baby belugas

Dear Journal,

Today we went to the zoo. Sirius had bought tickets for a suprise for our family. Not only Teddy never went but Regulus dreamed about going.

“You’ve never been to the zoo?” His girlfriend, Sophie asked.

“No actually.. I always wanted to go!” He smiled excitedly.

So we packed ourselves a picnic and headed to the zoo. James, Lily and baby Harry would meet us there. The car was packed! Regulus and Sophie were cuddled in the back seat. Teddy really liked car rides because that meant he could be in his baby carseat. Sirius sat in the passenger seat and I drove. It wasn’t such a long ride but it was a good 20 minutes so Sirius put on some songs and we all sang along! It was really funny because Teddy just kept laughing since he kind of only knows the teletubbies theme song. Arriving at the zoo, everyone was excited. I put on a little bit of sunscreen on Teddy’s cheeks and nose and put in his hat. It was a quidditch baby-hat that James got him.

“Hey you guys!” Lily said, walking to us with Harry wrapped in her baby carrier.

“Oh hi! Ready to see some animals?” Sirius said.

“I really hope they have a few stags..” James laughed.

Inside the zoo, animals could be seen every to steps we took. Elephants, tigers, bears, Exotic birds.. all kinds!

“Oh Teddy look at the lion!” I said, pointing the furry animal.

“Oohhh!” He said with big eyes.

“What does the lion say?” Sirius asked.

“Wrarwww!” Teddy said.

“Goodjob Teddy bear!” Sirius giggled, kissing his cheek.

We the saw the insects. I couldn’t even look at the tarantulas. They scare the hell out of me you can’t even understand! It was now time to go see the sea animals. Teddy had both of his small hands on the glass seperating him from the baby beluga. I traced my finger on the glass so it could follow it. Teddy kept laughing at how the beluga followed my hand.

“Do you want to try it?” I whispered in Teddy’s ear.

He nodded and smiled. I took his hand in mine and we traced different shapes on the glass making the baby beluga follow us. This time, Teddy didn’t laugh. He was amazed. His eyes were big and his mouth was slightly open. Sirius was smiling at us.

We had a picnic next to the baby sheeps. Teddy could keep his eyes on his lunch, he was too interested by the animals around us.

We spent the rest of the day on a safari. Teddy was sitting on Sirius’ lap. We saw giraffes running through the fields! They looked magestic. The sun was setting down and we were about to leave. Teddy was exhausted but he loved it. We walked past a stuffed animal stand and Sirius smiled. He new how Teddy loved his stuffed animals.

“Teddy what was your favorite animal?” Sirius asked him.

“Weluga!” He said, smiling.

So Sirius got him a baby beluga stuffed animal. He was so excited. During all the car ride, he was hugging his new beluga friend. He eventualy fell asleep with it in his arms. I looked at Sirius who was smiling.

“Thank you for today. It was amazing.” I said.

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

April 29th 1978


****if your name is Emma change it to whatever you’d like****

“Come on, live a little!” His words now pounded through your head.
You thought it would be fine. You thought it wouldn’t lead to anything. You never thought it’d be the biggest mistake ever as you now sat covered in your own puke with Will staring back in shock at you.

Let’s rewind to last night- shall we? It’ll make much more sense, I promise.

“Come on, live a little!” Will begged, “you’re always cooped up at your desk!”
“Because I have a career, William,” you teased and scoffed at the use of his real name.
“Seriously y/n, you’re going to work yourself ragged. Look at you, you’re so stressed! But it’s nothing a couple of drinks can’t cuuurrreee,” he winked.
“I don’t want to go out bar hopping with all the guys.”
“Noooo, Emma is gonna be there! Don’t you guys get along good?”
“Then you’re coming that’s it, I don’t want to here any buts about it young lady!”
“I don’t want to here any buts!” Your roommate backed out of your room slowly pointing his finger jokingly at you.
“At least shut the door,” you giggled.
“Gosh, she thinks she’s so entitled now,” he smirked and shut it gently.
Getting up from your desk, you let out all the breath you were holding. How were you going to pull off tonight? You hated Will’s girlfriend. She was always so snarky and degrading towards you. Everything you did seemed to tick her off, so you ended up lying about your “friendship” in order to please your best friend. He really seemed to care about her alright…last night he even told you she might be it….
You couldn’t lie, it really hit a chord. You’ve liked Will for a long time, but every time the moment was right to tell him, something came up. Like the call from his agent that he won the role in Maze Runner, or how you got accepted for a huge scholarship, or that time your mom had to call you home for a “family emergency” that turned out to be your basement flooding and having to trash most of your child hood items (yet your sibling’s(s’) stuff was fine?, and also Emma :). You finally gave up and just excepted Will was happy with her, and seeing him smile like that was kind of worth the storm that was “Emmy”.
You opened your closet and pulled out your favorite club dress made of burgundy velvet with the sleeves that fell of the shoulders, showing off your assets. Show m what he’s missing.


You saw Will saunter in, arm slung around Emma, beaming without a care in the world. The sight ignited a spark of furry.
“Anyone up for shots?” Blake, a friend of you and Will’s from high school, called out.
“I’m in,” Emma cooed up Will.
“Me too.” Will returned the affection with a little Eskimo kiss. An explosion of rage now.
“Hit me up!” You stood grabbing the small glass and doused it in one go. You grabbed two more and shook it off moving over to the dance floor.
“Wanna dance with me Blake?” You pouted innocently, if Will didn’t see what Emma was after all these years, it was finally time to make him jealous. Your Plan B.
“S-s-sure,” he replied surprised.
Will raised an eyebrow at the pairing off, but didn’t seem to offended. After 45 minutes of uncomfortably running into people and getting danced up on, you finally stumbled for the bar area again.
“Having fun?” Will shouted over the music.
“Of course!” You slurred ordering a beer.
“I think you’ve had too much!”
“What are you talking about?” You took a giant swig of the new bottle.
“Come on, let’s get you on back.”
“William, are you making a move on me?” You tripped into him.
“Watch it bi-” Emma began but stopped once he turned to catch what she was going to say next and flashed her pearly whites instead, “is she feeling ok? You want me to take her baby?”
“No, I got her, I’m tired anyway. See you later, babe?” He kissed her quick and threw one of your arms around him for support.


And that’s all you remembered- until now.
Once you got back to your apartment, Will sat you one the couch and went to get you an Advil and a blanket.
“Why Will?” You drunkenly rambled.
“Why what?” He laughed.
“W-w-why Emmmaa?”
“You’re so drunk!”
“No, no, I mean I I I am…but, why Emma?”
“She makes me happy. The guys aren’t too found of her though, thank god you are.” He handed you the tablet and you quickly swallowed.
“I hate her!” You quickly blurted.
“Y/N, I think that’s the alcohol talking now.”
“No, Will it’s not. I mean maybe, but it’s the truth!”
“You hate her? Really?”
“I never wanted to tell you,” you flopped over, “I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while.”
“Oh,” was all he could manage.
“Will….I think,,” you held up a finger, “I know I…I..”
You keeled over and threw up on the cold, wood floor.
“I love you, Will…” You closed your eyes.
“Now that’s definitely the alcohol, time for bed!”
“No!! Since the 9th grade, when we met! Remember? Baby beluga in the deep blue sea!!!” You croaked out.
“How much did you drink?”
“‘SAVE THE WHALES!’ You screamed at me!” You recalled in a haze,“that’s when I knew. Willy…free willy!” And then you blacked out.


“So, do you?” He winced.
“Do I what?”
“Do you….you know,… love me?” He scratched his head.
“Oh ho ho ho, you’re too funny Will, you know that? Why would I say that?” You got up and felt the blood pound it’s way into your head causing you too fall back down.
“You were pretty drunk, as you can tell by that nasty hangover,” he handed you a tablet and a glass of water like last night.
“I must have made an idiot of myself….”
“Just a little bit, but you were a cute one.” He paused after what he said and stared straight ahead.
“You think..I’m cute?” You smiled.
“Well, drunkingly singing Baby Beluga at the top of your lungs was pretty amusing.”
“Wow…” You exhaled the words, “that drunk huh?”
There was a long pause.
“I think I know why I said, I love you…”
“Thought I was Blake?”
“Ew, no. I was just using him to get to you…it’s true, I have loved you since Baby Beluga and how you tried so hard saving and being dedicated to what you love most. I guess that’s why I didn’t say anything with Emma, cause I hadn’t seen you as happy since. And truth is…I really hate her,” you signed. “You’re the one I want to be with, Will, it was always… you.”
He didn’t say anything.
“I know it’s not the cliche thing you want to here from the girl with throw up at down her front but…”
“What?” You sat up.
“Why now? Seriously, why?!” He pulled out a small box from his pocket and threw it down on the bed, “After all these years of trying to get over you! And you- you pull this?!”
You opened the box to confirm your suspicions, and your stomach dropped.
“You were trying to get over me? When were you…er….on me?”
“It’s not funny y/n…I thought marriage would do it, I’d finally realize I can’t have you.”
“Why couldn’t you have me?”
“Because it’s you!! Y/N! Open your eyes!! You never showed a sign of liking me romantically and you were my friend, roommate, “one of the guys”.“
“It would change everything.” You said in unison.
“So do you, do you love her?”
“I don’t…know…I don’t think so…”
“So why waste your time?” You handed him the box, “You want to be miserable forever?”
“No,” he laughed. “Y/N, it’s always really been you….”

And that, that was the night, the night you still can’t even remember coherently, that changed your life.

[[ Joe calls his kids all after fishes.

Chris is “baby beluga” because when he was first born, Joseph sang that while holding him.

Christie is “Angel Fish” because she can be so sweet when not terrorizing the neighborhood with her brother (and he has a secret soft spot for his only girl).

Christian is “Pirahna” (mostly Pirahna-ahna-ahna-ahna-ahna-) because he’s such a fiesty little one with a big toothy grin.

Last but not least

Crish is Little Guppy because he is the smol baby fish. Although sometimes he calls him “Nemo” because he can’t find him half the time. ]]

Beluga whales live together in small groups, communicating with a language of clicks, whistles, and clangs. Belugas can also mimic a variety of other sounds, maybe even a human “hello.”