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thank you jen, for 6 years of magic, for pouring all your heart into this and bringing into life this pure, inspiring, strong, intelligent, kind, precious, sweet, brave, loving and all kinds of beautiful saviour. thank you for being hope and light. have a wonderful happy beginning! you are loved. she is loved.


“I like the pastel colors.” // Harry Styles + Flower Crowns

Did you know?

Lukas nuzzles his nose against Philip’s cheek, presses his lips there three times in quick succession. Philip’s eyes are still closed but there’s a soft smile on his face, and he’s leaning in to Lukas’s attention. Lukas feels so at home between Philip’s legs, one hand in his hair and the other rubbing circles into his collarbone.

“Did you know,” Lukas says, “that you are absolutely the most beautiful thing alive?”

“Did you know,” Philip says, his voice still scratchy from sleep, “that it’s seven in the morning? On Saturday?”

“Did you know,” Lukas says, grinning now, “that the sun catches on your eyelashes and I have a heart attack every time I see it? I woke up and was assaulted with that image. How could I go back to sleep after that?”

Philip snorts but still doesn’t open his eyes. “Did you know that you’re ridiculous?” he asks.

Lukas scoots further up Philip’s body, hears him make a content little noise. “Ridiculously in love,” Lukas whispers, kissing the corner of Philip’s mouth.

“Ridiculously awake for seven in the morning on a Saturday,” Philip mutters, but he’s smiling harder now. Lukas slides his hand down Philip’s chest and watches him writhe, biting down on his lower lip. “What were your dreams like?” Philip asks.

“Oh, now you wanna talk, Mr. It’s Too Early,” Lukas says. He leans in, tipping Philip’s head to the side, and starts to suck at the hinge of his jaw.

Philip hums to himself. “You’re touching me that way that you do,” he whispers.

And Lukas is moving a little, back and forth, and he’s sure it’s just enough to be tantalizing. “Dreams were particularly satisfying,” he says against Philip’s skin, wet now from Lukas’s mouth. “Which is why waking up to the sun shining in your eyelashes was like, serious business.”

Philip chuckles a little bit, smoothing his hand up and down Lukas’s hip. “Why’s that?”

“Because, dreams are supposed to be the ideal, right?” Lukas asks, kissing his neck and making him gasp. “So I have this dream of you and you’re naked and you’re on top of me and it’s like, perfect stuff. Just amazing, baby, you should have seen it.”

Philip snorts. “I’ve seen better things,” he says. “I don’t know about all that.”

“Oh, I do,” Lukas says, brushing Philip’s hair back from his forehead. “But then I wake up and real life you? Is more beautiful than dream you. Just an angel in my bed with sunshine in his eyelashes. Do you know what that means?”

“That dream me needs some better lighting?” Philip asks.

Lukas tips Philip’s head back again and Philip finally opens his eyes. “No,” Lukas says, staring down at him. He sees Philip everywhere now. In rainbows when the sky is beginning to clear after a storm. In melodies that carry. In stars strung away from city lights. “No,” Lukas says again. “Means I’m the luckiest person there is.”

Philip’s cheeks color and his smile widens, so bright and glorious that Lukas can’t look away. The sun is growing stronger now, strips of it landing on their pillow and highlighting the brown of Philip’s hair. “Get down here,” Philip whispers, an urging hand on the back of Lukas’s neck.

“Yes, baby,” Lukas says, leaning in to kiss him properly.


a white angel in the blue sea

white is associated with purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.

blue represents meanings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence



Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

oraclic  asked:

Hi~♡ How would Zoro, Law, Sanji, and Ace react if they accidentally saw s/o changing out of their clothes? You can write anything you want. I hope this is okay, thanks (^-^) and if it's not okay please just ignore me haha have a nice day!

Thank you so much! I absolutely love this request! I’m going to do this a little differently and write their reactions as little paragraphs. I think it works best for this sort of thing. I hope you have an amazing day! Enjoy xx



His cheeks flushed bright red. A strangled sound escaped from his lips, alerting his s/o to his presence. A smile danced on their lips.

“Like what you see, Zoro?” He didn’t mean to. Honestly, he can’t believe he did it. He nodded. He scratched the back of his head and turned his burning face away.

“I-uh. You…no. Wait. I-” He stammered. His beloved walked over and wrapped their arms around his waist, bare chest pressing against him and planted a kiss on his flaming cheeks. 

“I should do this more often.” If possible, Zoro’s face got even redder. He nodded. Again. 

“What are you doing to Y/N-chan?!”

“Get out Sanji!”


He smirked. Law leaned against the doorway, arms crossed against his chest. His eyes wandered the beautiful form of his partner. They trailed down their back and down further, resting upon their behind.

The only warning his s/o had of his actions was his quiet voice.

“Room.” And before they knew it, Law had his arms wrapped around them, pulling them flush against him. He smirked down at them. He placed a kiss on their red cheeks and chuckled.

“Why didn’t you invite me, Y/N?” Rolling their eyes, they pulled away from him to finish getting dressed. Smirking, Law continued to use his devil fruit powers to bring his s/o back into his arms. They finally gave up and allowed Law to wrap his arms around them. They were, however, surprised when Law put his beloved hoodie on them. Wide eyed, they stared up at him. He smirked.

“I couldn’t have anyone else looking at your body, now can I?”


Instant nosebleed. After dealing with the unfortunate reaction. He stared. His s/o could feel his gaze on their body. Honestly, he just couldn’t believe that they were his beloved. His s/o turned around and stared at the man. His eyes were literally hearts, a dreamy look on his face. They laughed.

They held out a hand towards him which he gladly took. He lifted them off the ground in a big embrace and swung them around.

“Y/N-chan! You’re so beautiful! You are the light of my life! You are an angel! Y/N-” They shut him up by smashing their lips against his in a passionate and loving kiss. Sanji grinned. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

“Now get out Sanji”

“…..but Y/N-”


Ace (baby)

The instant he spotted his s/o undressed form, the room got several degrees warmer. Also their bed started catching fire. 

“Shit.” Ace rushed to the bathroom in which they kept a bucket filled with water,  specifically for this occasion. Quickly putting the fire out, he turned towards his lover, still naked and staring at him, and blushed. “Sorry, Y/N!” He grinned a sheepish smile and turned around. After all, he was a gentleman. He quickly left the room and waited for Y/N to finish changing.

Upon leaving the room, Y/N immediately went up to the raven haired man and pulled him into a kiss, as an award for his good behaviour. Even if he burnt the bed. Again.

“I’m not telling Marco or Whitebeard about this. It’s your turn.” Ace gasped and as his partner pulled away and hurried away from the steaming room.

“Y/N!” He chased after them. He would not hear the end of this.

To our Shin Hoseok, to the boy who brings so much light into the lives of Monbebe, on your birthday I wish you nothing but infinite happiness. I hope that this next year shows you just how loved you are. You bring so much joy to those around you and I wish for you to receive that back tenfold. To the light of my life and the boy whose smile and laughter can cure anything, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Never lose your light because “when you smile, Monbebe smile"💓💓💓