baby blog

Things that make me smol

🌸Ask me what color something is

💕Ask me to count out something

🌼Fill up my bottle or sippy for me

☀️Make me cute meals on my cute plates

🌻Give me small baby snacks and portions

✨"Come here baby"

🎀"Hold daddys hand"

❄️Tell me im too little to do things

🍭"Use your words sweetie"

🌺Tell me I need a nap

🌤Tell me to do things!

⭐️Being an instigater for little things

🌨"why dont you go color daddy a picture?“

🌈Check up on me!

💫"What have you eaten today baby?”

🍓"Does somebody need to go potty?“

🌟"Did you drink enough water?”

☃️"How’s my little girl?“

Teach me things

✏️Teach me how to spell a word

⭐️Tell what a big word means

🌸Tell me how to act like a proper little girl

🍰”good little girls always chew with their mouth closed”

🎨Ask me what color something is

🖍”baby, can you tell me what color a tree is?”

🌟Ask me what shape something is

☀️”ooh baby do you know what shape the sun is?”

🌼Ask me to count something

🐤”Look baby! Look at the duckies! Can you tell daddy how many there are?”

🎀Show me how to tie my shoes

🐮Ask me what sound a animal makes

🐶”what sound does a doggie make baby?”

🍪Teach me how to make a small food dish

Just teach me everything and praise me like your small little girl 💕

carry on asks!

sour cherry scones: what’s your favorite comfort food?
magickal record: do you keep up with current events?
violin: play any musical instruments?
sword of mages: name an item or skill that you consider to be your weapon of choice.    
mage’s men: dream career? 
numpties: do you prefer being too hot or too cold?
vampires: would you choose to live forever?
dragon: do you prefer working in a team or working alone?
magic words: favorite book? 
elocution: what languages do you speak? 
pitch mansion: how big is your family?
covent garden: where is somewhere you’ve been that you never want to go back to?
football pitch: play any sports?
mummers house: have any roommates? 
the cloisters: name a woman who inspires you. 
weeping tower: what’s your favorite fictional world?
white chapel: do you want to get married?
catacombs: where do you usually go to be alone?
wavering wood: do you enjoy hiking/camping/just being out in nature?watford: what place in the world feels most like home?

˗ˏˋ stocking stuffers ˎˊ˗

a tiny elf asked me to make a list of gifts santa could put in the stockings of his little friends this christmas! i hope santa sees this & gifts you some things to enjoy ♡ for the sake of the eyes, i tried to order items by age group on the packaging, but santa can always mix them up according to your interests!

— infant to toddler —
❅ night light
❅ water toys
❅ sensory books
❅ board books
❅ noise makers
❅ easy puzzles
❅ baby spoon & fork set
❅ baby plate & bowl set
❅ small snack containers
❅ finger puppets
❅ pack of pacifiers
❅ bottle or sippy cup
❅ bibs
❅ fruit squeeze pouches

— toddler to young child —
❅ silly straws
❅ crayons
❅ mini coloring book
❅ sidewalk chalk
❅ bubbles
❅ play doh
❅ floam
❅ bathtub finger paints
❅ bubble bath mix
❅ colored bath tablets
❅ inexpensive makeup for dress up
❅ costume jewelry
❅ alphabet refrigerator magnets

— young child to tween —
❅ markers or colored pencils
❅ mini sketch book
❅ glitter glue
❅ clay
❅ card games
❅ mini collectibles or figurines
❅ legos
❅ wooden airplane kit
❅ comic book
❅ bath bombs
❅ water bottle
❅ nail polish
❅ beaded bracelets

— all ages —
❅ pair of socks
❅ hair accessories
❅ glow in the dark ceiling stars
❅ temporary tattoos
❅ sticker sheets
❅ small stuffies
❅ baby lotion
❅ fun bandaids
❅ new toothbrush
❅ bubble gum flavored toothpaste
❅ new hat or gloves
❅ washcloth
❅ disney movies
❅ small gift card to a toy shop
❅ sweets