baby avengers vs x babies

implacablesweetness  asked:

What series would you recommend for someone who is just starting out in comics?

for marvel? well there are a few places to start, but if you are interested in the avengers, it’s now pretty easy to jump into their side of comics. all 5 movie avengers now have their own solo titles, although some are…better quality than others.

for the mcu avengers:

if you are interested in team cap after seeing the winter soldier, I really recommend cap vol 5, which was written by the Number One bucky fanboy of all time, ed brubaker. I also recommend captain america and bucky and winter soldier for more bucky, and avengers: red zone and mighty avengers for sam wilson.

general avengers titles:

other comics that are really good and new-reader friendly:

ummm that’s probably enough to get you started. hope it helps!!!!