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This… is enlightening 

1. Clarity Feat. Foxes - Zedd

2.  I Took Your Name - REM

3.  Happiness Is - The Verve Pipe

4. Nothing Left to Say - Imagine Dragons

5. Kissin’ and Cussin’ - Carolina Chocolate Drops

6. Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley

7. Alive- Pearl Jam

8. Heartache Tonight - Eagles

9. Tentative - System of a Down

10. Surfer Girl - Beach Boys

BONUS: Fame - David Bowie (I couldn’t believe this was song 11….)

(This excludes the actual children’s music that came up on my list - I figured you only wanted *my* music, not my kid’s, but if you’re interested, it was Baby Beluga by Raffi and Bananas Pajamas by Joe Scruggs)

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With all of the cetacean deaths in captivity lately (Bingo, Nanuq, a couple dolphins, a baby beluga, now Freya…) I don’t understand how people can still sit there and assert that captivity isn’t harming these sensitive animals. We are told that they are “thriving” but there is always a steady stream of deaths. It disgusts me.