baby blue graffiti


Harrison Ford ☆ A filmography in gifsets and trivia.
[1/?] American Graffiti (1973, Dir. George Lucas), as Bob Falfa.

  • American Graffiti marked the first of Harrison Ford’s many collaborations with George Lucas, and the very first substantial role in his movie career.
  • Even though all the actors were supposed to be playing teenagers, Ford, 30 at the time, was the oldest cast member in a group whose ages ranged from 12 to 27.
  • He initially turned down the role after they offered him 485 dollars a week for it, claiming he could make twice as much as a carpenter, his day job at the time. He eventually accepted when the original offer was raised by just 15 dollars.
  • Falfa famously wore a cowboy hat after Ford himself refused to cut his hair in a ‘60s crew cut, feeling the part was too small and it was not worth the trouble of having to grow it back out for potential future parts.
fake ah crew aesthetics
  • geoff: hot pink, crisp white linen, abstract art, long fingers, cleanliness, high fashion, greyscale, stacks of money, minimalism
  • jack: plane windows, freckles, blinding sunlight, hawaiian patterns, thrift stores, wide skies, blurry polaroids, bedsheets, messy hair
  • ryan: dark shadows, wasteland, plants, black blood, bare skin, messages on bathroom walls, bronze, sleek cars, roman art, smirking
  • michael: canvas wrapped around fingers, bloody knuckles, leather, burnt orange skies, alleys, lions and wolves, fireworks, expensive white sneakers
  • gavin: japanese fashion, 80's fonts, vintage patches, peeling gold paint, sunkissed skin, pale gradients, mini handmade things, glitches, scribbled handwriting
  • ray: overexposed images, rooftops, tiny tattoos, embridered poetry, legs hanging off edges, nintendo, rose gold, skateboards, pink neon, ghosts
  • jeremy: yellowing bruises, cats, storms, flowers growing in sidewalk cracks, scraped knuckles, bones showing, flexibility, daffodils, stubble
  • matt: mirrors, plaid, being unkempt, soil, mechanical parts, symmetry, faded old pictures, raw metals, overcast days, eyes screwed shut, calloused hands
  • lindsay: scuffed converse, wings, riots, mixed drinks, crimson, hidden knives, sharp canines, 90's fashion, pins, rollerblades, tigers, bold eyebrows
  • kdin: strange glitches, glowing keyboards, unreality, dark rooms, white noise, blur, clicking and tapping, bitter cold, collections
  • trevor: double exposure, brightly coloured pills, small pops of colour, bumblebees, graffiti, baby blue, stick-n-poke tattoos, undercuts, neatness
  • barbara: smoky eye, nude lipstick, purple skies, urban fashion, darkness, burnt yellow, cigarette butts, blowing kisses, gold, bleach, bitten nails, toxicity
  • meg: rich colours, sugar and venom, blood red, lingerie, pretty knives, black strappy clothes, lollipops, feral grins, claw-like nails, matte lips
  • mica: long perfect nails, lavender, black lips, ashes, cracked iphones, counting money, sparklers, jello shots, sunsets, city glimmer, sharp outlines