baby beluga whales

Beluga whales live together in small groups, communicating with a language of clicks, whistles, and clangs. Belugas can also mimic a variety of other sounds, maybe even a human “hello.”

wwa tour memories
  • watching the first show through six second vines
  • hearing the intro music and feeling like my heart was going to fall out of my ass
  • braided harry
  • the night we were given wet one direction
  • crotch grabs
  • niall in vegas
  • liam saying the chicago leg was the best birthday party ever
  • niall playing croker and living his dream
  • zayns high notes
  • long hair don’t care harry
  • banana harry
  • zouis weed video
  • 5/5 selfie on stage
  • harry and liam doing the inca trail
  • baby beluga whale harry
  • first 1D proposal
  • seeing five best friends have the best time on stage and travelling the world together
British YouTubers Poem (2014)

Danisnotonfire, it’s 2014 and you’re still wearing black

But no matter the leather, you’re bringing sexy back

People keep on complaining about your late video

I really don’t mind as long as there’s enough gay on the radio


Amazingphil, over the year, you’ve been nothing, but adorable

And all your #phanbabyname hints are causing much trouble

For someone of your age, your innocence has no stop

But my dear, we all know that you dominantly top


Crabstickz, the BBC has been ever so kind to you

And we all know that you deserve it a 100% too

Your performance on SITC was truly a fighter

It was then when we realized that you’re the best fanfiction writer


KickthePj, you’re random, creative, and border-line crazy

But there was never a time when it seized to amaze me

The Forever Train was perfect! It was great from start to fin

But why did he have to see “ PAGE 3, COLLIN!”


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