baby blessed


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


In which Raven never left to go back to her tribe, but also never developed a very good motherly instinct either, and Qrow’s just as much of a sucker for his neices as I imagine him to be. XD

I’ve gotten alot of requests for more Raven and Qrow fanart, particularly involving Yang and Ruby so here’s to you anons! ❤️

happy birthday to a special bean!


“There is a reason why I like Baekhyun so much! At SM, there are a lot of pretty juniors… but Baekhyun never fails to contact me. He will always ask “Hyung, where are you? What are you doing?”. In our company there isn’t anybody like him! We became closer when I came back from the army, and felt like I was new to the company again, I felt different when meeting and greating people, but Baekhyun did the first move to talk to me about games, he said “Hyung, I play LOL too”. I remember till today. This is how we became closer and I hope our relationship will last long!“ // 161223 SM Super Celeb League


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District Attorney Harvey Dent: A Summary