baby bach


EXCLUSIVE: Peta Murgatroyd and Nick Viall on Double Dating and Competition in the ‘DWTS’ Ballroom

They have no idea
  • Bach: *walks into office* Andante...? *no answer. Rushes over to desk, sits and puts his head down. Starts to cry.*
  • Phone: *ring*
  • Bach: *breaths in and answers* h-hey, who's this.
  • Otowa: hey, how's my baby. How's my baby angel. I was just wondering about my baby angel.
  • Bach: I*sniff* I'm just having a hard day...
  • Otowa: you know what, they're jealous. They're jealous of you, Bach. They're lost souls, and they want what you have. You know who your best friend is? Me~ Now give yourself a hug cause you rule~
  • Bach: *sniff* t-thanks, always know what to say...
  • Misturu: Bach-sama, are you crying?

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