baby baby baby :(

Raise your hand if you would marathon the hell out of a TWD spin-off of Daryl and Carol that mainly consisted of them being domestic as shit and making heart eyes at each other.

I know I’m not the only one.  


OK, so this gif has killed all of us right? 

But I was just thinking about that person on twitter who saw Matt and Harry filming outside for episode 9, and how she saw them kiss and hug. 

Maybe it’s something about Alec’s hands on Magnus’ shoulders, but I think maybe this might be the scene she’s talking about! Someone on my twitter just now was talking about how this could totally be Alec’s reaction after realizing Magnus is safe from the Soul Sword, and now all I can picture is Alec seeing Magnus, maybe from the top of those stairs behind them, and coming down to kiss him like this, but then he holds Magnus at arms’ length, his eyes moving feverishly over Magnus’ face, as if he’s making sure that Magnus is all there, that he’s safe and standing in front of him. And then Alec pulls him into a tight hug, so tight that Magnus can feel his heart beating anxiously against his chest. Alec holds him so close to his chest, maybe resting his cheek in Magnus’ hair, as if he never wants to let him go ever again, and just whispers “I could’ve lost you,”