baby arctic seal

the-original-unclaimed-posts  asked:

!!!!!!!! I just watched a video of a fisherman saving a harbor seal from a bunch of tangled netting and what if that is how mer!AU sidgeno found their little powdered doughnut baby and adopted her!!! Sid and Geno finally get time to spend leisurely on the water. It's all going good until Sid pops up out of the water frantic "Zhenya get me a knife!" "Sid-" "DON'T ASK QUESTIONS SHE RUNNING OUT OF AIR!" When sid resurfaces again, holding a squirmy arctic seal baby covered in old fishing net (1/2)

Sid talks to her calmly so she stays still enough for geno to get it all cut away from her neck. They try to release her so she’ll go back to her family but she sticks around the boat. After a couple days of her finding them every time they go back onto the water Sid finally says “I don’t think she has anyone to go back to, it’s not uncommon for selkies to loose family to predators, especially the smaller species” and so they adopt her, but every year they go back to the waters they found (2/2)

Her in so she’ll always know her first home (3/2 oh god im sorry i didnt thing this would be this long)



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🍭- Treat/candy- /anything/ with marshmallow or whipped cream. Its also likely she’s completely personified by a marshmallow by Itself!! Alternately, those really fluffy hot cakes from japan that are essentially big, fluffy pancakes.

🌼- Flower(s)- Moth orchids! Or lamb’s ears (this one just fuckin stuck w me after an adorable ask @d-d-disgusting sent me 50 yrs ago actually) but Im not sure if those flower or not!

🐋- Sea Creature- I could be creative, but Im gonna go with a sea otter! OR a baby arctic seal. For virtue of bein fluffy