baby boy come back


our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
we, your vips, will wait for you. just know we love and adore you and that we’re keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. please don’t worry about us too much and return to us safely. we miss you already. counting down til nov 2018.

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Me ^^ because I want Isaac to come back even if it’s just a glimpse of him. I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! 😢😭 just look at him

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peter’s screaming and screaming and screaming.

it’s so dark, so dark, and they’re taking his daddy away, they’re taking him! scared. he’s so scared, he wants daddy, his own daddy with his soft smile and his gentle hands, he wants him so bad but daddy doesn’t come, and it’s dark dark dark and daddy’s gone, and he’s so afraid.



the voice sounds like daddy, but it can’t be, they took daddy away, he’s gone, daddy’s gone! peter sobs and sobs in the darkness, terrified.

‘oh, darling,’ the voice that sounds like daddy says hoarsely. 'petey, petey sweetheart, sh-shh - wake up, darling, it’s just a bad dream. come back to me, baby boy.’ there are gentle hands touching peter, one softly carding through his hair.

'peter.’ that’s - that’s papa’s voice. peter sobs and shudders. papa - papa. daddy. his eyes fly open, and there’s daddy’s face, so soft and worried, and peter lets out another big choking sob and flungs himself at daddy’s chest.

daddy’s arms are round him, safe and tender, and peter can smell the warm clean scent that only daddy has, and daddy’s t-shirt is soft against his face. and peter chokes and cries and cries because daddy’s there, he’s really there, and he’d been really gone before when some bad guys kidnapped him, but papa had rescued him and now he’s here, right here with peter and papa where he should be.

daddy’s rocking him, making soft shaky murmurs against peter’s hair. 'shh, darling - sh, shh, oh sweetheart,’ he’s saying, and peter twists his fingers tightly into daddy’s shirt and holds on.

and then there’s another strong arm going around him, and it’s papa, papa putting his arms right around peter and daddy and keeping them safe, and papa’s talking softly, gently, and he’s dropping little kisses on daddy’s forehead, stroking peter’s hair.

'i’ve got you,’ papa murmurs. 'heyy. i’ve got you, you’re safe, you’re both safe.’

peter can feel their heartbeats, his two dads, one on either side, closing him in. papa’s is a strong steady thud against his back, and it makes peter feel safe, because papa’s so big and strong.

daddy’s heartbeat is more delicate, a quick uneven flutter. but it means that daddy’s alive, he’s alive and he’s alright and he’s here holding peter and he’s not - he’s not dead; and peter hiccups out a fresh wave of tears, and daddy presses his face against peter’s hair. daddy’s face is wet too.

'tony, sweetheart,’ papa’s saying in a soft aching voice, and he kisses daddy’s face lots of times, heaps of little soft kisses on daddy’s forehead and eyelids and nose. peter kisses daddy too, wet snuffly kisses into daddy’s neck because it’s his daddy and he loves him.

’m'okay,’ daddy whispers above his head. 'peter’s scared, he’s - he’s scared, steve, i’m so sorry…’

'hold on, tony darling,’ papa murmurs, so quiet and soothing. 'my beautiful darling. i got you both, okay? just hold on.’

'okay,’ daddy says huskily, and his arms tighten around peter.

and then papa moves, and peter feels strong, strong arms slide further around him. papa’s scooping them both up, daddy and peter, holding them against his chest as he stands up. 'you okay, petey-pumpkin?’ he asks. 'you can sleep in the big bed with us tonight, how about that?’

papa’s voice is so gentle and soft. safe, like warm blankets. peter hiccups and nods, nestling his head into daddy’s shoulder and slipping his thumb into his mouth, and papa kisses both their heads as he carries them into daddy and papa’s big bedroom.

papa lays them both gently down on the bed, pulling up the sheets and tucking them in. peter just holds on to daddy, letting daddy lower him into the middle of his chest with soft fingers stroking through his hair. the bed dips on the other side as papa climbs in.

and then papa’s arms are wrapping around them both, coaxing them across so that daddy fits against papa’s big broad chest, and peter is nestled in between them. peter peeks his eyes open and sees that daddy’s pushing his face hard into papa’s shoulder, breathing in little shaky shivers in and out. papa’s hand is cupped very gently around the back of daddy’s head, holding him there in the crook of his neck, and his lips are in daddy’s hair.

peter sighs in relief and cuddles into his warm soft little spot between them both. daddy’s arm is around him, patting peter’s tummy, and papa’s warm hand is rubbing slowly up and down his back.

safe. it’s safe, they’re all safe, and as peter’s eyes blink closed, he can hear daddy and papa murmuring little soft things to each other above him. 'i’m here, i’ve got you,’ and 'darling,’ and then, softest and safest of all, 'i love you. i love you.’

and peter feels warm inside, warm, warm, warm, with daddy and papa curled around him like a nest. and there’s a little smile on his face when he falls asleep.

there are no more nightmares that night.

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Sabrina and Sosi took their time getting excited over her news, and she explained as well as she could that neither her nor ghost Seb had any idea how he made his way back into this plane of existence. Obviously, they wanted to make the best of it as much as they could. And even more obviously, she insisted Sosi be her maid of honour.

She started to get into explanation of when she would introduce him to Augustus, seeing as she’d offered their dad a place to live in the hollow now that she pretty much had become the new leader in place of Vlad, but Felix had already started sneaking his way back to the truck.  Sosi wanted to ask if that meant what she thought it might, that maybe he didn’t want to become human anymore, but she found herself chasing after her younger brother instead.

“What’s with you? They’re a cute couple!”


“Okay, but dad and Sabrina are VAMPIRES and I used to be too, so I don’t see your problem. Why are you even in the back seat?”

“…  I’m hiding.”

She laughed. “Come on then, baby boy. Let’s get you back.”

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Heey, I love your Voltron Family AU, so... I specially love the fluffy, but the angst is sooooooo good! Have Lance been cheated sometime?

Oh damn. #LanceAngst I sometimes feel bad he’s the one who gets to be the angsty teenager in the family. Then again, someone’s gotta do it.

[The Voltron Family] This was before Lance’s relationship with Rax. So he’s about 17 here. Lance was going to have his first girlfriend, Florona. They didn’t have a label yet but they were seeing each other.

Lance: So I’ll pick you up Saturday 11am? *smiles*
Florona: Yeah, that’ll be great!
Lance: Can’t wait! *leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek*
Florona: *chuckles* Aren’t you adorable?
Lance: *blushes* Okay, see ya! My Dad’s here already! *waves goodbye*

Lance quickly ran towards the car, went in and gave Shiro a kiss on the cheek.

Shiro: *sees Lance all blushy* Well, someone’s in a lovey-dovey mood.
Lance: *smiles shyly* Yeah, well… I got myself a date tomorrow.
Shiro: Really? Was it with the girl you kissed on the cheek a while ago? *teasing tone* *raises eyebrows up and down*
Lance: *blushes* Yeah. Florona. She’s so pretty, too. I can’t believe she finally agreed to go on a date with me.
Shiro: Why wouldn’t she? You’re a wonderful boy, Lance.
Lance: You’re only saying that ‘cause I’m your child. Pffft!
Shiro: *chuckles* Not true. But I’m happy for you, buddy.
Lance: I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend tomorrow.
Shiro: *smiles* Do your best then.

When they arrived home, they informed Keith about it who was having a panic attack that later on turned into a First Date 101 lecture. It was Keith who drove Lance to Florona’s house to pick her up.

Lance: I can’t believe you still won’t let me drive. This is so embarrassing. My Dad driving me on my first date.
Keith: *rolls eyes* You’ll get over it, sweetheart. Now get out there and take her so we can go already. I’ll just drop you two off at the mall and I’ll be out of your sights.

Lance and Florona dined at a French restaurant and Keith and Shiro were actually a few tables away from them—completely out of sight.

Shiro: I can’t believe we’re doing this.
Keith: *face covered with the menu* Excuse me?
Shiro: I can’t believe we’re doing this and we’re not even ordering. *looks at the menu* C’mon, Keith. We should at least order some food.
Keith: Shiro, Lance is on a date out there.
Shiro: And so are we. *smirks*
Keith: No, we’re not. *frowns*
Shiro: Yes, we are. Now go and look at the menu, Kogane, because we’re having a date right now.
Keith: *fish mouths*
Shiro: *leans in to give Keith a kiss* I love it when you’re speechless. *points at the menu* Now try to find something you want. My treat.
Keith: *glares* You’re trying to distract me from monitoring their date.
Shiro: *eyes on the menu* I’m not, love. I am, however, hungry. Hmmm. I can hardly even pronounce the names here. Oh god.
Keith: *rolls his eyes in amusement* You’re hopeless. Let me help you.

Keith and Shiro were eating when Keith noticed Florona stood up from her seat to excuse herself.

Keith: *pats Shiro* Pink is on the move.
Shiro: *midway eating his food* Baby blue is alone.

Keith and Shiro sees Florona exit the restaurant at the backside of Lance and she met up with another boy whom she kissed on the lips. They held hands and just walked away from the restaurant leaving Lance alone.

Keith: No fucking shit. *clenches his fist* *stands up*
Shiro: Keith… *grabs his arm*
Keith: *looks at Shiro* Shiro, my baby boy… *looks at Lance* He’s waiting eagerly for her to come back and she won’t.
Shiro: Do you really want to expose us and crush his heart?
Keith: I honestly don’t see how Lance will end up happy at the end of the day, Shiro. The girl just ditched him for another guy. As if our boy is some disposable toy she can just toy around.
Shiro: Alright. Just promise me you won’t do anything to the girl after this.
Keith: *shakes head* I can’t promise you that, Shiro. I really can’t.
Shiro: *sighs* Okay, at least let Lance handle it first because we do something with her?

They went to Lance’s table who was surprised to see them there. They told him that Florona went off with another guy and she wasn’t coming back.

Lance: No way. She was just going to the bathroom. Girl stuff.
Shiro: *shakes his head* She didn’t, buddy. She left the restaurant.
Lance: *looks at the empty seat in front of him* No… Florona wouldn’t. We were going to watch a movie after lunch…
Keith: *frowns* I’m sorry, Lance.
Lance: *teary eyed* *looks up at his dads* Am I really that unlikeable?
Shiro: *heart breaks* Oh, sweetheart. No. *hugs Lance* You’re very likeable. *kisses Lance’s head* Don’t you ever think otherwise.
Keith: She was just a bitch with no taste in boys. *grits his teeth*
Shiro: *shock* Keith! Language!
Keith: What? It’s true! *crosses arms*
Lance: *chuckles* *wipes his tears* Dads, do you mind watching the movie with me instead? I don’t want to waste tickets. It’s La La Land.
Shiro: *smiles* We’d love to. Your Daddy Keith will buy the popcorn.
Keith: Popcorns. One bucket for each of us. Two flavours for my special boy, too. *smiles sadly at Lance*
Lance: *tears starts to fall* Can’t wait to cry my heart out.

Got7 Cute Imagine  -  mark

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summary: mark tries to hide a puppy from you for your birthday
the main word here is TRIES 

genre: fluff….again

a/n: this is acc a really cute request thank you to @gudhqkod for requesting!!!!!!!!
imagine him actually trying to hide a doG NOOOO


-can you believe that your boyfriend 

-Mark Tuan™

-is the cutest thing ever

-like he makes you so happy 

-and out of having the world’s best boyfriend

-you got 6 kids as well

-you weren’t exactly a mother

-i mean you could be

-but these kids…..WHOA

-yeah other than the love of your life and your 6 new kids 

-you had one more person you loved

-was coco

-the little white puppy that you fell head over heels for 


-you loved coco so much

-everytime you went over to youngjae’s 

-you always stayed by coco’s side 

-you took coco out for walks

-fed him

-gave him lots of cuddles and kisses

-and you took lots of pictures together

-”now i really want a dog! coco is so cute!”

-but you didn’t really mean this

-you were joking 

-of course you wanted a dog

-but you didn’t know how to get one

-mark accidentally overheard you talking to your friend about wanting a small puppy to call your own and to just take care of a dog and be a proud dog mother™

-your favourite breed is not exactly a fan favourite but….

-you always wanted an akita inu

-they’re your favourite breed 

-like you love the fact that they look like a little fox

-so mark…..

-he does the impossible

-he looks up where he could get akitas

-and he found a place that’s actually really close to the JYP building

-it’s a dog’s home that houses breeds that aren’t that popular or easy to find

-so after practice 

-he goes with youngjae to the dog home

-”wait where are we going???”

-”i’m getting a puppy for y/n”

-”ah….but her birthday is tomorrow??? how are you–”

-”oH SHIT”

-yeah he got too excited

-and now

-he was sitting in the jyp building 

-with a small adorable pupper

-and the akita inu puppy

-and the other members of got7 coming back shortly


-just as he was thinking about happy he would be to see your face light up at the sight of the small baby doggo 

-the boys come back 


-”oh hey guys your back how was your break what did you guys do why are you guys back so early lmao why are you guys looking at me suspiciously”


-”yeah yugyeom”

-”i don’t think hiding the puppy in your jumper was a good idea….we can see the tail”

-”wait how did you know”

-”youngjae really can’t keep his mouth shut about this”

-”c o c o    i s    f r e e”

-”w h a t”

-so now mark is just still sitting in the jyp building

-and because he can’t really take the dog home yet

-because he was going to go to your place

-but he can’t

-and he can’t go back to the dorm

-because he doesn’t know how coco will react to the baby


-so the only option

-is to stay overnight in the jyp building with the baby 

-you on the other hand you’re getting hellllaaaaa worried about mark

-so you just text him asking where he is

-and he says that he has to stay in the building

-and he tells you goodnight and that he loves you a lot and stuff

-and you just get so soft because he really does love you and you love him too

-so after everyone went home

-he’s just sat in the practice room with the tiny akita inu 

-watching it run around

-and he’s so excited 

-and the puppy stops an just looks at mark

-and it’s like an intense staring competition for 2 minutes

-until the puppy runs over to mark and just jumps into his lap

-wow this little guy really likes mark

-it was getting late

-so he just lies on the sofa with the little guy on his stomach

-”you know……your mom is really pretty…she’s so cute and i love her so much and i hope you love her as much as i do..”



-so the morning of your birthday comes around and you’re so happy 

-like you’re radiating this happy aura and it’s so nice

-all the members wish you happy birthday 

-while they’re looking after your present

-because they came in early

-to help mark prepare for your little surprise party

-like he was able to quickly go to the dorm to get ready and stuff

-and you did the same

-well you were already home but you got ready 

-your friend took you out the day before to new clothes and you look pretty cute in your new outfit

-and you just hope that mark is ok

-so you get ready 

-and you then get a text saying that you should come to the jyp building

-but your friend gets there first

-and just sees the little puppy and falls in love 

-like this puppy was cuter than cute 







-so you make your way there

-in the entrance one of the staff gave you a bunch of balloons and it was so sweet


-you get to the room 

-and it’s dark 

-until the lights come on 

-and you just see mark and the others and your friend and you’re just so happy 

-they wish you a happy birthday before they sit you down on the sofa

-and you’re just waiting there

-your friend puts a blindfold over your eyes

-you instantly get nervous

-wh a t    th e   f  uc k 

-of course you’re gonna get nervous

-the last time your friend put a blindfold on you 

-you had pie on your face and you had an egg on your head

-but no 

-this was probably the best surprise of all

-ok so mark told you to keep your arms out

-and you’re just there like


-what next

-and then you feel something soft and small being placed on your lap

-and you just start to cry because you think you know what it is 

-the thing in your lap started to move around like making itself comfy 

-you take the blindfold off

-and the waterworks start



-and the dog is like


-and you just stand up and hold the dog in your hands

-and mark just hugs you and whispers

-”happy birthday y/n i love you”

-you love mark so much in this moment

-because you had your own little baby 

-with your baby 


-“hey mark……………………………..did the dog go to toilet in the practice room”

-”no wdym”



-”was that jyp”

-”shit that was”

-”r u n      f o r       y o u r      l i v e s

Baby Genius

Anonymous: Hey can you do an imagine with Spencer x Reader where y/n is part of the BAU with three PhDs in psychology, sociology and anthropology- and is married to Spencer but is on maternity leave but gets a call from Penelope to come in to keep her company as it’s a tough case, so y/n brings along baby Alexander and afterwards when the team comes back, Boy Genius is reunited with his Girl Genius & Baby Genius

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The night sky twinkled, scattered in illuminating stars as she pulling up outside the familiar building. The biting wind whispered through the crack in her car window, speaking to Y/N while she leaned over to the passenger seat, carefully lifting Alexander from his baby seat.

As she made her way into the tall building she was quickly greeted by Penelope, whose eyes shone at the sight of her godson.

“Oh my goodness! I knew baby genius would make everything feel better.” She squealed, extending her arms to cuddle the fragile bundle of joy.

“Nice to see you too,” Y/N joked as she handed Alex over to Penelope while they made their way to the elevator and through to Penelope’s brightly coloured office. When Y/N entered her office she was met by numerous baby toys and play mats scattered across the floor.

“Wow, Pen! I hope you realise he isn’t even 2 months old yet,” Y/N grinned, inspecting the large smile on Penelope’s face as she cuddled Alexander.

“That doesn’t stop me from having fun,” Penelope joked, her glowing eyes fixated on the small baby. Y/N smiled sweetly, inching towards the joyful pair. Her slender fingers gently stroked his, already, curly hair while Penelope kissed his tiny fingers.

“How can something so small make me so happy,” Penelope gushed, sitting in her office chair as he fingers danced across Alexander’s.

“I have no idea, I still can’t wrap my head around it.” Y/N replied, perching against Penelope’s desk. Penelope smiled, glancing up at Y/N with radiant eyes.

“How’s Spencer?” She asked, inspecting Y/N’s wide eyes as they lit up at the sound of his name.

“He’s perfect with him, I’ve never seen him so content. He can’t wait until he can show Alex magic tricks but for now he reads him a lot of quantum physics to get him to sleep.” Y/N laughed but her heart fluttering at the thought of her boy genius.

“Quantum physics? No wonder the little man goes to sleep.” The two giggled, beaming at the blissful boy.

“When are they getting home?” Y/N questioned, cradling her baby boy with on arm while warming her other hand on the coffee mug in front of her.

“I don’t know,” Spencer mumbled, a smile possessing his buoyant face. In response, Y/N grinned widely, placing her coffee down and turning to face the doctor. As the two hugged, exchanging subtle kisses, the rest of the team shadowed Spencer, eye’s glistening at the young boy. Spencer gently took Alexander from his wife, stroking his cheeks as Alexander’s face shone at the sight of Spencer.

“Come on, pretty boy. When’s it my turn?” Derek jested, raising his eyebrows at the doctor. While the team took it in turns to embrace the baby genius, Spencer’s finger interlocked with Y/N’s as he kissed her forehead gently. Eventually, Alexander was returned to Spencer who held his son close to his chest.

“Let’s get you home, Al.”