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I’m still a little baby blog, I just started this one a little over a month ago so I’m not following near enough Disney blogs!

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I think about this all the time!

I remember seeing a newborn baby, right out of the womb, when I was about 13 and he was purple and swollen; nothing like they make it seem! I wondered, “Why is he like this??” My mom explained to me this is how babies actually look when they are just born.

Leave it to Shakira to tell us the truth! 


Dear little Daisy, 

Your first week in the big wide world and all I want to do is stare at you and protect you from any bad in the world. My hormone levels are a bit all over the place and sometimes I just want to cry because I love you so much. 

In your first week we’ve gotten to know you so well already. You love to stick your little tongue out and you love being rocked to sleep on my shoulder.  You went to see great nan and great grandad today and you’ve had so many visitors this week and gifts from friends and family. Let’s just say you are extremely well loved already! 

Today I took you out in the pram for the first time to get a coffee and some lunch. It felt so surreal and my body is deciding to tell me now that it wasn’t quite ready for that. But you enjoyed the fresh air so it was worth it! We also bumped into one of the midwives that helped deliver you - small world! She said hello and how cute you were. 

I can’t believe how fast the days seem to go now you’re here!

It’s bottle time now, 

Love Mummy