your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs, lying your head on the very top of your knees. You stared off into space and your thoughts were starting to consume you. It angered you to think that another girl had her lips on Nate, your Nate! But it hurt more to think that Nate could be lying.

“(Y/N)!” you hear a faint voice shout.

A/N: Part 2? Tell me what you guys think! (: