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So I guess we’re making this public…six weeks three days with a heart beat going strong as of yesterday, which puts miscarriage risk low enough that we feel comfortable sharing. :)

This is why I’ve been an exhausted wreck the last few weeks. Meds are through the first trimester, but if this goes like last time I’ll feel pretty normal second trimester.

This is also why we’re suddenly doing a whole mess of house renovation. Gotta move the potato out of the nursery. :)

We call it nugget. Or tadpole. Or the fucking vampire. Updates as stuff happens…ideally hardly any, if everything goes smoothly…

anonymous asked:

Hello, I really want to find new exo blogs to follow (especially baby sehun blogs 😁), I wanted to know if you know any good ones to follow? Thanks 🙏

ah hello!!! 

ok since i follow more than 100 blogs and have a lot of mutuals i’ll keep this sehun focused

some sehun blogs:

 @sehurn @ohsehons @huntertainment @ohs-hun @huniversal @hunshines @heyhun @sehunsi @myhuntlemen @ohsehoney

sehun biased mutuals:

@sehuntiful @oohsenun @94-hun @actorhun @sxhuns @missyoumuch @lilbeansehun @http-sehun @sehunskoko @fluffyhunnie @sehunnified @chogisad @sehunsraani @carrotheadsehun @thicksehun @hunniedae @flawlessohsehun @starsehun @angel-osh @sehunsmile @sehunshake @omgohsehun @asleepykid

if you need other member recs then ask for those, but if i’d include all of exo or all my lovely mutuals this would get too long rn

Look at how cute these are!! I can’t just pick one but you guys can!! Comment below what you are. I’d sure love to here it (this isn’t just for girls. Little boys can comment too!!)☺️☺️☺️❤️


July 12th 2017 will be a day to remember forever. I finally got a strong positive and a yes on digital! And then the love of my life asked me to marry him ❤️❤️ “Every kiss begins with Kay” I love him more than anything. Then on our way home we bought lottery tickets and won $190. I can’t wait for our future

carry on asks!

sour cherry scones: what’s your favorite comfort food?
magickal record: do you keep up with current events?
violin: play any musical instruments?
sword of mages: name an item or skill that you consider to be your weapon of choice.    
mage’s men: dream career? 
numpties: do you prefer being too hot or too cold?
vampires: would you choose to live forever?
dragon: do you prefer working in a team or working alone?
magic words: favorite book? 
elocution: what languages do you speak? 
pitch mansion: how big is your family?
covent garden: where is somewhere you’ve been that you never want to go back to?
football pitch: play any sports?
mummers house: have any roommates? 
the cloisters: name a woman who inspires you. 
weeping tower: what’s your favorite fictional world?
white chapel: do you want to get married?
catacombs: where do you usually go to be alone?
wavering wood: do you enjoy hiking/camping/just being out in nature?watford: what place in the world feels most like home?