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Hi!! Do you have any recommendations for non-cg/l babycore pastel blogs? I kinda run a stimmy blog but it has some babycore too because it's fun and calming for me, and I need more pastel on my dash

Sure! Of course I want to say my own first lol my pastel blog is @aliceinpuroland. And if any one has a non-c//g//l babycore or pastel blog please like this so the anon can find you~ (Also check their BYFs or about if they have one before following)

Some Pastel Blogs I Love:

Babycore Blogs I found:

  • @lil-buns-adventures (mix of chire,kidcore,and babycore I love their blog)
  • @fawnplushie (pastel and babycore)
  • @foreverchildren (has age regression, kidcore,babycore things)
  • @saferegression (a lot like the one mentioned above but was first? I’m a member of this blog~ It has a list of blogs who are not involved in c//g//l and are friendly to or are age regressors.)
  • @babyblanketz (mix of babycore,kidcore, and chire another blog I love)
  • @baby-beaker (mix of babycore,kidcore,and chire i love this blog too)
  • @pink-baby-powder (another babycore,chire, and kidcore blog i love)
  • @babysfirstbunny (babycore,chire,and kidcore)
  • @tinybpdbaby (babycore,chire,and pastel)
  • @klefkiplush (babycore and kidcore. I think also a chire blog?)
  • @axgl04 (kidcore blog with some babycore and anime stuff)

Those are just some I know about at the moment for babycore. There are a lot more pastel blogs (especially j-fashion ones) that aren’t c//g//l. I hope this helped you~<3