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Fellow Witches!

I’m looking for more blogs to follow, as well as witch friends (I’d really like someone who is a more experienced witch that wouldn’t mind me asking a million questions).

If you post about:
•Cosmic witchcraft
•Green witchcraft
•Your BOS/Grimoire

I’m super super looking for witches whose matron is Artemis!!! 

anonymous asked:

I think Harry would really be into tying you up with his belts. Whether its around your neck, around your wrists, or your thighs. Maybe all three?? Its probably make him so hard seeing the expensive leather dig into your skin. And you'd both have amazing orgasms during those sessions.

Having you bound and gagged is his favorite way to take you because he loves the way the leather pulls around your soft skin and the deep marks it leaves. At first, he just used his everyday belts to tie you up, but after one too many times of being consumed of memories from last night and getting impossibly hard in public he purchased a special set of expensive leather to use on those special nights. 

And with the special leathers also came expensive creams and ointments because not only does he love leaving deep marks in your skin, he loves tending to them afterward (and that may just be his favorite part). 

After an intense night of licking, sucking, and fucking, Harry’s domineering facade melts away as he cares for you. With the unbuckling of each belt, a soft kiss replaces it. His slightly calloused fingers slick with lotion caress and love your tender skin. 

“Not too rough with yeh, was I?” he asks in a low, soft voice completely opposite of the one that growled orders and praise your way all night. 

“Never,” you coo, leaning your head back against his shoulder and savoring the feeling of being in his arms. 

“Yeh sure about that? You were awfully loud, love,” he teases while placing a soft kiss behind your ear. His fingers begin to trail down your belly as he reacquaints himself with the heat of your core. 

“Si-sign of a good time,” you stammer as his fingers dip inside of you. 

“S’tha’ right?” he muses, hushing you with a kiss to your throat as he continues to thrust his fingers in and out of your slick folds in search of his true favorite part of the night–your final orgasm. The one wracks through your whole body, that pulses through the aching welts on your skin, that brings you–exhausted and completely overstimulated–to tears that he’s quick to kiss away.

“Think that’s the real sign of a good time, love,” he whispers before licking up another one of your salty tears.