baby boy jr

I'm so scared about Nu'est like what will they do now??

Will they continue activities?? Will pledis give them that chance even with their debt?? Will they even continue without minhyun??

I want to keep telling myself that everything will be alright for them, but then the image of them just SITTING AROUND TO WAIT FOR THEIR CONTRACTS TO EXPIRE HAUNTS MY HEAD HELP

I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want their efforts to go to waste, and I am happy for Minhyun, and yet…

This l.o.v.e is very worried. Very very worried

I just really want an ep where we meet the rest of the Carisi bunch...

-want to see how crazy Gina and Theresa really are
-if mama Sonny has same dimples and smile as her baby boy
-and what dynamic jr and sr. Dominic have with each other
-and what Bella’s baby looks like and see sonny being an amazing uncle
-and what happens when Lucia meets her son’s boyfie’s fam..😏😎

You Don't Have To Be Afraid - Carl Grimes x Reader

Thanks for requesting, I hope this is somewhat of something you had in mind. I can always do it again if you don’t like it.

Request: Wonderful Anon, whoever you are…
Summary: The Reader catches Carl masturbating to her and his first time ensues…
Characters: The Reader and Carl
Word Count: 2500
Warnings: Fluffy smut

You Don’t Have To Be Afraid
It was a quiet night. You knew that Michonne and Rick took Judy over to see Maggie’s new baby boy, Glenn Jr. Carl had stayed back, he was still a little worried that Glenn would cry at him like he when he first saw his face. He was all alone in his bedroom so you decided to visit him. Then the two of you would read and make out some. That was it, though. Carl had never been with anyone before this and his relationship with you was his first. For never having touched a girl before he was a phenomenal kisser, but sometimes you wished he’d go farther. His hands planted firmly on your cheeks and his lips placed tenderly on yours just wasn’t enough. You wanted him to grab your ass and his lips to leave a trail of hickeys from your neck to your core. But you knew not push him, to just try and get the job done when you were alone because he wasn’t ready. He was nervous and clumsy and extremely inexperienced, but that didn’t stop you from fantasizing. That didn’t stop you from touching yourself to the thought that one day he’d take you in his arms and kiss you the way a man should caress a woman. He’d lead his hands to your pussy to artfully pleasure you with just his long, nimble fingers. But, that would never be, at least for years. He was too scared, but you loved him so you sucked it up.
Stepping inside the Grimes house you cursed yourself for not releasing the forming heat between your legs before you left your house. It was amazing how the thought of him could get you so high. Walking upstairs you stopped at his room when you heard a moan.
“Fuck, mhmm.” The voice sent a chill up your spine, it was Carl. He was moaning, but from what? Could it be another girl, could that be why he never wanted to go farther with you? Was there someone else? A look of distress appeared on your face and you gulped, feeling tears start to prick in your eyes. You cracked open the door just a very little bit and peered in.
“Yes, Y/N. Right there. Fuck, Y/N. You are so.” You gasped at the sight. He was in his everyday clothes, but his pants and boxer’s were pulled down to his knees. His hair was in a mess of strands laying in the sweat painted on his cheeks and forehead. There he was, in all of his glory with his hands, his long nimble fingers wrapped around himself. It was captivating to watch him pump up and down his cock, pleasuring himself while moaning your name. Oh, and his breath was heavenly as he panted at the ecstasy of his actions. Bringing yourself out of your trace you thought about what he said. He wanted you. He needed you to touch him, he needed to be in you and in that moment you had never felt more aroused. You accidentally leaned in and pushed the door open, tripping over yourself and nearly falling onto the floor of his room. He sprung up, whipping his head to the door and fell off the bed in shock. He jumped back up and pulled up his pants, his face all red from embarrassment. He started to speak, but stumbled over his words,
“I-me-di-we-I-.” You walked across the room and grabbed the back of his head, bringing his lips to yours. It was a short, but passionate kiss, even though he was just a brick wall in shock. You pulled away from him and bit your lip.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed. Watching you touch yourself to thoughts of me is the most sexy thing I have ever seen.” His face was still bright red and his eyes nearly popped out of his head at your comment. “Sometimes I do it too.” You tugged on his collar and pulled him with you to the bed. You pulled the bottom of your shirt up over your head and he gasped,
“What are you doing?” You licked your lips and leaned in, letting him get a good look at your breasts that he tried desperately to look away from.
“I thought you weren’t ready. I didn’t even think you touched yourself, but now I know you want me as much as I want you. Fuck, I want you so bad.” You reached around your back and undid your bra, throwing it to a random part of the room. He got up off the bed, his hands over his eyes.
“You came in at a bad time okay, you misinterpreted the situation so just put your clothes back on.” You scoffed and slinked off the bed, walking to him.
“So you’re saying you don’t want me?” He got extremely flustered when he turned around to see you standing in front of him and put his hands back over his eyes.
“Yes-I mean, no. Even if I wanted to make love to you, I don’t know how.” Suddenly you felt really bad. The lust in your body drained and suddenly you felt the nervous, bashful love all of him exhumed. He never went any farther with you, but not because he wasn’t ready, he just didn’t know how to go farther. That made you determined to make him feel safe and secure, you wanted his first time to be making love, not fucking. “I would love to touch you okay, you just have all of this experience and I haven’t even kissed a girl before you.” Right then and there you saw him as a scared child. He didn’t know anything about sex, but that was okay, you loved him. You grabbed his hands and put them on your face. He didn’t dare look down at your naked chest. He blushed and you looked at him straight in the eye a with a look of love,
“I’ll show you. Just don’t be afraid, let me love you.” You watched as he nervously stuttered,
“O-o-okay.” With that you crashed your lips into his and pulled him on top of you in his bed. Making out was something you did often, but you could feel him squirming from nerve at the sensation of your bare chest on his. You pushed him up against the the pillows on his bed and he blushed seeing your naked boobs. You grabbed his hands and put them on your breasts. His eyes grew to the size of watermelons and his cheeks became the color of a fire truck.
“Don’t be nervous remember.” You whispered in his ear. “You can explore them.” He contemplated the idea for a second, but started to gingerly knead them. You tossed your head back, reveling in the feeling of his rough hands on your swiftly hardening nipples. He studied your breathless expression and smiled.
“Does, does that feel good.” You moaned,
“Oh, god yes.” You remembered what you were doing, it was Carl’s first time. You needed to make him feel good so you pushed his hands away from your chest. “But, this is not about me, it’s about you.” You tugged on his shirt, signaling him to take it off and he did, cautiously. You trailed your fingers up and down his chest, causing him to shiver. You giggled and kissed his neck. Laying wet kisses over all of the skin there you smiled as he groaned. He whispered,
“This feels so good.” You responded by licking his and nibbling on the soft silk that is his skin and leaving a big purple hickey. You put your forehead on his and smirked.
“Your mine.” Before he could react you had already brought your lips to his and were sucking the soft flesh of his bottom lip. Deepening the kiss you opened your parted his lips and softly stroked the skin of his mouth. Since you were half naked already you decided to spare Carl the embarrassment of being the first one to be fully naked and unzipped your pants. Instead of pulling them down yourself you lead his hands to the sides of your jeans and guided him, helping him pull your pants and your panties down all at once. He was blushing like a man man when they were finally off. He refused to even look at you, but you made him.
“Carl, just look at me.” He could only look you in the eyes.
“I’m sorry, I ju-”
“Don’t be sorry. This is your first time and I don’t want to make you feel sorry or pressure you, I just want you to know that it’s okay. I’m showing you the most hidden parts of my body because I trust you and because I want to show you how much I love you.” Warrily, he turned back to you and looked at you full naked body. You smiled, but all he was a tomato who just stared at your form, longingly, lovingly. You ran your fingers through his hair and whispered to him. “Touch me.” Guiding his hand down you put it between your fully parted legs. He gasped and you groaned. You took his finger in yours and drew circles around your clit, you moaned at the sensation. “Fuck, Carl.” Behind you he was beginning to relax and whispered in your ear,
“You are so beautiful.” You smiled, but turned around to face him.
“Your turn.” He was extremely nervous, his eyes bugging out of his head. You had seen him before, but his hands were in the way so you couldn’t see his whole cock exposed. This made Carl very insecure.
“I like making you feel good, can we just do that.” You frowned.
“If that’s what you want, but remember what I said. You don’t have to be afraid.” He looked at you and sighed,
“Okay.” You unzipped his pants and pulled them off slowly and looked back up to Carl to see if it was okay to go farther. He nodded and you slid his boxers down his legs, watching as his cock sprung out. You gasped at his size, he was huge. Bigger than anyone you had ever been with before. Carl saw the look on your face and pulled the covers over himself, ashamed. “I knew this would happen.” Your eyes widened when you realized you had made him self conscious and and you crawled to him. Titling his head up to yours, you stroked his face with your thumb.
“I’m sorry, Carl. I was just shocked at how beautiful and big you are. I’ve never been with anyone as big as you. I guess that makes me a little nervous, too.” He shook his head,
“I guess we’re just finding our way together, huh?” You smiled at him and you mumbled to him,
“Stand up in the middle of the room.” He waited for a second, confused by your request, but then cautiously made his way completely naked to the center of the room. You followed him and got down on your knees. “You ready?” Before he could answer you mixed his pre-cum and the spit in your hand and wrapped them around him. He groaned deeply in response. You stroked up and down his hard cock, preparing him for the ecstasy you were going to give him with your mouth. Pumping him up and down he jerked his hips into your hands, gripping chunks of your hair in his fists. You looked up at his stunning face and decided it was time to give him what he wanted. When it was time you squeezed his balls and took him in your mouth all at once.
“Y/N. Shit, this feels so good.” You started to move your tongue as he deep throated you farther and farther. Carl’s cock was getting deeper inside your mouth as he thrusted in and out of you. He was begginning to pant harder and you knew it was coming. “FUCK!” His cum squirted into your mouth and he released your hair from his fists. Licking up all of his juices you stood up and smiled at the very dazed man.
“That’s not all.” Grabbing his hand you pulled him to the bed and got on top of him. He was still panting, but you kissed him passionately. “Are you ready to do this?” He looked at you with a disoriented smile.
“I’m ready. I want to make love to you.” Upon hearing that you gripped his cock and gently pushed it into your core. He whined, a breathy moan that nearly made you cum just at that. His size hurt you just a tad bit, but it was nothing compared to the arousing feeling of him just simply being inside of you. Once you were adjusted you started to move. Lift your hips up and down to meet his. He pulled your face to his and kissed you with a level of love you had never felt from anyone before.
“I love you, YN.” He mumbled on your lips.
“I love you, too.” He was so big, but he was also so sweet and gentle as his thrusted in you with compassion. Carl picked up the pace and reached down to touch your clit. He rubbed you the way you showed him and your eyes rolled into the back of your head. His thrusts became faster and harder and you could feel your climax approaching. He was getting close, too.
“FUCK, Y/N! You feel so good! Uhhh!” His cum spilled through your core as he road out his climax.
“Carl! Shit, Carl!” As you fell over the edge you looked at his great big, silly smile and giggled. Rolling over to lay next to him, he turned to you with a smirk.
“I don’t know why I was so nervous, that was the most fucking amazing experience I have ever had.” You giggled some more.
“See, I told you. You had nothing to be worried about, you were great.” Carl pulled you in his arms.
“I love you, Y/N.” You kissed his chest and combed your fingers through his gorgeous long hair.
“I love you, too, wait no. I don’t love you, I just like your dick.” He chuckled.
“Oh really?” You responded to him fake seriously,
“Oh, yeah. I’m just using you for your body.” The two of you burst into laughter and nearly rolled off the bed. “Actually, maybe I do love you.” His eyebrows lifted, and he kissed your nose. “Don’t let that fool you though, I am totally invested in your dick so your just gonna have to get use to sharing me.” Carl shot up,
“Yep.” You looked at him above you and knew that this was home, this was where you belonged. He leaned down to you for a kiss,
“Well, I think I can change your mind.”

Sorry, this is really bad. I feel like I have a lot of random issues in there. Sometimes even after I edit I will read a sentance and not notice there are words missing. Oh, well. Hope it didn’t suck that bad. Comment and tell me what you think.

Please support GOT7.

Please support the 7 boys.

Please support their first concert in Korea.

Please support JB that won’t be able to be there despite all the work bc of an injury.

Please support the six boys that now will have extra work organizing the choreos and song and stages with rush.And the pressure of what-the-fandom-will-do.

Please do not refund your ticket.

Please love GOT7.

Please cheer louder in the crowd tomorrow.

Please take there JB banners and spread the love.

Please make the boys feel loved because their first concert without his friend Jaebum will be hard for them too.

Please, if you are an ahgase, just support them.


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