baby boy taking a picture of baby girl

♡ masterlist ♡


  1. “Don’t want my baby girl in pain”
  2. “Sweet little baby, can’t wait to hug her”
  3. “I’m just admiring the view”
  4. “I love your cuddles”
  5. “I’m not Niall” (Part 1), “You seem pretty cool” (Part 2)
  6. “Stop being grumpy, I love you”
  8. “I really really love and appreciate you”
  9. “I’m so fucking sorry for letting you down”
  10. “Thank you so much for making my son happy”
  11. “Get your ass down here bc I miss you”
  12. “Aw, can we take naps together?”
  13. “Because I feel like she’s replacing me”
  14. “I just miss my baby a lot”
  15. “Do you want me to lie”
  16. “Oh wow you really don’t get it, do you?” (Part 1),“Wow you really are childish” (Part 2), “I fucked up, I know that” (Part 3, written form)
  17. “I’ll just have to deal with all the horny teens”
  18. “But minutes ago I was cheating on you”
  19. “Baby doll”
  20. “Don’t doubt yourself”
  21. “I’m the luckiest”
  22. Harry wants to surprise you
  23. You swoon over Harry pictures from the Dunkirk premiere
  24. Harry is doing promo in America but you want cuddles
  25. Harry went to the gym then took a picture with a fan and you drool over it
  26. You watch harry’s performance and tell him how proud you are of him
  27. Harry surprises you with a holiday and you surprise him with something else
  28. Harry regrets breaking up with you
  29. You drunk text Harry
  30. Harry joins you on your family holiday where he meets your family for the first time
  31. Harry is your boss and he asks you on a date 
  32. You tell Harry about the new addition to your guys’ family
  33. You show Harry the new bra you bought
  34. Harry is dating your older sister but drunk texts you
  35. Harry gushes over you at the premiere you attend
  36. You’re hinting that you’re pregnant but Harry’s in a meeting
  37. Harry is supposed to be away but he stayed and surprised you at your front door
  38. Harry and Liam got in a fight because he tells Harry he loves you and you find out through text
  39. Harry is your best friend and you went out clubbing where you both express how you feel towards each other
  40. Harry asks for nudes
  41. Harry is nervous to announce your kids that he’s going to be their stepfather
  42. Harry wants round two of your guys’ night before
  43. Harry’s in America and you see a picture of him with another woman
  44. You ask Harry for a nude
  45. You’re insecure about being plus size so you ask Harry why he’s with you
  46. Harry gets hard on stage when he sees you enjoying yourself


  1. You’re literally all I need
  2. “Promise ring”
  3. New York // Part 1Part 2
  4. Wedding in Hawaii // Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3


  1. “Well, u better do blondie. X”
  2. “I’m the nerd of the band”
  3. “I don’t think it works baby girl”
  4. “I wish I could cuddle you right now”
  5. “Please, don’t cry, princess”
  6. “So I’m letting you go”
  7. “Horan, chill your titties”
  8. “Your ass in my hands and your legs around my neck”
  9. “I don’t wanna see you” (Part 1),“You better not or I’ll mess your face up” (Part 2)
  10. “I’m not mad, don’t worry” (Part 1),“I wanted to cuddle and watch movies with you” (Part 2)
  11. “Get your shit together I’ll be there in 5″
  12. “I’m just a bit shocked”
  13. “I’m lucky to have you”
  14. Niall wants you back
  15. Niall wants to be more than friends


  1. “Sing your heart out, super star”
  2. “Been too long since I saw your handsome face”
  3. “I really need to see her”
  4. “Fuck you, Liam”
  5. “I’ll just break up with you now”
  6. “I don’t want to hear your voice right about now”
  7. “Can you please forgive me baby?”
  8. “Why would we get sued”
  9. “This is crucial for me to know because?”
  10. Liam and you react to each other’s shirtless pictures


  1. “Brother from another mother”
  2. “You my love are insatiable”
  3. “I take pinky promises very very seriously”
  4. “You honestly look fire baby girl”
  5. “The boys said I fancied you”
  6. “I’m buying you chocolate and giving you cuddles”
  7. “The love of my damn life cheated on me”
Monsta X Clubbing


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  • This guy would not be pleased with your revealing outfit first off.
  • Like he’d be pleased but not with the way other way men would look at you.
  • He’d sit at the bar and insist you go and dance with your friends.
  • But he’d eventually give in after you pouting and bribing him with sex.
  • He’d be so awkward on the dance floor bless him but he’d try
  • “Hyungwoo, you know how to dance. Stop trying to be so manly.” Cause he’d be doing that step to the left, step to the right dance to blend in.
  • Once he was buzzed he’d definitely start enjoying himself. 
  • He’d start babbling about how he was afraid to get too drunk as the leader as he drinks more alcohol the cutie pie. 
  • “Oh my god this is crazy!! Why have you never taken me here before?!”
  • He’d have a huge grin on his face, knowing he was dancing with the prettiest girl there and going home with her too.
  • Wouldn’t get too frisky with you but he’d definitely squeeze your butt and show every guy looking at you that you were a taken lady.
  • And he wouldn’t forget that you promised him sexy time when you got home.


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  • Astonished at how well you do shots. The boy can barely keep up.
  • His jaw is on the table with how quick you down the tequila.
  • He gets drunk so quick but a soppy drunk.
  • Grabbing your shoulders with wide cute eyes like
  • “No I love you! Like I really fucking love you. I’m being serious! Stop laughing at me!” 
  • Completely ignores all the girls trying to hit on him at the bar.
  • He’s polite of course but he explains he has a beautiful girlfriend waiting for him.
  • Not shy on the dancefloor at all.
  • Boy works it with his hands all over your butt as you grind together.
  • Your eyes meet and his bright smile disappears as he leans in to make out with you for about 2 hours. 
  • You make a little frustrated moan and he gives up trying to tame himself.
  • Most likely to ditch the club early to have drunken sex with you at home.
  • And make you take care of his hangover in the morning.


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  • His eyes would pop out of his skull at your LBD.
  • The most supportive boyfriend ever on the dancefloor.
  • “Yes baby! Baby girl you look so hot right now!”
  • Takes 100 pictures with you.
  • Screams “THIS IS MY SONG!” at every song that comes on.
  • The classic ‘jumping up and down’ dancer.
  • A messy drunk. The boy pours more liquor down his shirt then he does in his mouth.
  • He’s super silly with you on the dancefloor. You’d be snapchatting him trying to vogue in hysterics.
  • When sexy music comes on he’d pull the straps of your dress down and leave hickeys all over your chest oops
  • He’ll insist he’s not that drunk all night but when you finally make him leave he won’t know where the hell he’s going.
  • Most hungover in the morning.


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  • This guy wants to buy drinks for all his boys and his beautiful lady. 
  • Toasts to Monsta X before all of you get hyped up and down to party.
  • After a couple of drinks he keeps putting his hand on your lower back and telling you how lucky he is to have you. 
  • “Wow I’m sooo fucking lucky. You’re so kind and beautiful. Just wow I’m the luckiest man on the earth babe. I love you so much.” 
  • On the dancefloor he’ll twirl you around about 20 times per song. 
  • He licks his lower lip as he stands back and watches you dance to the beat.
  • He spots the clubs photographer and practically drags you to get a picture.
  • You try to pose but he pulls you against his chest and steals a kiss.
  • The others find you on top of him in the bathroom after that cause he made your heart melt.
  • The two of you end up making loads of drunk friends and find all the weird pictures you took with them in the morning.


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  • Socially awkward H.One would be the hardest to make dance, blushing and shaking his head.
  • So plan B is getting him so drunk that he thinks it’s a brilliant idea and it works.
  • In fact he dances so hardcore that it surprises you and the other members, you barely recognise him.
  • His wide smile and laughter makes you elated. When he’s relaxed he’s the most excited puppy, going wild and swinging his long arms in the air.
  • Holds your bag and wait for you while you take forever to pee and tell other girls how great they look.
  • “What is it with you ladies taking an hour in the bathroom? Why can’t you just do what you gotta..” You shut him up with a deep kiss and his face goes bright red.
  • He smells so damn good that you keep pressing your body against him as you dance and he doesn’t mind it at all. 
  • Apart from the fact that you’re making him hard so he has to disappear for about 10 minutes. 
  • Least likely to be hungover in the morning. Just tired and cute with sleepy eyes. 


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  • Drunk Jooheon can go two ways. 
  • He’ll either be the cutest dimple king making cute faces to you all night or be the bad boy rhythm man being all aloof and sexy.
  • No matter which persona comes out, he’ll keep you in his sight all night and insist on paying for all of your drinks. 
  • He’ll want to tell you how stunning you look but he’ll find it hard to find the words to say and it won’t help that he’ll be extremely drunk.
  • So he’ll keep gazing at you with his deep eyes and kissing your cheek 
  • Sloppy, heated kisses on the dancefloor with this man unf damn you Jooheon
  •  Has a fetish for seeing you twerk (or at least attempting to am I right ladies) 
  • He’ll be in heaven with the loud R&B music and the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. 
  • He’ll take you out to the smoking area but not to smoke.
  • He’d just like to be alone and have you sit on his lap, laughing while you slur his name.


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  • So the maknae of the group would be able to handle his drinks quite well.
  • But you know he’d still encourage the boys to do stupid things like drink a fish bowl to themselves and mix their drinks.
  • Doesn’t mind making a bit of a fool of himself on the dancefloor. He’s young and in love.
  • Although he knew he’d be carrying your heels around because your feet would hurt after an hour. 
  • And then he’d be scared of you cutting your feet on something so he’d actually piggy back you when you needed to walk somewhere.
  • Encourages you to pace yourself on the drinks but he knows you’re definitely going to throw up in the morning regardless.
  • He doesn’t need to be wasted to whisper in your ear how great your ass looks in your skinny jeans and how if you weren’t so drunk he’d take you outside and have his way with you which makes you real hot.
  • He kisses you very slowly, like you two are the only people in the club and leaves the fun stuff until when you’re aware of your name again. 
  • Will forever tease you about you telling him you wanted to eat his dick like a free breakfast buffet.
  • Of course you don’t remember saying it…but it isn’t a lie

Missing You

Request: can you do an imagine where justin misses Y/N and be clingy everytime they talk bc he’s on tour and with the help of Scooter and the crew, Y/N surprises justin on tour. love your imagines! <3

So sorry for the wait. Im a terrible writer. But I hope it was worth it.

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Lectures - probably one of the most boring and time consuming activity incorporated into my daily week as a university student. The constant blabbing of a professor and failed ability to keep your eyes open only made the hours so much more unbearable. 

The female professor currently diverging into a heavy lecture on the topic of economic perspectives was really beginning to become increasingly annoying - not that it wasn’t before - but at this current moment, I had never contemplated throwing a text book at a persons head more then I had now. 

“From an economical point of view - the standpoint of where you are on the spectrum of wealth, age, health, income-” If I didn’t focus on something other then her voice soon, I was seriously going to cause a scene.

And that won’t look good on my report card.

If only someone were to come to my rescue and save me of my misery. A.K.A this class.

‘But that’s one thing that I know for sure. I’ll show you….’

The sound had my entire body stifling and eyes widening in cringing shock. All people within a 5 meter radius of me, turning my way with annoyed eyes. The professor at the front shot me a quick glare for interrupting her class, and as I dove for my phone, she continued to speak over the ringing.

I could of sworn I put it on silent before class.

Finally reaching the source, I managed to click the main switch and silence the phone, also setting it to vibrate only. A sigh of relief was blown through my nose, but was quickly drawn back in once seeing the name displayed amongst the screen.

A picture taken by Carl of Justin and I mucking about displayed against the name ‘Justin my baby boy ❤️❤️’.

I almost wanted to tear up at the name but managed to hold back the emotions and shove my phone back into my pocket. It had been months since I’d seen the boy and right now I knew he was in Sydney for the Hillsong conference. 

(😏😏 Hehe)

The poor boy had a completely different time zone then me and was probably up real late at whatever time it was, waiting for an hour he knew I’d be free. Though something I had forgotten to mention to him was that they had rescheduled my lecture today.

Damn it

After a second or two, silence from my phone finally overcame the blurring tone and all that was heard again was the professors voice. I listened intently, jotting down some notes as she spoke before once again, the ringing began.

Though it was nothing but a buzz this time, the sound was still audible throughout lecture hall, and once again, all attention was drawn back on me.

My first instinct at this moment being to just act like I couldn’t hear it and continue on with my work was a complete fail when the professor stopped and directed her eyes towards me, a scowl of disapproval present.

The professed folded her arms in clear annoyance, “Is there an emergency Miss L/N or are you deliberate trying to distract my class?” She called out in an annoyed tone.

Was she serious? It wasn’t like I was calling myself! I can’t control whoever was on the other line  - that person more then likely being Justin.

“No professor,” I vigorously shook my head. “It’s just that my bo-”

“Phone.” She suddenly interrupted, drawing out an arm with grabby fingers. At her request I froze with a frown. 

“What?” I questioned. 

“Phone Miss L/N!” She called out. I would be lying If I said this woman didn’t scare me, and with a huff - not wanting to annoy the woman further - I slid my phone from my pocket and stood up. 

I began my descent down the isle, feeling all eyes of many students following my figure with either a humoured, thankful or annoyed glare. Soon I was stood directly in front of the frightening woman, watching as she motioned me to place it in her hand.

And with a sigh, and a glance down at my boyfriends name, I sadly obliged. 

My shoulders slumped as I watched her draw away back over to her desk, and began walking back to my seat with a sad aura. Friends from around all glanced back with sorry eyes and with one last huff, I slumped back in my seat.

The professor on the other hand was glancing down at the phone, obviously ready to roast the shit out of me. All professor’s were the same. They all knew who my boyfriend was and loved to have a go at me. Maybe they felt satisfaction in having power over a popstar’s girlfriend.

“’Justin my baby boy, love heart, love heart.’” She read out the contact name for the class to hear. Many chuckled at her announcement all except me, who slumped back in the chair with red cheeks. “I’m guessing this is Mr Bieber.”

Lord kill me now.

“I didn’t know you were so kinky Miss L/N.” She smirked. Was this even permitted? Though once again, the class laughed and I remained silent.

Suddenly, a ping was heard throughout the room, and the professor’s smirk grew as she looked down at my phone. “Justin wants you to call him as soon as you get this message. Or, and I quote ‘Baby girl please call me when you get this I miss you’re touch, sad face’.”

Why was she doing this?! Oh lord I feel so embarrassed.

Then another message rolled in, and as the professor smirked, scanning her eyes over the message, she suddenly paled over and it hadn’t taken me less then a minute to realise what had happened.

Justin tended to talk dirty when I didn’t pick up, it was a method he had which was to make me flush enough to the point where I got mad and called him back to verbally abuse him, which usually lead to a normal conversation.

“Uh, Y-You can take you’re phone back Y/N.” The professor suddenly stuttered. “You can call you’re boyfriend outside.” She announced, until she suddenly perked up, the professional manner once again taking over. “But you only have 5 minutes.”

With an exasperated nod, I made my way down the aisle, grabbing aholf of my phone and was out the door dialling the boys number.

The call hadn’t even made it through the first full dial before Justin’s voice was heard through the other side, his voice urgent and excited. 

“Hey baby girl! God I missed you, What are you doing? Wait- don’t answer that you’re probably studying as usual. How are you?” The way the boy raced through his words had my heart swelling in adoration, it really showed how much he missed me.

With a chuckle, I glanced around at the few students bustling through the halls before sighing. “Slow down baby, I’m good. What about you?”

“I’m great! The Hillsong is really fun. But’s it’s kinda boring without you.” He muttered. 

Awe my poor baby. “Yeah, I’ve seen some photo’s. You’ve actually been stopping to take some pictures with fans. It look’s fun. But don’t think too much about me, don’t let me spoil you’re fun.”

“I miss you.” He suddenly blurted and I chuckled heartily at the way he felt the need to tell me.

“Me too baby.”

“I wish you were here.” He sighed quietly. “How’s Uni?” 

“I-It’s good.” I stuttered. “I’m actually in lecture hall right now.”

Justin’s voice ceased for a minute, before he suddenly spoke up with a shocked and apologetic tone, frantically spluttering words in urgency.” Oh shit! Are you getting lectured? Did I interrupt you? Shit baby I’m sorry. I didn’t kn-”

“Relax Jay.” I giggled. “It’s fine. I mean my professor publicly humiliated me but It backfired in her face when you started sending messages, and I got to leave the class for a bit. Win win, right?”

“Backfired in you’re professors face?” He questioned. 

I sighed. “It’s a long story, I’ll facetime you later.”

“Facetime.” He muttered to himself. “I wish you were here to tell me instead.”

The way he spoke always made me feel so bad. I was the one who rejected his offer to go on tour with him but school came first, he always told me to never quit it considering he regret dropping out himself.

“I’m sorry baby.” I frowned, furrowing my eyebrows. But Justin’s voice once again came back with urgency.

“No it’s not you’re fault! I just miss you is all.” 

“I know.” Then it was silent for a second before I decided to speak up. “What time is it over there?” 

A few shuffling sounds were heard, as well as justin breathing an “Um.” before he spoke. “It’s 3:30.”

“In the afternoon?” 

“In the morning.” He corrected. 

I gasped. “Justin baby, you need to sleep!”

Though I could just picture Justin shaking his head. “I don’t need sleep, I need to hear you’re voice.” 

His words, so charming, he knew just how to make a woman feel special, but overall I sighed. “Baby you have to be up early tomorrow and I’m sure Scooter will kill me if he knows I kept you up.” 

“Scooters awake too.” Justin announced and I sighed muttering a ‘smartass’ under my breath.

“Well I gotta get back to my class anyways. At least before my professor eats me.” I muttered.

“Hey!” he growled. “Only I get to eat you.”

My cheeks heated at the sexual joke he pulled, sighing as i heard him chuckle through the line. “You are disgusting.” I whispered. “Alright, I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Okay.” He frowned.

And as I went to pull the phone from my face, he suddenly called. “Wait!” 

I hummed. 

“I love you.” He cheesed and I chuckled. 

“Love you too babe.” 

And then the line went dead. I felt bad for the boy, he’s been so clingy lately and I knew that was just a result of the distance and the lack of time we’d had to spend together. Now time for one more quick call.

With a few clicks of a button and a number of dials, the person finally picked up.

“Hello?” The raspy voice questioned.

“Scooter!” I exclaimed. “Hey, I need you’re help…”

Justin POV

“Hi Justin!” 

The smiles of people from around were really beginning to get to me, a smile of my own plastered across my face. The way people where really respecting me here made me feel welcomed, they gave me space and most kept their phones away.

I waved at the girls currently calling my name, grateful that they ceased to take their phones out. They smiled, approaching me with an intent to converse and not take pictures, God I was enjoying this. 

But I wish Y/N was here.

“Oh my gosh, hi.” A blonde smiled in a cute australian accent. 

(A/N: Ew. I hate it. But Justin likes them so…. *sassily flicks hair over shoulder*)

“Were so excited you’re here.” She exclaims, motioning to the brunnette besides her who began vigorously shaking her head in agreement.

“Are you enjoying hillsong?” The brunnette asked. 

I nodded, smiling down at the two, they looked young, but not child-like. Mature, maybe 16, no less then 15.

“I’m loving it. I love being able to exclaim what I believe, ya know?” I smiled to which the girls nodded. 

“Yeah, I come every year, It’s a fun way to preach.” The blonde said.

“It is, isn’t it?” I agreed. “Yeah my friend Carl is a pastor and we came together, I just feel li-”

“Justin!” A voice suddenly exclaimed, interrupting me of my sentence, and I spun on my heels to spot scooter motioning me over. With a nod, I held a hand out to the two in front of me, a pout on their faces as I announced “One second girls.” But they nonetheless nodded. 

“Yeah?” I questioned as I approached the man.

“Was I interrupting something?” He questioned. 

With a glance back at the eager girls still eyeing me with patient eyes, I nodded. “A little.” 

“Well in that case I should just leave.” This time, the voice came from somewhere behind the bulky man in front of me, this one being a familiar rasp of femininity who I had yet to hear in person for months.

My eyes widened, heart sinking but also speeding up momentarily. I felt mixed, emotions wise - happy, confused, joyful. She was here, really here. My baby girl.

“Y/N?!” I questioned with a hopeful mindset, some sort of doubt that it just might not have been her building within, but as I spot a petite body emerging from behind, that doubt withered into a joyous reunion.

“Baby!” I exclaimed, running forward. Catching Y/N In my arms, I lifted her and began twirling my baby girl around. She laughed, clutching into me for dear life when I finally settled her down.

“Are you really here?!” 

At the words, she chuckled, reaching both arms to link behind my neck. “Yeah baby I’m here.” She clarified. 

The smile on her face left me trailing my eyes over her lips, a tugging urge to lean forward and place mine against her’s was overpowering, and in a matter of seconds I found myself doing just that. 

She wasted no time in returning the gesture, no surprise evident on her small being as she intensified the kiss. People around watched on with smiles, some with their phones out recording the scene before them but for once, I didn’t mind. 

I wanted to remember this moment for the rest of my life. I had never missed her as much as I had now and now she was finally back in my arms. Slowly, we finally began pulling away with red cheeks, a slight blue tinge also from the lack of oxygen.

God, I missed those lips.

“Fuck I missed you.” I sighed, leaning my forehead against her own.

“I missed you too.” She whispered.

“But I mean, what about school?” I frowned. 

Y/N only shrugged. “They can wait on me for a while. Besides, this is so much better then daily lectures.”

I chuckled, closing the space between us. I intertwined our lips once again, moving the flesh in sync with each others. Pins and needles shot up between the space she touched, the girl had me numb with her fingers yet I loved the feeling, just like I loved her. “ So much better.” I agreed.


Chocobros, Cor, Nyx, Bonus Ravus : How they handle pregnant S/o


- already has someone design the room for the baby
- He literally can’t stay awake,
- when his s/o is asleep he is too
-baby shower is pretty much planned
- he has enough diapers to last an eons
-he’ll cancel a meeting in a minute if she’s not feeling well (which is almost the whole pregnancy)
-she has to tell him to be king first
-towards the tail end he’s terrified of his s/o
- he is a ghost
- a supportive scared of his wife king
- he asks ignis for advice like everyday
- some days Noctis is scared to come home
- when the baby is here he cries, when the baby is 1 year old he cries.
- if its a boy He names the baby after his father and if its a girl he names her after his mother.
- He spoils the hell out of his kids
- hes def the nice one, his wife is more stern…sometimes


he is so nervous
-“I’m gonna be a daddy, this is a thing”
-he’s taken so many pics of his s/o
-he’s done so much research
-so excited and so proud of her
- already planned all the dad jokes
-decorated the baby room in yellow or purple, chocobos or moogles
-the pantry is packed with food
- his s/o wants chocolate covered oranges at 4am he’s already getting it.
- during her mood swings he acts like a humble servant not wanting to incur her wrath
- she constantly apologizes afterwards but he just kisses all over her
-understands she needs personal space
- Baby is born and he becomes a baby too
- he has twins boys, he’s mindblown
-“How did I help create something so beautiful?”
-“I will be the best dad ever, the dad i wish i had”
- He is taking pictures 24 7
- He buys chocobo, moogle, teddy bear onsies
- when babies get older styles the babies hair like his


-this man has read every book there is
-he’s even trying to educate her
-tries to help her maintain a schedule
- is terrified of being father but excited
-terrified of having a girl, because of teenage years
-terrified having a boy for all of the years
- he hardly gets any sleep
- he watches her like a hawk
-everything she needs is within reach
- he already bought a bugout bag for her
- hes arranged for the best doctors and nurses for her
- he coaches her while she’s in labor
- he doesn’t leave her side till the baby is born
- once the baby is born he holds the baby and cries
- he kisses all over her
- he falls asleep with the baby and they all fall asleep her on the bed in hospital
- he stays up late with the baby to rock them to sleep
- plays educational songs at night
- reads so many books to the baby
- he’s excited to watch the baby grow up, but he’s loving just holding them in his arms.

- Hes an emotional wreck
- the shield has her mood swings
- he will be okay one min then crying the next
- she questions who the pregnant one is
- he goes on jogs with his s/o and does cardio too
- he insits on decorating the baby room
- He’s so nervous like will he crush the baby?
- will the baby like him
- He is sad every time he leaves her side
- she tells him its okay he’s the kings shield
- they spend so many hours cuddled up going over baby names
- His sister kidnaps her to go shopping while he’s at work
- she start to go into labor when there out
- His sister calls gladio and they rush to the hospital
- Noctis, gladio, Prompto, ignis all go to the hospital too
- Gladio gets to hold the baby he melts
- smiling crying and laughing
- “i have another sun in my sky”
- He kisses his s/o and rocks the baby to sleep
- at home he almost always has the baby
- she has to ask for the baby….
- It melts her heart to see her two favorite people cuddled together

- Cor was kind of against having kids because he feared not being around for them
- The fear of his kids not knowing who there father was because he died in war terrified him
- so the pregnancy was unplanned, his s/o was kinda scared to tell him. So she waited a few months
- 3 months later he finds out because she’s doubled over in the bathroom
- Cor is shocked and at first says nothing
- Then he starts crying
- “I’m gonna be a dad, is that something i deserve?”
- Next thing you know his s/o and him are balling there eyes out
- Cor and his s/o decorate the baby room
- Cor never took days off unless it was an emergency
- not in this case he took off ALOT of days
- He takes her shopping
- when his s/o gets bigger she feels insecure and he looks at her and raises an eyebrow
- “Your my wife, and this is natural.”
- He then wraps his arms around her and gives her tons of kisses
- he stays up at night to make sure she doesn’t want anything
- His s/o wakes up to a sleeping cor in a chair next to her
- he makes breakfast EVERY morning
- He even prepares lunch and dinner too
- Makes sure she stays hydrated
- On the special day he holds it together…
- Until he sees the baby
- He holds her in his arms and promises to give her the world
- “you won’t date till your old enough to beat me.”
- His s/o shakes her head
- later he asks his s/o when they’ll have another baby


- Nyx is during a mission when he starts having really bad cramps in his stomach
- he’s dumbled over in pain
- everybody is worried about him
- When he gets home he realizes why
- “Omgosh your pregnant?”
- He picks up his s/o into the air and twerls her around
- He’s so happy then nervous….
- Is he ready to be a father?
- And he’s a glaive he’ll be gone..alot..
- she tell him not to worry, we’ll take it one step at a time
- Nyx wakes up every 2 hours to check on her
- He surrenders the whole bed to his s/o
- towards the middle of the pregnancy she gets mood swings, cravings, the whole nine yards.
- Nyx is super hero on steroids at this point
- Getting off work then making sure she’s okay
- Cooking like never before
- He runs off of coffee, love and the future
- she’ll say something smart due to mood swings
- “call me master!”
- nyx goes along with it then kisses all over her
- Which normally does the trick
- He decorates the baby room with the help of Crowe, pelna and Libertus. Who knew Pelna painted?
- Nyx shows off the sonogram pics to everyone at work
- Crowe comes over alot to help
- Towards the end of the pregnancy
- Nyx has the mood swings, the cravings, the cramps
- “why is life so hard. Why can’t the Nifs just go home and fight themselves. Damn it”
- Nyx is an emotional wreck
- Wakes up in middle of the night crying
- s/o pushes him off the bed alot..
- When nyx finds out s/o is going into labor he literally warps from one side of Lucis to the other
- Warps into hospital
- He cries when he sees the baby
- The baby is a girl and looks like his sister
- Names baby after his sister
- King regis even comes to see the baby
- And all of the glaive
- Nyx passes out later with baby in his arms
- At home he sings the baby to sleep
- his S/o takes alot of pics of him and the baby
- Nyx takes the baby on walks
- he’s overprotective already
- once the baby is alittle he buys the baby a puppy


- With everything thats happened in his life he feels like he is too tainted to have a child.
- Though he’s wondered what it would be like to give someone better than what he had..
- Sone years passed and he asked his s/o for a baby
- She was embassared
- Few months later Ravus is smiling from ear to ear when he hears the news
- “I’m having twin girls?”
- He literally falls apart….
- He already knows what he’s going to name them
- Of course he checks with his s/o
- he is constantly at his s/o side
- she is just happy to have him near her
- She cuddles up in his arms
- Until morning sickness kicks in
- He is so worried
- He didn’t know she’d be like this
- Starting to worry if he wanted was the right thing
- She reassures him she’s okay
- From that moment on he reads so many books
- so he can be there for her, he asks luna for advice and help
- He makes sure there are nurses by her sise 24 7 if he’s not there
- He plans a baby shower in Tenebrea
- He buys clothes for her to wear during her pregnancy
- He makes sure the cooks don’t put too much salt
- Nothing to strong in smell
- He calls every hour to check up on her
- she goes into labor while he’s away
- He’s super hurt
- “darn my life who couldn’t i be there now? Some father i am..”
- His s/o reassures him that its okay
- When he gets back he runs home and sees his s/o and the baby curled up in the bed
- He leaves the room and cries
- He goes for a short walk and then cones back
- his s/o hands him the twins
- the babies just smile
- Ravus folds
- the twins are named after his mother and sister
- Once the babies are older he takes them to see king regis
- To make amends
- Ravus feels that his world is complete

Teen Dad [The Beginning]

Teen Dad [The Beginning]

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None?

A/N: I thought this was very cute and fluff, let me know if you want a next part! Because this doesn’t continue unless you want it to ;)

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Teen Dad
Teen Dad Two
Teen Dad Three [Finale 1 of 2]
Teen Dad Three [Finale 2 of 2]
Teen Dad [Labor Story]

“Aunt May?”

“Peter? How was it?” Aunt May chirped through the phone. Peter was still crying.

“You should come now, they said visitors are allowed.”

“Are you still crying sweetheart? You’re making me cry! Ahh, I’m so excited!”

“Aunt May, things took a turn…”

“What?” Now May was worried, worried that something happened to (Y/n), to the baby, during the birth. She ran as fast as she can out of the apartment, and to the hospital.

You sat on the hospital bed, holding your two babies in your arms. Happiness has taken over your face. Peter was still crying, of joy of course. He took hold of his baby girl, rocking her in his arms as he sat next to you on the bed.

“Hey there sweetheart,” he cooed, “it’s daddy.”

You smile at their little conversation, while stroking your son’s chubby little cheeks. He had your eyes and Peter’s nose. Your daughter had Peter’s eyes and your lips. They both had Peter’s curly brown hair, which you thought was the cutest thing ever.

“Let’s pick a name,” you said, turning to Peter. He leaned in to kiss your temple, wrapping his extra arm around you.

“All right,” he said, taking a look at his son, “I been thinking about naming him Ben, you know, after my uncle.”

“Hmm,” you hummed, looking at your son who was fast asleep.

“Let’s say Benjamin, so it would be after you and after Uncle Ben. I think he really fits Benjamin Parker, little Ben, you know?”

Peter chuckles, nodding along, “yeah, I think it sounds really good. I like it.”

“Benjamin Parker.” When the name left your lips, Ben smiles for the first time in his life.

“He smiled! Peter he smiled for the first time!” You and Peter were in awe of your little boy.

Your daughter let out a loud cry, signaling that it was her turn for you two to pay attention to her.

“Oh– oh– oh, shh shh,” Peter hushed, “it’s okay Sweet, don’t cry darling.”

“I think she’s hungry,” you said, taking her from Peter. You began to feed her, while you and Peter still thought of a name.

“How about, Leia,” Peter says, his eyes wide. His love of Star Wars showing.

“Leia? Like princess Leia?”

“Yeah, I mean, she is a princess, just look at her.” You two look at your sweet sweet daughter.

“How bout Aurora?” you said, stroking her cheek, “it’s a princess’ name, and it kind of suits her doesn’t it? Aurora means dawn, the beginning of a phenomenon or period of time, especially one considered favorable–”

“You memorized the meaning of dawn?” Peter says, looking at you strangely.

“It was ‘word of the day’ once at school– anyways– doesn’t it fit? Today’s the beginning of something great. We just became paren–”

“I love it. Aurora Parker.”

Aunt May ran to the main desk of the hospital, “hi, I’m May Parker. Umm– I’m here to visit (Y/n) (Y/l/n).” The lady’s fingers quickly tapped the keyboard of her computer.

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n) room 104, here.” She passed May a visitor’s pass with her name and the room number on it.

“Thank you.”

She ran to the room as fast as she can, worried about what might’ve happened and what the ‘took a turn’ thing is. Stopping in front of the room of where you and Peter were in, May hesitated before opening the door.

She ran in to see you and Peter sitting on the hospital bed with– two babies?

“Oh my g–” she says, tears spilling out of her eyes, her hand coming up to cover her mouth.

“Aunt May!” Peter yelled, you quickly hushing him. The babies were sound asleep.

“This– this was what the ‘took a turn’ was? You have twins!” Peter and you chuckled.

“Quite a surprise huh?” you said, “it surprised us too.”

“How’d it happened?” May says, staring at the two bundles of joys on your chest.

“Well, the doctor said ‘hold on. There’s another one on its way.’ I didn’t really have any time to ask questions,” you laughed.

“Well, they’re beautiful. What’re their names?”

“Well, this is Aurora, and this, is Benjamin.”

“Aurora and Benjamin Parker,” Peter says softly.

May had tears rolling down her face, “I love it. I love them.”

“You’re giving them our last name (Y/n)?” Aunt May asks.

You nod, “yes, I mean, I think I’ll have that last name one day too, right?” You said turning to Peter, him fiddling with something in his jacket pocket.

“Of course Love.”

You sat from the hospital bed, feeding Aurora, watching Peter struggle to change Ben’s diaper.

“Pete, just lift his legs up, wipe his tush, and put the diaper on. It’s not rocket science.”

Peter grimaced as he wrapped the dirty diaper and shot it in the trashcan.

“Knock knock,” you two heard, causing your heads to turn to the door. Tony Stark poking his head into the room, the rest of the team not far behind him.

“Come in,” Peter smiles, walking back next to you, covering your chest before the team walks in.

The team walks in with balloons that said ‘it’s a boy!’ and ‘congratulations!’ They weren’t informed yet that there were two. Thor and Steve walked in carrying giant stuffed animals. One was an elephant and the other a giraffe. You didn’t get close, or even met the team, until your baby shower two months ago.

“Wow,” they all breathed out, staring at the baby in Peter’s arm.

“Everyone,” Peter says aloud, “this, is Benjamin Parker.” They all walk over to Peter and gathered around him, “Awwwww.” You had a smirk on your face, wait till they see there’s two.

As if on cue, Aurora lets out a wail, causing the team to go wide eyed and turn to the sound coming from your chest. About to reveal Aurora, you pull the blanket down to reveal her, but Peter quickly shields everyone from seeing your exposed chest.

“Cover up first Love,” he says, you doing so.

“There’s two?” Natasha questions.

“Meet Aurora Parker,” you smile, showing everyone your beautiful daughter.

“Yeah, came to us by surprise after her brother came out,” Peter tells them.

“Aww look Piet,” Wanda says, turning to her brother, “they’re like us.”

“Aw man, we only got boy balloons,” Steve says, looking at the blue balloons that said ‘it’s a boy’ on them. The stuffed animals were good for boys and girls.

“I’ll be back,” he says, running out.

“What are you going to do? Didn’t you buy all boy stuff for just Benjamin?” Clint asks.

You shake your head, “no, there are some boy stuff but most are unisex.”

“It’s okay, I got it all covered,” Tony says, while texting Pepper to order some girl baby clothes and other baby stuff. Steve running back in, holding pink balloons saying ‘it’s a girl’ from the gift shop in the hospital.

“Can I hold her?” Wanda asks, biting her lip and giving you puppy eyes.

“Yes of course.”

After everyone has had a turn holding the twins and taking pictures, Peter clears his throat to get everyone’s attention. The twins back in your arms, well, sleeping on your chest, Peter goes to your side of the bed. Everyone waiting to see what he’s about to say.

He looks at you with pure love in his eyes, taking a hold of your left hand.

You stare at him confusedly, wondering what he was up to.

Until he knelt on one knee.

Prologue: Seeking Serendipity (Jon Snow x OC)

A/N: Hi all! This is the beginning of my fanfic, just an introduction to the world - again. My chapters are usually longer, but this is just a prologue, so kinda short today.

I hope you enjoy it, and like/comment/reblog this

Warnings: Spoilers for season 1-7. Seriously, if you haven’t seen season 7 yet, and don’t want to read any potential spoilers, steer clear. If not, keep reading.

Pairing: Jon Snow x OC

Word Count: 850-ish 

Originally posted by gangrelated

Casterly Rock, The Westerlands, 281 AL

They said she was born at the start of winter, when the snows had started falling and the winds began howling. Some said she was born in the late hours of night, when the stars shined so brightly they almost made the sky look like black velvet adorned with diamonds. Others whispered that she was born in the loudest silence ever heard. 

In reality, she was born at the start of winter, at night, hours after the Targaryen dynasty had fallen: the day Westeros would be transformed forever.

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Political Animals-Part 14

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I was eating breakfast one morning while Sam was out for a run when my cell rang.  It was Meg.  “Your gonna want to turn on Channel 6, Y/N.  It’s about you.”

“Hi to you too, Meg,” I said, amused. “Thanks for the heads up.”

I turned on Channel 6 and my good mood instantly evaporated.  They were airing highlights of a press conference of my mother’s.

“Dr. Novak, are you aware that your daughter is rumored to have married Sam Winchester, John Winchester’s son?”

My mother sighed dramatically.  “My daughter has a history of letting men take advantage of her.  This is just the latest in a long line of poor choices.”

“Is it true you and Y/N are estranged?”

“My daughter chose Sam Winchester over her own family.  Now she’s living with the consequences of that choice.” My mom replied stiffly.

“Can you confirm the rumors that Y/N is pregnant?” The reporter asked. Mom blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting this question.

“I can’t comment on that, I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t listen anymore. I snapped the TV off in annoyance. When Sam got back, I was watching the whole press conference online and muttering under my breath angrily. “Twists the truth……”  “Makes everything about her.”

“So I don’t need to ask if you’ve seen it, then?” He said with a smirk.

I turned to him. “How would you feel about me doing an interview of my own to set the record straight about us and our relationship?”

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Lizzie Borden

Originally posted by mallverine

Series: Jughead Jones III

Relationship: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Angst

Word Count: 2,200+

A/N: Hope you all are enjoying this so far!

[Reader’s POV]

    The day was over at school and you texted Jughead for a meetup location. You were leaning against your locker tapping your foot to the beat of your music. The music lowered then raised indicating you had a notification. Looking back up you see Jug’s name pop up in your notification bar.

Jug the bug:

Meet me by my tree


See you in a few

   Putting your phone in your pocket you walk amongst the teens leaving the building. Headphones in so you didn’t have to hear the whispers. Opening the doors the autumn wind hits your face as it blows by. Taking a right you walk away from the entrance of the school. Stragglers passed by leaving school as you headed towards the big tree behind the bleachers.

   A puff of smoke leaves Jughead’s lips as he leaned against the tree. He takes one last drag before putting it on the ground and smashing it with his shoe. The two of you exit through a secret path he told you about earlier in the day. Reaching up you take your earbuds out and turn your headphones off.

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Boruto ep. 25 Recap

“The Turbulent Field Trip”

  • Boruto wanted to blow Iruka’s wig off. LMFAO! HE HEARD THAT IRUKA WAS A BALD-HEADED HOE, SO HE WENT HIMSELF TO SNATCH HIS CRANIUM! I AM INCONSOLABLE! Don’t y’all ever in your musty ass lives talk shit about my nephew ever again! Giving us quality content!
  • It’s so funny that Naruto wasn’t mad that he was tryna pull a prank off, but more upset with the lack of execution. Like he said, he needs to have more finesse. 
  • Omg. I swear when Naruto was facing off with Boruto, I thought he was talking to his own shadow clone. Only Boruto can push his buttons like that. 
  • I saw that Boruto was tied up, hanging upside down from the cieling and I smooth didn’t think anything about it. I wanted more details about the field trip.
  • It’s so cute that Mitsuki is sitting down next to his future teammate, Sarada.
  • I’m telling y’all right now that they are not paying Shino enough to babysit a class full of bad ass kids in ANOTHER country! Nope. I’m stressed for him.
  • *gasps* The KakaYama baby has spoken! I’ll never let that shit go. This is Kakashi’s baby & we deserve answers! Ima animate my own paternity test episode for this reason alone. Stay tuned!
  • Sumiere went undercover to destroy the Hidden Leaf, & thinks it’s entirely TEW much for her to volunteer as the field trip leader. Listen. I too, would rather steal people’s chakra.
  • They threw Boruto under the bus. Hahahahahah! My girl Sarada came up with the master plan & Shikadai’s unloyal ass co-signed it to get the class riled up. Lmao! I live!
  • This lil girl with the brown paw sleeves still freaks me out. I want her transferred to another class, immediately!
  • Metal Lee is like his grandaddy Gai, he can’t handle the waves of the ocean.
  • I squealed when I saw the girls enjoying themselves in the pool! Yes, princesses! Treat yourself!
  • This interaction between Sarada & Boruto on the ship’s deck was so funny! When he mimicked her, I ASCENDED into another dimension. hajdhifuheifureahihiufhgiruhghgiu! I cannot wait to see more of these babies once they are in their designated teams.
  • I’ve come to like Iwabe but he needs to chill with his debbie downer shit. I REBUKE the angst! 
  • I’m starting to think Mitsuki don’t sleep. 
  • Mitsuki low-key shaded Boruto. He said his jutsus are not just for anybody & he got a lot learn. 
  • I don’t learn nobody’s name that are not my nieces & nephews cause I don’t care but this boy, Kagura!? He’s adorable! Omg. Look at the baby Mizukage!
  • ChoCho is a fully realized girl. She thinks Kagura is cute but what about the inside??? Is he trash or not? lol
  • Shino better WORK that bag! Yasss! Swing that tote from side to side!
  • Aaaaaaahhhh! Shino taking pictures of his dorters is so adorable! He don’t got no kids but he’s a whole ass dad.
  • Shikadai & Boruto are such nerds. Like full-blown card trading nerds.
  • I love how Shikadai smiles way more than Shikamaru & Temari did, combined, in their entire lifetimes. A happy baby!
  • These ugly ass boys from the Mist got a lot of nerve. They’re pressed.
  • Like, these kids are being good for once in their life & here they come tryna start trouble. 
EXO Reaction when you buy adorable/fashionable clothes for your upcoming child

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Jagi why do you have so many baby clothes? … Wait… am  I going to be a father?!”


*Shopping with you* “Why can’t we buy him this galaxy pants! He’s going to love them! Or maybe this galaxy shirt!” *Can’t believe you don’t share his sense of fashion*


“Wait wait wait… are these for me?! Oh they are baby clothes?! But this would look so good on me!”*He’s a baby*


“No no no! Get that thing out of my sight! We’re buying her this little panda dress!” *Fashion expert here xD*


“Jagi… you don’t even know if it will be a girl! What if it’s a boy! I want to buy Jongin Jr some cute little pants!” *Having this conversation for the 100th time*


“Let’s make a deal.. you buy the clothes and I buy the toys!” *Having so much fun*


*He follows you everywhere* “Look at her… taking pictures of the clothes… This girl…”


*Having so much fun shopping with you* “No no baobei.. our baby needs manly shoes!”


*When you ask him to come with you shopping* “ I don’t know jagi, sounds suspicious to me… You want me to carry the bags don’t you…“


*Always with you* “It was a successful day jagi… We bought so many clothes today… Our baby is so lucky to have a mom like you” *Hubby material here*


*Decides to do some shopping too* “I bet our baby will love this hand soap… What do you think Lay 2?”


*He just can’t with the fact that he’s going to be a father* “Can I come next time with you? Pretty please?”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I ask how the boys would be asking their female s/o for a child? Like, they don't have any yet. Maybe they need some "convincing"?

I wasn’t sure what type of ‘convincing’ you meant…I read that there are some people who are like ‘I don’t want kids but I really want to come in you without a condom or pulling out’…this type of logic is weird to me. So I went with convincing as in ‘I doubt my abilities as a parent’. Hope that was okay. Also, I’m afraid imma have to divide this into two parts. Sorry ( ≧Д≦)

A Child To Call Mine-Part 1


You two would have been lying in bed when you noticed Noctis sighing deeply and tossing and turning constantly every few minutes, despite how tired he looked when he first came home. He’d almost gone thirty six hours without sleep as he’d spent the past day and a half working some problems with some rebels against the new king at the Citadel, and his exhausted ocean blue eyes looked as exhausted as he must have felt. You swore the bags under his eyes had bags. 

After an hour of being jerked out of almost being lulled to sleep with a loud sigh or the bed bouncing, you get fed up and ask Noctis what the hell was going on. 

Naturally, he told you. “They want me to produce an heir,” 

Oh. Oh. It wasn’t the first time the counsel had tried to hassle you two into procreating for the sake of a nation, but Noctis always told them that you weren’t ready for a child yet and they would just have to wait. But seeing his worry lines and hearing his deep and drastic sighs, that was clearly no longer the case as he starts rattling off different reasons why the counsel wants their King to produce the next ruler, most of the reasons being about the positive message it would send to others knowing that the future of the kingdom is officially secure. 

Not that you heard any of that, though. You were too busy being filled with dread. 

Your child wasn’t just going to be any child. They would be the future ruler of a nation and would have to spend night and day training to become the best monarch possible to lead the people to glory as their father would. Not to mention that they would be the target of every assassin, every person who wanted the Caelum line to die once and for all. Noctis could easily protect himself from assassins, but how could your baby be able to protect itself from dangers? What…

What kind of a parent could you be if you couldn’t protect your own child? 

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*slams m freaking head through the wall* shatt????

  • do you thikn they would have kids
    • boy or girl or whatever who the funk cares cuz could you imagine,,, shiro with kids
    • with TWINS
    • he would get the little double baby carrier with one baby in the back and one in the front and he loves to turn around like BAM a baby
    • matt takes approximately uhhhhhhhhhhh one thousand photos a day
      • shiro: matty do we really need a picture of dahlia throwing up formula
      • matt: is that even a goddamn question
  • shiro doing pushups with matt sitting cross legged on his back reblOG IF U AGREE 
  • you can probably find them just walking around with shiro giving matt a piggyback ride/carrying him bridal style/matt just doing some koala shit and wrapping himself around shiro’s front
  • matt: can we go to dairy queen
  • shiro: it’s 2 am
  • matt: 
  • matt: please
  • shiro: damn u right lets fucking gO
  • katherine holt is Very Done
    • katie: look okay they’re all in love and are always in their honeymoon phase or some shit it’s fucking disgusting
    • keith: cheers bro i’ll drink to that
Boyfriend Mino

i was so glad to get get this one! winner are so under appreciated 💔

  • surprise dates
  • I can just imagine him randomly showing up to your house/apartment/whatever at 3am and waking you up like “wth aren’t you ready for our date?” but before you can properly wake up or put clothes on, he’s carrying you bridal style to his car and driving to a meadow where winner did a photo shoot before
  • “It was so pretty taking pictures here and it made me think you might like it here too”
  • “Oh, Minho, I do. It’s really beautiful. BUT NOT AT 3AM!”
  • this boy is such a womanizer imo like have you seen his teaser for “baby baby?” the script was supposed to be him just kissing the girl but he was like “uh no let’s makeout” and he fucking ravished her against a wall
  • so expect to deal with that and the pros and cons that come with it
  • pro: his kisses literally take your breath away. and he knows how to please a woman, making sure you’re very satisfied by the end of the night
  • con: he prob has some ex’s that you’ll randomly bump into and they’re grinding and dropping it low and are super hot and depending on your level of self-confidence that could really suck. then there’s times where his long term friends will accidentally mention some kinky shit he did with one of the ex’s and he’s uncomfortable and ready to kill while you’re reminding yourself to take deep breaths and not cry
  • despite the player persona he has, he is so committed to you and even talks about the future sometimes. Half Moon Friends really made him think about settling down and i mean “diamond ring, three kids, pet dog” kinda settling down
  • but then he’s also v immature like nights out with him are a pain because you’re either babysitting him and picking him up off the floor or he coaxes you into letting loose and you have no memory of the night whatsoever but you wake up wearing a pink feather boa in the park ??
  • taking care of drunk Minho isn’t too bad tho
  • like usually he just blurts out random but cute shit like “wow you’re so pretty” or “damn that ass” that shows he loves you in a weird way because he’s wasted and slurring but still thinking of you
  • hungover Minho is a pain though. he’s just a big baby who needs constant attention so you spend the whole day cuddling him or getting him water
  • also loves sending &  receiving nudes
  • Taehyun went through your phone one day and has never recovered
  • but that doesn’t stop Minho telling the boys pretty much everything since they’re like his family and he’s hella proud
  • drunk phone calls at inhuman hours when he’s on tour because “I miss you so much and then I fell so my knee hurts but you can’t kiss it better and –”
  • Cute couple pictures
  • And matching bracelets so he can look at it when he’s on tour and think of you

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Uncle Renzou:

Originally posted by lawlu

  • At first he’s just casual about it
  • He loves his new baby niece/nephew 
  • He totally uses the baby’s cuteness as a way to pick up girls
  • Mamushi is pissed at him for it
  • Juzo too but less so then his wife
  • He constantly fights with Kinzou and Gouzou about who will be a better uncle
  • He loves squidging the baby’s cheeks
  • Snapchatting the baby
  • Because it’s so cute and because girls will pop up
  • Once the baby is older he has fun taking it out
  • Pushing he/she on the swings at the park
  • Having the toddler on his knee and going down the slide
  • Teaching it curse words behind their parents back
  • Being kicked to shit by Mamushi and Juzo after they find out
  • If it were a boy, teaching him how to pick up girls at an early age, if it were a girl, warning her about boys 
  • Then realising they could be gay
  • Then he decided too show the baby two different pictures and see which it prefers
  • Probably not the best way
  • Spoiling the kid constantly 
  • Like on birthdays or christmas’
  • Or when he’s been at school for a while so he hasn’t seen his niece/nephew in a while
  • Always bringing sweets for them
  • He gives them piggy back rides everywhere
  • Although he moans he secretly loves playing Horsey 
  • He gives the best hugs
  • Sticking his middle finger up at Kinzou when the kid immediately goes to his arms instead of his older brothers 

Question: I can’t wait to see baby Shima!! Do you think Mmaushi and Juzo will have a boy or a girl?


Originally posted by quicksilver-gifs

  • Peter loves to put his hands on your stomach everyday
  • Even when you were only weeks pregnant he would put his hands on your stomach just to feel you growing
  • Once you started showing he completely fangirled
  • That’s when the baby talk started
  • “Who’s my cute wittle baby? Is you? Yes it’s you my sweet wittle twinky?”
  • “You’re making me hungry”
  • Speaking of hungry you had sooo many cravings
  • Peter happily provided you with everything you desired
  • Even if it was at 4 in the morning
  • “Peter…peter wake up”
  • “What?”
  • “I really want some chicken nuggets”
  • “Please don’t make me get up”
  • He got up anyway because he loves you
  • So he drove to McDonald’s at 4 in the morning, got your chicken nuggets and sat with you at the dinner table while you rambled about whatever
  • He was half asleep for most of it
  • “Isn’t so sad that Pluto is so small?”
  • “Mhmm”
  • “I can relate to Pluto so much. Look at me! I’m so small! And look at you! You’re like Jupiter compared to me!”
  • “Mhmm”
  • Then you started crying and he woke up instantly
  • “What’s wrong? Do you feel sick? Is it the baby?”
  • “No! I’m just so sad that you’re taller than me! Why are you so tall? ”
  • He didn’t know how to respond so he just held you while silently laughing
  • Your mood swings were too much for him to handle
  • One minute you were happily watching tv while eating and the next you were yelling at him because he was breathing too loud
  • “I’M TRYING”
  • You started crying
  • You also loved cats so much
  • You adopted 3 one time when you went to the market
  • You didn’t even get the food you were supposed to get
  • “Hey, you need help with the groceries?”
  • “No…”
  • “What did you do?”
  • “I brought cats!”
  • “What have I done”
  • So now you have 3 cats named Flash, Minnie, and Peanut
  • The cats adore you
  • They follow you everywhere around the house
  • They can sense that you’re pregnant so every time Peter tries to hug you they hiss at him because they think he’s hurting you
  • Peter attends all of your ultrasounds
  • When he first heard the heartbeat he almost cried  
  • And when you saw him almost crying you started crying
  • Then he actually started crying
  • It was a mess
  • He framed your first sonogram picture
  • He keeps one in his wallet to
  • When the baby first started kicking he was so amazed
  • He wouldn’t take his hands off of your stomach
  • When he can’t sleep at night he’ll put his hand on your stomach to relax himself and fall asleep
  • He also likes to put headphones on your stomach and play rock music so they can be like him
  • He plays AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Guns n’ Roses, etc.
  • When he’s not looking you’ll change it to your mixtape of R&B or Hip-Hop
  • Peter also really likes to draw on your stomach
  • He uses crayola markers and draws what he thinks the baby will look like
  • He really wants a little boy so he’ll usually draw a baby with a little blue beanie
  • He’s surprising really good at drawing to
  • He’ll make a pillow and blanket nest so you can rest in while he draws and plays music
  • Most of the time you fall asleep
  • As I mentioned in my previous headcannons, Peter loves to take pictures of you, so he brings out his camera and takes pictures of you
  • Through your whole pregnancy he took pictures of your stomach and labeled them with how many weeks you were + the date
  • Peter also loves to read comic books to the baby
  • He has a whole box full of them
  • He reads at least one everyday
  • When you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy, Peter is jumping all over the place 
  • He’s both excited and nervous
  • And since you both decided to wait to find out the gender he’s freaking out over whether he’s going to have a baby boy or a baby girl
  • He would absolutely love to have a boy but if its a girl he would love her the same
  • Sport alert: you have a girl
  • When you finally get the labour pains, you were shopping for more baby clothes with Jubilee (gender neutral of course)
  • Since she’s like only 17 she starts to freak out and almost electrocutes you
  • Then she calls Peter to meet at the hospital
  • Jubilee nearly crashes the car 2 times but you make is safely to the hospital
  • She helps you register in, change into the hospital gown, calm your breathing,etc.
  • She was doing amazing with you and you were so grateful
  • Peter finally arrives and takes over but Jubilee still sticks around because you need the extra support
  • The rest of the X squad came over to
  • They took over the whole waiting room
  • Peter sayed with you the whole time but Jubilee would trade places with everyone else at some point
  • The Professor was even there
  • He even helped to ease your contractions so they weren’t so painful
  • He already knew you were having a girl but didn’t spoil the surprise for all of you
  • Fast forward nine long hours, you’re finally dilated enough to start pushing
  • Peter stays by your side the whole time holding your hand
  • You were kinda moody because of the long hours
  • “Push harder, you’re doing amazing!”
  • “Shut up or I’ll rip your face off! You did this to me!”
  • He just held your hand and stayed quiet after that
  • Everyone outside the room asked either the Professor or Jean to read your mind to know how it was going
  • They had a good laugh knowing you wanted to rip Peter’s head off
  • Minutes later small cries were heard and you completely melted
  • You were told it was a girl and then she was handed to you
  • You held her briefly and Peter watched with watery eyes
  • She was taken to get cleaned up and then handed to Peter
  • Minutes later everyone came in the room to welcome Victoria Maximoff to the family
  • Everyone held her at some point and opened her eyes but only for a few minutes
  • Peter took pictures of everyone holding Victoria to add to his collection
  • Soon everyone left to go back to the mansion
  • Peter laid with you in your bed with Victoria in your arms
  • When you started to doze off he took her from your arms and held her for a while
  • He watched her as she slept peacefully, occasionally making little noises and twitching
  • He started to think what he did to deserve such a perfect life
  • Next to him he has the love of his life, the person he would die for, and in his arms he held his whole life
  • He teared up once again knowing now he has two people who will love him unconditionally besides his mother and sister
  • He realises he has a whole new path to ride down but now, he has you and Victoria to help him along the way
  • There isn’t a single thing he wouldn’t do for the both of you
  • Whether it’s playing princess tea party with Victoria or buying tampon for you, he would do it
  • He was more than happy to have two beautiful girls in life 

Sorry this took so long!! I was buried in homework these past weeks plus moving so it was pretty crazy. Things are getting back on track soon, I promise! 

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RFA + saerans reaction to you being pregnant (jahees can be that your clear for adoption)

CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!~Madre Mod (You can tell who I spent the most time on)


  • He was pretty shocked tbh
  • You were standing in front of him, crying tears of joy, your hand grasping a positive pregnancy test.
  • He was confused what the stick was, until you shoved it right in his face
  • He gasp
  • Totally doesn’t send “Player 3 is joining the game.” to the messenger
  • jumin doesn’t get it poor h i m
  • yoosung runs around the neighbor hood screaming he is going to be a father
  • “Yoosung your pants!!!”


  • How do you tell the actor he is going to be a father?
  • Give him a scrpit, but put in one of the stage cue (___ enters stage left holding a baby) 
  • Let him read said script and let him come to you.
  • 8/10 he’s going to understand the meaning of the stage cue, and he will start crying.
  • He takes a picture of you and he WILL put it on his social media, get ready for praises and small haters. And many baby gifts from his fans.
  • Puts the pregnancy test on the messenger
  • Jahee is happy for you both, soft scolding about zen’s reputation, but still happy.
  • “Babe is it a boy or girl, I need to be prepared to fight for our child.” “Zen I found out I was pregnant today. Give me a month or two.”


  • Your not ready….for his reaction tbh.
  • You know he is going to be happy, but there is two sides to this.
  • Either he hugs you and refuses to let you go, or he immediately makes plans to redecorate a room for the baby, makes you get checked by his doctors every week and makes you go on a healthy diet.
  • You take your chances and go to jumin with the pregnancy test.
  • He smiles.
  • I mean like a REAL GENUINE SMILE.
  • He also goes to hug you to hide his tears he is really fucking happy
  • he promises to not be like his father, he will be there for his child
  • “I can’t wait to see our child MC.”
  • he does is planing in secret so you don’t get mad at him


  • You leave cute little baby sized glasses on his desk with a note “I’m going to be just as adorable as you when I grow up!”
  • You calmly sit in the living room and wait for him.
  • “MC ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!” he is just screaming
  • You have to walk to him cause Seven is not going to move from his spot
  • this is a dream to him
  • He’s crying
  • He seems sad but he is pretty freaking happy
  • You tell him that you are pregnant and it’s not a dream/prank
  • gentle hugs and soft murmurs of how good of a parent he is going to be


  • You straight up tell him
  • no little gifts, no leaving the pregnancy tests where he can see them.
  • you just tell him.
  • You are not prepared when he stands up and locks himself in his room.
  • well you were kinda prepared considering his…..childhood
  • When you found out you were pregnant you knew saeran was going to need a few minutes to himself to get himself together
  • You put a tub of his favorite ice cream in front of his room, knocked, and sat in the living room to wait.
  • an hour later saeran comes out his room and to the living room to give you a hug
  • “I’m happy. But i’m afraid i’ll be just like my mom.” “I’ll make sure that won’t happen, you’re getting better, you’ll be a good parent.”
  • You both cuddle on the couch

Last but not least, Jaehee

  • You were casually going through the mail, seeing what bills you both had to pay when you saw it, a small envelope from the city(?) 
  • you quickly ran into the house to open it, and when you did all you saw was a huge red stamp with the word ‘Approved’ on your and Jahee’s adoption request.
  • To say you are happy is an understatment, you were ELATED!
  • You literally ran to the Cafe you and jaehee own(she let you have a day off) screaming
  • you scared a few people on the way, and the people in the cafe when you threw the door open and screamed for Jaehee.
  • Who was actually ten feet from where you stood.
  • You held up the adoption papers, making sure the ‘Approved’ stamp was facing her
  • Jaehee nearly dropped the latte she was holding. She couldn’t believe it. You both were approved to adopt a kid.
  • *Internal screaming*
  • She gave the latte to the customer before she ran into your arms and swung you around.
  • “We can adopt! We can adopt!” “I can’t believe it!”
  • The customers were clapping. Jaehee nearly dropped you. You both forgot yOU WERE IN PUBLIC.
  • Blushy faces.

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A blurb about their newborn baby boy and how he would be around him and Y/N❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

aw so he would be in shock ever since the moment your new baby boy was born throughout the birth he was by your side and couldn’t believe that you had delivered such a precious gift, he couldn’t express his love anymore towards you and the baby, he’d be taking so many pictures of him and of you and your little baby he’d be sending them to all the friends and family and even sharing some on social media with captions like “absolutely in love with my little family” or “I’m so proud of my beautiful girl ‘y/n’ for bring our precious boy into the world” or “my everything❤️” he would be constantly asking you if needed anything and if you were doing okay after the birth and everything and he’d be in awe anytime you were caring for your baby boy and be saying things like “you are such an amazing mother” or “how am I so lucky to get you as the mother to my child”, he would sing lullabies to him and some of his own songs like purpose or baby, and believe me from the moment your baby was born he is a total daddy’s boy literally he’ll be crying and the minute J picks him up he’ll calm down, most nights when he would wake justin would jump up as soon as he hears the little cries and whisper to you “it’s okay babe I got him get some sleep” you guys would have cuddles on the couch watching a movie you’d be laying beside J and your little baby would be asleep on his chest , he’d even have his own mini purpose merch baby grow

I love this I could on forever with this it’s the cutest

A/N: You are so sweet! Don’t worry, I try to write more through out the day time than at night to make sure I’m getting enough sleep and eating well. But since that’s mainly during the summer time I will have less time to write when school starts back up again because of both school and work so I will want to stay up later to finish an imagine or a chapter in a fic I’m writing. But who knows my school might have a writing club and if so I’ll join it to write more lol. I got this template from tenseoyong and I could not find the original creator to give proper credit to.

A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?

You would have an unplanned but planned pregnancy? Like you and Rapmon have been wanting children but have never physically tried, just having sex whenever you both wanted each other? You were a bit nervous about being pregnant (but not surprised bc y'all have been going at it a lot lately) so you confide in the BTS member you are closest to and they’ll tell you to tell Rapmon now before it’s too late. Which you do. You don’t even remember why you were scared to tell him because he’s crying tears of joy and tbh he’ll just hold you for a little bit. He’s a pretty open guy but I can see him being someone who’d hide the pregnancy just so you two can enjoy your little secret together. He’ll tell the world with the first ultrasound picture and literally no caption besides #RM so people know it’s him and you that are expecting.

B = Books.- Did he read the books?

He’d like to do his research so yes Rapmon would read the books.

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more?

Rapmon is clumsy so he’ll play with the baby more instead of cuddling.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in.

Some call him daddy as more of a sexual joke so when he actually becomes a father he’d feel a bit uncomfortable seeing comments like “____ me daddy” that are clearly inappropriate but when people mention him being a father he’ll smile brightly and probably show off photos of the baby.

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?

Namjoon probably wouldn’t think of the things you run out of because you both magically just had them on hand before the baby came so now that you have another mouth to feed you run out of things at least every other week. Since he’s never really had to go out for them before he’ll forget them when he stops at the store after work so you’ll go out for the things you guys need soon but when he gets used to it he’ll have an easier time remembering and he’ll grab it before you even ask for it.

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Being the lanky guy he is his arms are too long to have both him and his baby sit comfortably for a few minutes for feeding time. But he has a hack, using only one arm because it’s just that long. In one hand he has a baby and in the other he’s got a pen and writing lyrics on a napkin to save for later aka Cypher pt. 5.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby?

While Namjoon is a serious guy he’d be a complete goofball with his grumpy baby. A mini photo shoot for kimdaily (which would probably change to 2kimdaily because he’ll make you take the pictures of him and your son/daughter)  would consist of him spinning the baby around before the two of them lean against the wall and the baby would try to copy Namjoon’s poses and aawwwwwwwwwwwwwww/

H = How?- how many kids does he want?

Rapmon would want either two boys or two girls, if he gets a boy and a girl he’d probably want to try for a third so then he’d get double of one. With his boys he’d wrestle a lot, and probably dress them up more because he knows men’s fashion better than women’s. With his daughter’s he’d focus more on brains but he wouldn’t push education on them do to possible stress. He’d want his children to be both creative and intelligent in order for them to have more opportunities in life.

Jokes.- best dad joke?

“What’s the difference between in-laws and outlaws?”

“Outlaws are wanted.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.

Because he is more playful with the baby he’ll blow raspberries on their tummy or puffy cheeks just to get them to giggle. He’d also do that thing where he “bites” their fingers.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

He’d be to worried he’d bump their head on the arm rest or that they’ll wiggle out of his arms and fall, but since they were just born they haven’t gotten used to moving yet and they are stiff as a board. This gives him time to relax and get used to holding a baby and to take in their appearance, they have his dimples and your nose!

M = Mommy.- what does he call you?

His pet name for you wouldn’t change from “baby” but when you are alone ;););) he wouldn’t refrain himself from saying “baby girl”

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad diapers?

He’s a bit fidgity with doing diaper changes because he doesn’t want to hurt the baby, especially in the “important parts” so you’ll do it most of the time but he can do it once in a while, mainly when there’s time to spare and he can move slowly and carefully.

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits?

“Kimdaily outfits aren’t ridiculous!” -Namjoon as he puts a beanie on the baby.

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby.

He’d call his baby “chubs” because of their cute cheeks but he’d start to over think that calling them so would give them body insecurities and start calling them something different but still unique to them like. In my family each grandchild gets a nickname and mine was Breezy because I am cool as a fan (at least when I was a baby i was that cool idk about now but eeee-) so he’ll make a nickname that’s close to the baby’s personality as they grow up a bit.

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse?

Since he read the books and did his research he’d have a very good understanding about what’s going on, no need for him to ask questions.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for?

He’d rely on you to give him the confidence he needs to be a good father, since he’s probably so paranoid about injuring the baby or something but then again you have your own insecurities and things to worry about so basically you guys trust each other to be the rock in the relationship.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night?

I feel like Namjoon is the kind of person who can run on four hours of sleep (i.e me too) so he’d so some of the night time cradles and feedings. If he’s past exhaustion he wouldn’t get up because his body wouldn’t let him. You wouldn’t be mad at him thought because he needs his rest as well.

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent.

Besides the fear of hurting his baby by mistake he’d worry about his child being dreamless and not knowing what they want to do in life. He’d be supportive of anything they chose to do but if they wind up working in a low paying job that makes them miserable he’d never forgive himself.

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.

He wouldn’t get emotional or anything like that, if anything he’d more concerned for you because god dang you got a baby in you that can’t be comfortable.

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

Since Namjoon would expose his child to many different things he’s want his child to know that they don’t have to stick to something they don’t like doing and to stand up for themselves if they are being harassed or talked down on.

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths?

You would because he wouldn’t want to slip and fall on the baby or something like that. But he’ll bring you towels and soap or do chores and clean.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays?

He’d want time to spend with people who he hasn’t seen very often through out  the years so a family road trip would be something he’d want to do.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in?

Rapmon would rather not raise his voice and would like it if you did the same so fights are more or less like stern whispers to make sure the baby doesn’t wake up. You’d both talk out whatever the problem was because it’s not just you two anymore.

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?

If you two have unspoken jobs assigned to each other you do now, if one of you see that the dishes aren’t done then it’s your turn to wash them. Same thing with the trash, house clutter, etc.


Solangelo Head Canons

• Nico said I love you first and Will didn’t stop crying for two hours straight because he knew how scared Nico was to get attached to someone
• Will is always the big spoon. Always.
• When Will is sick it takes Nico all of his will power to keep him home, the son of Apollo is just so stubborn and will not admit he doesn’t feel well, even if his temperature is 104
• However, if Nico so much as sneezes or sniffles Will quarantines him to their bedroom, passing him soup and tissues through a barely open crack in the door
• When Nico has nightmares, Will hums an Apollo hymn that instantly makes him fall back asleep
• Will hates telling Nico when he has nightmares, but Nico always notices, so he’ll get out of bed, get honey and warm milk for Will to drink and rub Wills back until he falls back asleep
• Nico is actually a morning person just as much as Will so the two together at 6:30 am are enough to give anyone a headache
• Nico always complains about the amount of selfies Will takes of them (he’s Instagram addicted) but really he loves all the memories because he doesn’t have any pictures with Bianca or his mother
• Wills mother thinks Nico is the best thing to ever happen to her son
• Will proposes to Nico and Nico cries like a big baby and then Will starts to cry like a big baby
• They both wear flower crowns at the wedding. Nicos white baby’s breath and Wills are sunflowers (obviously)
• They love children and adopt three, two girls and a boy
• Nico is such a sucker for those kids so Will is definitely seen as the stricter parent

• Nico didn’t like Christmas until he met Will, but now the two go all out
• They love bathes
• Nico almost can’t shadow travel around Will because he shines so brightly around Nico
• And Will is okay getting in the way of that
• Their kids call Will Daddy (Dad as they get older) and Nico is Papá
• Nico teaches their kids Italian and talks about how much he loves their dad in it to them and how beautiful and wonderful they are
• Will thinks he’s shit talking
• They love each other more than anyone has ever loved anyone because the two compliment each other perfectly

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I love your head cannons! I'd really like to request one, but if you've already done it please link me to it? How would the RFA and Saeran be with pregnant MC? Coming from a pregnant mother of two, I think this would be so cute to read! Thank you!

This is so cute anon!! It hasn’t really been done (there was one about MC and RFA having kids (go here to see it ‘cause peony did such a good job on it and it is so cute), but not exactly this ^^) so I’m going for it!!

I am also referencing (most of) their initial reactions from Peony, hehe


  • You revealed it to him in such a cute way honestly. On Christmas you got him a new gaming console and put a ribbon around each remote
  • One said “Yoosung’s remote”, one said “MC’s remote”, and the last said “baby’s remote”
  • He didn’t notice for the longest time?? He only noticed when he was taking the ribbon off. “MC, what’s this?”
  • “It’s for the baby Yoosung”
  • “……….”
  • “…..what? Wait wHAT??!!?”
  • Yes, yes he did almost pass out. Yes it was from joy and shock
  • But he became so excited??
  • He’s constantly worrying over you, “did you eat enough?” “MC don’t push yourself” “be careful, don’t trip on the steps!!”
  • He’s also constantly kissing your tummy, he thinks it’s so cute and precious, he’s constantly talking to it about how you’re the best mom and that the baby’s so lucky to be with you two
  • He pampers you as much as he can, given funds being kind of tight. It’s his inspiration to go back to college and work harder, he wants to be able to support you and the little baby
  • The two of you are constantly fantasizing about what you want for the baby, a month after you revealed it Yoosung was ready to go baby shopping “it’s too early Yoosung” “it’s never too early for our baby”
  • He doesn’t want to leave you at all through the whole thing
  • When the baby’s born, his whole face lights up
  • He knew it before, but this makes him so sure that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life and to raise your start of a family together


  • (Assuming you wanted your own kids instead of adoption, and you chose to be the one to carry ^^)
  • You two made the decision one night. It just kind of happened, “I want kids.”
  • “Let’s do it, then”
  • “I want to carry”
  • She grins and kisses you, “we’ll have the cutest little kid then”
  • Jaehee is really calm and comforting from start to finish
  • She seems be more understanding over the pains of pregnancy, and is constantly there comforting you whenever you get morning sickness
  • But she’s also so loving, constantly there for you and cuddling, always making sure you have a warm cup of cocoa or food
  • She’s constantly kissing your forehead and telling you how wonderful it’s going to be, the baby’s gonna have two loving mothers who will be so supportive
  • As soon as you find out the gender (a little girl), Jaehee and you go shopping. She’s the best shopper ever honestly, you two agree on everything and she finds the most adorable clothes to dress your little girl in
  • You find the cutest stuffed animals though
  • You know the baby will love them when she comes
  • And the two of you already love your little baby girl


  • You decided to reveal it to him at a photoshoot of the two of you. You each had a little chalkboard to write each other a message, and while he wrote something he loved about you, you wrote “guess what, we’re expecting <3″
  •  His face just lit up the moment he saw it, and then he rushed over and picked you up, spinning you in a circle
  • The moment was caught on camera, and as soon as you guys got the pictures, he framed it and hung it in your guys’ room
  • He is so happy oh my goodness
  • Every day he wakes you up kissing you and getting you breakfast full of good food
  • He’s constantly talking to the baby too. He loves singing to the baby, especially the cutie pie song okay actually you request that one all the time cause when he does it he’s so cute
  • Zen doesn’t ever want to leave you alone, he feels torn whenever he has to go to work, but he makes up for it by constantly spending his free time with you, constantly comforting and cuddling and loving you
  • He loves touching your tummy too, he constantly takes pictures as you progress through your pregnancy, and he kisses your tummy so much he might kiss it more than he kisses you on the lips
  • He’s so excited for the baby and is so gentle with you the whole time
  • “Zen we don’t know if the baby is a girl or a boy yet”
  • Whoops


  • Could he be any more in love with you?
  • Yes. Apparently.
  • You revealed it to him at dinner, on his napkin you wrote you + me = 3 
  • When he first saw it he kind of stared at it confused at first, but then it dawned on him
  • And he was so excited. He has you, and you are going to have a family with him, and he’ll have an heir
  • “MC, this will be so perfect. We will be so happy together”
  • He isn’t home often from work, but he’s constantly checking up on you, texting and calling all the time and making sure you’re okay, that you’ve eaten
  • He makes sure you don’t have any way to overexert yourself, he wants you to be totally comfortable
  • He’s so sweet whenever he’s actually with you, talks about what you two want for you baby when they’re born, how you want to raise them, the whole bit
  • He wants to be ready when the baby comes
  • He gets the baby’s room renovated and when you guys learn the baby’s gender you get clothes to dress your little boy
  • You secretly sneak a little dog stuffed animal you had as a kid into the cradle
  • Jumin doesn’t notice before it’s to late
  • The dog is the baby’s favorite stuffed animal


  • He was psyched when he found out, like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement
  • You surprised him with it on your anniversary when you gave him a box with two little shirts in it
  • “Daddy’s little twins”
  • TWINS???
  • He is so excited
  • And he keeps kissing you and your tummy
  • But he freezes for a moment where he seems really vulnerable, and worried, and sad
  • “Seven, are you okay?”
  • “I… I don’t want to end up like my parents”
  • You hug him and promise, “We won’t be anything like them– we will be so much better”
  • “Promise?”
  • “I promise”
  • He lightens up the rest of the time. And he doesn’t stop making jokes about it, all the time
  • Whenever people ask what they will be, Seven always says, “babies, hopefully!”
  • Seven they wanna know the gender
  • He also loves telling stories to the babies about the adventures of Agent Seven O Seven, the defender of justice!
  • Whenever one of the babies kick, he’s ecstatic
  • He is so precious but omg you’re positive that twins are a hassle to carry
  • You love them all though


  • Saeran, when you first tell him, goes into shock
  • But then he goes into super-protective-new-dad mode
  • Just like Peony said, if someone so much as looks at you the wrong way he’s ready to fight them then and there
  • And he acts so tough in public but then at home he’s a worried mess
  • He’s more of a mess than you when you’re acting up
  • He’s so worried he won’t be good enough or that he’ll do something wrong
  • You often both end up curled up on the couch with a bunch of pillows and blankets eating ice cream with chocolate syrup (you with shrimp or something weird) and him curled up whispering to your tummy
  • It comforts him to just curl up like that and its comforting to you to just cuddle and relax with him and know that he loves you and the baby
  • Other times he holds you whenever you feel insecure and crappy from being pregnant and rests his head on yours and you feel so safe and so much better
  • The first time the baby kicks his eyes well up with tears
  • He’s actually gonna have a family
  • And be happy
  • Oh goodness
  • This boy is so happy and he loves you and he loves the baby
  • So so much

~Sunflower (: