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A li’l Star Wars space prince!Finn AU + Marvel crossover - because if the Guardians of the Galaxy can come to Earth, so can Prince Finn and his consorts :D

My belated contribution to @stormpilotweek2017 Day 6: “Any AU”
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My Infinity War Theories?!!?!

Alright! Let’s get started! 

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Okay, so I think we can all agree that the trailer for Infinity War scared the shit out of all of us and also got the wheels going turning us all into little Sherlocks.. I’m just going to get right into it because I’m not witty enough to have a witty introduction… 

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Alright so, Thor is with the Guardians. That was apparent from him landing on their windshield, that’s cool with me. I actually like the idea of Thor meeting them first. This leads me to think something bad is going to happen to Thor at the end of Ragnarok by the way.. Why else would he be floating around in space? 

Anyways (Drinking game, every time I say anyways take a shot, you’ll be right messed up by the time I’m done haha kms), Having Thor with the Guardians might be a could way to get the Guardians to go to Earth. Either They heard about Thanos’ in coming attack or Thor did and they tell each other. Either way, Thor would want to help and I’m pretty sure there’s a few Guardians who would like the chance to punch Thanos in the throat(heart?). So, the Guardians could be Thor’s ride back to Earth to warn the Avengers and probably explain why exactly he’s been MIA. It’s probably going to be hilarious once he gets back to Earth and realizes the petty and tiny humans have been fighting each other. 

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The next part I want to talk about in the trailer is everyone’s favourite villain Loki’s appearance where apparently he’s ping ponged back to the dark side after seemingly being chill with Thor in the Ragnarok trailer. Seriously.. He’s like a bungee jumper when it comes to hero and villain. (Still love you tho, boo. And my pet cat is still named after you lol). Loki appears to be handing the Tesseract over to who is most likely Thanos since later on we see him open up a portal and walk through it and the portal looked almost identical to the one Loki opened for the Chituari in the first Avengers movie. I’m hoping Loki will realize he’s dun goofed again and bounce on back to the good side with his bro Thor. 

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Next, we go to my bby in New York getting goosebumps on the school bus, which I got way too excited about because one of my favourite powers Spider-Man has is his “Spidey Sense”. I love seeing it in the films, especially Andrew Garfield’s in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But it appears that they’ve gone with a more realistic/accurate version of the Spidey Senses in Infinity War. Peter’s hair standing on end on his arm, as he gets the itch that something is coming makes me think about how he gets involved. Would Tony actually ask Peter to join this fight after trying to keep him away from danger for basically the whole Homecoming plot or would Peter convince him into letting him try? Maybe thats how he finally gets that sick Iron Spider suit from the end of Homecoming.

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