baby angel snowflake

reasons why the signs suck

aries: you need to chill tf out bro. but also u funny af 
taurus: u get mad for no reason and its annoying. but yr also not an annoying pushover so theres that, at least u have a backbone 
gemini: can u stop thinking about urself for 1 second???? probably not but u still light up the room w one sentence 
cancer: if u dont stop denying everything being ur fault i s2g. u sweet as frick frack tho so u aight ig 
leo: YOUR BAD JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY PLEASE STOP but you’re also very charming and sweet 
virgo: stop pretending like ur better than everyone else bc ur a lil organized, that shits annoying. its also pretty convenient tho like thanks for nt makin messes everywhere 
libra: make up yr damn mind hot damn!!!! also keep being cute. please 
scorpio: u a bitch. actually no u r THE bitch, bc you are such a bitch. but you bomb af in bed like keep that shit up boo 
sagittarius: plz stop pretending like ur better than anyone else bc we all know yr self esteem is below ground zero. but you bring out everyones inner sense of adventure and yr so much fun to be around 
capricorn: stop being a fuckin robot. but thanks for being mature when the rest of these bitches like lil 4 year olds 
aquarius: what the hell are you even talking about what the fuck just stop please. stop. but once u start speaking regular english u got some cool shit to say so thats aiight  
pisces: aint nothin wrong w you,y ou sweet lil baby angel snowflake <3 just kidding stop stealing memes from the internet its 2k15 theyre still not funny