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Boyfriend Mino

i was so glad to get get this one! winner are so under appreciated 💔

  • surprise dates
  • I can just imagine him randomly showing up to your house/apartment/whatever at 3am and waking you up like “wth aren’t you ready for our date?” but before you can properly wake up or put clothes on, he’s carrying you bridal style to his car and driving to a meadow where winner did a photo shoot before
  • “It was so pretty taking pictures here and it made me think you might like it here too”
  • “Oh, Minho, I do. It’s really beautiful. BUT NOT AT 3AM!”
  • this boy is such a womanizer imo like have you seen his teaser for “baby baby?” the script was supposed to be him just kissing the girl but he was like “uh no let’s makeout” and he fucking ravished her against a wall
  • so expect to deal with that and the pros and cons that come with it
  • pro: his kisses literally take your breath away. and he knows how to please a woman, making sure you’re very satisfied by the end of the night
  • con: he prob has some ex’s that you’ll randomly bump into and they’re grinding and dropping it low and are super hot and depending on your level of self-confidence that could really suck. then there’s times where his long term friends will accidentally mention some kinky shit he did with one of the ex’s and he’s uncomfortable and ready to kill while you’re reminding yourself to take deep breaths and not cry
  • despite the player persona he has, he is so committed to you and even talks about the future sometimes. Half Moon Friends really made him think about settling down and i mean “diamond ring, three kids, pet dog” kinda settling down
  • but then he’s also v immature like nights out with him are a pain because you’re either babysitting him and picking him up off the floor or he coaxes you into letting loose and you have no memory of the night whatsoever but you wake up wearing a pink feather boa in the park ??
  • taking care of drunk Minho isn’t too bad tho
  • like usually he just blurts out random but cute shit like “wow you’re so pretty” or “damn that ass” that shows he loves you in a weird way because he’s wasted and slurring but still thinking of you
  • hungover Minho is a pain though. he’s just a big baby who needs constant attention so you spend the whole day cuddling him or getting him water
  • also loves sending &  receiving nudes
  • Taehyun went through your phone one day and has never recovered
  • but that doesn’t stop Minho telling the boys pretty much everything since they’re like his family and he’s hella proud
  • drunk phone calls at inhuman hours when he’s on tour because “I miss you so much and then I fell so my knee hurts but you can’t kiss it better and –”
  • Cute couple pictures
  • And matching bracelets so he can look at it when he’s on tour and think of you

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My friends found these two cats a white boy and a Siamese girl (two cats I have always wanted to match my black cat) and we found the white boy a home and I decided to keep the girl Siamese baby :) I will post a picture of her next I can’t remember if I have yet or not on here, I haven’t been logging on too much but I am so happy with her my cat Theo loves her so much 😻this photo is on the way to take the boy kitty to his new permanent home where he was later named “marshmallow” 💞

Parent headcanons?

- If Oikawa had a daughter, he’d spoil her rotten. She would be his little princess and he couldn’t deny a single wish. When she looked up at him with her big eyes, reminding him so much of his s/o, and in her frilly dress and asked if she could paint his nails pink, who was he to say no?

- Oikawa also keeps a picture of his daughter in his wallet, so he can just whip out the picture anytime, anywhere and start gushing over his baby girl. His team mates would know every little story, if they wanted or not. Oikawa is the most embarrassing dad, telling everyone (including their boy/girlfriends) all awkward baby stories.

- Tsukishima is more reserved with his affections, but he’d never miss any event his child participates. No matter whether sports, theater, concerts or anything else. His child takes part? He’ll be there. Tsukki not one for loud cheering, however he always makes sure to bring some snack for them and ask if they were alright.

- The first time he held his new born child, Aone cried. Not full blown bawling, rather silent tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks. The child almost fit in only one of his big and calloused hands. He still couldn’t believe that he had a small family now.

- Aone is the best in calming his baby down when they’re crying. He slowly walks around the apartment, cradling the baby against his broad chest and humming a soft tune.

- Although he would never admit it, Hinata is sometimes jealous that he can’t breastfeed the baby like his wife does. It sounds weird, but he thinks it’s a very intimate act and is sad that he can’t share a moment like this with his child. But as soon as his baby smiles up at him with bright brown eyes, these thoughts are quickly forgotten.

- Everyone in his circle of friends uses Kuroo as a babysitter, because he’s surprisingly good with children. As an answer to the question why they always chose him as babysitter, Kuroo got the answer that the children love him and he’d be a good father one day. That’s the day he seriously started thinking about having a baby himself

Twins brother’s part 3
—  It been 1 week since Yuri tell Viktor about their unborn child Yuri take the news really well at first he was surprise but now he already used to baby Viktor how ever take it way too far, Yuri need supplies for them around the house he already buy laundry detergent, fabuloso soap for the floor, and paper towel as there where about to leave the store Viktor was trying to buy a baby clothes that say “.I love daddy.”
(Viktor I already told you we can’t buy baby stuff until I’m in my 3 months of pregnancy and we will find out the gender of our baby.
But, but this is so cute!
Viktor we don’t even if it a girl?
Don’t worry if it a boy I’ll buy two so we won’t have a hard time in the future!
After they got home Yuri told Viktor about the doctor appointment coming up next week he asked Viktor to come with him to take pictures of their baby as a fetus, it was still early to go to work it was 9am the ice rink does not open at 11am.
At the kitchen yuri was making box lunching for him and Viktor for work today he made egg omelette, rice ball and vegetable together as he was done making lunch Viktor and him took Makkachin for walk Viktor and Yuri talk about how today going to turn out as they talk it was already 11am today was excited for Viktor today was a school field trip for kindergarten allot of the kids parents come to the school trip with their kids having fun and taking pictures four kids have gays as their parents two kids only have the have their grandparents as everyone put the skate shoe Viktor show the kids how to skate step by step not everyone was to happy to doing this there were too scared to fall or the get hurt Yuri step in to hold the kids hands to make them move as they move everyone was holding hands together as they skate soon the kids started to learn how to on the own me and Viktor sit down together as we both watch the children skate with parents and their friends.
(It so nice to see the kids having a good time.
Yeah imagine are own child skating together with him or her with you and me as family.
Yeah that sound nice!)
Viktor hug Yuri from their daydream moment. After 2 hours passed Viktor and Yuri took their lunch break together Viktor buy some drink for him and hiself, Viktor got a cola and for Yuri a orange juice as they both enjoyed eating there lunch they talk about how fun the kids were today Viktor told Yuri that some of the parents ask to take there pictures of them and there kids as hours passed it was already 7pm time to closed the ring Viktor and Yuri were home eating dinner after they ate Viktor was watching tv and Yuri was taking a shower after Yuri was done he called Viktor to have his turn as Yuri was getting dress he feel like someone was was watching him, from outside the house a men black suit inside his car was on the phone with his boss.
(Sir I found the prey. Good what he doing right now? He getting dress sir. Show me. Yes sir.)
The man put on camera on to show his boss like a movie at the office he watched Yuri took off his robe seeing him naked he knew it was time to make his move with his brother.
The next morning Viktor wake hearing Yuri throwing up in the bathroom Viktor went to check on Yuri to see if he was alright.
(Yuri are you alright? Yeah just a little nauseous it come and go I’ll be fine. Here let me carry you to bed. Thank you.)
Viktor carry Yuri bridal style putting him back into bed he look at the time it was 5:46am it was still early to wake up they both went back to sleep Yuri hug Viktor in his sleep, 3 hours passed both were fully awake Yuri was at the kitchen make breakfast he asked Viktor to check the mail for him as Viktor open the mailbox there were two mail for him and one for Yuri as Viktor was about the closed the mailbox something fall put from the mail from his hand as he look down he seen something like in a horror movie he see a picture of Yuri taking his robe seeing him naked Viktor ripped the picture as soon he saw that picture as his done ripping the picture his phone being ring he pick up the called afraid to not answering
(Hello? Hello Viktor did you enjoy my little gift in the mail! Maksim?!!)
Future dad Gilinsky would be like:

• He was more excited than you when you told him the news.
• He always posts about you and how excited he is.
• He can’t wait to spoil the baby.
• You found out it was twins and he was so happy.
• He can’t wait to become a daddy.
• He hopes for a boy and a girl.
• He sings to you and the babies at night.
• He brags to his family and friends about you.
• He will do anything for you if you ask.
• He loves taking monthly Instagram pictures of your bump.
• He is always asking how you’re doing and making sure you’re okay.
• He never wants to miss an ultrasound.
• He feels terrible every time that you’re in pain.
• He wants to be in the room when you deliver.
• (on the way to the hospital) he is almost in tears when he hears how much pain you’re in.
• He tries his best to keep calm
• You’re yelling and he is trying so hard to calm you down and be patient with you.
• Holding your hand the entire time while heading to the hospital room.
• (while you’re delivering) he’s holding your hand and he doesn’t know what to do because there’s so much going on.
• He’s the first to hold your baby girl. (boy & girl)
• You two getting emotional together.
• Posting a long ass post about how happy and blessed he is.
• Always helping you out with the babies.
• He never wants to go to work, he always want to stay home with you and the babies.
• Falling asleep rocking them at night.

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I like to think that when druids were babies they would sneeze and change into a cub or something.

Which could explain specs for them because that could be their like natural animal or form… Parents playing with their kid when suddenly their daughter turns into a moonkin, and they get really excited and take pictures and title them “BABY’S FIRST STANCE <3” and all the picture books are full of the little girl having cute little mishaps with her moonkin form and eventually all of her other ones as well.

Like one time during recess, she was playing with her friends when a boy comes over and starting messing with them, she gets so upset she turns into a little bear and chases the boy around the field.

Idk man i just have a soft spot for baby druids.