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Young Deadlock McCree Skin Design ( or, fashion regrets, with piercings). 

I saw @chloerozo​‘s absolutely hilarious comic (please, go read it xD xD) and the description about what a Deadlock skin would look like, so I was inspired to do a design of this biker trash!! 

Biker Baby

Prompt: “Hello! Can you write one where the reader is pregnant with Chibs baby, and she gives birth in the clubhouse? Also, love your blog!”

Characters: ChibsxReader, Juice, Gemma, Clay, Tig, and Jax

Warnings: Childbirth? If anyone needs a warning for that

(y/l/n) means your last name

(y/f/n) means your first name

            Most people think that if a woman is 8 months pregnant she should be at home lounging around waiting to pop out her baby. You thought that was a load of bull. You were a (y/l/n) for goodness sake.
Chibs wanted you to stay home instead of going to work at the clubhouse as usual. You refused to stay home, telling him you had two working arms and legs and were perfectly capable of washing dishes and getting beers.
            He unhappily obliged but made you promise to check in with him every three hours while he worked out in the garage. His other condition was that one of the boys would be watching over you that day just to make sure that nothing bad happened.
            You agreed to this mostly just to satisfy him. You knew he was being obsessive because he cared but that still didn’t stop you from being the slightest bit annoyed with how overprotective he was. He wouldn’t even let you cook by yourself.
            So here you were, at work, as usual but this time you had the watchful eyes of Juice following you everywhere you went.
            “Juice, I am pregnant not dying. You do not have to watch every little move I make like this baby is going to pop out of me if I bend over too far or something.“ You told him a little annoyed.
He had been staring at you from across the bar for the past 3 hours. He even came and stood outside the bathroom every time you went to the bathroom, which was a lot considering you were pregnant.
“Actually I do. Chibs told me that if he heard from anyone that I wasn’t watching you he would cut my balls off and give them to me for Christmas. Quite honestly I believe him.” He said with a very worried look on his face.
You roll your eyes at your overprotective old man’s threat. You love how much he cared but sometimes he cared just a bit too much.

*******Time Skip*******

“Listen Juice, I have to take these bottles of beer out to the mini-fridge in Gemma’s office. This is a task that I can do myself and do not need any assistance or supervision doing so you stay here and I’ll be back in like 10 minutes.” You told him walking, or more like waddling, to the door of the clubhouse.
You were almost there when Juice spoke up.
“But Chibs said-“
“I do not care what Chibs says I am doing this on my own!” you yell at him turning around and gripping the door handle.
“(y/f/n), I really don’t think it’s a good idea-“he starts again just as you get the door open.
You spin around with a look of fury in your eyes.
“JUAN CARLOS ORTIZ!  I am doing this on my own and if you follow me I will de-ball you myself and you and Half-Sac can compare what it feels like to be “incomplete”!” you yell walking out of the door and slamming it.
You immediately feel bad as you walk to Gemma’s office because you knew he was only following Chibs’s orders but you just wanted 10 minutes without someone breathing down your neck.
You set off in the direction of Gemma’s office. About half way there you feel a pain go across your swollen belly but you decide to just dismiss it as the baby kicking you, which wasn’t uncommon.
You walked into Gemma’s office to find it was empty. You shrugged your shoulders and decided to continue with the task at hand.
You opened the fridge and started filling it with beers and even a few waters that you found sitting next to the fridge.
You were finished and were working on making your way to the door when Gemma walked it.
“Hey sweetheart, what are you doing here?” she asks setting down a load of files and taking a seat in her office chair.
“Just because I’m pregnant does not mean I shouldn’t be working.” You explain also taking a seat in one of the chairs she had set across the desk.
Sometimes the pressure on your hips got a little uncomfortable. Today it seemed to be a little more intense than normal for some odd reason.
“I’m aware,” she chuckled. “I mean what are you doing away from the supervision of Juice? The whole club heard his promise from Chibs this morning.”
“I love my husband to death but sometimes he takes the whole protective thing a bit too far.” You say shifting as the pressure in your hips got stronger.
“He does it because he cares.” Said Gemma, eyeing you carefully.
“Yeah I know- ah crap!” you exclaim as a pain shoots across your abdomen.
“What? What is it?!” Gemma asks getting out of her chair and making her way over to where you’re sitting and kneeling in front of you.
“Just a cramp I think.” You say placing a hand on your full belly.
Another one hits shortly after that one and a small cry leaves your mouth.
“Sweetheart if I didn’t know any better I’d say that you’re in labor.” She says putting her arm across your back so she can support your now shaky form in the chair.
“What makes you say that? It’s probably just Braxton-hicks contractions.” You say attempting to stand up.
You were about in a standing position when you felt something wet and warm drip down your leg. You looked down to see your jeans soaked through and a small puddle forming at your feet. Your eyes widen in realization, you were about to have your baby.
“Oh crap.” You whisper, looking down still.
Gemma looks down to see what you’re looking at then repeating your words.
“We have to get you to a hospital.” She says throwing your arm around her shoulder as you double over as another more painful contraction happens.
They were coming faster and becoming more painful each time and you knew that there was no time to get you to the hospital, which was all the way on the other side of town.
“No time. Baby is coming now. Get me into the clubhouse.” You grit through a particularly painful contraction
“Oh God.” She says trying to help you to walk.
You two made it just outside of her office when you doubled over again.
“Oh that’s it. Jax! Tig! Come here!” Gemma yells at the two boys deciding that you needed to be carried.
A few minutes later they come around the corner of the garage to see Gemma supporting your hunched over form and they knew something was wrong.
“What’s wrong? What happened?!” yells Jax as him and Tig run over to you two.
“Chibs!” you heard Tig yell.
“Jax she’s going into labor and we don’t have time to get her to a hospital. Take her into the clubhouse and lay her down on the pooltable. Tig go get a bottle of water, a clothespin, scissors, some towels, and some alcohol.” Says Gemma handing you over to Jax and running into the garage, while Tig runs off in search of the items Gemma requested.
Jax picks you up bridal style and your rest your head on his chest as he carries you to the clubhouse. By this point you were sweating and shaking because of the pain, gasps leaving your mouth as each contraction hit.
“It’s okay (y/f/n). Chibs will be in here soon and we can get this show on the road.” Jax tells you with concern in his voice as you enter the clubhouse.
All noise immediately stops as you enter the clubhouse and everyone sees Jax carrying you. Juice rushes over to you as Jax sets you down on the pool table.
“Everyone out!” Jax yells to the miscellaneous bikers gather around the room.
Everyone leaves except for Jax and Juice who stand by your sides holding your hands.
You heard the sound of someone shouting in Scottish Gaelic and you knew Chibs was on his way.
You let go of Juice and Jax’s hands as Chibs comes into the club house followed by Gemma, Clay, and Tig with the supplies.
Chibs runs over to you and grabs your hand kissing it and also giving you a small kiss on your head.
“Okay Darlin’, you ready for this?” he asks you, brushing hair from your sweaty forehead.
“No but I suppose I don’t have a choice do I?” you say squeezing his hand as a contraction hit.
“I know but it’ll be over soon.” He says.
“Chibs get down here. You’re going to help deliver your child.” Clay yells from down by your feet.
Gemma takes off your boots, pants, and underwear, placing a towel over your nude lady bits. While she does this Chibs strips down to his t-shirt and goes to wash his hand over in the bar sink.
He came back and told Tig and Juice to prop your legs up and for Clay and Jax to hold your hands as Gemma and he stayed down there to deliver the baby.
You got a tight grip on the boys’ hands waiting for the signal to start pushing from Chibs.
“Alright doll, it’s time.” He tells you giving you an encouraging nod and a smile.
You nod back and let out a half groan half scream as the pressure intensifies in your lower region.
That was the beginning of 2 hours of pushing filled with a lot of swears directed at Chibs for doing this to you, a few yelps from Clay and Jax as you almost broke their hand from squeezing too hard, a lot of encouraging words from Gemma, and Juice almost passing out as he saw all of the blood that came with your child being born.
You and Chibs decided to keep the gender of your baby a secret until it was born so when Juice and Tig released your legs and you saw Chibs cleaning off your new baby you were anxious to see what it was.
You and Chibs both wanted a daughter but decided that you would love a boy just as much.
When he walked up to you with your baby wrapped in a towel and tears in his eyes and told you it was a girl you started to cry too.
He handed you the baby and you looked down to see her beautiful face all you could do was stare at her.
You pulled Chibs down for a kiss and told him what a good job he did.
“Baby you did amazing too. I’m so proud of you.” he whispered to you while hugging you and your baby.
“Guys I called the medics and they’re on their way.” Tig told you two coming to stand around your head like everyone else had done and you nodded at him.
“So (y/f/n), Chibs, do you have a name or your gorgeous baby girl?” asks Jax looking at your daughter with adoration.
“Her name is Xandra. Xandra Anne Telford.” Chibs told him smiling at you and your now sleeping baby girl.
“That’s beautiful you two. Congratulations, I’m happy for you two.” Clay says
“Thanks Clay, but you do know that this baby means that if I found out that you put my husband in any situation where he could potentially die I will hunt you down and beat the crap out of you right?” you ask Clay with humor in your voice but death in your eyes.
You heard everyone laugh
“Hey you’ve got it mama bear. After hearing your promise to Juice I’ve decided I want to stay on your good side.” He chuckled.
You heard the door open and saw paramedics rush in with a gurney to put you on. You welcomed them just as you welcomed the future with your precious baby girl and your amazing husband.