baby beaker


In case you’re having a bad day, here’s baby Beaker singing.

anonymous asked:

About Jonas Quinn. Even though we were never actually told in the show, I'm like 99% sure that boy is an orphan. There's never any mention of his family. Not once. So I have this headcanon that his parents died when he was fairly young and that his professor back on Kelowna was the closest thing he had to family before Earth. Hence the whole theme of Jonas and father-ish figures, and the sibling bond between him and Sam.

I’ve thought about this before as well. No family is ever mentioned at all, and somehow it doesn’t quite feel like he’s got family anyway. It seems like he’s always been kind of by himself, except for his teachers. I’ve tried before to imagine him with a family but I can’t really do it. So I definitely agree, I’m quite sure that Jonas is an orphan (which only serves to make me want to give him hugs even more).