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I’m sitting here snickering at the idea that poor little Yurio keeps getting crushes on older skaters and then his stupid rink-mates keep coming in and breaking his fragile teenage heart. Like he totally had a puppy crush on Yuuri after the banquet but then fucking Victor has to fly all the way to fucking Japan in order to practically throw himself into Yuuri’s arms and then act completely disgusting and rub it in Yurio’s face- no he isn’t jealous, he isn’t, he swears- they’re just gross and seriously need to cut back on the pda because for fuck’s sake, they are on LIVE TELEVISION do they have no shame???!!!.  But then he meets Otabek, and is immediately like ‘damn he rescued me on a motorbike he’s so cool’ and totally charmed, only for fucking Mila to come in and start flirting with Otabek as if poor Yurio hadn’t already had his heart ripped out once. And Otabek is just completely oblivious to everything but doesn’t seem to mind while Yurio is like ‘what the fuck is this?!!’ and silently sulks in a corner because his life sucks, being 15 sucks, everything is terrible, and he’s going to turn into Georgi at this rate..

Corre (Part 6)

Summary: It was meant to be a one night thing, friends resolving the tension between them. But it turned into so much more.

Word Count: 473

Warnings: Pregnancy.

“Corre” Masterlist

You came to a white room, bright lights shining over you, and machines beeping rhythmically around you. Blinking against the fluorescent lighting, you took a deep breath that came out sounding like a soft moan as you tried to sit up. From across the room, Bruce Banner strode over to you.

“Hey, don’t force yourself to do too much,” he told you, pushing you back on the bed with a gentle hand to your shoulder.

Your heart sank. “Bruce-”

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Everyone loves something
  • Baby: ICECREAM!
  • Ennard: TENTACLES!
  • Funtime Freddy: BIRTHDAY BOI!
  • BonBon: CARROT CAKE!
  • Funtime foxy: PINK HOOKS!
  • Bibybabs: CHOCOLATE MILK!
  • Minireenas: TALK SHIT GET FIT!
  • Funtime Chica... Oh wait: *In the distance* CANDY COVERED PiiiiIZzzZZZZZAh!!
  • HandyUnit: My goodies.
  • William Afton: DEAD KIDS!
  • Everyone: .......

Uncle Gavvy and Auntie Meg and (maybe insane) Uncle Ryan and Grandpa Geoff and Weird Uncle Andy and Uncle Jeremy all dotting over little baby Jones they will spoil her fucking rotten and it’ll be great!!! Just… all of Achievement Hunter adoring this baby and all loving her endlessly and teaching her there own distinct life lessons, like Mica and Lindsay and Meg teaching her to take no shit just cause she’s a girl, Ryan teaching her various weird skills like knife throwing and shit, Lil J teaching her how to axe kick shit, it could be amazing this child is going to be so lucky with all of her various aunts and uncles she will be so loved AHHHHHHH

  • N: Do you know what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?
  • Touya: idk??
  • N: it becomes daytrogen.
  • Touya:
  • Touya: I'm going to bed.
  • Bianca: good nitrogen
  • Cheren: sleep tightrogen
  • Touko: don't let the bed bugs biterogen
Taehyung hurrying from the bathroom journey
  • (BTS wins award)
  • Taehyung: [hurrying from the bathroom] award award award
  • (Gallant performs)
  • Taehyung: [hurrying from the bathroom] gallant gallant gallant
  • (Getting married)
  • Taehyung: [hurrying from the bathroom] wedding wedding wedding
  • (Wifey giving birth)
  • Taehyung: [hurrying from the bathroom] baby baby bab-